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Ryan Phillippe's Supermarket Sweep

Ryan Phillippe's Supermarket Sweep

Ryan Phillippe gives his two kids, Ava and Deacon, a ride on the shopping cart after buying groceries at the Vicente Foods supermarket in Brentwood on Saturday afternoon.

Earlier this month, Ryan turned 33 and Ava turned 8. Deacon turns 4 next month. Ryan‘s divorce with Reese has yet to be finalized.

Ryan also recently joined futuristic thriller Franklyn with French actress Eva Green (Casino Royale) and newcomer Sam Riley.

Variety reports that “Franklyn, set in contemporary London and a future metropolis dominated by faith, weaves the tale of four lost souls divided by two parallel worlds on course for an explosive collision when a single bullet will decide all their fates.”

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  • Jennifer

    i love ryan and i wish him and reese could have worked things out

  • suzy


  • emily


  • LM

    The daughter has a ridiculously large head–just like mommy Reese.

  • pete

    is it just me or he looks always looks mean? kids r cute though

  • Charlene

    Boy Ava certinaly does look like her mother doesnt she

  • noelle

    I don’t know pete he always looks hot to me haha. Anyway, seeing him spemding time with the kiddos is sweet. Really hoping Ryan and Reese could work things out. They have such a cute family.

  • Tash

    As I checked out these pics I was saddened when I realized that I would HATE my kids posted on a website for everyone to rubbish and ridicule. If you have to bag the parents, go for it, but please dont make nasty remarks about innocent children. No matter what they look like, they are precious to their families and if you wouldnt like it done to your children, who Im sure arent all perfect to the public eye either, show some respect and dont do it to anyone elses.

  • Francophile

    That little girl is the spitting image of her mother ! The family looks so cute !

  • Raichill

    It’s nice to see Deacon walking for a change. The kids are cute.

  • http://justjared karen from philly

    Nice to see Ryan and his son supporting the local hometown team (Ryan hails from Delaware). Go Eagles!

  • Ruth

    I can’t believe some of the remarks some of the posters have made about these beautiful children. The girl has a “ridiculously large head – just like mommy”. To Poster 4 (LM) – you are seriously in need of treatment / a new life. That is one of the most disgusting remarks I have ever read on a Blog. I agree 100% with Tash (no. 8) – there is NO need to post photos of the children of celebrities and I quite understand why their parents look angry, as Ryan does in these photos. Would any of us like our kids to be exposed in this way? And please don’t say that celebrities should expect this because of their career – that is just Crap.

  • http://- LANA. from germany


  • Anon

    The only thing “not final” about their divorce is the custody arrangements.The divorce itself is final. When you have little kids, custody arrangements can get contested, opened, re-opened, etc. for years.! Reese filed and asked the court for joint legal custody and sole physical custody with liberal visitation. Ryan waited six months before he contested that and filed a petition for joint physical custody equally apportioned. What Ryan asked for was difficult for the kids.It means they would be shuttled back and forth constantly with no one place as “home.” That’s hard for little kids. Especially when he has been in London for a few weeks for a movie, and will probably be going there again. I think she at least got him to agree to let the kids be in their regular school with their friends. And he will be going back overseas bcz he is maiking another movie with Abbie Cornish the young woman who made Stop Loss with him. The one he’s been dating for more than a year. I adore Reese. I think taking pictures of the minor children of celebrities, without their permission should be against the law.

  • madingley

    both of them look like reese.they have no ryan in them

  • Carol loves JJ

    Cute kids. Not too late for both parents to work things out is it? That is hoping Ryan has learned his lesson and grown up.

  • FOaFoaL

    Once again anon I have to jump on here and let you know that you’re way off base with your assumptions about their legal situation. Why don’t you stick to your fansites and hero worship and not discuss things you know nothing about?

  • Anon

    #14 Anon here.I can say whatever I like. Telling me to “stick to your fansites?” I go anywhere I please.Since when are you a gate keeper or a censor, telling people what they can or cannot say.If you have specific, correct information, actual knowledge,…then you can certainly correct me. But please be civil about it. Don’t act like a complete jerk. LOL! The information I stated about custody issues is public knowledge. It is on the record. It is correct.

