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Ashley Tisdale is So Un-Hollywood

Ashley Tisdale is So Un-Hollywood

Ashley Tisdale keeps busy in Los Angeles on Wednesday while making a statement with her t-shirt that she is so UN-HOLLYWOOD.

The High School Musical star started the day off by working up a fake tan at Sunset Tan, keeping hydrated along the way with an iced beverage from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and later with a Snapple.

Tizz later meets up with her mom, Lisa Tisdale, for a visit to her orthodontist. She was seen leaving the building with a bag of Invisalign products.

Now we know how she gets that perfect Disney smile!

P.S. I believe a certain Miss Vanessa Hudgens owns that same gray t-shirt!

10+ pictures inside of Ashley‘s running her errands in LA…

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ashley tisdale un hollywood 01
ashley tisdale un hollywood 02
ashley tisdale un hollywood 03
ashley tisdale un hollywood 04
ashley tisdale un hollywood 05
ashley tisdale un hollywood 06
ashley tisdale un hollywood 07
ashley tisdale un hollywood 08
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Photos: Jri/Scott/Bauer-Griffin
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  • anon

    ashley, make sure to check yourself before you leave you house.


    DONT hate

  • Fug Face Man!ston

    i would pay to not see this child on here anymore.

  • Jennifer

    Ashley your great and I hope you will be in hsm3.

  • LOL

    haha i’ve got to say.. i’m with Fug Face Man!ston.
    she’s not too thrilling.

  • cor

    why do people pay attention to her? she really isnt interesting at all.

  • HAHA

    dear jared,
    please stop posting pictures of this immature actress here.
    it burns our eyes, we only have one pair of eyes.
    please don’t ruin it for us.

  • kat

    ashley and vanessa rock! BFFS

  • stillthereforme

    Time to do your roots again! She is ugly with or without makeup

  • kat

    stop bashing ashley she’s a good actress

  • Jennie

    i don’t get why people dislike her and prefer vanessa over here. you guys barely know her. she hasn’t done anything cruel. maybe they don’t like the character she plays and decide to dislike her, forever. you barely know her. at least, she didn’t take naked pictures. seriously, she’s a great actress.

  • tay

    such a good role model.
    keep the pics coming jared!

  • Jennie

    her*, opps.

  • Madi

    So Jennie, you critisize others for liking V over Ash, yet you clearly like Ash over V? Hmm.
    Anyway, she may be a good actress (hard to tell when all she’s done is Disney, and now a new straight-to-DVD movie), but her fake tan is ugly. I can’t believe people still use tanning booths. That’s like asking for cancer.

  • anon

    ok. ashley is an good actress. i wrote good, not great, amazing, etc. just wanted to clarify. vanessa on the otherhand, she’s an ok actress. meaning, she’s not good at all. no talent. no magic, no nothing. for all the people who are defending van, sigh…please go to acting school or something.

  • nrisley

    love ashley..she pretty with or without makeup

  • fazlyn

    My Vote for Ashley v Vanessa :

    Acting : Ashley
    Singing : Vanessa
    Smile : Vanessa
    Personality : Ashley
    Style : Both

    Beside both are good friends……….lets just enjoy

  • onelove

    Why are you all dissing the girl. At least she is not the one auditioning to become America’s next porn star (by posing nude, thats how it starts…!!!!!!)

  • Fug Face Man!ston

    this is becoming a childrens site.

  • HAHA

    anon, Vanessa might be an “ok” actress, but she’s definitely heavenly better singer than ashley
    you can’t really tell if ashley is a good actress or not because all she’s done is dizzyney, and her acting seem to be the same for me.: TSL and HSM.
    it doesn’t change, and in my opinion, acting as a b*tch like sharpay isn’t too hard.

    and you immature kids, stop bringing up the “nude” photos, because, that was 3 weeks ago. Vanessa made a mistake, big deal and that was a private photo, and that doesn’t state that she’s porn star because TEENAGERS do that. trust me kids, they do. but it’s unfortunate that Vanessa’s just had to go public.

    and stop posting these crappy pictures of this 22 year old dizzzney girl. *ZzzzZzzzZzzzZzzzZ

  • lame

    yes. i love ashley tisdale!

  • HL


  • duh

    #16 are you for real? Look at those pictures! She is ugly! Don’t need to see her naked. Already saw her nip and the rest is probably the same…ugly!!!

  • zzzz

    i don’t think anyone should criticize her since it’s her own life and no one should be the judge of that.

  • Emmi

    she seems like a sweet girl in all the interviews.

  • John

    Ashley is a horrible singer and actress!

  • Alex

    Whoever said Ashley is a great acress must be an idiot. Period!

    We dont know how “good” of an actress she is yet because all she’s done is Disney. NOT HARD. And dont mention that Sharpay is very unlike Ashley so its harder to play her. My response to that is no. Don’t go on saying that when you obviously dont know what it takes to act. Sharpay is most definatly NOT a hard role.

    So as for acting, we dont know yet.
    as for singing. the poor girl needs to stop that.

  • carla

    god. everytime jared posts about ashley or vanessa people always argue over whos better at what. JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE! if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all.

  • Marie

    # 15 Anon

    I suggest you take your own advice because you obviously have no clue about what you’re talking about.

    To call Vanessa OR ashley and good or bad actress isnt good to do at this point. why? because all they’ve done is disney. You can’t really say who acts better until they BOTH get bigger movie roles. K?

    singing: Vanessa is easily better.

  • kat

    ashley and vanessa are friends! so don’t hate and stop piting them against each other! Stop causing drama that doesn’t exist. i think they’re both great on their own, i’m glad that their great friends even outside of the business.

