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Keanu Reeves and His Beard

Keanu Reeves and His Beard

A heavily bearded Keanu Reeves picks up his Porsche from a local service shop in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The actor has one film coming out next year called The Night Watchman, which he filmed in June and July.

Keanu, 43, plays Tom Ludlow, a Los Angeles cop who has spent his life never having had to reach across the abyss from his world to the other. Ludlow’s life, however, becomes cheerless, dark, and deadly, after the death of his beloved wife. Ludlow is pressed into action when he is framed for murder by those close to him. Deeper and more profound themes are interwoven in this story of a man’s struggle for meaning in a world that is increasingly controlled by outside forces.

The crime thriller also stars Hugh Laurie, Chris Evans, Forest Whitaker, Naomie Harris, Jay Mohr and rapper Common.

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Photos: JP/KH/Flynetonline
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  • Katie N

    I used to think he was really cute. like in “devil’s advocate.” he is still fine.

  • LMAO

    Like him…hate the beard.

  • Ebba

    I’ve always thought he was a very beautiful man.
    But why is he so puffed up in the face on alj the recent pic’s?
    He does not look fat, only the face..weird.

    A cute man.

  • Sophie

    cool guy. look forward to the movie. like the rest of the cast as well. :)

  • nanana

    He is the first actor I really care. Angie is the second.

    There just something about them…….

  • nanana

    Poor Keanu……when does he will find a good woman and have children?


    Nice to see him looking happy and healthy at least – he’s been through a lot and I think he gets very depressed at times. Can’t wait to see his new movie!

    I’d like to volunteer myself up as the good woman for him to have children with! :D Not that he’s ever gonna see this :lol:




    Ahhhh, ewwwwww! Great guy, rotten beard.

  • Dirty Cougar

    I hope this beard fad will PLEASE end soon! Love Keanu and, he look’s still cute inspite of that fug beard!

  • Nanana

    10 Dirty Cougar : 09/28/2007 at 9:39 pm

    I hope this beard fad will PLEASE end soon! Love Keanu and, he look’s still cute inspite of that fug beard!

    He looked the best on Speed, short hair, no bear.

  • Nanana

    7 COALHARBOURQT : 09/28/2007 at 8:56 pm

    I’d like to volunteer myself up as the good woman for him to have children with! :D Not that he’s ever gonna see this :lol:


    Hey, you are not the first to volunteer. :lol:

  • KittKatt

    Heavy, thin, beard, no beard – the man is a God.

  • Noofie

    He’s ugly with beard… missing hair growth… beard not suite him. I love Matrix movies. Help him to buy the razor to shave his beard off.

  • jema

    The reason he has not found a decent woman yet is because he is GAY! Did you not know that?

  • Eliza

    Awww…my Keanu is smiling again!! YAY!! He looks content. That’s a good sign.

    And…all of you “volunteers,” get in line. It starts right here behind me. ;)

    He’s a beautiful man with or without the beard, in my humble opinion. His eyes are so soulful. *sigh* I could go on and on.

  • Magnolia

    I met him, He gave me an atograph on a twenty dollar bill and asked me if my boobs were real, Ha . He had a beard like this at the time and his hair was a little longer, good times, good times.

  • Get a private jet

    Nanana – he did find a good woman and had a child…they both died. People aren’t replaceable.

  • celery gloss

    I love Keanu… something very kind and sad about him. (Plus, he’s pretty hot when cleaned up) I also hope he finds someone he can be happy with.

  • madingley

    keanu looks so young he is 43??

  • anja

    Apparently he has a heart of gold and is amazingly generous. He gave all the special effects people who worked on the Matrix movies with him, a Harley Davidson each. That was about 60 Harleys!
    Gay or straight…he deserves to find that special one person to complete his life. He has so much love to give.
    God bless you Keanu.

  • KrungKrung

    i love Keanu, since Brad Pitt is already taken, Keanu i am available for you hun, we can have babies together, as many as we can i mean you can afford, aycaramba.

