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Jake in the Nick of Time

Jake in the Nick of Time

Jake Gyllenhaal grabs lunch at perennial favorite Joan’s On Third (Heroes star Hayden Panettiere ate there last week) in Beverly Hills on Tuesday afternoon. He scooted out of there just in time as ex-girlfriend Kirsten Dunst grabbed lunch at the same restaurant moments later!

And according to E! Online, Jake and Reese Witherspoon not only attended the Rufus Wainwright concert

Jake and Reese were sitting by the fire all night, talking,” a fellow party guest confessed. “Everyone was talking, laughing and celebrating Rufus, but they were deep, deep in conversation. It was like there was no one else in the world.”

That should raise some eyebrows!

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  • dlexy

    oh jakey

  • truthbesaid

    Jakey and Reese , on again , off again, on again ???

  • maicee…


  • Rock

    Why are you still trying to sell nonexistent relationship with Reese? Who in the right mind will by that crap?

  • Rock

    That should be “…will buy that crap?” :)

  • Anon

    Rock Perhaps people believe the sightings (there has been so many it’s hard to believe it’s not true) more and fabricated nonsense like you.

  • Anon

    Sorry and = than

  • Rock

    There is no proog that Jake is gay.

    There is no proof that Reese and Jake are dating.

    Why we should believe tabloid crap?

  • Anon

    Actually there are some independant sights of them (Paris, MV etc). It’s not only tabloids.

  • Rock

    So we should believe bloggers when they see Jake and Reese, but NOT when they claim that Jake is gay or see Jake and Austin together?

  • Anon

    When has anyone actually seen Jake and Austin, I mean with the Paris sighting no one even knew Jake was in Paris at the time, it wasn’t until a few days later that the photo of him asleep on the Eurostar was taken by some creep that proved he was in Paris. Thats why I believe that sighting. The people that report any Jake/Austin sighting are all from one blog site. (I think you know which one I mean). It seems to me that Jake and Austin now feel embarrassed to be even friends because of all the speculation about them, they haven’t been seen together for months.

  • Rock

    So Reese is lying?

    She said about dating rumors: “At this point it’s all just funny,” Reese tells our JANN CARL. “It’s crazy and funny how much people can make stuff up. I’m actually interested to hear what they say next.”

  • Anon

    Is that a denial?. I don’t think so, and some of the stuff that people make up is funny, eg, Jessica S, baby tile, hahahah.

  • Jamie

    They’re just acting. They have a movie to promote.

  • Anon

    Hell of a long promotion.

  • Lily

    Hell of a long time they are dating and still there is NO proof that they are dating!

  • nana

    Jake and Reese are just friends. What do they have to do avoid each other? What promotion? So they meet in private for promotion? Be serious, it is just the usual tabloid crap.

  • SAD


  • jj

    Reese Witherspoon is the most manipulative disingenuous star in Hollywood. Run Jake Run she is using you for something.

  • http://student kg

    I hope jake and kirsten back on !Back on!I believe the day is coming .

  • Anon

    I’d believe a report coming from someone who saw the together at a private house party.

  • blabla

    Then where are the pictures of Kirsten?

  • justine

    I do not think they are dating, becaust compared with Kristen, they are too low-keyed.
    I do believe that if Jake do love Reese, he will not make her secret in public. So they are just friends in my mind.
    About Austin, I do think they have any problem,too. They had just seen a few games
    ans a movie, why must be talked together? just because of Jake face in the game,I can not believe it! when person in good mood, people will see his friends with loved eye. I have done some research.

  • tara

    He is so dreamy!

  • Gillette is your friend

    Shave the beard Jake, those things are so scratchy when… oh forget it!

  • mexx


  • louna

    Jake and Reese are not just friends, they’re a couple. It is evident. there were together in Paris, MV and concert Rufus etc. …..

    it’s Bradangelina !!!!!!

  • louna

    Jake and Reese are not just friends, they’re a couple. It is evident. he was together in Paris, MV and concert Rufus etc. …..

    it’s Bradangelina !!!!!!

  • kiki

    Jake and Reese are a couple…..

  • justine

    I have typed the wrong message!! I do not think there is anything between Jake and Austin.

    The indignity calling him FAGGET or UGLY really hurt my feelings, though you have the right to say anything in this board. We should recept those persons who really love him and the hard work of Jake in movie, no matter he is a gay or not.

    No matter they are a couple with Reese or not, What i assuringlu want is his happiness, whatever he love Reese, Austine, even Heath, but not Kristen, because she really hurt his heart in my mind.



  • Anon

    I think what Reese was talking about in that interview with Jan Carl is the fact that there were rumors she was pregnant with Jake’s baby bcz paps saw her going into a medical bldg. once a week and it had one of those baby doctors there. I also read that when Jake and Reese were meeting up at this bldg. and paps were following them in separate cars, and there were all those rumors in magazines, it really upset her family and her kids. ALso they don’t want to have people foget about the movie coming out. So yes, I think they are a couple, they haven’t denied it at all. Also, this news about them in Paris, I beleive it bcz it was totally random. I also agree that this is definitely like the Brangelina fake out that didn’t fool anyone.

