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David Beckham Rushes to Father's Side

David Beckham Rushes to Father's Side

David Beckham rushes to catch a flight back to England after receiving word of his father’s heart attack.

The father of the soccer stud, Ted Beckham, 59, was rushed to East London’s Whipps Cross Hospital early Thursday. Sources said Ted DIED en route but was resuscitated by medics. Ted was then transferred to heart specialist.

A source close to Becks said: “David‘s dad suffered a heart attack. It was all very sudden. This is a huge shock to David who is now preparing to fly home.”

David‘s father’s name is also David but he is known as Ted, short for Edward, his middle name. Mr. Beckham is divorced from David‘s mother, Sandra. The couple also have a daughter, Joanne.

Best wishes to the Beckham family!

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  • Kate

    hes cuet, i guess ;-)

  • fazlyn

    good son

  • alex

    how cute

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    I sympathyze with the Beckhams,but it’s funny how David still manages to look stylish in such an emmergency, where you get the phone call and you rush for the soonest flight!

  • LOVEYOUnicolekidman

    yaa very good son whatever , do you have any news about nicole kidman ? i mean new one

  • Forough

    i always love his jeans and shoes.but not soo this one.and he is not really handsome why Victoria who is a real Posh love this a.sshole?but i like his family.they really need a doughter.

  • lane

    He never spoke to his Dad for years because his dad wrote a book about David growing up, his football etc. It was a good book but I guess him and Posh didn’t get any money from it which caused problems. Hopefully David will realise now that money and falling out with your own father isn’t worth anything in the world. Hope his Dad will be ok.

    #6 = WTF are you talking about? Posh is a skank. she will never leave David because without him where would she be now?

    #4 – I agree. Both the Beckhams no matter what, always manage to dress up for the cameras.

  • LOVEYOUnicolekidman

    any new about kidman ?

  • Forough

    Posh was famous bfore marry with this a.sshole.she is the best always and without David!

  • Forough

    #8=Posh was famous bfore marry with this a.sshole.she is the best always and without David!

  • Julz

    they shouldnt take pictures of him!

  • vicky

    Get well soon Ted !

  • Tiette

    #7 it wasnt because of the money, it was because Ted never told David that he was writing a book about him and ted also used personal pictures of david in the book. around that time to, ted was divorced from sandra so david was not that close to him.

  • Tiette

    anyway get well soon Ted

  • flamboyan

    OMG!! Get well soon Ted.

  • galaxy

    Oh No….Get well soon Ted!!!!
    Becks has 2 sisters, Lynn (older & Joanne (younger).

  • Flisbeth

    Hope he gets well soon

  • lavgirl

    Well I hope David realises that blood is thicker than water. If it wasn’t for his dad he wouldn’t be where he is now as it was his father’s devotion to Man U that got him into football in the first place. Victoria and her family have always looked down on David’s family, maybe they weren’t posh enough, not that she was posh in the first place but hey ho that’s vanity and illusion of grandeur for you. Best wishes Ted.

  • galaxy

    Ted is the most important person in Becks’s career.
    I bought his book “MY SON”, he is very proud of his son.
    Becks has bad relationhip with his dad after their parents divorce in 2002. I wish his relationship back as they used to be.

    Good news from BBC, Ted is in stable condition now!

  • Shrugging an atlas

    Best wished to the family but just cause I’m slightly anal just wanted to add that Becks has 2 sisters (so his mum & dad have 2 daughters, Joanne & Lynne) and also I think he and his Dad had sort of rekindled their relationship a bit in the alst few years as I know his Dad visited him out in Madrid a few times & was certainly there when Real won La Liga…anyway, again hope everything goes ok with his Dad.

  • lane

    #18 Lavgirl – your post is spot on! He owes all his footballing career to his dad. His dad obviously loves him to bits. His family seem to be on the back burner, while Posh’s seem to be right there at the front.

  • Lulu

    1- He speaks to his father, Ted was in madrid a lot with him, the last months he was at real Madrid.
    And ted was also in LA not too long ago + he at least attented 2 Galaxy games.

    2- How is that dress up? a jean, a t-shirt and a jacket, do you people live in a cave or under a rock, because where i live (paris) that’s called casual.

    3- David said many times, that he wouldn’t be where he is now, without his parents, and that he owes everything to them.

  • nawel

    i’m so sorry ,hope he gets well soon

  • pipi

    Good to hear that he’s staalized.

    Ted and David have worked out their issues for a while now, he’s at most of David’s games etc, he just doesn’t get photographed or sit with the family, probably because of the divorcce.