  • I hate the hair. I hate the clothes. And fake tanning? Really. She needs to look in the mirror before she leaves the house.

  • alex

    i recon da top looks much much better on vanessa
    my opinion

  • riley

    i love the un hollywood top lol.

  • bitchplease

    i love ashley
    tisdale shes pretty and i think she can sing
    i love everything about her
    idc hate me

  • maicee…

    i think,the top looks way much beautiful on vanessa,no offense to ashley fan.

  • Jordan

    Ashley is gorgeous.
    Yeah maybe she does’nt look her best in these pics,
    that’s because she was just doing things like regular ppl do.
    And you ppl need to stfu!!!!!!!!!!
    if you were famous and had paparazzi following you all the time you would’nt look so great in EVERY SINGLE F*UCKING PICTURE EITHER YOU STUPID B*ITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You know it’s sad that Vanessa had to take her close off to get attention.
    You wanna talk about ugly take a look at Vanessa that is the very deffinition of ugly!
    But whatever Ashley is Way better i don’t give a f*ck wut ya’ll think!
    Why do you even look at these if you Hate her?!

  • John

    Ashley is ugly!


    Oh! i love this game! Ashley vs Vanessa! Just kidding!

    But seriously, im speaking for myself.. i love vanessa so much, so whoever she’s friends with, i will not bash. i want them to be bff for life, same with miley cyrus. But i want to say Ashley singing is kinda trying hard, very childish not fit for her age of 22, but who knows, there is room for improvement.

    Anyway, i want to correct something, yeah ashley have done only disney thing, but vanessa have done musical theathers, 2003 movie “Thirteen” and 2004 “Thunderbirds” (stars Bill paxton and Brady Corbett), she’s good in thunderbirds, i like her role there.

  • angel

    awww! van and ash are total bffs they even buy the same clothes!

  • ashleytisdale1992

    The ppl who talk bad about ashley are just dumb.She is a way better actress than vanessa…well ok she cant really sing but she has way more potential and has a great personality!She dosnt take nude pix to get attention like ness & isnt a show off!look at the pix..she goes out wearing baggy old clothes and dosnt care!Thats a girl/actress you have to love!GO ASHLEY & ZASHLEY!Keep the pix coming Jared!

  • John

    Ashley sucks!

  • stella

    ashley ??? pff face man , she need a nose job like heidi and i don’t like the hair and the clothes , vanessa grey shirt is much better!!!

    sing : vanessa
    dance: vanessa
    acting : vanessa and ashley ( play a bitch is easy ^^but she’s good)
    beauty : vanessa is so much prettier !
    style : sorry but i like nesssa style !

  • keris

    omg look at her without make up !*-> ugly !!!!

  • jason

    shes freking UGLY.

  • Liisaa

    I agree with #20

    My first point is:
    GET OVER THE FUGGING PHOTOS! Seriously oldd news.. SO OLD
    Get over it.. People dont care anymore, only 30 year old pedos and the media who simply just have nothing better to report. It was taken privately and there a hundred, thousands, MILLIONS of teenage girls that basically do the same thing. They muck around with there girlfriends and have fun. I know thats what i do and i have a boyfriend. If Vanessa wasn’t a celebrity, you wouldn’t care. I bet that you will know some people that do the same! Gosh shes human and once again GET OVER IT!

    Second Point:
    Why exactly is there an argument between Vanessa and Ashley?
    They both are best friends! They both have a passion for music and acting. Seriously people who want to argue about these two very talented and beautiful people are just argh, indescribable.

    People who bad mouth celebrities are just trying to sound tough or whatever.
    If you think that bringing up crap and stuff from the past is making u feel better knowing that your just piling on more and more things to a controversy is cool, Its not. Your basically wasting your time writing a bad comment about them because 99.5% of fans will still be behind the celeb.

    In Conclusion:

    If Vanessa and Ashley (or any celeb for that matter) were not celebrities, you would not care.
    They would just be another two people in our society.

  • tsk tsk


    u critcised her by sayin she cnt sing..
    how is daht more potential..
    nd FYI dose nude pics wer an ACCIDENT
    r u stooopid..
    wat do u thnk ov van a perfect being..
    nd ashley aint daht gr8 either..
    so isnt daht d same..

  • Stacy

    Jared thanks for posting the pictures. I love that Ashley doesnt care what people think and just goes out and runs erronds without getting all dressed up. Also, I think she is a great actress and I love her CD. I am also a fan of Vanessas. I dont understand why people seem to think they have to be a fan of one and completely bash the other. If you dont like one of them thats fine, but there is no reason to be rude about it. Also, if you dont like what Jared is posting then skip over that post and read a different one!

  • shaun


    Grow UP PPL.

    btw, i must admit that Vanessa IS SO MUCHHHH sexier than the fugly chick. XD

  • Alyssa

    PLEASE! i beg you please, stop posting pictures of sucky people like ashley tisdale, she’s not even that great her life is boring -.- no one wants to see her with a fake tan that only lasted about 5 mins its sad just SAD! please stop i sware id pay for you just to stop posting pictures of her!

  • Melinda

    I love how Ashley DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT WHAT PEOPLE THINK ABOUT HER or how she looks when she goes out WITH HER MOM OR FRIENDS OR whatever it may be, it just makes her the amazing person she is. She may not look her best in these pics, but she just wants to be comfortable and that’s all that matters. I agree with #45, and everyone that talks random shit & don’t know what they’re talking about needs to get a life.