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Ben Affleck: Jennifer Lopez Killed My Career

Ben Affleck: Jennifer Lopez Killed My Career

Boston boy Ben Affleck is the November 2007 cover boy for Details Magazine. He pimps the crime thriller Gone Baby Gone adapted and directed by himself. Here are some highlights from the interview:

On dating Jennifer Lopez: “It was probably bad for my career. What happens is this sort of bleed-over from the tabloids across your movie work. You go to a movie, you only go once. But the tabloids and Internet are everywhere. You can really subsume the public image of somebody. I ended up in an unfortunate crosshair position where I was in a relationship and [the media] mostly lied and inflated a bunch of salacious stuff for the sake of selling magazines. And I paid a certain price for that. Then, in concert with some movies that didn’t work…”

On Gone Baby Gone: “I feel like (Gone Baby Gone) is the linchpin for my life. My career. I have a lot riding on it. I want [the film] to work. Badly. I mean, a shitty movie comes out on 2,800 screens? I’ve been there and it’s embarrassing.”

On why he likes directing: “That’s why there’s something really great about directing-about having authorship over something. If you don’t like this movie, I’m the guy to see. I’m the guy to criticize. I take some measure of comfort in that. It’s fair, at least.”

On his directorial debut: “Listen, I’ve gone out and directed a movie and made it really f”king good. If the movie’s good, people will like it and go see it. All the rest of it is bullshit.”

On what’s at stake with his new film: “It’s pretty simple. If people don’t go see it – I’m f”ked.”

On his decision to direct: “I guess I just thought, I’ve seen it done enough. I’ve been on the sets enough. I’m a writer. An amateur photographer. An actor. I guess I just thought the sum of these parts would come together and I’d be able to do it.”

On living in L.A.: “I’d be surprised if I’m still living here in a couple of years. Professionally it would be difficult. But that’s not as important as that other thing.”

Gone Baby Gone is out in theaters nationwide on October 26. Read Ben‘s full interview with Details Magazine here.

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  • ?

    sorry why he didn`t talk about his now wife instead of his exe fiance?

  • who cares

    z listerrrrrrrrrr now he’s married to a rebound.z-lister.

    he’s over as a b lister,lucky if i watch him on dvd,,

  • pheebs

    matt damon is better

  • love angelina

    Jennifer didn’t kill his career, he did, if I recall correctly Monster-in-law was #1 at the box office. Her career was fine. Ben is just a loser.

  • falopian

    worst actor ever! you should have never had a career to begin with.

  • mily

    what a loser!!

  • Ryan

    eww i dont like him
    i want zac efron!

  • Jamie

    J Lo didn’t kill his career. His terrible acting is what killed his career.

  • liz

    1. Not such a good actor (a lot of people compair him w/ buddy Matt Damon.
    2. J-Lo did kinda kill his career. It was going pretty strong for a while where he had good movies! Good for him for noticing this!

  • Fug Face Man!ston

    i’ve been saying that for years.

    puff made her [jho] – she made him [ben] – then she [jho] killed him [ben]. lol

  • Mediterranean

    Certainly he forgot that he is married to Jennifer The Ugly whom he can’t talk about; because she is such a bore.

    Leave J-Lo alone, Ben. This is the reason she left you and let you go. Because you don’t deserve her.

  • blah

    Don’t look back in anger Ben.

    Nobody force you to hook up with Jlo, in fact you willingly appeared in her awful video (which I can’t remember the name of) mocking the paps and then gave that awful interview with Jlo pretending to cook for you and topped it with the hilarious acting in Gigli. You were so full of yourself then and I suspect you probably still are. Shame cos no one really cares anymore.

  • bdj

    Gigli killed his career not J-Lo and no bland woman will revive it.

  • alexie

    the title of the article is irresponsible media – - he did not say, “Jennifer Lopez killed my career”.

    there are a lot of articles in the pop media that reword erroneously what waa said by movie stars or what was on actual interview just to encite people’s interest . . . this is an example of it.

    Read the whole article first, then compare it to what is publish on pop culture sites like justjared and other places.

  • jess

    ugh, every time he opens his mouth i like him less and less.

  • Regina

    It’s nice to see he has a comeback, hate all you want but Gone, Baby Gone is acclaimed!

    And Jennifer Lopez sucks!

  • Hannah

    I suppose it’s easy to blame his relationship with Jennifer Lopez for killing his career, but I don’t think there was much to kill. When I think of great actors, Ben Affleck doesn’t really come to mind.

  • erika

    Wonder if he has told his wife he will probably not be living in LA two years from now — then why are you living there now?? Why Wait??

  • kira

    When the actors talk to these magazines, their words are often twisted.

    Jennifer did not make Ben Affleck! He actually turned her reputation around from being with Gangster Gun-Toting P. Diddy.
    I like Jennifer Lopez but Ben Affleck’s career took a sidestep when he began dating her. She loves a glamourous lifestyle and the media following her whereas Ben Affleck, as evidenced from his marriage to Jennifer Garner, is a much more private person.

    My personal opinion is that Ben Affleck will eventually get more involved in politics.

  • Cheerios

    I’m sorry but he is f-cked. I am not going to see this money because of that comment alone. The media lied and inflated the relationship. Y’ok.

  • MizLiz

    I’ve always liked Ben Affleck. “Pearl Harbor” and “Armageddon” are two of my favorite movies. He was great in “Boiler Room” and “Hollywoodland” was amazing. But “Gigli”? omigod. and “Reindeer Games”? ditto.

    He can act, but geeze, someone needs to pre-screen his scripts. He’s made some really bad choices over the years, but I think his luck is changing. Everything I’ve read says “Gone Baby Gone” is a major hit. I’ll actually BUY that DVD instead of copying from Netflix….LOL

  • Souhila

    I like Ben Affleck , he’s a simple guy !