  • :-/

    Your father has a heart attack and intrusive, annoying strangers snap pics of you at the airport (for money) then post them online (more money exchanged). DISTURBING. Even MORE disturbing are people now critiquing his appearance or relationship with his family.

    What a world this is.

  • Romeo

    Get well soon TED !
    Becks is soooooo cute ;*

  • Eli

    totally agree with # 25


    a great son.david is hot, i love his style and all his aviator shades.

  • Cynthia

    I give you my regards Davey bb. Papa Becks get well soon.

  • Frankie

    #25 – Yeah right. You talk about the papz but your on here looking at his pic and commenting – get a grip.

  • Vittoria

    # 18 lavgirl: Totally agree with you… VB and her fam. are definitely NOT “Posh”, but they defintely ARE MAJOR SNOBS! as well as having “illusions of grandeur” as you put it… you are sooo right!

  • Jana

    So very*very hot!

  • remember da truth

    #13 Tiette
    There you go trying to use facts to talk to idiots! People who hate for no reason but jealousy and ill will will continue to make up lies to discredit the person they are fixated on. Funny how people can’t stand them, but manage to come to their threads anyway.
    Just admit it! You all are as fascinated by them as their fans are! YOU are their biggest fans, making the threads get more hits, and scurrying to comment on any picture you can find!

  • remember da truth

    Can’t understand people complaining about his clothes. ALL his clothes are fashionable, so like one poster said, it’s jeans, t-shirt adn jacket, what most of us would throw on to run to the airport, but his happen to be really nice and even casual and distraught, he looks good! People are so obviously jealous, they don’t realize when they make comments like his clothes how pathetically envious and small-minded they make themselves look.

    Poor guy, cams in his face always. I wish him and Ted and all his family the best. Thanks for letting us know Jared so we can keep him in our prayers.

    I hope Victoria is keeping the kids calm and happy and does not have to break any bad news to them. She is a good mom,

  • Amande

    The (parents) Beckham have 3 children: Lynne, David & Joanne…

  • suzy

    I feel bad for him. hope his dad gets well soon.

  • hiro

    Today,Victoria’s promortion was canceled @ Omotesando-hiruzu.

    Posh was cried.

    I understood her feeling, but, I was waited for 6 hours!!

    Is she really entertainer?

  • jas

    I just hope his father will be ok.

    David be strong !

    VICTORIA cancelled her cosmetics launch in Japan and took the first flight for London.

  • e

    The Beckhams have 2 daughters, the oldest one is Lynn Whom is married and then a son David, then Joanne


    I really hope his dad is doing better.
    That is an awesome outfit.

  • Ellie

    For God’s sake, you sad, sad idiots, his Dad almost DIED (well he did die but came back) because of a heart attack and all you care about is yet another chance to slag David and Victoria off! You SAD SAD SAD people! Find a heart!

  • smooth

    Best wishes to Ted and all Beckham’s family. Vic has done everything right: in hard moments true family is together no matter what.
    It’s such man’s age from 50 to 60 when the risk to die from heart attack is huge nowdays. I hope Ted will be alright.

  • Grana

    My wishes go out to David and the rest of his family. Reading his book, you can tell Ted is so proud of his son and I wish him a speedy recovery. Its slightly scary really, he looked the picture of health when Real Madris won La Liga in June…

  • Tealeaf

    He looks hot, hope Papa Becks is okay

  • mar

    aww david..i luv him
    hope his dad gets better

  • kymmie

    agree with #34! just leave them alone! i hope Mr. Beckham gets better!! i hope them the best of luck! his dad had a heart attack and you people are sitting here writing nasty comments?? what the hell? thats just wrong! what if your father had a heart attack?? and people was talking about your relationship with your father, your outfit, and just bad and nasty comments? you know you wouldnt like that!!!! so stop doing it!! gosh! and if you dont like the Beckhams just skip the story and move on. you people are so dotn have a life. LOSER!!!

    get well MR. BECKHAM!!

  • Egoistic Joker

    Well it is nice that he went to see his dad and I hope he spends some time with him. David apparently has not been talking to his dad because of his wife. Dad does not approve if Posh, like most of us, he too cannot stand the fake bitch.

    While he is making up with this dad he was also hoping to make out with some of the women that he’s had crushes. on Posh realized that her husband is not as dedicated as she wants him to be so she too rushed there but only to check on her hubby and make sure he does not CHEAT on her. Not to make sure that Daddy-in-law is ok! Though she might act like that is the reason for her being there. I am sure David sr is not buying that act anyway!

  • Fashion Victim

    Nice look up! He is so HOT!!!