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Miley Cyrus: No Sex Before Marriage!

Miley Cyrus: No Sex Before Marriage!

Disney teen-queen Miley Cyrus works the blue carpet at the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Party at Hollywood hot spot Opera on Wednesday.

The 14-year-old Hannah Montana show opened up about all those pregnancy rumors, telling Extra, “It’s given me the street cred to say that would be impossible, because I’m living my life the way I believe is right and that is to stay pure.”

Miley apparently does not believe in sex before marriage. She said, “No, I don’t at all!”

Is that even possible in Hollywood? Just ask Britney!

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# 1

miley is so pretty and my son loves her show.

# 2

Thats what Britney and Brooke Shields said…

# 3

i think she is a very sweet girl,people who are jealous make up lies about her,that happens when girls are beautiful and smart there is always someone envious,my grandaughters love her,i wish nothing but good things for this lovely young girl.

# 4

how she’ll managed that in Hollywood???…it’s hard enough for joe/jo public like us — guess time will tell

but if she sticks to her belief, bravo!!! let’s revisit when she’s 16 to 18

nice girl tho’

# 5

2 preesi:sour grapes,people like you start rumors,pure jealousy.

# 6

Whatever, she’ll be shagging her way through Hollywood in three years time. Bad actress, too.

# 7

I give her two more years before she will re-think her whole pure until marriage belief. We all know how those Disney stars turn out.

# 8

Well, of course you’re going to say that at 14 years old. Like everyone else said, just give her a few years, or maybe 17 or 18. But, for a 14 year old girl, she’s saying what she’s supposed to say at that age.

# 9

mmmmmm she say that now because she’s 14, but we will talk when she turns 17 or 18…

shes so pretty i lovers her

Good Luck Miley with that. Anyway she is just 14 and will most likely change her mind in her later teens

go miley!!! i do agree with sex before marriage but at least theres one hollywood star who trys to stay pure!!


she probably felt the pressure from bible freaks…

It's Britney, b*tch @ 09/27/2007 at 3:37 pm

Finally..a real role model. Let’s just hope that peer-pressure and society doesn’t get to her.

love her i think shes so cute

totally not preggers
she’s 14 people and seems to have her head on straight so let her be

and the whole rumor started after someone put a fake i said FAKE interview from J-14 they just took the page and changes the interview thats all

good girl @ 09/27/2007 at 3:38 pm

I’m happy for her that she has good morals

I Love Miley’s Dress And Miley looks so pretty!

Whatever! Let a tall handsome man come her way! She will give it fast as I can say……………..

Way to go! What a great role model for her viewers.

Fug Face Man!ston @ 09/27/2007 at 4:10 pm

you would think only children went to this ish, where the adults?

I never believed the pregnancy rumors, but I do think that Miley Cyrus is full of crap. She’s just so phoney. It’s nice when a 14 year old has beliefs, and I’m glad she does, but when your wearing a dress that’s barely covering your undergarments, it’s hard to preach about being pure.

Plus, a 14 year old has no business showing up at the “Us Hot Hollywood” party anyway. What was she thinking?

Woah, I totally wasn’t swearing just then. I don’t believe in seearing. I had typed c-r-a-p not a swear word!

looking good miley!

the_original_nika @ 09/27/2007 at 4:25 pm

not having sex before marriage is having good morals!? lmao
what is this 13th century!?
There are 14 y.o that do have sex, not alot but there are =|.

omg shes got wrinkles across her forehead!!

The party was honoring people who made US’s “Hot in Hollywood” powermakers list. Miley’s on the list so she did in fact have business there. She’s wouldn’t have been there otherwise.

girl keep ya panties on! Sex is sooo overrated plus STD’s and STI’s are on the rise!!!!!

Herpes, HIV, and AIDS are alive and real.

A lot of girls say it and then don’t practice it. Here’s hoping Miley keeps her head on straight. It’s not impossible to be a virgin bride. I’ve dated my boyfriend for over a year and we’ve decided to wait until marriage to have sex because we see how it ruins our friends lives and relationships when they jump into it too early.

She just has to make sure she has chosen this for a reason so can stay behind. If I’m a 21 year old (it sounds so vain to say, but– attractive) actress at an ART SCHOOL and I can stay a virgin, Miley can certainly do it.

