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Simon Cowell is Shirtless

Simon Cowell is Shirtless

A shirtless Simon Cowell looks moob-ilicious, flirting by the pool with two mystery blondes in Miami on Friday.

Cowell, 47, also enjoyed drinks with friends and fellow American Idol judge, Randy Jackson.

Simon recently ranked #3 in top TV earners. Oprah earned $260 million between June 2006 and June 2007, according to a new survey. Jerry Seinfeld came in second, earning $60 million in the same time period, and Simon placed third with $45 million.

A TV source said, “This shows that when it comes to chat, Oprah cannot be beaten.”

Are you going to take that, Simon???

20+ pictures inside of shirtless Simon Cowell

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simon cowell shirtless 01
simon cowell shirtless 02
simon cowell shirtless 03
simon cowell shirtless 04
simon cowell shirtless 05
simon cowell shirtless 06
simon cowell shirtless 07
simon cowell shirtless 08
simon cowell shirtless 09
simon cowell shirtless 10
simon cowell shirtless 11
simon cowell shirtless 12
simon cowell shirtless 13
simon cowell shirtless 14
simon cowell shirtless 15
simon cowell shirtless 16
simon cowell shirtless 17
simon cowell shirtless 18
simon cowell shirtless 19
simon cowell shirtless 20
simon cowell shirtless 21

Photos: Kadena Press/Bauer-Griffin
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64 Responses to “Simon Cowell is Shirtless”

  1. 1
    Jennifer Says:

    oh hell no

  2. 2
    lola Says:


  3. 3
    Holly Says:

    Ewwwww Man Boobs.

  4. 4
    suzy Says:

    Simon is hella sexy. :)

  5. 5
    hya Says:

    he doesn’t look to bad…

  6. 6
    Naomi K Says:

    Ah, I think I’m scarred.
    Haha, he seems like a sweetie deep down. He’s pretty funny on AI.

  7. 7
    goldend Says:

    yeah! if you´re into man boobs :p

  8. 8
    goldend Says:

    yeah! if you´re into man boobs :p

  9. 9
    eira. Says:


  10. 10
    bra Says:

    Luv the accent, but the man boobies and stomach, ect,,not attractive-at all-, in fact gross..

    Gyms calling. Hurry!!!

  11. 11
    SILVIA Says:


  12. 12
    .... Says:

    Holy boobies Batman!

  13. 13
    pancakebottom Says:

    Pink,fleshy man nibbles!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 14
    tom cruise is god Says:

    I want to lick his chest and suck his nipple he is so hot

  15. 15
    Frenchy Says:

    I heard he wanted to manage Britney Spears carrer an put her back on track.

  16. 16
    Frenchy Says:

    I meant career!

  17. 17
    DUI Says:

    who the hell wears jeans to the pool?

  18. 18
    magnus MFA Says:

    Oprah is a fat pig.

    This guy is a douchebag.

    You all watch both their shows so stfu.

  19. 19
    hya Says:

    I guess I’ve grown up….I’ll take someone who has a great sense of humor rather than a hard body and a pretty face. Simon seems as if he would be lots of fun to be around.

  20. 20
    lola Says:

    Oprah might be a fat pig,BUT do you have $2.5 BILLION in YOUR bank account NO!!!!!!!!I DIDN’T THINK SOOOOOO……!!!!!!

  21. 21
    deer Says:

    Ewww. And he makes money telling girls how they are chubby!?!?! Get Lipo!!!1 eww.

  22. 22
    Egoistic Joker Says:

    It is ok for Simon Cowell to critcize people about their singing because it is part of his show, but for him to make mean statements about their look is just mean and nasty. This moron should know that it could hurt someones feelings really bad, but he does not care so I am also going to to be mean and tell him that his man boobs are droopy and to by a bra that will lift and seperate and that he is ugly as ****. The only reason any girl hangs out wiht you is because of your MOOLA!

  23. 23
    shwing!!!! Says:

    I have seen way worse! He looks pretty good in the pic where he is standing. You people must be really hot looking people to say how ****** he looks. Bet half of you are penniless fat pigs.

  24. 24
    Egoistic Joker Says:

    This is just really disgusting, I went back to look at the pictures of Simon again. His man boobies look like he has 2 new born pigs hanging from his chest. You need to work out, DUDE! Your pig boobies are looking wrinkled and you are under 50?
    If you insist on keepin them than maybe you shoud take care of them.
    I mean shouldn’t your boobies look a little more perky? If you going to flaunt them you need to work out and if that is too much work for you at least have them lifted, platic surgery does wonders.

    Oprah rocks! Have you guy noticed that Tyra Banks has been trying to emulate her. Well let me tell you this Tyra Banks your shows have been pretty good but you have NO ettiquettes
    and should practise what you preach! MUST you be so obnoxious and thrust your pelvis around like you are doing some sleazy movies? PUHLEASE!

  25. 25
    ze Says:

    Ohhhhh grosss! he got bigger boob than me!

  26. 26
    Egoistic Joker Says:

    Well number 23 you may have seen worst and I am sure there are
    many poople who have seen worst. If these worst looking people
    are celebrities are on the internet, they will get a fair chance of being treated just as fairly as we have Simon. He criticizes people for their looks all the time so why shouldn’t people do the same to him specially when it it true.

  27. 27
    liza Says:


  28. 28
    angie Says:


  29. 29
    oh Says:

    What happen to his body? He is fat.

