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Zanessa ARE Truly Outrageous

Zanessa ARE Truly Outrageous

High School sweethearts Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens spend all day Wednesday together in Los Angeles. The couple visited the home of Jeff Ballard, Zac‘s ex-publicist, who then drove them to an office building in Marina Del Ray.

This is the continuation of this post, where Vanessa wore a 80′s Jem t-shirt (, $23.99). This time, you can see the back really does say TRULY OUTRAGEOUS.

Later in the day, Zanessa drove home in Zac‘s new Audi S6. But it also looks like Zac also picked up a Range Rover as well!

Audi’s and Range Rovers? Chump change!

20+ pictures inside of Zanessa looking truly outrageous! No really, they are outrageous. No other celebrity couple in Hollywood has their own magazine!

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zanessa truly outrageous 01
zanessa truly outrageous 02
zanessa truly outrageous 03
zanessa truly outrageous 04
zanessa truly outrageous 05
zanessa truly outrageous 06
zanessa truly outrageous 07
zanessa truly outrageous 08
zanessa truly outrageous 09
zanessa truly outrageous 10
zanessa truly outrageous 11
zanessa truly outrageous 12
zanessa truly outrageous 13
zanessa truly outrageous 14
zanessa truly outrageous 15
zanessa truly outrageous 16
zanessa truly outrageous 17
zanessa truly outrageous 18
zanessa truly outrageous 19
zanessa truly outrageous 20

Photos: National Photo Group
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  • yeye

    1st at last…

  • yeye of them again..

    love them so much..


    Oh men! i so love this! Cool jj! i’m expecting a post around 200 or so coming, wanna bet!

    They are truly outrageous! Cool Couple!

  • ApRiL C.

    awwsh! Zachy looks soo finee! ;) its gettin’ hot in here..LMA0! :)


    awwsh what a cutie…zac zac zac…zac attack comin..MY WAY.. lol j/k..

    zac attack coming our way…yay!! ;)

  • Amy

    ADORABLE!!!! Thanks for telling where V got the shirt! You’re the best Jared! Zac’s hot as usual. V looks totaly gorgous like she always does. ZANESSA FOREVER!!!!!!!! I

  • ohyeah

    omg omg! thank you jj! we love you for this!

    zac and vanessa all the way and team hudgens all the way!

    by the way jared you should visit the team hudgens site and post a message for vanessa! because i can tell you love her! thanks again for this!


    Hey the picture 3, vanessa is carrying all the things? how could you zac! letting ur girl carrying those stuff!

  • Nikki

    i think it’s zac’s publicist’s range rover. it might be the same one that zac hit with his door when he went to the bank.

    love ya jared. keep posting zanessa, zac, vanessa, and ashley!


    Just to add up, i think vanessa’s working out in the gym finally paid off, look at what his carrying! hahaha… vanessa ur really outrageous!

  • Jéssica

    zanessa,omg i love them!!! nhinhinhi :D

    and zac remembers me adam brody,in this pics

  • suzy

    Run Zac Run from those paps.

  • babyv

    nessa is so beautiful !! i love her !

  • whocares?

    vanessa looks hot!!!

  • kathastic

    run zac run! haha
    vanessas like casually walking across the grass, and hes like running…

    thanx for the new pix jared

    and go ZANESSA!!!!!!!!! my fav couple

  • gab

    have they moved in because that shop sells house where

  • kathastic

    sorry suzy i just totally stole ur line, didn’t realise you’d commented already lol

    zac looks so cute in his running pics though

  • angel

    I love the candids jared!
    You’re the best source ever!!

  • blil

    she’s hot and zac too ^^


    see guys, he’s opening the car’s door for her… so forget saying zac is ungentleman like. He adores vanessa!

  • V & Z fan

    They definitely did some shopping!!! They are an adorable couple!

  • TH

    OMG! I love what Nessa is wearing. Thanks for those pics. How the hell did he fit 6 of those bags in the boot of his car? How did Vanessa not fall over from carrying 3 of them? They looked so big lol.

    Love Zanessa, just wish the whole rumours about them splitting would just go away,

  • Erin

    I’m kinda surprised at all the pictures!

    It’s crazzzzy! The paps are following them everywhere!

  • Rachel

    jared,you just made my’re the best!!!!!!!
    How can you not love this beautiful couple!they’re just adorable!!!!!!!!