Remember, Miley’s birth name was “Destiny Hope Cyrus”, it’s likely there’s a fair amount of spirituality in her home. Either way, not having sex until you’re with the person you know is the last one can be a moral issue. It means you don’t trivialize the act and you want to make sure you’re in a relationship that’s stable.

As Dr. Phil so wonderfully put it, in a healthy relationship, sex is 10% of the relationship. But when there are problems, sex is 90% of the problems.

I wouldn’t say she’s a bad actress. She’s on a Disney Channel show. Disney Sitcom acting is a different art than contemporary “realist” acting. It’s an art of pulling a face, stressing a pun, and timing a joke. She does great physical comedy and timing. I love Hannah Montana. I think she’s great.

maisa hudgens @ 09/27/2007 at 5:35 pm

ta certa miley !
amo você ♥

maisa hudgens @ 09/27/2007 at 5:37 pm

JJ, o melhor ♥

She’s only 14!- When Britney start out she was great at 15. She went down hill after her break up with JT and married Kevin- that was in her twenty! SO it’s still early you guys. Miley has to prove it 10 years from now.
I admire stars like Rachel McAdam or Nat Portman. They didn’t take Hollywood $$$$$ over their head. They live a somewhat solitary life.

aww!!love her!!

she’s 14. she doesn’t even know what sex is.

I give her two years before she rethinks her little “No sex before marriage” vow. It’s cute now, but it’ll get harder when guys start pressuring her into it, and her friends start getting some and she isn’t.

Miley seems like the type to follow the crowd. She’s so young and easily influenced. She annoys me in that sense. She’s pretty much willing to share anything with the press (like her crushes).

The outfit she wore for the teen choice awards definitely doesn’t scream innocence. It was falling down half of the time, she had to keep pulling it up.

So yea, I wouldn’t believe Miley at this age. I hardly doubt she even understands the full concept of sex yet.

Good for her!!! Purity is the only way to go!!!

That is what Britney said too. I really don’t care for her myself. Of course, I no longer have tweens in the house anymore. I caught the show skipping through channels. Maybe it’s her Dad is on the show too? Either way, BFD.

she is so pretty and she is right!

it’s a stupid rumor

She’s fourteen. Why does she have to defend and/or comment on this crap already??? (I know, b/c she’s in the spotlight and inquiring, bored minds need to know). But seriously, She’s FOURTEEN.

hey miley, i definetly think what you believe in is awesome. that really shows what a good rolemodel you are!! you are my hero. i hope one day i can achieve the dreams you have accomplished! grace driggers

Stupid *****, all she wants is attention. She’s just mad because people are talking about Vanessa Hudgens and not her. And I’ve heard that she’s a total ****. She’s slept with Mitchel Musso and that Cody guy that was on her show. She needs to stfu and stop trying to act all innocent. She’s going to end up just like Britney.

I do believe you can stay a virgin until marriage, but I don’t think its the smartest thing to do that kind of statements whey you’re on the public eye and only 14 years old.

There’s somthing that’s keeping Miley from having sex before marriage that very few of you are remembering. A 6 foot tall traditional values Redneck daddy! BILLY RAY CYRUS. If Miley is going to have any time alone with a boy to even have sex The boy will have to get through him. and I know from Experience tall men with southern accents are very protective fathers, it’s not a stereotype it’s a fact!

And even when Billy Ray isn’t with her, Miley’s got a bodyguard/personal assistant or two who isn’t there just to protect her, but to keep her out of mischif. between Daddy and Disney Miley’s interactions with boys are strictly controlled. Now how she acts when she’s not under Billy Ray’s roof is anyones guess but at least for now she’s a virgin…And any boy who tries to change that will either be shot, mauled by attack dogs, or pinned down and forced to listen to Achy Breaky Heart till his head explodes.

its good that she’s sticking to her morals…all she needs is support. okay so she’s only 14 right now but you never know!

I like this girl. She seems grounded and has enough self-respect to not do anything stupid to get noticed. Hope she stays sweet.

