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Nicole Richie: Pregnant and in High Heels

Nicole Richie: Pregnant and in High Heels

Nicole Richie grabs lunch at Joan’s on Third with Teen Vogue employee BFF Carlos Lopez. Other celebrities who ate at Joan’s this month: Jake Gyllenhaal, his ex-girlfriend Kirsten Dunst and Hayden Panettiere. Do they serve their guests with food on gold plates or something??

Nicole, 26, is about six months pregnant and was seen wearing a killer pair of high heels. Her gold platform wedges were sky high, so it’s a good thing she had pal Carlos to hold onto!

10+ pictures inside of pregnant Nicole wearing high heels

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nicole richie pregnant high heels 01
nicole richie pregnant high heels 02
nicole richie pregnant high heels 03
nicole richie pregnant high heels 04
nicole richie pregnant high heels 05
nicole richie pregnant high heels 06
nicole richie pregnant high heels 07
nicole richie pregnant high heels 08
nicole richie pregnant high heels 09
nicole richie pregnant high heels 10
nicole richie pregnant high heels 11
nicole richie pregnant high heels 12
nicole richie pregnant high heels 13

Photos: KH/JP/FlynetPictures, PhamousFotos/Splash News Online
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  • jade

    those heels are SICK

  • Katie N

    This looks abosolutely dangerous at six months preganat. But, hey, it is her baby. Who are we to advocate safety and comfort over vanity.

  • You don’t know me

    I’d like to see her try to walk in those in a another month from now!

  • luvmebabe

    okay, she is risking her baby’s life here. she might fall and land on that tummy of hers. what a dumb ass. just hope she’ll be more considering when the kid is born. when u love urself more than the baby … that’s what happens. u want more attention than the safety of the child.


    SHE IS F@king sick

  • ~*~Get Real~*~

    thats just INSANE….im due around the exact same time she is and if i ever go out…im in ballerina flats. had to buy a whole new shoe wardrobe cause im normally in 4 inch heels. aint killing my baby, me or my back….i figure i can wait a few more months. 5 inch GOLD heels are just crazy. hope no paparats bump into her.

  • Jocasta666

    Never had kids. Neither has she.
    But wedges are less dangerous than actual high heels she’s BEEN wearing. IF the heels snap (I’m looking at your poor excuse for a performance Britney), then down she goes.

    But for those who know (And I’m saying I don’t) is a wedge not more stable than a clunk or a stilleto/high heel?

    Still…she’s self-aware now more than ever..and wants to be tall enough not to be mistaken as the actual CHILD of Joel whatever his name has been that I ignored.

    I mean she THINKS she has an image to uphold. And no – I can’t see that just due to watching other famous pregnant people and my friends literally blow up at the feet and ankles.



  • Jocasta666

    Well f*ck me falling over. I just looked at the heels again.
    I don’t take anything back, but good God yeah, that’s ridiculous.

    Jesus. I’m 5’4′ and weigh 100 lbs and wear flats.

    F*ck fashion. Even if you’re not pregnant.

    But think: her and P*r*s got compted LOTS of free swag in hey brief heyday.

    If I were rich and famous I’d be walking around in terry cloth slippers…brand new everyday of course.
    I have seen dozens of pregnant stars like Naomi Watts and Jennifer Garner in normal shoes while pregnant and even FLIP FLOPS.

    If they can do it with *ahem* their talent, what’s she trying to prove?

    Nevermind…I already answered that.


  • Twist

    Fashion before sense.

  • Hilary

    still gorgeous

    YAY! for CARLOS…love him :)

  • Jennifer

    that is so stupid to be wearing those heels

  • http://jj Me

    i feel sorry for the kid, shes gunna kill it.

  • why

    That is plain silly and ignoramus. Wearing so high heels while pregnant, pregnant women have problems with their balances to start with …

    But what else can you expect from her?

  • luv her

    love her pergnant i wear heels to work.

  • heather

    To ME # 12..STFU and keep stuffing doughnuts down your hole. Youre a evil sounding fat bizth. Nicole can wear heels ,doesnt mean her child will be effected. I wouldnt wear heels that high but her choice. You evil bizth.

  • Lt

    Aren’t you not allow to wear heels when you are pregnant? She is actually endangering her child and could get into trouble for that.

  • patricia night

    It’s her own business what to wear

  • http://MYSPACE.COM/BOBMARLEY Mary jane

    If her feet feels fine in them, more power to her!

    those are some killer shoes, but I swear people didn’t say that about xtina A.

  • no

    Remember her saying that she cried when she saw a program of victims of drink driving …and that she didn’t know that ..duh!

    She is a dud!

  • weener

    I hate Nicole Richie.

  • Kalina

    Is she crazy? One move aside and she’ll get a sprained ankle!

  • saahirah

    i hate nichole she sucks with those heels on get life

  • BBperfume

    Actually, from personal experience, wedges are more dangerous than heels.In heels, you maintain your balance by gripping the ground from the frontsole, but wedges are like you’re standing on a platform and it gets wobbly sometimes.It’s more likely for you to twist your ankle wearing wedges in fact!