  • kat

    He’s UGLYYYYYY!!!!!!

  • lookwhaticando

    No Azzwipe, you ruined your career because you CANT act.

  • Jules

    puff made her [jho] – she made him [ben] – then she [jho] killed him [ben]. lol


    At the same time, JLO also has killed her own career. However, this was surely an unintentional side-effect…

  • Theo

    crybaby cry. ugly words/ugly face. why he’s so ignorant? poor j.lo …

  • the_original_nika

    is he fucking serious!?
    Im with #7, and matt damon is better


    Matt damon sucks!

    Ben, is a cutie! All ben needs is some good scripts!

    I do believe in that the Magazines make up lies to sell their sh*t! Just look what they did to poor Britney? If you people believe half of that sh*t then you are stone crazy!

    Matt Damon sucks!

    J-Ho probably did kill his career! L00k at hers..NOW :)

  • Jules


    He can act, but geeze, someone needs to pre-screen his scripts. He’s made some really bad choices over the years, but I think his luck is changing. Everything I’ve read says “Gone Baby Gone” is a major hit. I’ll actually BUY that DVD instead of copying from Netflix….LOL

    This is the first variant. And it is the second variant that he simply gets no more better film scripts. Not every actor can choose his roles.

  • yada yada yada

    I don’t think he’s saying JLo ruined his career (did he even mention her name? no). He’s saying the attention that the relationship got impacted his career. I doubt in any way he’s blaming JLo because many times he’s blamed himself for the media fiasco Bennifer became. Obviously, he’s learned and moved on.

    We’re not reading the whole article…I’m sure he talks about Jen and Violet. BUT, no one would comment on that. They reveal what will get people talking…him talking about his past does for some reason.

  • dlister

    Affleck is a punk a$$. Are you kidding me?! He’s blaming JLo, 4years after the fact, for his s$%$$y movie choices? Come on, boy. Man up and take responsibility.

  • ughh

    WTF? No you idiot. YOU chose the movies you acted in. You were the one who stood in front of the camera and showed what a no talent you are. And You were one half of a couple that decided to make that music video where you rubbed up JLO’s azz and made Gigli.

    Damn, he doesn’t know how to take responsiblity for any of his past mistakes. I’m not even a JLO fan but this guy is unbearable.

  • Jack

    he swears too much. pussy.

  • ughh

    I forgot to say, the media attention he got from that relationship doesn’t excuse him from making horrible career decisions. Or personal ones for that matter.

  • Nina

    Jlo bad for his career – well Ben who forced you to appear in her video with you hands up her butt, who made you change your simple boy look for a sleek look, who made you parade all those lavish gifts you gave each other, who made you appear on Barbara Walters with Jlo talking about your love….yeah no one but yourself.

  • :/

    Seems he got with Garner in order to fix his image and reinvent himself as the good husband and father. Garner gives him looks of love and he barely shows any love towards her. Wonder what will happen if this movies does well and his head swells up even more

  • Shari

    What a big loser that should have never came out of his mouth. Take responsiblity for your own sorry self. Maybe that bore of a wife killed his career along with the fact he is a bad actor.

  • fat guy in a little coat

    No, Ben, making lousy movies was what hurt your career.

  • ben killed his own career

    he pursued JLO while she was still married to that bald guy.
    I remember that he ran up to her on a red carpet event and handed her flowers while her then husband was standing right there.

    He also took out a whole page ad to declare his feelings for Lopez when she had just married the baldy. So much for blaming the media.

  • Natalie

    He seems happier now. He has a lovely family. Good for him.

  • wtf

    He did a stinky movie with Garner jlo is not responsible for that, he is flat boring actor. I think if he had a good role it still would not work.

  • New



  • jenny

    yeah what about fatherhood and marriage
    what a loooser
    hes practically a crybaby
    jlo left him and hes not over her

  • Stephen

    I think it’s unfair to extrapolate the headline you’ve given this post based on the content of the article. Ben never blames Jennifer solely, he blames the relationship — And last time I checked he was a part of that.

    I know it might be nitpicky, but really what this should say is “Ben Affleck: The Relationship I Chose to be in with Jennifer Lopez Killed My Career.”

    As it is it insinuates something that isn’t in the pages. Just sayin.

  • baifan

    I am no fan of JLO but i think he shoud just shut up about his relationship with her. good/bad. She never talks about him, enough already. Accept your mistakes Ben and face the facts, you were never a great actor to begin with. Good luck with your new movie though.

  • Marnie

    Is he serious?? I don’t mind Jennifer Lopez while I’m watching one of his movies. I don’t like the way he move his face XD very static XD Maybe he’s a good guy, but I can’t stand him in a movie… >_

  • Anonymous

    What an a** hole. What killed his career was the media coverage of his alcohol and sex addition for which he had to go to rehab in order to even survive in Hollywood. This jerk has no class.

  • Sarah

    No ben dear. YOU killed your career take responsibility for yourself!

    Since Gigli jennfier has has 2 box office hits. Monster in law-grossed 153 million and shall we dance -which grossed 170 million in total. Why? because she is a TRUE A LISTER- with star power! You simply are not.

  • Anonymous

    This is the jerk who was known for his penchant of having public sex at the back of the room in strip bars with strippers. JLo killed his career – funny. His bad acting and nasty behavior killed his career and Jen Garner and Violet saved it. Can we all say a** hole in unison?

  • Grace

    I wouldn’t write your titles in first person if I were you. People might mistake them for real quotes (as it seems people are here) and you might get in trouble with libel.

    The JLo thing did kill his career. We all know it.