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Evan Rachel Wood - "Arena" Magazine

Evan Rachel Wood -

Evan Rachel Wood is featured in the November 2007 issue of Arena Magazine. She had her first on-screen kiss at nine, played jailbait to Ed Norton‘s dreepy cowboy at 16 and is now, aged 19, dating the anti-Christ. ERW sure doesn’t waste time…

On releasing her own record after proving her singing chops in “Across the Universe”: Oh yeah, I would really love to. I’m probably even more passionate about music than acting, but I don’t want to do it half-assed. And when I do, I get to deal with the rumors flying around that my boyfriend wrote all my songs and that I’m just using him for a singing career! Wouldn’t that be great?

If young girls really are that smart, calculating and evil as the gruesome teenagers she’s portrayed in films: People underestimate teenage girls. You turn on MTV and watching 19-year-olds on these dating shows and they’re just morons, so society thinks that’s what teenage girls are like. It’s not all alcohol and causal sex and breasts — some of us do have a brain, so it’s been really important to me to play those characters. When I was 14 or 15, there was nobody in the public eye for me to relate to., Maybe Jodie Foster, but that was back in the day. And I was getting mad until I thought, ‘Why do I have to wait for someone to do it for me? I’ll do out and do it myself.

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  • Lillianne

    What is going on with The writing has changed. It has become very commercialized. I can’t stand faces staring back at me. Jared, have you sold out to some big corporation?

    It seems like every other celebrity website out there.

  • Mary Jane Juan

    2nd, but iwished that I were First!

    Anyway….The black loose fitting dress does nothing for her, but All of the other dresses are cute! I love the gray dress, I think that she has a KNOCK OUT shape! I see why Marylin Manson, likes what he sees, she might just act older than her age, I did when I was her age! 19…WHEW!

  • ali

    good for evan rachel wood to stand up for herself. you go girl! yeah she may be dating an interesting person but she’s kinda trying to represent the freaks in the world. on top of that, she does it with such grace. Across the Universe was awesome!

  • kat


  • ali

    oh btw she’s 20 not 19.

  • lki

    damn hott!!

  • malibumom=runaroundsue

    Jared, Much love to you regardless of how your site looks. Get your money on. Buy a few pieces of property (prefereably in the South) while you are young. I hope you are making money hand over fist. You have been wonderful to us and we have had a grreaaaaaaaat time for a looong time.Roll with it J!

  • Tash

    I love the Office! But thats off topic – sorry. But shes gorgeous.

  • AngieBaby

    I think it’s true — Jared must have sold out. The writing is very different and there is a lot less Wentworth Miller. Although I really liked Jared’s writing and posting, I hope he got big bucks — live the dream, Jared!

  • kitt

    I think she’s a wonderful actress but what I find funny is that ever since she started dating Marilyn Manson, it seems as if she is trying to transform herself into a blonde version of Marilyn’s ex Dita.

  • http://NONE CARL


  • suzy

    She should get her own style and stop being a clone of dita. she is talented and can look so much better

  • fresh

    Agreed—the ads are annoying.

  • josephine

    So hot. Dita didn’t originate that style so Evan’s not copying her. Besides, she’s 20, good grief, of course her style is changing!

  • please, more alba posts!

    WHY oh WHY do these stupid actress’ try to sound so smart and sophisticated…like they’re changing the world with their comments! so cheesy!!! This girl is a fruit cake.

  • kiki

    I think she is very talented ( a future Oscar winner ) but she needs to leave Manson FAST.

  • john

    wow…her dad must have had a heart attack when he realised who his daughter is dating.


    Hey JJ, what’s a ‘dreepy cowboy’? :lol:


    kiki – I agree with you – this girl is mega-talented. I don’t care who she is dating. Do your thing girl!

  • absinthe

    She’s as smart as any precocious young girl thinking she’s so clever; thinking that she can hide her insecurities behind a facade of bravado and rebellion.

    And if she’s so smart, why has she allowed herself to become a Pygmalion puppet of Manson’s?

  • absinthe

    She’s just young and dumb. Bordering on becoming irritating to see and hear.

  • Sara

    ERW is one of the most overrated, talentless hacks out there, making idiotic comments in interviews. I hate how she acts like she’s some lone cowboy trailblazer (except for Jodie- I love how she puts herself in the same league as Jodie Foster). There are tons of classy actresses out there and you know what? Wood ain’t one of them. She’s turned herself into a little version of Dita and most of her projects have completely sucked. If I see her in one more “quirky” movie, staring blankly at the screen I’m going to gouge my eyes out. And she needs to abandon the Dita look because it just makes her look old and sickly.

  • Natazz

    Sucio! Stupid whore!

    She’s just young and dumb. Bordering on becoming irritating to see and hear.”

    Becoming irritating? Naah she’s been irritating for quite some time. She needs to continue dating that hideous old beast, it’s the only way she gets any attention. No matter what she thinks or says.

  • Pam

    What a Dita von Tesse wannabe.

  • amelie

    oh please, she’s one of those out there with TALENT.
    she can do anything. she’s beautiful,talented,intelligent and interesting! i’d rather see a picture of her and her manson any day, than lindsay lohan who’s got no talent,paris hilton or the boring ashlee simpson.
    what do they really DO?
    evan works all the time. and she’s good.
    love that she’s dating someone interesting and talented like herself.
    and she is mature, and dumb? how can you even say she’s dumb?
    did you take a look at those other hollywood bimboes? yuck.

    go evan!!

  • missy

    -Quoted by josephine : 09/27/2007 at 9:27 am
    “So hot. Dita didn’t originate that style so Evan’s not copying her. Besides, she’s 20, good grief, of course her style is changing!”-

    That maybe, but Evan didn’t have this style BEFORE Manson therefore giving reason to believe she is trying to imitate something close to that look, that look last seen by Dita around Manson, his last love.

    I think it’s funny the people who approve of the new Evan sound about as dumb and shallow as Evan has been here lately. Too bad this relationship won’t work either. Manson’s already starting on a new era because this one flopped. Look for Evan to be putting back on those jeans and t-shirts Manson wanted her to “retire”. The one he’s got his eye on now isn’t as young though.

  • Tristan

    that’s just kind of arrogant. of course she is smart and she’s talented and beautiful, but evan and jodie are definitely definitely not the only intelligent role models out there.

  • dildos

    Evan Rachel photos are very cool. Gothic style.

  • missi

    absinthe-holy crap dude that was deep-
    first you try to say something that sounds smart such as ‘she’s too young’ blah blah blah, and then you end up saying she’s irritating-yaayy!
    Love the Pygmalion thingie too. Seems like you also think you’re so clever, hum?

    She’s gorgeous and she is ÜBER-talented
    Anyone who says she has no talent obviously hasn’t seen any of her movies or heard her sing in ATU

    She looks more gothic now, but not like that stripper. Fuck that skank.
    Evan can beat her ugly ass any day