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Reese Witherspoon @ AOC Restaurant

Reese Witherspoon @ AOC Restaurant

Reese Witherspoon and a few girlfriends grab dinner at the AOC winebar restaurant in Los Angeles. AOC stands for “Appellation d’origine contrôlée” which translates as “term of controlled origin.” It’s the French certification granted to certain French geographical indications for wines, cheeses, butters, and other agricultural products.

Earlier this week, Reese was spotted arriving late with a few gal pals for the James Blunt concert at LA’s El Rey Theatre. Ms. Witherspoon and pals “looked like they were having a great time.”

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Photos: CW/Flynetpictures
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  • roberta


  • anonymous


  • ivermom

    I love Reese, she is a classy gal

  • winki

    She is so not hot

  • Anon

    Their movie comes out on the 19th of October. Rendition. With Jake. After that, I think her “girl friends” will see less of her. LOL!

  • Susan

    Beautiful indeed!

  • C


  • +++

    I love Reese. Hope she and Jake are a real couple.

  • b.

    Who takes care of her children? she`s more out than at home!!

  • wewe

    All this years,we never heard of her out with firends before. I think she is on man hunthing like jeniffer aniston. The jake thing even if they denied it , the turth it it didn’t work out and they they are just pals now. Good luck on the man hunthing.

  • mia

    Always not pictures of jake and reese !!!!!!

  • kili

    Reese and Jake are together…

  • anonymous

    #5 : EXACTLY !!! lol

  • ella

    Her kids have a father and he is willing and able to take care of them. They are probably with him.

  • Kayla

    i love Reese Witherspoon. She is gorgeous.

  • Shanna

    i dont know why it appears like everyone on this site has nothing good to say about anyone..i dont know her but personally i think she would be a great role model..better than alot of holly wood people..and i think shes a beautiful woman!


    Reese is so NOT A GOOD ROLE MODEL. She’s ugly and has no talent. And a liar to boot. And not a good mother from the looks of it. Instead of being out all of the time, she should be home taking care of her kids. I can now see where her true priorities are at! BIG FAKER!!!!!

  • Sara

    Sexy mama

  • Kira

    Great to see Reese Witherspoon out having a good time as she has always put her children first! She’s beautiful, a good mother, and a fine actress!

    Long-term she’ll marry someone extraordinary…. Until then, Jake Gyllenhall is okay!

  • remember da truth

    Natalie #17 shows HER priorities when she talks about looks as being part of being a role model!! HA!
    And an Oscar winner not talented….. Did her own singing, even. Yeah, okay. In other words, you don’t like her and wish that no one else did. Grow the F up already.

    Just because you become a mother, newsflash everyone, it does not mean you stop going out with friends, wearing fashionable clothes, having sex, or looking hot. That is not what makes a good mother. And as someone here with brains said, those kids DO have a father, too. When he’s out on the town, no one says he’s a bad father because the kids are with Reese. Being a good mom is also letting the father spend time with the kids.

    I suppose some people prefer the Hohan, Paris, nude photos and DUI-charged young Hollywood to someone who behaves with class. No wonder they hate Reese, Angelina, Jennifer Garner, Nicole Kidman, etc. These are the women to look up to, and if you can’t see it, then you probably REALLY need to be looking up to them and emulating them!

  • meow

    she was soooo good in walk the line

  • Hal

    When you see pictures of her out she isn’t at some nightclub drinking and drugging but at a restaurant eating, like a decent person would be. Obviously a cut above typical Hollyweird. But still that spade-like chin could be a problem if a face lift won’t work. And she makes big bucks for her acting. More than 98% of Hollyweird, I would guess.

  • Meme

    Kira, Jake Gyllenhaal is very extraordinary whether he is with Reese or not. He is an excellent actor.

  • I hope

    I must ask does anyone else hope that someday her and Ryan will get back together. They just seem odd apart I wish they could rebuild their family.

  • Anon

    meme#23 Not only is Jake an excellent actor, he seems like a really sweet, grounded person…and O.M.G. he is SO hot….(whew!)