Thats really a sweet thing to say………

jacknasty @ 09/28/2007 at 1:33 am

Why does Disney Channel always pick these round faces, no necked stumpy girls? Hillary Duff, Hayden Panatier, Mylier Cyrus, All 4 Cheetah Girls.

It just leads to them trying to diet, and failing and eventually finding the one “diet” that works…namely a cocain problem.

Aww,miley looks pretty here.Love her dress!

She seems innocent enough to keep to her vows,lets just see.

hell, that smile reminds me of something I have seen in a B grade vampire movie!

pls!!!!! that sentence is just a cover for her purity! you all should know better than that!

aSHISBETTERTHANNESSA @ 09/28/2007 at 12:51 pm

That’s good she’s waiting for marriage. These days girls in hollywood are quick to give i up. I respect her for that. I feel the same way. No sex before marriage is awesome rock on! I hope and pray she keeps thinking this way.

Does she even think people wanna have sex with her at all?????

ha ha yeah i give her til the time she turns 18. that sex after marriage wont last long. but i do love her music and her show

I think that its possible for her to do it if she has her mind set then she can…i think its a very smart choice to save yourself for your husband/wife..although Very few people do it..Amy #29 i agree with everything you said and GO DR.PHIL!

im almost 18 and i stick to it so whats to stop her?? all of you who are doubting her must have had that happen to you but just because you werent strong enough to stick to your beleifs doesnt mean she isnt

Go Miley!!! She’s amazing!!!

that’s what Britney said and she was Disney star too… I’m 100% sure Miley will regret what she said

Good morals? You can have sex before marriage and still have morals. Cripes, she’s practically a pre-pubescent girl, theres no need for sex when your 14, anyway. Wait a few years and I doubt she’ll be saying the same thing. Almost every Disney star says that because their fan group is a bunch of 9 year old girls who’ll probably be fed this from religious freaks anyway.

Besides, who’d want to bang her?

Caroline Efron @ 09/30/2007 at 5:24 pm

i thing that the Miley do in her privade life is her problem

miley cyrus will not be pregnet in such a young age. i really love her show and her personality. please give this girl a break. there are SO much people hating on her. if i had the chance to say this to her AND the paperzii i would had. i LOVE MILEY CYRUS and i hope we can becone GREAT friends. did i mention i LOVE HER. hmm………i thought i would had at a time like this. anyways SHE IS NOT PREGNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE don’t do this to us miley. i don’t belive all of those mean people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because i belive in you. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


no entiendo una mierdaaaaaaa!1111
esta todo en ingles


everyone kept on saying the very same thing about Vanessa Anne Hudgens . As soon as she does one thing they tear down her pedistal then build it up again with pitty .

seriously there people like you , just underneath a microscope
Stop juding her , like many of you say . SHES 14 !

you know what pressure is put on her by her concerts and fans ?
if she wants she can stick with what she does.
but like everyone she will make mistakes .

i personally love the girl , shes very beautiful and very sucessfull at such a younge age.
Like her song “No body’s perfect” so please.

stop looking at her and analizing it like shes seen everything , shes only 14 .

let her make mistakes , it will make her even stronger

I have no idea why some idiot would get a picture of her in a magazine & make her look pregnet & change the hole article like seriously youve gotta be stupid to do that . Mileys not a **** & if she was shed be like Britney Spears . No Offence . Shes better then britney & Lindsey. Shes a little kid & WHY in the world would you photoshop a pic \ Article from a magazine & change it ! thats like soo stupid . Whoever Made This Stupid Rumor & Did The stupid picture should come forward & apoligize . ITs WRong to do something like this ITs stupid & It makes her feel bad when she hasent even done anything!
Like think about it . How bout if something That was suppose to be funny Wasnt funny Anymore Because someone changed the hole article & made up a LIE . How would you feel if it was you ! I mean seriously . Your pethitic For making miley feel bad When she didnt even do anything . This article was suppose to be funny & Now Kids Seeing Your Stupid Fake one on the internet They would Forsure Believe their Idol IS a 14 year old pregnet girl. Like comeon seriously , Little Kids Would be so Sad . Maybe they even look up to her. SERIOUSLY people. If you wanna do some stupid rumor & hurt people & make people believe lies you shouldnt be alive because its rude & it makes people feel terrible that people arnt knowing the exact truth !! I support Miley All the way . :) & Mileys dress is gorjous , Like seriously if you had a body like hers ofcourse ud wear something hott ;) . If you dont like her go away. Shes beautiful :) & shes FAMOUS Noelle ofcourse she gets invited to stuff like this . I think ur just Jealous that u cant go to stuff like this & wear hot dresses like the one shes wearing. Its so simple. If you dont like her Dont comment. Im sure we dont want nasty comments saying rude stuff. Im sure we all want nice comments (: LOVE YOU MILEY xxo No Sex Before Marriage!