    Funny. The only pictures I usually see of Ryan are when he is Mr. Mom. Or when he is “working”a premiere or on location. No nightclubbing or partying. But Reese, we see working out, we see lunch with girl friends, we see shopping for clothes…no supermarkets for Reese! And there’s all the tabloid speculation about Reese’s love life. But if you go by pictures of Ryan, it’s like all he does is work and deal with his kids…NOT! It is common knowledge that Ryan cheated on Reese regularly. It is common knowledge that he hangs out with his “posse” at clubs and likes to drink and party and pick up young girls. And it was Ryan’s “friends” who encouraged a negative image of Reese to be out here all these years.That she was cold and controlling. When I see pics of Reese now she glows. She looks happy and relaxed most of the time. Except when being papped with her kids. Ryan seems to need pictures with the kids. Reese doesn’t.

  • FOaFoaL

    OK Anon you want to deal in facts not fantasy. There is no public knowledge of any custody “battle”. She filed he filed and nothing else has been made public. You implied that Ryan wanted his children to be removed from their school and neighborhood which is incorrect.

    Also fabricated the story about young girls Ryan picks up in clubs. Do you have any evidence of that? Also while you’re at it what evidence do you have to suggest that his “posse” is on the internet spreading negativity about Reese? The most preposterous item in your litany of “facts” is that Ryan is somehow orchestrating his appearances in the tabloids and using his children for an image overhaul. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Sorry if I seem like a jerk to you but your slandering someone who happens to be a real person.

  • sillyme

    Yeah, I have to agree with most other posters. While I love to see pictures of celebrities with their kids, I really think the pap should lay off a bit. I mean, especially with the Jolie Pitt kids. My god, there was a while where we were watching Maddox go in and out of school every day, wearing the same thing. It’s just not necessary. And, especially the photographers even calling the kids names, like Brad said they were doing – if they’re really there just to get pictures of the celebs, then why are they calling out the kids names?

    Hey, you know what would be a great Website idea? Someone should turn the tables, go around and start taking pictures of the paparazzi kids and putting them online doing normal things. We’ll see how they like it then. After all, the paparazzi are in public professions, too, so the public has a “right” to see their kids, if they have a “right” to see pics of celeb kids.

    But, really, I don’t think this is what the forefathers had in mind for Freedom of the Press.

  • laura

    I can’t stand this midget, he’s a douche. Cute kids though.

  • Reall?

    Anon#14 you seem to take this stuff personally. They have had had many pixs of Ryan clubbing and various other places alone not just with the kids and Reese as well these paps are not picky they will shoot any and everything to try and sell. I think it is a location issue if the paps followed or someone calls them. As for Reeses image this doesn’t not need promotion people perceive her as she is a little up tight and controlling at times and maybe she is changing. However her glow as you call it NO WAY in those eyes is a woman scorned she was dumped and she is hacked off someone who is Type A has a hard time feeling vulnerable but is willing to spend alot of time making you think I’ll show them I am fine but I am really not.
    I believe Ryan is a good and loving father just because their marriage is over does not mean he should not have ample time with his kids and request that legally I think it shows he loves them and values their time and if it is difficult for the children that is the parents fault it can work if they try.

  • Grace

    Reall? needs to learn to form sentences so we can actually read what they want to say.

    I don’t pretend to know what happened with their split, but I know that Ryan was at a lot more clubs and Ryan did (and this is straight from their mouths, quotes in articles) meet because he thought she was hot and crashed her 21st birthday party. That just sounds like a playa to me.

    That said, Deacon is still the cutest kid on earth.

  • Jenn

    Awww love Ryan and his kids! Deacon looks just like daddy :)

  • Ketchupgirl

    Thanks Jared cute pictures!! Ryan looks like he’s irritated to have spotted the cameras but the kids look really happy.

    I thought Ryan went to Reese’s party for free booze and had no idea who she was. Anyway he probably is a a playa. I would love to play with him!

  • Rumpelstiltskin

    Ava is such an adorable little girl. She looks just like Reese.

  • Natalie

    Those poor kids. They can’t even go to the grocery store with their dad, without having the paps following them.

    Cute children though. Ava looks like her mom while Deacon looks like his dad.

  • black

    This is so crazy!

    I´ve necer seen a family in my life where the children resemble the parents to this degree.

    Ava is a mini Reese, while Deacon is a mini Ryan.

    Just sick.

  • Anon

    Sick?. I think you must be sick in the head Black.