  30. 30
    bdj Says:

    20+ pictures of Simon shirtless. You just couldn’t stop at one could you Just Jared?

  31. 31
    Bump gossip Says:

    Ugh, I could have done without seeing that!

  32. 32
    mf Says:

    dang! he has woman breasts! lol :D

  33. 33
    Paula Says:

    Holy Macro! Disgusting bod.

  34. 34
    rebecca Says:

    man boobs!

  35. 35
    CS Says:


  36. 36
    andet Says:

    I’ll admit he looks better with his shirt on but then, so do I. He does seem like a fun person and nice, aside from his judge persona.

  37. 37
    deveny Says:

    Dude, Your Like A Pig!
    Go To The Gym Dude

  38. 38
    deveny Says:

    Dude, Your Like A Pig!
    Go To The Gym Dude

  39. 39
    Robbie Dee Says:

    Hey! When did Paula get a haircut? LOL

  40. 40
    Nadia Says:


  41. 41
    olives Says:

    Jesus Christ, Simon! Put the puppies away! For the love of God!

  42. 42
    Ann Says:

    My boyfriend works at the Setai. Said Simon is very polite, a good tipper and he spent the night with the blond in the pics. His gf’s not going to be happy about it.

  43. 43
    remember da truth Says:

    You guys are nuts!!! You do know how bodies really look, right? When he’s standing, he looks fantastic for a guy his age. How many men have you all really seen? I think most of you must be virgins in your teens who don’t know what a man looks like with his shirt off, or know the difference between a man standing and a man sitting. Obviously, those aren’t man boobs when he’s standing.

    If you sit, you squish it all down, and even a skinny person has a muffin top. DUH!!

    Simon has every right to comment on someone’s looks. That’s part of performing on a stage. He is not performing on a stage, and his looks have nothing to do with his job, whereas a singer does have that to consider these days. If he’s telling them how to improve, that includes their looks.

  44. 44
    Dove Says:

    He look’s fine for his age… but theres something funny with his right nipple O_O

  45. 45
    melissa Says:

    He’s telling off people at judging for being fat… oh boy… look at yourself

  46. 46
    gudiya09 Says:

    excuse me while i scratch my eyes out because of this painfull disgusting pics of simon without his shirt.

  47. 47
    Tiffany Says:

    Simon Cowell is so fine on SO many levels!!!!

  48. 48
    Amie Says:

    simon is HOT =] xx

  49. 49
    Love Says:

    He looks sexy!

  50. 50
    You don't know me Says:

    Time for a breast reduction Simon!

  51. 51
    Sasha Says:

    christ…Cowell is the missing link in evolution! He should hang from a tree and lick those things! I work in a nursing home and have never seen such massive moobs!

  52. 52
    Barnsinger Says:

    Simon is THE most GORGEOUS, HOTTEST, SEXIEST man that God ever breathed life into, and these pics of him shirtless are a near religious experience!! I am getting really upset by everyone who is saying that he’s fat and his body is gross. His body is HEAVENLY. I just want to grab onto that chest and never let go!! The very things that most of you find disgusting about him I find extremely attractive. This bounty of shirtless photos of him is like a gold mine and the Million Dollar Powerball combined to me!! Simon is a world-class HUNK; I don’t care what anyone else says!!:P

  53. 53
    Samuel Says:

    He looks pretty damn good! Surprisingly! I’m only 25 and my stomach looks the same as his, although I don’t have the manboobs. I’ll be lucky to look the same when I double my age.

  54. 54
    Sasha Says:

    QUOTE: 19 hya : 09/29/2007 at 10:39 pm
    I guess I’ve grown up….I’ll take someone who has a great sense of humor rather than a hard body and a pretty face. Simon seems as if he would be lots of fun to be around.

    First of all how can one assume to be “grown up” when they use that very statement as a way of attacking people whom they disagree with because they don’t understand why others wouldn’t be attracted to the same person as they?

    Further more, more than likely someone who is with a person they are not attracted to physically are with that significant other solely for material gain (Not bashing this way of living, i’m just pointing it out)

    Also, in a past interview I have read SIMON COWELL admitted he doesn’t have much of a sense of humor…look for it at the site called “the simon times”

    i do admit I like his smile and hands but that’s it…

    futher more…it is said that as men grow older they produce estrogen. Hence, Simon’s rocking breasts. :P

  55. 55
    oefron Says:

    Le me hav oral sex with u now plz.I need to lick that hairy chest and suck on those nipples.You are a big bboy and i bet u r evn bigger down below.I must taste u!

  56. 56
    mia Says:

    simon looks hilarious without his shirt

  57. 57
    sw Says:

    he looks like he is having so much fun

  58. 58
    jessica Says:

    simon looks awful
    he really should keep his shirt on and not walk
    around half naked when there are photographers
    about, that really is asking for trouble

  59. 59
    Me Says:

    Oh Yea!!!
    This Is Noce

  60. 60
    Professor Psych Says:

    Can you sing, Simon? I would bet not.

  61. 61
    Emmhary Says:


  62. 62
    holly Says:

    i luv simon cowell he is well seyy and i luv man boobs i just wanna suck them all he is super hot

  63. 63
    Gus Says:

    He is hot, stocky and hairy…if he is looking for a discreet masculine gay man, a bottom, not complicated and good guy, I am here.

  64. 64
    jason Says:

    This is an average weighted person. Why are you saying that he’s fat?

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