  • Cristiane Vallim

    There is a lot of neponism by Gyllenhaal family. Next time they will see that isn’t only jake Gyllenhaal, Maggie, Peter Sarsgaard, the director Stephen and the mother Naomi Foner! We will see the son nad daghterv of Reese Witherspoon, the daughter of Maggie Gyllenhaal in a film!!! Then we will hava a real clown circus family not a theater. The wonan must to have a facelit (show the chin of Reese Witherspoon is smaller) and lot of make up. I am curious what kind of plays they would make in the future. Reese Witherspoon your bet strategy is efficient!

  • Heather

    very hands-on mother
    She dresses them very stylishly, feeds them either fresh or organic foods and treats ever so often, plays actively with them on their level, and teaches through their questions, life, and their homework daily.
    Consistently does the school run with both her kids(pick-up and drop-offs)
    She when she can, attends all field trips
    Has been homeroom mom for both kids-Ava for almost 6 years and Deacon almost 3 years.
    She takes them to church most Sundays
    She personally took them both school shopping and helped plan Ava’s out-fits for her first 2 months of second grade.
    Plans seasonal getaways (spring, summer and winter-snow)with them, staying at private luxury hotels, so they have the best memories-no paparazzi.
    Weekend playground trips
    music, art, dance classes at an recently upgraded private elite LA family club that SHE loves taking them to constantly.
    They all attend weekly family Yoga
    Ava and Reese go to Yoga class together too.
    Playdates with her friend’s kids and their own friends.
    Ryan spends alot of time with them too (he’s a very hands-on dad as well), and she always schedules time for herself, friends, and a unnamed significant other when they’re happily with him.
    They both definitely have a help, but the parents first and most importantly and THEY wouldn’t have it any other way!!

  • M

    Oh my gosh, that’s so cool!!!!!!! :)
    How do you know her?
    She’s an awesome mom!!

  • ashlyn

    Reese Witherspoon and her kids sound like SPOILED ROTTEN BRATS!!!!!

  • Cristiane Vallim

    I say that I don’t like the truth or false gossip about her and another bad actress and actors of Hollywood. This gossip has a objective to attract attention of their audience by very low level. The people aren’t blind! Hollywood has been invated by nepothist families and Gyllenhall family is one of them. The once film that Jake Gyllenhall did’t work without his father the director Stephen Gyllenhaal , either his mother or his sister or Peter Sarsgaard was Brokeback Mountains. Jake Gyllenhaal make permanent strip tease in their last films and Maggie Gyllenhall too! Their character in their films are vulgar. It is the problems of people whose don’t have contact with normal human sociaty like this family. Their brains don’t work well because they never had opportuniteis in their lifes to use them. This is Hollywood at present! They must to copy a European film or a asian film to make a comedy or drama because they don’t have an idea of reality. They don’t hire or select more their employees. If you will have opportunity to come to Europe to see of beauty and elegance is, would be goo for you (Heather). It in’t bad to learn something. Reese Witherspoon don’t have background to give education for her children. The life of these children have already been destroyed by divorce of their parents!!! Luxury hotels or exclusive schools won’t help them!!! Their expensive dresses don’t transform her well educated person. Christianism is only efficient when the people following their philosophy…The people in USA would like to copy the European culture but instead try to learn they try to copy their culture… It is the reason because in USA for instance lot of people is lonely at Christmas…Christmas is a colective party not private in Europe! The Christmas tree came from Germany and is the simbol of christianity because St.Bonifacius falled magic celtic tree! The Christmas trees have only decoration of a fruits and apple for the new Adan and new Eva!!! Christmas isn’t commercial party like in USA…ASnd go on with this problems… The people over there are like mokeys of a circus whose like to imitate the human beings. She will carry on beeing ignorant in a upgraded private elits of USA!!! She will help this people and american government or society to bomb another countries. All the museums of Irak have been destroyed!
    And lot of historic thing in museums of USA were robbed! She has lot of money and she used a dress of Kirsten Dunst, the same shoes, and the same hairstyle of her. It was a very bad plan of her and…of Jake Gyllenhaal. He made sport with her man at this time with the same private coach !!!
    If this gossip isn’t true is a bad joke!