  • amelie

    such beautiful kids! i would’d have been so proud. lol.

  • Caroline

    Ava is going to be a heartbreaker. Deacon too. Both very very beautiful kids.

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]

    SO CUTE!

  • Jill

    I don’t understand how Reese can’t get out of the car Ryan is ready to kill himself over a divorce if that the case they shouldn’t be getting a divorce. What is the big secret that they aren’t saying or can’t dealt with? I can see that Reese is the boss in the relationship but how can Ryan still be miserable if she is that controlling and he has been out of this relationship for almost a year?

  • Julie

    Huh? Deacon walks all the time.

  • ashlyn

    I wish Ryan and Reese could have worked their differences out and gotten back together. Everyone makes mistakes in their lives and there is such a thing as forgiveness. I feel really bad that this couple with 2 children is broken up.

  • Nicole

    #33 – JILL: I agree with you.

  • kathastic

    such cute kids!
    gorgeous just like their parents

  • Anon

    # 33, I think they were talking about when it was first happening. I went through a divorce, too, and I remember, even tho I was married to a terrible person, after we got divorced,like for that first set of holidays, I was really depressed and I felt like a total loser. A failure. And if Reese is one of those A Types who hates to fail, then I can understand how she would be in a parking lot and not want to go to the mall or out in public bcz of the sense of being embarrassed by failure. As for Ryan wanting to kill himself? I don’t believe that for a minute. I think he was upset,even angry at himself, yes. And at Reese, probably. And I know he probably missed the life they had etc. But how can he say he loves his kids and cares about what happens to them and want to kill himself. I think Ryan is a self -center, selfish, drama queen. He even went on a talk show and said how his 7 (at the time) year old daughter was “helping” him get thru things. That is one hell of a burden to put on a little kid.

  • bils

    I wish they would get back together too. They should work it out!!

    On Ellen Ryan said having kids had helped him get through the toughest time in his life and that his daughter was his inspiration. It didn’t sound like he was burdening her rather that he was very thankful to be a father.

    ANON Maybe you’re projecting your anger at your ex onto Ryan. You seem to hate him to an irrational degree for someone (I assume) you’ve never met.

  • Question?

    Anon #38 I was never able to find this article where he said he wanted to kill himself, I think it was somewhat taken out of context or just made up. I felt that would be a terrible thing to say publicly when you have 2 small kids, I really am not certain I believe he made this statement.

  • darya

    I saddens me to death to see the couples divorcing ignoring the fate of their children. Especially, in the case of this particular couple, my eyes are always filled with tears whenever I see Deacon. So innocent yet so sad. Can’t any of them think of the fate of their children before the divorce petition?

  • Lily

    OMG…He has two new tattoos…. what brought that uo.. ;)

  • Hal

    A bit late with the news, JJ. Their divorce is final. Get with it.

  • shut the f*#k up!

    I don’t know about you all but I TOTALLY AGREE WITH ANON! It sounds right.Why would he say he was ready to kill himself if he has two kids. He was thinking of himself not those kids when he said these things. I think he said them because he wanted Reese back and she was unwilling to take him back so he freaked probably because he thought she would take him back since she did years before – only this time she didn’t.
    He was throwing up and crying and even went as far as to call her and tell her hes never loved anyone as much as hes loved her. You see people this man is not stupid he knows what hes doing in order to get support from the media. Even getting a few pictures of him and his kids if he has to in order for someone to say hes a good father.

    To tell you the truth I’ve never seen him with those kids when they were younger~except when the whole family was together~it was always her i saw with the kids. While he was out partying and having fun cheating on her while she stayed home with the kids.

  • shut the f*#k up!

    Ryans own Mother ~Susan Phillippe even said in an article that “the divorce was devastating and their family was in mourning” but she refused to comment about Abbie having to do something with the divorce. Hes playing his cards right people. Reese just doesn’t want to put her kids in jepordy!You a$$holes!

    And Abbies young so she doesn’t quite know any better. She only sees that hes a gorgeous man that she would most likely want to have an affair with so she couldn’t pass up the chane. Hes just a player and little does she know hes playing her. In his eyes shes just an oppurtunist.

  • shut the f*#k up!

    And by the way you people need to stop coming on here and posting under different names just because your represented by the small number you have by the most people don’t support you!