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Sadie Sandler: Daddy-and-me Time!

Sadie Sandler: Daddy-and-me Time!

Doting daddy Adam Sandler takes his daughter Sadie Madison, 16 months, to the Santa Monica Pier on Saturday.

Adam, who turned 41 earlier this month, held baby Sadie as wife Jackie Sandler rode the roller coaster. The father-daughter duo pointed up to her and waved when Mama Sandler passed by.

At one point during their stay, Sandler ran into fellow comedian David Spade (pictured below), who said hello to baby Sadie.

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Photos: JD/FlynetOnline
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  • kat

    omg she looks so much like him! strong genes adam

  • Love Me

    So cute

  • Cindy

    She is soooooo cute. I love her hair!

  • Regina

    Who’s Sandlier? Cute girl, shame her father is such an awful actor.

  • Mai

    aww, she’s so big!

  • http://myspace Emma

    thats ah-dorable!!!

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    Sweet :)

  • Jennifer

    awww that is so sweet

  • uli

    oh dear god, what an UGLY child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LM

    HAHAHA I agree, Uli.

  • Brad Addict

    She look like her father and that is not a good thing

    She look opposite baby Shiloh :)

  • I predict

    Watch this child grow up to be totally beautiful. It happens.

  • bethany

    OMG..she has a face only a parent could love. She will grow up to be another Rumer Willis with that massive chin. Poor child.

  • Tash

    Leave her alone – cute or not, she is precious to her family, not to mention how disgusting it is to degrade and judge an innocent child on their looks on a public forum. If all you have time to do is post nasty comments about a childs looks, you are all in sad need of a life.

  • LOL

    OMG, Miss Willis has some competition in the making. I hate talking about babies physique but that little girl is so so not beautiful at all !

  • Jenn

    Everyone is absolutely awful to comment on a baby like that. It’s disgusting. She is a child. Children shouldn’t be in the media as it is. It’s one thing to comment on an actor or actress, but children?

  • YoYo

    Well she’ll be riding the short bus in a few years.

  • amelie

    she will be a beauty when she gets older, with those lips and long curly hair she will be a beauty!

  • madingley

    looks like liv tyler

  • tsaharahbruouhaha

    ay papi!
    kid looks like amy whinehousewhore!

  • joy

    wow that kid is so damn ugly

  • Alyssa

    She’s not beautiful, however she isn’t ugly like some people are saying. I just think there are tons more children out there a little more cuter than Sadie is. However, I have heard that some babies can just not be very cute but grow up to be really pretty. so who knows what she will look like but for now, she definately has her daddys look.

  • kittyB

    mmmm. she is an ugly girl.this is ugly girl i ever seen.

  • j

    That poor kid is hideous


    I have never left a comment, but I have to say Adam Sandler makes very unattractive girls …

  • Deb

    She is not an attractive baby, but shes not butt ugly!

  • baby judge

    ugly girl babies=

    this one, princess wanna be zahara, cocoa, affleck-garner baby.

  • Raichill

    She has 2 parents who absolutely adore her. To them she is just adorable. Look at all the drop dead gorgeous celebrities who lead unfortunate lives going from one disastrous relationship to the next and embarrassing themselves along the way. Good looks don’t equate to happiness.

  • baby judge is adult ugly

    to #27>
    dont 4get yourself when you were a baby hog, and your siblings and your kids all were and are still flipping UGLY…!!!

  • to 27 the ugly baby judge

    You were such an ugly baby, your parents had to feed you with a slingshot.

  • Maria

    OH! poor kid! why didnt she get her mother’s looks???? she reminds me of a baby Bette Midler. I hope when she grows up she’ll be funnier than her dad.

  • Cute to boot

    I bet half the people on here are ugly with no life

  • http://deleted +++

    What do you expect from Adam’s baby, he’s and his wife were not that goodlooking .
    While Rumer Willis was just not that lucky, her other 2 sibling seems to be better looking than her. although, I never found Bruce Willis handsome,but Demi was quite pretty. too bad , Rumer get the ugliest feature on both parents

  • tequila29

    Yes, it may be mean to comment on whether or not a child is ugly but it is interesting to see that two relatively attractive people can produce an offspring that is well…the opposite of attractive.

    Maybe she slept with a really ugly mail man.

  • emch

    Ugly duckling will grow up & transform to a beautiful white swan..