  • Juno

    He just seems like such an average and chill kinda guy.


    Ja – Keanko:”AAAAAAAAACH JAAAAAAAAAAAJJJ!!!!!!……Sviezi horsky vanok nad horami aj nad moriami aj nad roztapajucimi ladovcami – zafukal – do mojich havranich vlaskov……..A pozrite – jezibaby – a gajovia – co mi urobil!!!…Vidite to???…Zdvihol mi vlasky!…A teraz to vyzera – akokeby mi rasili z hlavky – male parozky!!!…A viete – kto ma tieto – cary na svedomi????…Neo a Erika!…A pochopitelne – moj najnovsi rival a dobry priatel – John Kusatko…..AAAAAACH JJJAAAAAAAJJJ!!…”

  • Karen

    That beard makes it look like he is being attacked by a rampant fungus.
    He just looks dirty.


    Ja – Keanko:”Ako vidite…mile internetove damy a pani…stojim tam s neznamym elementom…Ale neznepokojujte sa…Je to len – mimozemstan…Tento je neskodny…Neskodnych mimozemstanov – si oznacujem – zltym naramkom…”


    Ja – Keanko:”Iste ste zvedavi na moju poznavaciu znacku!…Musite mysliet logicky!…Mile damy…Napriklad – teraz pozeram telku a viete aky film davaju?…”SNIPER”!…A teraz mile sliepocky – rozmyslajte!…Vsetko so vsetkym suvisi!…Ha-haaaaaaa!…Kto je “sniper”?…No predsa – NEO!…Ake pismenka su v tomto slove?…SNI…PER…?…No preda SNP…”I” – je moc chude a myli sa s jednotkou …Vynechal som ho…”ER” – je skratka – “ERIKY”- ale to je moje celosvetove tajomstvo…Vlastne – mam pocit – ze to vie uz aj – vladca vesmiru – Xeno…A kedy bolo SNP?…No predsa – “29.”…Augusta…Dobre…co?…..


    No a ja sa oznacujem – mojimi – oblubenymi teniskami…ako vidite…


    Hadajte – mile damy – kedy som sa narodil?…SNP 64!…Podla auta – to vyzera – akokeby som bol dieta nejakeho partizana a partizanky…

  • Katie N

    Get a private jet : 09/29/2007 at 12:58 am
    Nanana – he did find a good woman and had a child…they both died. People aren’t replaceable.

    Call me out of sync, but what is all this about? Can someone enlighten me. What happened??


    No a podla mojich oblubenych tenisiek – to vyzera – ze si nezarobim ani na slanu vodu……….Hm…Skusim hadat…Je to pravda?……


    Ta brada mi pasuje…vsak?…Ale poviem vam pravdu…Nechce sa mi holit…


    Mam bradu a fuzy…Jediny clovek na svete – ktory ma chape – je Erika…Ani jej sa nechce holit nohy…


    Mili moji fanusikovia – videli ste film – “V kozi Keana Reevesa”?….Ten film bol o tom – ako povodny Keanu Reeves – nemohol rozpravat a rozpraval za neho niekto iny…Velka sranda!…Skoda – ze mi tuto rolu vyfukol – John Cusack…


    Ja – Keanko a John uvazujeme – ze asi pojdeme za Salamunom – aby nam rozdelil Eriku na dve rovnake polovicky…


    Preco sa George Clooney – tak vola?…Ma doma laboratorium?…Klonuje?…Mohol by nam naklonovat Eriku…Hm…Spytam sa Johna…

  • Annaloc

    Keanu GAY? kkkkkkkkkkk if he’s gay, all the actors who play GAYS on Movies are GAY too… Rumors old rumors! not true!

    Ke Gay? kkkk se ele é viado, então todos os atores que fazem papel de viado no cinema são Gay tb… rumores, e dos antigos! Não é verdade!

