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Sarah Jessica Parker's Knee-High Fashion

Sarah Jessica Parker's Knee-High Fashion

Sarah Jessica Parker, aka Carrie Bradshaw, makes a phone call at a phone booth in the Meat Packing District while shooting on the NYC set of Sex and the City: The Movie on Friday.

SJP, 42, rocked quite the interesting outfit — a striped shirt OVER a wild-print dress, an olive cardigan, half-gloves, gray knee-high socks, patent brown peep-toe booties and a super-size Prada clutch. WOW.

Sex and the City: The Movie is currently set to be released May 30, 2008.

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Photos: Dara Kushner/, Jason Winslow/Splash News Online
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  • Sarah

    I just don’t get why people are so drawn to her. She looks like a troll although her son is really cute! Way to go Ferris!

  • Diama

    she’s cute.

  • Arjay

    LOVE JSP…i can’t wait for the movie next spring!!!

  • Magnolia

    I think people are atracted to her smart and funny personality and her hair and style what it represents. I think this shows how far you can go in Holly wood if you set your mind to it and have the brians for it, because she really isn’t the hottest thing out there and she has not aged well. But good for her she produced her own show and stared in it so who cares if she hasn’t aged well she calls the shots.

  • alison p

    Still ugly clothes for this character.

  • oooba dooba

    Don’t shoot the messenger. Shoot the wardrobe department. My eyes…my poor eyes…

  • Happy

    I like SJP but that is a terrible outfit!

  • BBperfume

    I love SATC to death,but sometimes i question the wardrobe of Carrie Bradshaw and the title of fashion she holds…

  • Camilo

    I love her outfit, its whats hot right now!! high knee socks are the IT trend, i meant it was back in 2006 when prada used for their spring collection…
    so for you all ignorants this is REAL FASHION, not the one you see in “the hills” and all that shit..

  • JOEY


  • remember da truth

    On Sex and the City, her outfits might have been over the top and flashy, but at least they worked and were fun. This looks like the fashion stylist is trying too hard. Stripes and floral only work together if the colors are the same and the patterns are smaller, otherwise there is a reason we don’t wear them together — it clashes in all the wrong ways!
    There is such a thing as unusual patterns together, or fabrics, or styles, mixing leather and lace, uptown and downtown, etc. But this is not working. And the knee-high socks were a brief fad in the 90′s that worked best on 20-somethings and younger and left, and now is just a stylist overthinking about what will be retro and “hip” and not realizing that they are probably 20 years too old to know what “hip” is.

  • remember da truth

    #4 Magnolia — GREAT POST!!!

    She has not aged well, and was never conventionally pretty, but had a great body. She also had talent and a fun personality and has proven it on stage, movies, and then on TV. She worked hard, she treated people well, and was cheerful, polite, and classy, and built something lasting that meant a lot to a lot of people.


    That’s why people like her and respect her, and she puts her family first. If you only like people who are beautiful in a conventional way and are just like everyone else, you lead a very shallow existence and are missing out on a whole lot of life. Just think of all the pretty girls of moderate talent who don’t get work acting? Sarah Jessica Parker obviously had bigger obstacles (her nose, for one) to overcome and still made it, and made it big. You have to hand it to her for proving that hard work and being a good person can take you where you set your mind to go.

  • soysauce

    love satc but have to say she wears sum hideous outfits, but joey is right, this look is part of ‘carrie bradshaw’s’ individual style. i really dont think sjp is very pretty though…

  • ann

    I absolutely loved SATC and all the characters, esp. Carrie. But seriously: She looks way too old to be wearing ridiculous outfits like that. Blech.

  • gwenfan

    I wore the knee socks in college in the mid 1990s. Yes, I am old.

  • Mona

    I don’t know about you all but all of the outfits I have seen her in for this movie are atrocious and hideous. On the show she dressed spunky and it worked–in the movie–not so much!

  • jejakshop, ina

    she’s so gorgeous with that BATIK skirt, it’s cool!
    way to go to the stylist’s mix n match!

  • poo

    I want to be surprised by some of the outfits when the movie is out

  • cali

    this outfit looks amazing! I love it!! That clutch is gorgeous!

  • oooba dooba

    I’ve seen the kind of dresses Sarah likes to wear on her own, in her personal life, and I think she personally has a sense of style. That, however, is totally different from what a costumer or stylist puts her in for a TV show or a film. True fashion is NOT true trends or trendiness, or just following the latest tips in fashion magazines. The media and fashion industries push trends and styles on to the public, but that doesn’t mean that all those trends and styles, in an of themselves, are TRUE FASHION or in good taste, or even fashionable. True fashion (i.e. high fashion), is expensive, high quality, hardly affordable for the average consumer, and is more than just an expensive garment or designer label. Style is not the same as fashion. Some people have a definite sense of style, and they can achieve a great look without having to spend tons of money. But trends and style are not the same. Following the latest trends does not automatically mean that someone has good taste or a genuine personal sense of style. Following the latest trends and buying in to the fashion industry sales hype is just being a follower of fashion – not a leader. Any TRUE FASHION ICON or fashionista LEADS THE PACK; she doesn’t follow it. She does her own thing, and she does it with her own sense of style and she does it with good taste. Few actresses can handle all of that. I don’t care what the tabloids and fashion magazines say; half of them are probably paid off by the starlettes anyway.

  • mossy

    if you wanna blame someone, blame pat field. it’s certainly an outfit that’ll raise eyebrows ‘coz it’s so “directional”. it’s very “carrie” though, quirky, on the brink of stupid but likeable and believable, as they’ve built her character to be someone who is fashion forward and experimentative. it’s kind of cool.

  • september

    I think Sarah Jessica Parker is beautiful, I love her hair. Unfortunately the stying for this looks pretty bad. This thrift store look stoped looking fresh in about 2002, & those oversized outfits 80′s on Kim Cattrel are unflatering. Whats up. They need to be cutting edge. Stuff no one has seen or thought about. At this point anyone can throw crazy, contradicting prints & accessiories togeter.

  • cali

    20- I’m not trying to be rude at all, but what exactly are you trying to say? You don’t like the outfit or you do? I agree with everything that you said though. Most actresses these days have zero personal style and just follow trends, for example vanessa hudgens, who I’ve been criticized for bashing her “style”. Just because someone is wearing trendy clothes does not mean they are stylish, and most people cannot understand that.

  • Egoistic Joker

    Oh! let’s just face it! Sarah Jessica Parker is a horse faced woman and it look like she has one single fat rice crispies stuck on her face and she also looks like she can play a witch with just some green
    make-up on her face. She looks like a horse faced witch.

  • Marg

    Her clutch looks like my pencil case when I was in primary school

  • snaz

    enough with these hideous ankle boots wrong wrong wrong barely passable on mary kate’s bohemia style……..I thought carrie meant to be a fashion leader not victim.

  • marijah “Chablis” bjørk

    oh my god you americans ARE crazy…Not just a funny little rumour;)

  • Wedding Photographers

    I don’t really like the knee-highs that much. Looks weird to me.

  • Nathalie ANiston Parker

    I loved her look…
    It’s different, funny and bealtifull… I’m totally in!

    Love SJP!

  • dildos

    I Think the hand, on the left image, is trying to pull her wig off.