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David Beckham Flying Home, Father Doing Well

David Beckham Flying Home, Father Doing Well

David Beckham and wife Victoria fly home to Los Angeles days after rushing to the UK to be by David‘s father’s bedside.

According to The Daily Mail, the soccer star reportedly “spent more than three hours with his 59-year-old father Ted who was said to be ‘doing well’ following life-saving open heart surgery after he suffered a massive coronary last Wednesday.”

Victoria left a make-up promotional tour in Japan early to visit her ailing father-in-law last Friday.

Other pictures include David and Victoria leaving Nobu restaurant and on their way to visit Mr. Beckham.

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Photos: Big Pictures/Eliot Press/Bauer-Griffin, David Dyson
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  • hi


  • lauren

    poor david :( i felt sad for him

  • Daniel

    Why did he come back? This Has-been loser is the worst thing in sports. He’s got an Ego the size of an Ocean liner and a No Talent ugly wife. He Can’t play soccor anymore and he should just stay in britain and give the LA Galaxy their money back. OLD, Washed Up, WIth a Disgusting Family and a overhyped self importance…He’s the Hulk Hogan of Soccer.

  • jewel


  • suzy

    Dude u need to spend more tham a few days with your dad when he is very sick and almost died.

  • lisa

    it baffles me that people criticize a person and how long they spend with their father, at least he even went out there to be with him and make sure he was alright.
    he could’ve stayed in la, and just called him to check up and make sure he was doing fine.
    im glad his dad is doing ok

  • Brad Addict

    I really miss the old David beckham he was so humble and sweet

    Now every time I see pitcher for him he look kinda sad, angry

    What the hell happened to him?

    Beckham was goddess when he was in man united now I don’t now what he is Maybe just a tool

  • http://idk dawn

    um idk who they even r!!!!???? but i jus wanted to stop by to say fuck u all :p well im jus board im really nice person :P

  • http://idk dawn

    aww thats sad :(

  • anaoa

    The Beckhams hardly speak to TED and they never give him any money, he was struggling to make ends meet: that is why he had a heart attack. The Beckhams are all a glam fake image with no time for their real family. Article: David Beckham’s dad struggling for money :

  • reality check

    David Beckham’s dad was working all hours to make ends meet in the weeks before his near-fatal heart attack.

    Gas fitter Ted, who was taken to hospital on Wednesday night, had started doing extra evening shifts to pay his bills.

    The father-of-three told friends he was struggling for money. He also confided about his loneliness following David and the family’s recent move to Los Angeles.

    He said he spends most nights at home and survives on microwave meals.

  • Jade

    Actually Beckham payed for Teds Mortgage to be payed off and he does speak to him, he was at his first LA Galaxy game VS Chelsea and at his last Madrid game VS Mallorca. If your going to critise the man get your facts right first.

  • Colleen

    Awww…I feel sad for him. I’m glad his dad is doing better.

  • J.M

    Umm you guys are conveniently forgetting where TED was pimping out David for money. The books, tv appearances all without his consent. I’m sorry if my parents did that I wouldn’t talk to them either. I mean its the same with Angie, Jen Aniston, Courtney Cox, Nick and Aaron Carter, hell even Oprah. Parents have proven to the celebrities that their money is all that’s needed and they can either give it to them or they’ll pen a tell-all book.


  • poo

    i don’t understand. why is he walking around with his shirt on?

  • lica

    poor david, love you! :~~

  • Ryan

    Yey, Im glad is father is doing great! That’s awesome. Im glad everything turned out ok, and now going back to their kids, sounds great!

  • emily santiagp

    Sorry about your Dad, I think it is wonderful you went to see him no matter how much time you stayed. You can always go back.

    Why does your wife always look down with the sort of sad, sullen
    stare, she rarely smiles or makes eye contact. I feel sad for you having to be with someone with that personality, what’s her problem?

