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Michael Jackson - "L'uomo Vogue" October 2007

Michael Jackson -

Michael Jackson is on the October 2007 cover of L’UOMO Vogue magazine, as photographed by Bruce Weber.

The magazine shoot is reportedly part of a deal struck between Michael Jackson and Roberto Cavalli. According to said deal, Michael would do the photo shoot for Cavalli and in return, Cavalli would create clothing for Michael for his new look supporting the new album release.

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  • LADY T

    It’s still good to see Michael even with all that’s happened, he’s still a legend…

  • http://justjared dina #1

    1 LADY T


  • de Cosmos

    Sorry, but he looks creepier than ever to me, and the clothes don’t help.

  • Fug Face Man!ston

    i was one of his biggest fans, i’m still a fan.. but its over! really over!

  • hide the children

    it is nasty& yuck and grosses me out!

  • Get Over It

    It matters.

  • WTF

    Since when is Michael Jackson a white man?!?!

  • Huh!


  • a hideous mask

    Yeah a legend he has left ,of messed up kids in the head , his money didnt solve that. Those poor children are still with this creep.
    Why is he dyeing his alledge oldest child hair blonde?
    It was said on a vibe magazine and Ive seen it myself now he does dye the oldest childs hair white blonde.

    The oldest child is mixed, alledgely his, but he has brown eyes and dark hair now its, white blonde when he became 5 or 6. Its nutso identity issues,he wants to be as white as he can get and his kids have to be white too. Those last 2 kids he bought,jmo.

  • not human

    Oh look mom it’s Peter Pan (in his sick twisted mind)..No it’s a white Michael Jackson.

  • WTF
  • Haters get out of the trailer

    Fug Face Man!son and the rest of you beer guts, jump of a very high cliff please, you’re bullshit comments are going to be overpowered by the fans comments.

  • whatever

    You know, I’m more than sick and tired of you dumbfucks who just run your mouth, spewing your venomous spit everywhere, and continuing the SAME tabloid shit that has been circulating for ages. Don’t you people have a mind, a way to form your own opinions? Obviously not. All of you haters think alike, and are all lazy, assholes.

  • JT

    Don’t feel bad, Michael can’t help he wants to be white and suffocate his kids with those silly masks!

  • suzy

    I JUST LOVE THIS MAN. Yes he might be a bit strange but he is Michael Jackson.

  • prison called

    i was molested by a nice creep just like this lying pyscho molester.

  • ewwwwwwwwww

    He paid one kids family off to go away.
    Cali justice stinks.Send super freak to jail with adult men!

  • pancakebottom

    i miss the black michael.

  • Who said that?

    Money talks,
    and sleezebags walk!

  • yeah

    future pedo
    wait he is

  • Jill loves to hate

    Too bad fans cannnot accept ppl for who they are back in the day, if was the case I think MJ would of out came out of the closet instead of being creepy with lil kids. He is still one of the best music and performance wise.

    BTW not sure who is more creepy him or the JP fans about longing after lil kids.

  • Mary Jane Juan

    MICHAEL IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I love MJ! Michael Jordan, and Micheal Jackson! WHOOOO!


  • fat guy in a little coat

    Still alive? That’s too bad.

  • Lives in a van down by the river
  • white lady michael

    yeah put this child molester and baby abuser in prison with big bubba..

  • jeepers creepers

    Punish him with a mirror..or tear his wig off..

  • casper the ghost

    hes whiter than meeeeeeeee ewwwww…




  • tales from the cript

    Just in time for HALLOWEEN.
    Take the mask off and change to a new wig.

  • dayday

    i think michael jackson is a genius. his music, his dance moves, his fans, every one of those things are superb. only a genius can do wat he does. hopefully he can do a better comeback then britney spears.

  • Amy



    even if that magazine is for free i wouldn’t take one bahahahha.

  • Lizzie

    Hmmmm Michael Jackson should be in prison for his illness. That being said – there is more charisma/poptalent in his little finger than in the rest of the planet. “We” made him (and Britney btw) what he is so, I love to hate him and hate to love him……but I do.