  • http://jj Me

    i feel sorry for the kid i really do. joel i think would make a good dad but nicole is problay gunna be out drinking thats just my opouion,

  • jenna

    we have a serial reposter from perez -who says they hate nicole. but chooses to post on her site .go figure. we who like her dont give a shiz. we know you are the same 2 or 3 persons reposting.
    She can wear what she chooses. I dont pick apart -or say i hate celebs or people i dont know.,
    but then im not a idiot, like the haters. do you nicole. we the majority at jj like you

  • deidra

    Nicole wore those shoes cuz she knew the paps were going to follow her and notice the shoes* it was so the shoes would get notice and she could get attention for her friend who design the shoes.

    She took them straight off afterwards. And had Carlos there to help her if needed. Luv her, she aint bothering no one.

    Karma will bite the ska.nks on here hating. Gawd will see to that, he will, trust.

  • pamela

    Yes, she was representing for her friends new brand .
    I read that. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy Nic!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • none

    i think you all are being a little too judgmental. yes i agree that flip-flops, ballet flats, or even fashionable tennis shoes would be more reasonable, but if she is comfortable enough wearing heels then let her without giving her all this crap about it. it is her life and she should be able to do anything she wants to with it, without everyone judging her for it. you see pregnant people wearing heels just about every other day and you don’t give them a hard time about it do you? no, because you don’t even know them. so why do you think it is ok to give her a hard time when you don’t even know HER? i think you of those who have trash talked her should rethink how you would feel if someone said all those things to you.

  • she’s a sweetheart

    If you look on the internet, this was planned. Nicole like the shoes and wanted to help. They TM-Sleaze FOLLOWS HER everywhere. So she knew they’d get the shoes. Who knew this would be so misconstrued.

  • so cute

    Only one Hillary Duff fan is posting Hate. Hillary has a new thread .

    The poster hates Niole&Joel. Grow up. Is that you, the wacko from last week who says her belly is fake. Looser go to Duffs thread. NR is Pretty as ever. I wore high heeled clogs ans never had a problem when pregnant, get real.

  • kemmie

    her shoes are amazing… but it’s terrible that she’s wearing them. it’s not good for her baby, her or her back. she’s so stupid.

  • the baddest bitch!

    i have a pair of those YSL wedges. Theyre hot and super comfortable.

  • nada problem

    26 deidra : 09/28/2007 at 4:48 pm
    Nicole wore those shoes cuz she knew the paps were going to follow her and notice the shoes* it was so the shoes would get notice and she could get attention for her friend who design the shoes.

    She took them straight off afterwards. And had Carlos there to help her if needed. Luv her, she aint bothering no one.
    Karma will bite the ska.nks on here hating. Gawd will see to that, he will, trust.
    I saw that story too. The Dufster poser will just keep hating on a pregnant woman. Shows ‘its’ age and mentality. I wore heels with both of my children. No one ever said a word. But my mom. Nicole’s mom deserted her so she does’nt have that luxury.

  • Dirty Cougar

    OMFG! LMAO! No Commit! Hope she snaps her ankle wearing stupid shoes like that when, pregnant. Complete retardo!

  • gail

    Thats a dirty thing to wish.

    Go wash your dirty azz coo-ter.Omg..LMAO..

  • remember da truth

    Can’t believe people use their own lack of balance to judge Nicole! If you are used to wearing high heels, they are actually more comfortable than flats, because they have arch support! I know lots of people who wear heels all the friggin’ time, and if I’m not in stilettos, but ones with flat soles like wedges there, or a thick heel in the back, you can run and practically play tennis in them they are so comfortable!

    Nicole is used to heels, so she’s fine. There are other ways of living a life than what YOU choose, you know, and that doesn’t make it WRONG. Sheesh.

  • lauren

    ITA.,with #36. I’m a heel person. Nicole is too.
    Flats are weird for me.


    That’s very dangerous to be wearing heels during pregnancy. I would think that she would be very uncomfortable in those things. Just because she has the “image” of being Nicole Richie doesn’t mean she has to dress over the top whenever she goes out. Nicole, you’re PREGNANT for pete’s sake! You can be cute without risking hurting yourself by falling on your face.

  • Ally

    those heels r so high, and while shes pregnant!!! geez!!!!

  • bataglio

    wedges are much more precarious than stilettos; it’s like your feet are encased in cement.

  • jackie

    so correct bataglio. i read here she wore those high heels to help a friend out, he’s a new designer.

  • VooDoovixen

    She is a total and complete idiot. One twist of the ankle and she will come down like a house of cards. Why o why doesn’t she get a clue?!?!?!?!

  • Dirty Cougar

    @ 42,
    She will come down like, a house of cards if, she falls. I had high wedges once and, wore them to a concert I, almost snapped my ankle. Never wore them since. She’s better off wearing heel’s then, If she want’s to be stylish. Those wedges are a health hazzard! Retardo! lol!

  • sema

    when she wears the heels,everyone will have an opinion on her and she knows,here we go nic.
    btw,i have to say that i like her style.except these heels wore when preggers.

  • mumu

    those heels are ridiculous. just like herself.

  • Regina

    What an idiot.


    yeaaah ! :D

  • Nadia

    how can she walk in those shoes?

  • Love Nicole Richie

    Leave her alone she looks great :)
    she can do whatever she wants…you don’t own her


    when you weigh about -50 lbs , you could do dat’.cute shoes by the way.