  • poopie

    wow… not cute at all!!

  • pancakebottom

    She’s not ugly…she’s just missing a neck.

  • Sadie

    I agree with 27 – except Zahara, she is beautiful. And I don’t think it is mean to call toddlers ugly. Many toddlers go through an ugly stage, not all are cute.

  • dayum

    she is rumor willis ugh!

  • Sandy

    I can’t believe anyone would comment on the outward appearance of a child. She is beautiful because she is loved. Who cares if she isn’t the run-of-the-mill pretty baby? She has two parents that obviously adore her, and some of the most beautiful women in the world are beautiful because they don’t look like every other person.
    Yeah, she definitely looks like her Daddy, but that isn’t a bad thing. When her hair grows out more and she starts walking off the baby-pudge, y’all will be singing a different tune. ;)
    She looks precious to me!

  • KRissy

    You people are so mean! How can you possibly call a baby ugly? So hurtful. I bet half of you aren’t so hot looking either! Plus your precious Shiloh isn’t the cutest thing either, especially now that she’s older!

  • lori

    oh my god. she really looks a lot like him. and thats not a good thing, for a girl :O eek

  • Carolina

    EW. The UGLIEST celebrity baby.

    I don’t care what anybody says, but that’s an ugly baby, and yes there is such a thing as ugly babies and there’s nothing wrong with telling the truth

    I see all of you calling celebrities like Paris Hilton ugly, what makes that different than me calling a baby ugly?

    Paris Hilton never did anything to you. Just because someone is a baby, doesn’t automatically make them beautiful and doesn’t make it impossible for people to think negative thoughts about it.

    If someone is ugly, they are ugly! Who cares how “poor and innocent” it is, it’s still ugly. So just because someone is older now, you can pick on them? What is they’re nice people and still “poor and innocent”? Wow you people are retarded.

  • Kealyn

    What a cute kid! She’s absolutely adorable. Sparkling eyes and beautiful hair :). Love you Sadie!

  • Tash

    Carolina – your an id*ot.

    Yes, there are such things as ugly babies, course there is. But your missing the point. Picking on someone who didnt ask to be there and cant defend themselves (because they cant even talk yet!) and who is a small child is just sad. Its common courtesy and respect not to put someone elses child down especially on a public forum. Anyone who has posted something horrible or negative about her wouldnt DARE say it to the parents face – and dont tell me that they would or you would – thats just garbage – and just on the off chance they would? Well they need a lesson in respect and manners.

    Paris on the other hand, flaunts herself, encourages publicity, has burnt so many people, has no respect for the law, checks out her own sex tape in full view of the paps and then cries ‘how could he do this?’, loves acting like a spoilt brat, carries on like she is Gods gift, lies about her çhanged ways to gain sympathy, enjoys TELLING everyone about her new compassion trip to a poverty stricken area but so far all it is is talk, so we can add full of sh*t to the list, struts up and down her balcony preening herself when she knows the paps are around because she calls them in advance, collects small animals to match her latest handbag, flashes her muff out in public on purpose then claims she is a role model for young girls, the list goes on and on.

    Paris is the ugly one and its nothing to do with her looks, her personality does just fine on its own. And yep, I would say that to her face. But Im sure she already knows.

    But you did have a good sentence in there and I quote –

    **** Just because someone is a baby, doesn’t automatically make them beautiful and doesn’t make it impossible for people to think negative thoughts about it***

    You got it in one. THINK negative thoughts, not post them on a public forum. Maybe you should practice what you preach or at least check your message before posting it.

  • Lena

    I think she looks like an adorable small jewish girl- she’ll look differnt than others and she’ll be fine.

  • Maria

    Adam’s daughter IS UGLY! she definitely doesn’t fit in with the Hollywood Front Cover babies like, Suri, Shiloh, Kingston, Marcia Cross’s twins, Britney’s boys, Scarey Spice’s Murphy Brown …

  • cubanita

    I’m not saying this as a joke or to be mean….
    I think this child is special needs. I read somewhere she’s still not walking also.

  • Ellie

    She’s adorable. I can’t believe you guys are saying she’s ugly- it disgusts me to say the least. She’s an innocent little kid and you people are sad enough to make the effort to write horrible things about her on a public forum. Go find a hobby and stop wasting your time being horrible.

  • DLp

    That is the fugliest child I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!