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Kate Bosworth: Me and My Manicure

Kate Bosworth: Me and My Manicure

Kate Bosworth shows off her new nails when she pops out of a West Hollywood nail salon after a 1 hour mani-pedi on Friday.

As usual, Kate looked trendy wearing a red scarf and GAP grey & white stripped v-necked sweater and skinny jeans. She finished off her look with her favorite Chloe sunglases.

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26 Responses to “Kate Bosworth: Me and My Manicure”

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  1. 1
    Jennifer Says:


  2. 2
    Jennifer Says:


  3. 3
    Leslie Says:

    She tries too hard.

  4. 4
    she sucks Says:

    LOL! I love it. THe girl that calls the paps all week to follow her and James is now pretending to be offended by the paps.

    Maybe they even had a deal. “Okay, I’ll be at this nail salon and when I come out I’ll cover my face and look annoyed. But don’t let that stop you. Please call me if you are going to be late so I know when to leave the salon. I’v given them so many smiling shots lately I need to try the annoyed celeb look now. k?”

  5. 5
    she sucks Says:

    oh and for all those who try and say she has great skin its called makeup. Look at the close up of her in the car. her nose is filled with broken cappillaries and the overall texture is pretty gross. Really, without make-up this chic is in the kristen dunst realm. Ratty hair, bad skin. ugly feet. HUGE forehead.

  6. 6
    ewwww Says:

    ewww her shirt has stains on the sleeve

  7. 7
    Jackie Says:

    My god, she’s a stick! I worry for her health. I wish someone in her life cared enough about her to tell her that it isn’t healthy for her to be that thin.

  8. 8
    Andrea Says:

    Kate looks very trendy and chic in the pictures!

    For at-home jobs:

  9. 9
    Francesca Says:

    she’s sooo cute in my opinion!

  10. 10
    P Says:

    Eh, she reminds me of me. And for the record you could label me as a person “recovering” from anorexia. I still have a problem … just not as bad. It’s easy to learn how to be borderline too small yet still bullshit that you’re “healthy”. When I saw recent photos of Kate at the beach I thought, eek, she still has a problem :/ A shame too. We need healthy role models in Hollywood. Not all these god damn skeletons claiming they were born like that.

  11. 11
    fat guy in a little coat Says:

    Good Lord, what a mess that girl is. She’s clearly starving again, and possibly more. I wonder who she’ll blame it on this time around.

  12. 12
    Sienna Says:

    She looks GORGEOUS! Thanks so much for posting!

  13. 13
    Poppy Says:

    Where the heck is the manicure?

  14. 14
    mossy Says:

    the manicure is a clear coat, very clean, very chic. not all girls wanna wear shocking colors or patterns or rhinestones on their nails.

    there’s so much hate on this poor girl! i for one think she’s lovely, and i really like the way she dresses.

  15. 15
    LU Says:


  16. 16
    Fug Face Man!ston Says:

    is she really important enough for this?

  17. 17
    Karen Says:

    She is just so boring without Orlando.
    Why do the paps still follow her?

  18. 18
    Katie N Says:

    She is very ordinary almost into the “too pale, homely” side. Why does she get good parts. Wasn’t she the one in spiderman. looked so plain even with all the make-up.

  19. 19
    why do they take her picture?? Says:

    Karen, they follow her because she tells them where she is at to get attention. If she didnt there is no way in hell she would be ‘caught’ as much as she is.

  20. 20
    Katherine Says:

    I don’t see why the paps would want to follow her/get pictures of her anyway…she is marginally famous at best. And because of that fact she should always be on her best behavior for them ’cause they could (and should) lose interest in her at any moment. It slightly annoys me when people who are C/D list pretend like they don’t like the attention.

  21. 21
    ricky Says:

    Her face is so fug.

  22. 22
    fat guy in a little coat Says:

    “And because of that fact she should always be on her best behavior for them ’cause they could (and should) lose interest in her at any moment.”

    Eh, the heck with “best behavior.” If she wants to justify all the attention, she had better step up and embarass the hell out of herself ala Britney. As it stands, she serves no purpose other than to provide “thinspiration” for the clueless twits in the pro-ana community.

  23. 23
    why do they take her picture?? Says:

    Katherine, yes that is true in one way that she doesn’t give them exciting pictures. On the other hand if she calls them at least they know they have a sure thing and might make some money off them. I don’t think it means they like her or find her interesting but just that if she tips them off of where to be they might make a buck off her. On slow days like today her c/d-list pictures make for good fillers. Also, I am sure her PR people think that the more they push her out there we will get use to seeing her and start believing the hype that she is worthy of all this attention.

  24. 24
    Dillia Says:

    i still have yet to figure out all the hate for this girl. if she’s not important enough or interesting then why are you leaving replies? we are all actually the ones who are uninteresting and boring because we follow all of these celebrities. anywho, this girl is young, struggles through stuff we all do (which is magnified when you are a celebrity), but still manages not to be caught doing anything illegal, or saying something publicly that is offensive. so why the hate? i suppose you were there when she allegedly called the paps or would stare at the camera when you have a bujillion light bulbs going off in your face? oh “my bad” i forgot, you all are just as pathetic as i am, sitting here anonymously criticizing a person you do not know because your life is not interesting enough to be otherwise engaged.

  25. 25
    oooba dooba Says:

    Please speak for yourself, Dillia. I understand your points, but in all fairness, for some people this is just light entertainment and not to be taken seriously. Kate chose a highly public profession, and with that choice comes public exposure, including praise as well as ridicule. I think just about every celebrity and actor in the business has to deal with it. It comes with the territory. Some people don’t understand how some actors and celebrities seem to get more attention than they deserve, thereby leading some people to believe that a few tricks are perhaps being employed. If Kate uses those tricks, she’s not the first to do so, and she won’t be the last. If Kate has a problem with the intense scrutiny that she is occasionally under, she has choices. By now, having been in the business since 2000 or so, she knows what those choices are. Since she hasn’t gone to college and apparently has no intention of changing her career, I tend to think she’s doing fine. It’s probably her fans, family and friends who resent the ‘hate’ more so than she does. She probably ignores it and just goes about her business. If so, then good for her.

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