  • WHo Knows

    This is a gossip blog so when I hit the comments button, I expected to see words like “freak” “molester” “white” blah, blah, blah… It never ceases to amaze me how much shit people talk behind a computer screen. I only came in here to say this. I don’t give a good GOD DAMN, I LOVE ME SOME MJ. He doesn’t have to sing another note or dance another step, his legacy can be found from Justin to Usher to Chris Brown to Kanye to Beyonce’that will never die no matter what a mess we perceive his personal life to be.

  • Ari

    At least listen to his new album..who knows maybe he still has it?
    He hit his prime in the 1990′s and I dont know if he will ever be able to go back to that…but I’d listen to it and see if I like it.

    The “why is he so white” comments are really uncalled for.

  • jmo

    We ask, why is he white? because it is so strange. Many don’t understand why he bleached his skin white. It’s weird and unusual for someone to do that. Why?

  • Janet jackson

    Forget about Michael, I did.

    Go to LOLLL Its so funny

  • cathy

    He looks absolutely gorgeous, it’s hard to believe that he’s almost 50!

  • angiefan

    His music is awesome!!! Love Thriller!


    She looks well.

  • [marie]


  • Eliot

    God Bless you Michael!!!
    You have true fans and we love you!!!!!!!!!

  • Ari

    TO #37.
    He has a disease that causes uneven pigmentation in his skin.
    So its either have blotchy skin, or have it one color. Its not his fault he has a disease. That is why the “white” comments are unnecessary. Also, he is a musician,. Its his music that should matter more than his skin color presently.

  • mhm

    its not haloween yet?

  • the_original_nika

    great musician.
    I guess he looks better in black and white pics.

  • Amy

    The truth of the matter is, calling Michael a child molester isn’t tabloid talk. It’s based on facts. One kid lied and therefore discredited a LOT of testimony that was all very similar. On top of that there were pornographic materials that had his fingerprints and children’s fingerprints on them. Fingerprints aren’t tabloid talk. That’s forensics.

    The reason Michael got off is because someone didn’t trust the justice system and coached a kid, and because of that they poked reasonable doubt in the case.

    The justice system isn’t really guilty or innocent. It’s guilty or reasonable doubt. Unfortunately, reasonable doubt is really easy to get when the media gets involved.

    I believe those children. He’s a monster.

  • Bump Gossip

    I swear he’s trying to stop his nose from falling off in that first picture!

  • monster mike

    He has a disease that causes uneven pigmentation in his skin.
    So its either have blotchy skin, or have it one color. Its not his fault he has a disease. That is why the “white” comments are unnecessary. Also, he is a musician,. Its his music that should matter more than his skin color presently.
    _________________________that’s a lie he thought of and used it ,he never said that the first time when he was asked.,and latoya told on him the first time before she got back with the family,she said micheal used bleaching creams.and janet says on oprah theres no history in their family of the disease you are speaking of.
    besides they found tubes and creams in a storage unit of his full of bleaching products prescribe by a dermatologist.
    Hes bleaching his dam skin., and he is one sick fck., he was great a loooooooong time ago ,be4 the charges of being a sicko and the baby incidents ect,,
    and to the poster who says we made this man into a monster sorry i didnt make him into what he is, he had more choices than i ever did, he has a brain ,sick as it is.

  • mel

    Why oh why does this black/white man …./ Alien…./ Creature from planet of the apes or whatever he has reincarnated himself as now, has to resurface??? Michael Jackson please take yourself and your Black or White kids and hide forever, disappear from planet earth and go back to Zenu where you came from. What a freak circus, self-inflicted. If I were Cavalli the payback would be for him to never be seen again on this here earth assaulting the eyes of the unsuspecting public at large and that includes on the covers of the magazines. Damn damn damn damn, what happened Michael Jackson, Fallen Living Legend, the only time he will start being relevant again is when he is dead. PS exactly what species is he now??? One thing is for sure, Only ONE MAN EVER to have been born Black and die White, Cause it don’t matter if you’re Black or White aaawwwww (hands tight on crotch). RIP the real Michael Jackson, you were great before Princess zenu MJ took over!! lol lol lol

  • laura

    I still think of him as a legend and his music is great. I like his laugh too. I don’t care what others say I have my own opinion and no one can change that, it’s about the music, isn’t that what it should be about?