  • angelina_mmm

    feel sorry for David

  • sad posh dont like daves dad

    David Beckham’s dad struggling for money
    Sep 30 07
    David Beckham’s dad, Ted Beckham was reportedly working all the hours god was sending – in order to make ends meet in the lead up to his near-fatal heart attack earlier this week.
    Ted Beckham, 59 has said that he spends most nights at home and survives on microwave meals.
    He told reporters: “I don’t get a penny from anyone – I earn my own living. I’m a proud man and I have bills to pay like anyone else. I am working more now, and I am also turning out in the evenings to get some extra cash.
    The last thing I want to do is upset David, so I don’t like to say anything. He’s busy with his life and that’s fine. People always think because of who my son is I should be living in a bigger house and not be working but I don’t ask for anything from anyone.”
    He told also told friends that it’s rare he receives gifts from his soccer star son, but he did accept a $40,000 Jaguar three years ago.
    Everyone’s got to make a living and I’m no different,” he added. “I’m getting older, though, and it’s harder to put in the hours.”
    A friend said: “Ted’s on his own the whole time. He gets back from work and just pops something in the microwave to eat.”
    A friend of the Beckham family said: “Ted is quite old-fashioned in his ways. He thinks of David as a footballer and the thought of his son as a style icon makes him cringe.
    And he believes Victoria doesn’t like him. He thinks he doesn’t fit into her ideal image and it’s just easier if he stays away.
    Ted feels that it is all about her parents and since his divorce from David’s mother Sandra he feels even more pushed out.”
    59 year old Ted is said to have a history of chest problems & angina and has already suffered a mini heart attack.
    Another pal said: “Ted used to coach some of the smaller local boys’ teams in his spare time but now, as he’s started working evenings, he doesn’t really have time.”
    Friends have also noticed Ted becoming increasingly withdrawn. One said: “Nowadays Ted’s too scared to speak to anyone in case he upsets David.
    He’s so proud of his son and all his achievements and desperately wants to be back in his life.
    He was the one who taught David how to play football. He was the one who pushed his son to get to where he’s got. He was and still is his number one fan. But that’s what he feels like now – a fan. Rather than a father. He rarely sees his son. The first he hears about things is in the papers.”

  • Fortune

    Oooh the guilt of it all: Vicky kept putting Ted down and made a deal about not wanting him around the kids. David gives in. Then a reconcilliation happens and things are slowly getting better and BAM! Heart attack! David feels gutted. Rushed to be with his dad. Vicky is in a panic — she never liked the guy but didn’t exactly want him dead either. The drama of it all. Wonder what Vicky’s family said (her side of the family are complete cows by the way)…to be continued? Absolutely!

  • Jennifer

    i wish david and his family the best. your in my prayers

  • Daniel

    Maybe Beckhams father had a heart attack when he realized what a losor his son is. If my boy was an effeminite overhyped no-talent Male Model who is willing to abandon his nation just for money, I’d have a stroke.

  • family

    Posh don’t like David’s dad. But her mom is always at her house.

  • nawel

    the guy’s dad is in hospital, and these tabloid articles are c***p; how do they know about the beckham family ; all this is just the fruit of their imagination and they ended up by believing them

  • nawel

    the guy’s dad is in hospital, and these tabloid articles are c***p; how do they know about the beckham family ; all this is just the fruit of their imagination and they ended up by believing them, and by the way ted must have had his heart attack after watching MAN UNITED loosing in the carling cup HA HA HA HA

  • smooth

    I love David,I think he is great person and devoted sportsman,but this is just not right to be so rich and not to help you father. What ever your father has done or said he is your father,you owe him a lot and this is just so sad that Ted worked more having problems with heart and David didn’t help him.
    I can accept that Ted wanted to work,but if he works because he needed money for bills and food….wow that’s so sad
    Every child should take care of parents

  • LJ

    #14 so true, his father get money from book witch he wrote without David’s permission and Ted’s friends have told that he don’t want to take money so it’s not your business to ..Glad to hear that Ted is better now so they can go back to take care their kids.

  • jefferson

    David has kids that need to get back to school and stuff. Maybe the dad is on the total upswing and he feels ok to go home. Being around his parents / family is stressful. Who can judge how much this guy should be with them.

    beckham’s been injured (bad timiming for a US debut) – when he is healthy – he is an awesome talent. His play will be great to watch – but he can not make everyone around him a great talent. The galaxy are what they are.

  • kristel rios

    iloveeYOUUUU david BECKHAM jajajaja :)
    it’s myy jajajajaaja :D

    seeee uu

    kristeeeeeelitaaaaaa aleeejandraaaa*