  • justine

    I know what you said, but they did not express they are falling in love with each other, even from their eyes, I do think EYES IS THE WINDOW OF HUMAN’S MIND, so the fact is not the most importent when people are in love because love is a kind of sense.

    Maybe they just builded up a friendly relationship in the process of acting REDITION

  • Anon

    Well the people who were at Toronto to see Rendition seemed to think they were together.

  • Jake Fan

    Maybe they just builded up a friendly relationship in the process of acting REDITION

    Jake knows Ryan for 10 years (Ryan and Jake were in Homegrown, Jake father’s movie) – Reese and Jake knew each other before Rendition.
    They didn’t have a chance to work together – they have no scenes together in Rendition.

    They are both free to date, no reason to hide, no cheated wives/husbands, no reason to deny anything.

    So far we have contradicting tabloid stories about the “relationship” and no evidence that there is one.

    You decide what to believe.

  • justine

    yeap ,you are right!

    what i mean a friendly relationship is they just knowed each other in the past ,and then through they become very good friends.

    thank you for your details

  • kiki

    Jake and Reese are a couple, they haven’t denied it at all. I bet it will be easier to get pictures of them after their movie comes out. They are acting like Brangelina…..

  • Jake Fan

    There is no reason to deny anything because there is nothing to deny, they never acted like couple. Reese and Jake laughed when asked about dating rumors (Toronto interview).

    Brad cheated and divorced Jen because of Angelina – they had good reason for keeping it hidden, trying to minimise bad PR.

  • Anon

    They don’t want to be like Tom Cruise when he was on Oprah for his movie. And he acted all crazy and ruined his movie and Batman for Katie. I think actually, they are together. They make a attractive couple as far as their looks, but they are totally boring. All you ever see is walking shopping and working out pictures for both of them. And her with her kids. Her kids are adorable, though. But they are borrrrring!!!!

  • Jake Fan

    Why would anyone do what Tom did? Did you see any other celebrity acting like Tom? :)

  • mia

    there are pictures in the car of them together as a couple (30 and 31 juillet…) and then Reese was in MV….it’s a couple it’s evident…

  • Jake Fan

    Only couples drive together in the car? I didn’t know that!

    In Toronto they didn’t look like couple who spent summer together.

  • Cara

    Reese is very manipulative. She has a plan for this whole thing with Jake. Everyone knows how she works Hollywood. The 2 pics we saw of her and Jake on 2 seperate occassions in 2 different vehicles. Notice that Reese was driving both times, tabloids states she picked him up at his house. Doesnt’ it sound to you that she is very controlling in this friendship/relationship??? If Jake were a more mature guy/man, he wouldnt have let Reese drive, he would have been in the drivers seat as a gentleman would have done. Also, if it is true that Jake has known Ryan for almost 10 years and now is in fact dating his exwife, then I have now lost all interest and respect in Jake at this point. What kind of guy goes and dates a still married wife with 2 small kids of a friend like ryan????

  • Jake Fan

    Of course it’s true, check IMDb for Homegrown movie.

    Jake had very small part in the movie, Jake’s father was directing and Ryan played one of the major characters. Jake’s godmother Jamie Lee Curtis had small part too.

  • Jake Fan

    Before loosing respect for Jake you should give him the benefit of a doubt :)

  • Anon

    Cara for goodness sakes, They worked on the same film about 10years ago, does not make them friends. Jake probably knew Tobey Maguire who dated Kirsten before him. Now it seems they are going to be in a film together. Thats Hollywood, SO WHAT.

  • Jake Fan

    Nothing to hold against Jake anyway since he didn’t date Reese. :)

  • Anon

    How do you know???. I mean you do not know what they do, do you.

  • Jake Fan

    I don’t know what they do – I just know that what we can see and read does not prove that they are dating.

  • who cares

    He is way too immature and at such a different life stage then she is. If they are together they won’t be for long.

    When he was doing Oprah to promote Brokeback with Heath, Michelle and Ann he was like a child who needed attention. Or make that a young adult who had received so much attention in his youth that he expects the same treatment now. He’s a nice guy but he comes across as having alot to learn about life.

  • Hal

    Perhaps they just enjoy each other’s conversation. Few marriages between actors seem to work out well. Better that actors marry someone in the business who doesn’t act or someone out of the business entirely. In any case, if he were to marry her she’d be making all the money and he’d be shoved into the financial background. She gets 20 million for a movie these days and he gets far far less. I’d be amazed if he would accept that. Hey, Jake, how’d you like to be my toyboy and kept man? LOL