  • TH

    #23 I know what you mean. They must be getting sick of it. But I guess they are used to it. I mean Vanessa got used to it from when she got back from Australia but obviously Zac wasn’t home when it started. She is teaching him to cope with it all I think.

    I wanna know where they went shopping…those bags are massive


    Know what jared, im still here in the office (philippines) at 10 pm, and really want to go home, but i cant, bcoz of those cool pix of them.

    Your really awesome dude! Thanx

  • ooop


  • Jennifer

    Vanessa looks good and I hope she stays happy. Zanessa look so good together.

  • Madi

    Keep posting about them J! :)

  • Tiffany

    Isn’t Vanessa such a good girlfriend to hold the bags for Zac to carry in while he closes the trunk? And the fact that Zac is running to open the door for Vanessa proves you people don’t know what your talking about. Lets just all hope they’re the next Brad and Angelina.

    Zanessa 2k7!

  • cindy

    Looks like Zac may be moving into his new place.

  • Lissa

    Jared-you remain the best Kuuipo blogger around!! Thank you for keeping us up to date on our favorite couple.

  • Paulina

    I LOVE them, Zac is hot and Vanessa beautiful!!! They are meant to be together !!!

  • Misha

    WOW JARED!!!your so awesome and your very good at this!!!
    cool pics of ZANESSA!!! as we all know, they are very annoyed of the paparazzi but were loving every moment of it..LOL!
    Die hard ZANESSA fans are just so into them and just want to see how they spent the day….
    sorry ZANESSA fans just love you both too much and the PAPARAZZI too, just PLEASE go easy on them so they won’t hide….

    keep it coming JJ!!!

  • angel

    I love the fact that even after two years, he still opens the doors for her..
    awww. such a sweetie!
    I love them to bits!

  • Stacy

    Jared great pictures. I agree that they are probably annoyed with the paps and I would be mad that the paps are following them around but I cant get that unpset because I am living the pictures. hahaha

    Does anyone know what brand jeans Vanessa is wearing? I tried to look but I cant tell. Thanks!

  • viviana

    Love them….thanks, Jared!!! And for people who said he was unhappy with Vanessa….wow….yes….that’s what “unhappy people” do….they spend the whole day with their girlfriend….haha….and it looks like she must be spending the night again too!!


    Vanessa is soooooo sexy! i want to have a figure like her…im a pint size like just like her, and i think im nearing it, i’ll just have to be patient in going to the gym more often now.

    I’m a Proud Vanessa Fan!

  • Flisbeth


  • lela

    nessa is always so hot !! and without make up :D

  • citra

    ZANESSAAAA 4EVA…………^,^

    U R THE BEST JJ…..!!>o

  • jenny

    morn ya’ll
    zanessa the cute couple ever
    its a little stalkerish
    papps dont give them their privacy
    i wish them well
    JARED i love that shirt its cool
    and affordable Jem vintage getting it
    well i look back soon
    kepp it civilized peep!

  • el

    wow this is awesome I woke up n found more zanessa info n pics! gotta love them made my morning! I wonder if they are moving in together or zac is just getting a new place?thanks jj keep em coming!

  • xs


    Ahhh zanessa.

  • MAtilda

    Why doesn’t Zac smile when he is with her, haven’t seen him smile for a while? Ofc in premieres and stuff like that but never on candid pictures.. If they are so truly madly deeply in love why don’t they kiss or holing hands, or just something? Oh thats right they want to keep things private? But whats wrong with showi’n youre love pupblic?


    (Love Zenessa anyway.. just wonder)

  • el

    I forgot to say I love Vanessa shirt! I may have to get one! oh n zac hot too n he WAS opening the door for her!

  • sum1

    I knew they didn’t break up national ledger said they did….well guess thats my own fault for trusting that…zanessa is off the hook, i love these guys….zac nd v r so in love…..
    Holla@ur girl!

  • estrella




    ZANESSA 4EVER TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • katie

    thanks jared for the daily zanessa candids! lol! they are such a cute couple. wish them the best.

  • jadar

    Love the pics, jj! Question for anyone: Isn’t it illegal for the paps to take pics on private property though? I just can’t stand the “in your face” pics. I mean, I love seeing the pics, but shouldn’t there be limits? I feel bad for them.

  • Z n V + Infinity

    #45 — The paps is actually a lot closer than it appears. I also wonder what questions they were asking them this time.

    Either way, they show us nothing can break them apart!