    Ke gay? entonces todos los atores que hacen peliculas actuando como gay son gay de verdad? por favor! especulaciones antigas, nunca se ha probado nd!

  • Nanea

    JJ, can we please have threads on Keanu Reeves from now on without that loony Erika commenting on a variety of things that tickle her fancy, and hers alone, as she’s so impolite and too chicken to post in English?

    And before someone accuses me of being a xenophobe, English isn’t my first language either, but if I decide to post somewhere, I think people would want to know what I have to share.

  • Juno

    Here’s a short version of what happened, Katie N. He doesn’t talk about his tragedies to the press.

    ——–In December 1999, Reeves’ girlfriend, Jennifer Syme, gave birth to a stillborn daughter who was named Ava Archer Syme-Reeves. In April 2001, Syme was killed in a car accident. She was buried next to their daughter in the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles, California. Reeves was a pallbearer at Syme’s funeral.

  • celery gloss

    ^^^Katie, his daughter was stillborn and the mother of the child died in a car accident within a year. So sad…. :(

  • celery gloss

    Oh yeah….. The mom’s name was Jennifer Symes (sp?)… Sorry for double posting, I forgot her name there for a second.

  • celery gloss

    I was wondering where my post went… duh, there’s a page 2. I’m a dork. And of course, Juno above me gave the version of what happened. Sorry guys, I’m new to this site. I like it here though. Just getting used to the pages and pages of comments, especially on Brad and Angie posts. hehe


    Ahoj!…Lasocka moja!…Britvicky mam uz nabrusene!…Nechces sa Keanko – ku mne docista a uplne oholit?….Nieeeeee…nehovorim teraz o tvojich kreditkach………Hovorim o tej tvojej chutnej brade a fuzikoch…Och!…Och!…Tie by ale – simrali!…Juj!…


    Tisice strednych podnikov vraj pouziva SAP…Docital som sa…Co je to SAP?………Snad – PAS!…Nie?…Bez PASU – sa na Slovensko za Erikou nedostanem…Jedine – zeby ma sem priviezli Mimozemstania……


    Baby!…Konecne som nasiel – spriaznenu dusu!!…To je ten chlapik vedla mna!…Vola sa Eric Spriazneny….Vsimnite si – ako spriaznene drzime ruky pod pazuchami!…Foto c.1!…

  • Katie N

    Thanks, Juno and celery gloss. How very tragic!!


    No …to nie je az take tragicke – ze chlap je moja spriaznena dusa…Hlavne – ze sa vola Eric…


    Eric Spriazneny – v bielej koseli – a ja – Keanko Reeves – v cierom saku sme ako – Jing-jang…Obaja sme si vedomi – ze MatriX nas ma…”X”…”X”…Ruky nase…


    Pozeram telku…V reklame – povedali – ze – “Prekvapeni nikdy nie je dost!”…A maju svatu pravdu!…Vsimol som si nase foto c.5!!!!!!…..Erikovi Spriaznenemu – trci z gati – NIECO BIELE!…Ked som si na to biele – este raz klikol – zvacsilo sa to!!!!!!!!…Teda – ta fotka!…Co je to?…


    Vidim – ze na mojej Keankovskej stranke – sa uverejnuju aj slovenske inzeraty!…:”Stiahnut pripadove studie”…pre male a stredne….SAP……Hm…To su nejake sifry?????????…Kody?????…Podobenstva???????….”Stiahnut galoty”?Takze – studujem pripad – fotku c.5 ….Erica Spriazneneho v bielej koseli…STUDUJEM aj to biele cudo – co mu vytrca z gati…v mieste zipsu…Ten Eric – je ale PRIPAD!!!!!!…Po prestudovani toho bieleho cuda – vytrcajuceho z nohavic – som zistil – ze je vhodny len pre male a stredne…Naozaj!……A co znamena skratka “SAP”?…Spriazneny A Peknucky………ale – malicky…