I very like you. so pretty you sing very good. I love hannah montana and miley cyrys.

Sylvia Cris @ 10/10/2007 at 6:15 pm

I love her more *.*
I think the same \o/

Miley is so hot, and I angree with her

I love you Miley Cyrus,you’re a cool actress,I like you acting with Cody Linely…Two of you are so cute together,I love you Miley and also you’re song,One In A Million….

You need to have sex girl! its now or never. Nick is so hot and perfect for you! Go for it! I hope you do.

I believe in you. don’t do anything bad!

is it just me or can you see through that dress?

MileySmiles @ 11/01/2007 at 5:15 pm

Smart Girl!

ur ass bitch @ 11/10/2007 at 8:53 am

i read like the 1st 2 comments and there are a bunch of old peeps on here. dude, old people are not suppose to be on gossip sites. most of all ones talking about sex. and there is one commenting about Dr. Phil EW

Miley is ugly!! She is gross. I bet she already had sex shes just not telling the viewres!! She gross and ugly bad actress and singer she just a horible nightmere!!!GO ASHLEY TISDALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mileysahoe @ 11/10/2007 at 2:02 pm

hahaha thats bullshit.
she’s so fake.
and not to mention UGLY!
god, i’m sick of this girl.

She’s perfect!I believe in her teory,sex,JUST after marriage!

She as soooo perfect!
I believe in Miley’s teory:No sex before marriage!
we love u Destiny Hope Cyrus!

i agree with miley cyrus a nd i am her #1 fan

thats what i belive in to, but all my friends just laugh at me when i say it, i will still carry on what i belive in tho

Go miley :D

um like miley she does not smile right and like when you look at her its omg i cant put it in a sentence my lil cousin,savannah and her friends ar like really in to her they have evrything about miley i think miley isnt all great!!!

miley is it really true that you are going to have a baby because my mom and dad have a bet my dad thinks you are having a baby and my mom and i are trying to tell you are not having a baby and is your brithday on november 23

she had sex before she told me i know her she had sex before beleave because its true she had sex before she did she did she did she had sex and liked it whith dylin and cole sprose and liked it bealeve me she did and liked it shes prengant to!!!!!!!!!!

People are just jealous of her so they make up rumors. I support Miley all the way and believe that she will stick to her belief in NO sex before marriage. Go Miley! Keep ROCKING!

Geez i love miley i’m going to marry her

i know that shes not she would not do that shes pretty a good role model and a really good actress and a really good singer i love her so much i want to be just like her when i grow up shes everything i want to be,and did i mention i love her shes the perfect role model for me , i love her songs i love all of them but my faves are best of both worlds,lifes what you make it ,true friend,rockstar,the other side of me,nobodys perfect,girls night out , and bigger than us

melissa9socc @ 12/19/2007 at 4:18 pm

You know i said i wasnt going to have sex until marriage when i was 14 and now im 19 and ive had a boyfriend for 3years now and i still havnt had sex…So i think shell wait for marriage

Yeah!!! STAY PURE!!!

me & my friends believe that u are not pregnet and i hope that people wilbelieve that u are not pregnet like we do one more thing wee are really big fans we love u call us if u need a t.i.p my number 17184063824 my friend number 16464626100

ariella &

“Thats what Britney and Brooke Shields said… ”

Are you saying that all Hollywood stars are the same?

Give faith, and hope this girl will stick to her word.

good on her i suppose!
im totally in love with her eyes! lol
love you mileyyyyyyyy (Y)

Miley is a Joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Good for her! I believe in that too. I am 23!
I do not have anything against Miley. I do not know her, so I can not judge. I just wish more people thought like that….

