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Rumer Willis Has POOFY Blonde Hair

Rumer Willis Has POOFY Blonde Hair

If you thought Rumer Willis‘s slicked-to-the-side blonde hair was wild, check this out!

Rumer proudly shows off her new poofy blonde hair at the James Perse flagship store opening in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Thursday. “I’ve always wanted to be a blonde,” Rumer said. “So I changed my hair color. Even my dad (Bruce Willis) likes my new look.”

10+ pictures inside of Rumer‘s wild blonde hair

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rumer’s poofy blonde do?

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rumer willis poofy blonde hair 02
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rumer willis poofy blonde hair 04
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Photos:, Donato Sardella/Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Alexandra Wyman/WireImage/Getty
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  • Sephie

    She is so ugly. She need some cosmetic surgery. The chin and the cheeks need to be fix.

  • Justine

    I’m sorry but this girl is soooo ugly…….. And i am sooo sorry for her….
    The hair makes it only worse…

  • tatum

    she looks retarded

  • LM

    I think she’s pretty…

    NOT. haha, did I scare anyone?

  • JS

    Like this girl didn’t have a fugly problem already!! She just makes me cringe. UUUGHH!!!!

  • whatever

    If I were a plastic surgeon, I wouldn’t know how to fix her face, there are so many problems in one small tiny area. Pass…

  • Michelle

    Her mother was awful before she had all her surgery and fixed her face and got famous. Not this unattractive but still. We know where her looks came from and the Willis mixture didn’t help.

  • Meesh

    Her hair is the last thing I look at.

    I’m not worried about her hair…it is her chin that startles me.
    She needs that man-chin and man neck taken care of.

  • pillola

    She sucks.

  • anon in boston

    EWWWW! she is sooo FUGLY!
    she must truly have an inflated image of herself
    to think she looks good. I am blinded by her hideousness and elfish ears and long horse face! ugh! she needs a hair therapist.

  • dorwood

    she is so ugly naturally and now she is much more again ! aside from being Demi and Bruce’s daughter and a friend of dump celebrities, what is she known for exactly ????
    she is definitely on my hate-list !

  • what

    She has a really good looking mouth and a great nose. Her eyes are stunning, but the shape of her face is so strong that overshadows the rest. But, that is only looks and superficial. right?

  • April

    every time I see her out, she reminds me of miss potatohead I guess gowing up in Idaho must have did this to her.

  • begonia

    She looks like one of those things on Conan O’Brian “If They Mated”. Like a joke Bruce Willis and Demi Moore kid, but … real.

  • luvmebabe

    she needs to just stay home and let Demi and Bruce do all the working. she definitely does not belong in the show business.

  • dee

    She looks like a tranny.

  • leopard


  • Katie N

    Everybody does not have to look the “ideal beauty.” She will have movie parts of just normal, evertyday women. She looks confident in herself, that is all that matters. Her loved ones must be praised for instilling such confidence in her to feel good about herself whatever the onlookers say.

  • leopard

    bad cut. bad color. bad clothes.

  • leopard

    i feel like i should apologize. it is actually none of my business. i feel like i shouldn’t have said what i really thought. sorry. how she fixes herself isn’t necessarily ‘pretty’ in my eyes . But, she’s entitled to do whatever she wants =)

  • Clementines

    Wild brows and way too many moles.. She’s cute and all but..The blonde hair just makes her look more manly..

  • sofia


  • Sara

    Damn shes sooo fulgyy!

  • Ali

    omg.. that’s ugly!

  • Sadie

    Why did she do that to her hair? It’s a horrible combo with her complexion. Why didn’t the hair dresser stop her? That’s horrible, I hope she didn’t pay for that!

  • samara

    i think she will grow into her looks..she just a slow blummer…she still young..

  • Crica

    Ugly anyway!


    lilo : 09/28/2007 at 10:31 am

    I like her dad a lot! but i blame him for giving her that chin ! omg it’s huuge! lmao! oh this look suuuuck!!!

    LOL, LMAO!!!

  • bec

    …..this girl took the worst features of both parents….and her parents arnt THAT bad. so yikes, shes nasty.

    oh we where focusing on her hair right???………



  • Francophile

    I am sorry for that child.

    Firstly, she should hire a relooking specialist ASAP ! Her forehead is very long, so she needs a bang ! Her skin is very pale, so she needs dark hair to make her eyes more noticeable and make the overall rounder.

    After that if she consider plastic surgery, she should go for a slight change only and make her upper lip a little bit fuller. That’s all she has to do if she wants to change a little bit. Other things would destructurized her primal original features.

    Second, as she doesn’t have the charism of both her parents she should spare herself the pain that the inevitable comparisons will inflict to her and opt for a secondary venture. If I was her, I would choose college and study script and film making. She could still be a star…behind the camera : write scenario, making and producing movies, ect.

  • bella blonde

    She has beautiful naturally dark hair. She should know what she’s got going for her and play to her strengths. Her parents made megamillions. She should enroll in the best school in the world and get a fabulous education with intelligent friends. Bottled Hollywood blonde – as goal? Hope she’s not another young Hollywood hopeful who jumps on the wannabe wagon of losers, boozers and poseurs.

  • Jennifer H. in Calgary

    I guess it’s a girl thing, we all get the urge to experiment with hair color. This is not a good color for her, imho. But it’s nothing another trip to the salon and a good colorist couldn’t fix. I’ve tried colors that were not flattering on me, but you never know unless you try.

  • aneeee

    She has a specific uglines

  • Ginger

    She looks better with DARK LONG LONG HAIR!!!

  • lala

    GOD shes an ugly woman

  • Fug Face Man!ston

    like ummmm.. it looks like, ummm… i mean, it really looks like she intentionally tried to make herself the ugliest creature on the planet. ugh, whyyyyy!?

  • bataglio

    the eyebrows. wtf.

  • http://justjared anonymous

    The blonde looks to brassy. If she went whiter like Gwen Stefani’s hair, and had her eye brows dyed blonde it would look great.

  • http://justjared anonymous

    The blonde looks too brassy. If she went whiter like Gwen Stefani’s hair, and had her eye brows dyed blonde it would look great.

  • http://justjared anonymous

    it’s fine
    leave the poor girl alone
    she just needs to have her eyebrows dyed lighter, and have her blonde hair look lighter and more natural with her skin tone

  • jake

    ugh. she’s ugly to begin with. give her a hideous hairdo, and she’s absolutely grotesque.

  • brazil

    Holy shit!

  • Brian


  • Lana

    I’m sorry, but that’s just one ugly broad, and the blonde hair only makes her uglier than before, which is amazing when you think about it because before she bleached her hair, she was as ugly as ugly gets. Can you say elephant man?

  • Lana

    She’s just so incredibly ugly, and the blond hair and cut make it even worse. How she can horse around (pardon the pun) in front of a camera is beyond me. She’s just ugly to the bone, and no amount of plastic surgery could help her. Her only alternative really is a sack over the face.

  • Regina

    She’s ugly and has ugly hair.

  • Nicola

    The black eyebrows + fake looking(almost orange) bleached hair + terrible style = bad.

  • Nadia


  • what it is

    I think she’s probably a really nice and quirky friend to have. Just everybody lay off her. Beauty is subjective and inner counts just as much as outer – so there!

  • Melissa

    Helloooo she looks like a damn Qtip. What was she thinking?