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Angelina Jolie Uses the Backdoor

Angelina Jolie Uses the Backdoor

Angelina Jolie drops off son Maddox, 6, at the Lycée Français de New York school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan on Friday morning. Momgelina wore a red sweater, black pants a nude flats. She also used the backdoor to the school.

Later in the day, Brad picked up Mad using the front entrance. Good dad Brad wore a gray buttondown and a matching gray newsboy cap. It seems like paparazzi aren’t allowed on the sidewalk in front of the school anymore!

10+ pictures inside of Angelina using the backdoor…

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angelina jolie backdoor 01
angelina jolie backdoor 02
angelina jolie backdoor 03
angelina jolie backdoor 04
angelina jolie backdoor 05
angelina jolie backdoor 06
angelina jolie backdoor 07
angelina jolie backdoor 08
angelina jolie backdoor 09
angelina jolie backdoor 10

Photos: Mike DiSciullo/Bauer-Griffin
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  • ginny


  • ricki

    she looks pregnant there.

  • lilo

    FIRST! brad is so hot; guess she used the back door because she’s tired with the paps and the peeps!

  • quiet no more

    i agree ricki she does seem to look pregnant or her pants are pulled up too high….

    so it’s come to my mind… people always ask why they use the front door and not the backdoor when picking up or dropping off Maddox…. Could it be possibly because Maddox doesn’t want to be different than the other kids who are being dropped off in the front? I mean afterall to him Brad and Angelina are just his parents?

    anyway just a thought

  • Tijen


  • gail

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee themmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • boringla

    she does look pregnant. good for her.

  • euthule

    Wow Am I the first one on this tread… Hello BAMPS blessing to our wonderful Jollie/Pitt family. I just can believe this

  • Tijen

    Angie looks good in red.

  • gail

    I like her in Red and Brad is yummy


    So that one lady who posted about her son seeing Angie in red was spot on :D Too cool… lucky kid!

  • http://justjared marcella

    she look pregent to me but she also look very beautiful

  • Snot

    She looks so pregnant or is that just what happens to your tummy after you have a kid?

  • heather

    Not thinking she is pregnant.
    But cool if she is.

  • America

    I miss Brad Pitt!

  • estelle

    Nice!, new thread, now I have to catch up with 2 threads. JJ, you are too much. Thank You.

  • farran

    Luv the Jolie Pitts.

  • skychick

    She does look thick in the middle for someone so skinny.

    Maybe she’s on the rag.


    I’m starting to get the impression that they are able to drop him off at the side entrance in the morning but not be able to pick him up at the side entrance in the afternoon (possibly because of traffic flow on the sidewalk). Seems logical enough to me.

  • abigail

    Thanks JJ. Great to see them at any time.

  • Chrissy

    Hey I mad eit on the first page!!!YIPPEEE!

    Yep it looks like she is pregnant!!

    Love them!!

  • Magnolia

    Oooh I hope she’s pregnant, but I doub’t it

  • euthule

    Hello everyone, I am just checking in, how is Char doing… I read in previous thread tht something is wrong with her mom? is this true?
    Anyway my prayers to her family. I am reading back from last WED thread. So I need an update.

  • jordan


  • spongebob

    yay……………I’m on the first page, got here and boom! another pics of the golden family. Now don’t be jealous again and start being so negative again. THE BEST IN THE WEST…….JOLIE/PITTs!!!

  • Magnolia

    Some said earlier that they believe All of there biological children will have big lips, I believe that to be true I mean look at brads there pretty big for a guys

  • gretchen

    Brads hat is cool. AJ looks awesome as usual. Maddox is a cutie pie.

  • briseis

    #23 euthule:

    Char (Missouri Fan)’s mother-in-law passed away (I believe it’s either Tuesday or Wednesday). So understandably she isn’t posting right now, but she did ask for our prayers for the repose of the soul of her MIL Dorothy N.

  • ntt

    Look at those long legs. The poster ‘woot’ was right about her wearing red today.

  • vickifromtexas

    i think she just looks pregnant in one pic. maybe it is just the way she standing or stepping.

  • lai

    STFU. to loosers. I think they are a very well rounded people.
    I like them.

  • lylian

    I don’t think she’s pregnant yet. But she definitely has put on some weight. I definitely hope she shows up in one of her premiers in red. She looks good in that colour.

  • ?

    THEY DO IT AGAIN,seems they spend one day with their kids apart from each other,one of them drop and another pick and next morning the person who pick will drop and the other person will pick up,It is weird like one day they are with one of them and another day with another.

  • Passing Through

    Uh-oh…I see a little bump! I can see the Baby Train comin’ down the track. Total riot…last week L&S declared Angie too skinny to be ovulating and said a doctor told her she needed to gain weight. IF, and that’s a big IF, that really is a baby bump…they’ll be singing a completely different song next week! “Brad & Angie: Baby #5!” With a subheading of, “Desperate to save their relationship, Angelina Jolie agrees to have another biological baby with boyfriend Brad Pitt”.

  • tao

    maybe she has gas

  • Amish

    “The Best in the West”??? they aint even 1/2 american :)

  • think positive!

    Thank you Jared!!

    “It seems like paparazzi aren’t allowed on the sidewalk in front of the school anymore!”

    That’s great. That’s what the school should have done from the first day. Apparently they can’t avoid the paps no matter which door they use but there a lot of difference if they are snaping pictures from a certain distance.

    Brad looks freaking HOT!!! They both look relaxed!!!

    Angie droped the kiidies at school and then she went for toy shopping with Shi.

    Angie has gain weight. That’s undeniable. It showns in her thighs boobs and face. I know that we shouldn’t jump on the baby train but I think I’m seeing a little bump in the pics where she is getting out of the school. Anyway it might be due to her gaining weight. Either way she looks great!! :)

  • aneeee

    I’m on first page? she looks bautiful.

  • Me

    leave these people alone!

  • s.r

    she looks good in red and brad so yummy.we will miss them when they go to L.A.

  • guli

    Awww Jared THANK YOU!!!!!

    Wow this sooo great and Angie really has put on weight which is great and they both look like happy parents…..I just love them.
    Tijen–ITAWU, she looks great in red :-)

  • sam p

    she really looks pregnant

  • mdf

    I’m sure she would appreciate all the comments about her body and how it looks because if she is pregnant, it’s REALLY your business. Maybe you should dig through their trash to see if she’s taken any pregnancy tests…………

  • http://justjared BOMB!

    Angie is the bomb!

  • XVZ


  • mak

    I don’t think she’s pregnant. She’s always had a bit of lower belly.

  • senior

    16 estelle : 09/28/2007 at 7:38 pm
    Nice!, new thread, now I have to catch up with 2 threads. JJ, you are too much. Thank You.


    I know what you mean I have so many threads to read that I just hope he(jj) keeps them in the archives for a rainy day. at least I’m relatively early to this thread!

  • s.r

    OH,I won`t jump on baby train,because I think If there is something they will anounce it .so why we just sit here and speculate about it,X also looks pregnant,Is she pregnant too?obviously not ,because she just becomes fat so maybe Angie also gain weight and she shows tummy because of it.

  • think positive!

    33 ? : 09/28/2007 at 7:46 pm
    Err… Apparently Angie is mostly droping the kids to school in the morining because Brad is SHOOTING A MOVIE. Like brad did while she was shooting “Wanted” in Prague.They are not there for vacations. So if Brad is already finished in the afternoon he goes to pick up the kids from school. What they do is pretty logical. Nothing weird about it.

  • pychic with no job

    I have predictions corrections. I predict no pregnancy.