I love her dress!

She right no SEX before marrge i am only 12 i still thinks she is right i am her huge fan amd i am doing same things miley do

why dont you have sex before marrgie

guys i wonder who miley is really dating?

miley is a bad person


hey i belive it too yes fhfjfhtyyukuyfl

hi miley love iam from argentina agregame a me e-mail pleash

miley Ilike you very much.

good for her she shouldnt do anything at all but if she must she must but if your reading this miley that shows that you are responsible

gooooooooooooddddd for you miley dont thats a waist of time your a big role model

Mileyfan:) @ 02/28/2008 at 8:39 pm

Sup miley, and guys i think those rumors are false, im twelve and i look up to miley, i think she’ll stay pure and yeah, way to go dr.phil. call me 18154638846 ask for griffin ;/

Sup miley, and guys i think those rumors are false, im twelve and i look up to miley, i think she’ll stay pure and yeah, way to go dr.phil. call me 18154638846 ask for griffin ;/ and GODDAMNIT I DIDNT ALREADY SAY THIS -.-”

Sorry about double post, im both of those people and its 18154638864* my bad

Rachel eagle reiter @ 03/01/2008 at 11:36 am

Hi Sweetie Miley. Keep it, keep it, keep it. Purity is your treasure. Way to go–coming out to the world about the Big V. So few young women keep it, so forget about any trash spoken against you. Stupid pregnancy rumors and such. Forget about the critical comments. You are truly a role model. It’s challenging for a femme to live up to your standards, but as a star, you set the standards. And you set the standards high. Maybe a lot of high-school girls will start to drink ketchup out of the bottle because of you. Ha ha. But what matters more, is that many American Girls are going to Keep their V because of you. God Bless You, Sweetie. Yes, you will be talked about. Yes, you will be put down. But the reason is jealousy, and you are so above that. That’s so sweet–the story about you and your daddy. Look, just because many American Girls look up to p*rn stars and parade the bunny, does not mean that you do not have the power to change that. You do. Don’t be surprised if girls start to wear a V (for virginity) in honor of Miley. Don’t be surprised if girls pledge to keep it.

Rachel Eagle Reiter

And remember, anybody who pressures you to lose it by making fun of your treasure, is making an envious attempt to steal from you your Purity Power: yes, your choice puts you above the rest. Above me. Above super models. Above negative influence. So soar on Purity’s wings. And stay smiley, Miley.


hi i love your show can we be friends

mily will have sex with a girl akwaja

mily will have sex with a girl akwaja

Its impossible. Im only 11 and I allready had sex. And I want to with her!! Shes like my role model…Even though I am By sexual.

samantha mary korabeh @ 03/20/2008 at 8:00 pm

i think hannah montana is a great influnce for younger kids like my self. And i think she is a excellent singer. I an a huge fan of hannah montana.


Its good that she belives in that so do i and im 14 too.
Its much better to wait for the right person and fall in love and to make it special.
I think its greart celebs have made this choice because they are setting a great example to thier fans.I know my choice was affected my Jessica Simpson when she waited till after marrge and now more and more celebs and doing the same thing and I think its great :)

you are the best. All my friends luv u including me. U are my roll model.

From your biggest fan amanda boyle

I think miley is awsome beacaus i beleve the same way and you askt the question is it posibal to not have sex in hollywood and i will answer that question for you OF COURS IT IS i mean come on its todaly posibal.
God Bless

you go miley you are so right no one should have sex before marriage.

She’s only doing this because the JONAS BROTHERS did it.
And i hate her more for what she did to NICK J!
Thats my view on her anyway…

Isn’t that what britney said? If she does it people will say she’s just being normal, but then britney and lindsay are normal according to miley.


and then we see the pics with her and her green bra.

miley is my girl did she have sex that is so cool im to tell liily my friend

i agree with you no sex until married i have a ring to prove that im going to stay pure till marrige

i don’t care how old this is;
i love her, hahah<3

hay miley did you have sex yet

miley is great i love here singing

Oh really no sex before marriage ? Think she already knows how to do fantastic blowjobs. Should consider a porn career too. That I would buy.

I think miley is lieing she is only saying that beause her dad is there and he will find out but she can be telling the truth but she will probley when she is about 17 18


LOVE DOMINIQUE A.K.A MILEY’S # 1 FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

she is a big time **** how has sex 24 hours

she needs to stop having sex 24 . 4 all i car she can suck a fuckers peinis

Miley’s so hot
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll loose my virginity to her any day!

love you miley kiss im from denmark and i hope you come there kiss kiss and i need soo much you e-mail plzz say you real e-mail cya baby!!

i just sent you a letter

ONLY A PRO TENNIS PLAYER ;) @ 01/11/2009 at 11:57 am

As you know guys, many girls say the same at first.. But also many of them are changing their minds or their minds are being changed.. somehow.. so they are breaking that belief.. for me.. i really believe in that many girls can stay a virgin before the marriage.. And there are some mates have written here so truely.. Really.. Firstly people should show the care for theirselves.. Example doesn’t the sex reaching it’s top level when it is felt.. Without any sense you cannot want a girl so deeply.. even if it’s your girlfriend.. Also us, BOYS.. pls pay more attention.. Just look around.. Try the get the logic.. Can we show how our lovers are important to us?.. with many good sentences.. with many movement full of kindness? .. Just a kiss.. just a hug.. just a calm smile.. Do any of them worth sex?.. Of course.. Sex is a part of our lifes.. man or female.. straight or no.. which gender is not important.. Sex is a part of our lifes.. like breating.. like drinking water.. like eating.. only it has a rank in our world.. At first we should think what is the first thing we adore?.. To love and to be loved?.. to show or to hide? .. to live or to die?.. I really support all girls who keep that opinion and belief.. “having virginity.. keeping herself for her only one.. her beloved one”.. You know.. any of us cannot be sure in that we will live together till the endless with our beloved ones.. So before some things to come true .. before some things to be sure / to be certain i think we should care for this issue.. Just imagine .. Your beloved one was another boy’s before you.. She loved him.. (of course this can be a birdy reason.. )(can fly out).. and think that she was another’s with her soul and body.. That can be really so hurtful for the new lover.. For the new “beloved one”..
Also just think it ; She was yours from past to now.. and She will be yours from now to future.. Of course this is not sure .. She will be yours till forever or no.. but We have a change for having a girl who was always us.. with her soul and body..

And you are.. GIRLS.. who will care for it..


We are boys who will care as much as girls care..

You can be a couple.. But pls share everything before having this act.. Recognize each other so well .. when you have no doubt he/she is your everything .. your beloved one.. then of course put your love and senses to up.. Have her.. Have him.. like you would never leave… never let him/her go.. =)))

Wish the sense of love would be the perfect adorable thing in all over the world..
Wish all love’s magic.. all love’s charm would cover us..
Everything for us.. Everything for ppl..


I think she is ok i even watch her show.I have a gf that loves miley and i think miley is really cute but i dont think i really get to like her rarely any more.

You rock miley your #2 because i got a girl friend.

But i still like miley.

**** you miley
ass hole

**** you miley
ass hole

miley is so fucked up! so kiss my ass miley you disserve that *****.she needs to get a life and stop messing up ever other person’s life.
she is stupid. some one needs to tell the rules. she is a *****. i was a hannah and miley fan now i am not. great miley your losing 215 fans every day good job *****. your stupid just plain stupid. you know you might be kicked off of t.v. ok *****.F**K YOU A** HOLE

miley is disgusting and fake. and she only said she’d stay pure because of her younger fans. i bet she’s been around with at least one guy. she’s so grose. i hate her. bleh

iam welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mad at you so is your dad

iam welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mad at you so is your dad

Miley was preggy she just aborted. DUH.
She also sings off key and is only famous cuz of her daddy.
I saw a Youtube vid of her in bed and shes good.
I used to be a lesbian but arent any more but I wouldnt mind going that route agaiin.
I had sex already im 12 and duhh not marryyd. excepet would you count girl girl orgys and pussylicking? idk…

kelly donoso @ 07/10/2010 at 4:46 pm

es super tu ropa y tus canciones ni decir yo tengo una amiga que muere por ti se llama melanie hidalgo

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