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Britney Spears Loses Custody of Kids

Britney Spears Loses Custody of Kids

Britney Spears has lost physical custody of her kids, according to TMZ. The pop princess has about 48 hours left with her two sons before they are taken away from her.

L.A. County Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon issued an order today stating that baby daddy Kevin Federline “is to retain physical custody of the minor children on Wednesday, October 3, 2007 at 12:00 PM until further order of the court.”

X17 reports Britney took the kids to the drive-thru at Carl’s Jr. at 12:02PM today and surrendered the kids to K-Fed‘s bodyguard three minutes later.

Gordon previously found that Britney is a “habitual, frequent and continuous” user of alcohol and controlled substances.

Just yesterday, Britney grabbed dinner at a Greek restaurant in Malibu with her two children — Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1.

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  • suspicious package

    Sweet baby Jeebus. Those poor kids being played in front of the cameras and by both parents. My heart goes out to those adorable little buggers.

    On the other hand….thank God. The poor kids looked so miserable being paraded around by their hillbilly momma. Nutcase.

  • ?


  • Ana

    wow…but you had to have known it was coming. I hope she could come away from LA and go to like Utah or some isolated state and get herself better.

  • Fug Face Man!ston

    all together now: Nah, nah, nah, hey, hey, hey, Goodbye!!!

  • kingston

    I’m seriously wondering if this has something to do with her driving around yesterday with the kids not buckled in. HOPEFULLY this is the true bottom for her and maybe now she can start to build herself back up, get herself the help she needs, and start to straighten out her life.

  • Dan

    This is crazy !! Giving custody to the slime ball?? that’s just plain wrong !!

  • Pikes

    Oh well, maybe she’ll straighten up her act.

  • Jennifer

    i wish the kids the best and i hope all works out right. i wish britney the best and hope she can get through this

  • mhm.

    i suppose she had it coming …

    i feel so sorry for the kids, they’re SOO cute & deserve better than her mum

  • Francophile

    Sad for her but I can understand the legal decison.

    I just hope this hard hit in the stomach will be the signal to get her act yogether, clean up and fight to be healthy and decnet again.

    Then she will have a real reason to hold on and fight to get her babies back once she has regain her sanity.

  • no fair

    is there a good reason for this? yes i know she is a bit nuts but the dad isn’t much better!!
    well i think this will completely push her over the edge, well done media you’ve ruined this girls life!!!

  • emily santiago

    she ruined her own life

  • e

    The kids really should go to foster family instead, because both father and mother are messes indeed.

  • Frenchgirl

    That K-Fed strikes me as a little opportunistic creep, who was just waiting to pounce on the next screw up and Britney certainly made it easy for him. Little children need their mothers, even the ones with less than perfect lives. That prick just wants to fill up his bank account with huge child support payments, it’s so fucking obvious!

  • piper, with a low

    This doesn’t make me as angry as when Lindsey chased down her assistant, but this is pretty high up there.

    All she needed to do was get herself together. But no… it’s almost as if she was waiting for Glinda the Good Witch to smack the $h*t out of her with her magic wand.

    Hard work is a part of life, honey. Maintaining a career is hard work; taking care of babies/children is hard work; regaining your sobriety is fcuking hard work. If she needed a breather, fine, temporarily give the kids to Kfed, but the state and local authorities intervened; that is not going to go away.


    She had bad effect on children

  • lilo

    if i was brit (thank god i’m not lmao) now would be the perfect time to retire alone in some desertic island for the next 6 months!
    man, the girl ruined her life! those aren’t good with any of them parents but at least fed-ex don’t parade out with them !

  • Sofie’s Choice


    But she really needs to wake up.

  • suspicious package

    The problem is (out of many) – two weeks ago the judge ordered that she was to be booze and drug-tested twice a week in order to retain custody of her kids. What did she do right after court? Went out partying. This weekend she was driving her poor crying kids all over without a valid drivers’ licence. If I were to do that, I’d be arrested. This idiot won’t listen to anybody. She’s made her bed, now she’s lying in it.

  • mickey

    Since she is usually out partying I can’t imagine she’ll even know the kids are gone.

  • me

    No fair~
    Yeah, the media is responsible for her being white trash, too. She did this to herself you moron. Kids aren’t pets. She’s raising human beings that will become adults. She should at least pretend to try not to f*ck them up.

  • Twist

    Suicide watch. Seriously

  • Mzslil

    Having gone through a custody battle in LA County Superior Court, She must of screwed up royally to lose physical custody.

    I hope this will be a wake up call for Ms. Spears and she’ll get her life together for her kids sake.

  • Fug Face Man!ston

    jobless k-fed – hated.

    “working”/ good parent kevin federline – still hated.


  • Christina

    i think this is good because right now she is all crazy and partying a lot.. but once she sees her sons with KFed she’ll miss them and probably this will hepl her change back to the good britney that we all love..maybe???

  • Jessica

    This is sad. I didn’t want her to lose her kids. She needs help, yes, but the kids were her one last hope.
    I don’t think she is as bad of a mom the media portrays her to be. They only highlight the bad, and that is sad.
    That bodyguard guy is pissed he got fired and wanted 15 minutes of fame. I don’t know the validity of his story. I’m sure she isn’t all guilt free, but clearly this man wants to be on tv, and he disgusts me. He is as much of a media whore as Britney

  • BanBrit

    I hope this is the rock-bottom she needs to get her sh*t together!!
    I still dont get why people feel sorry for her. No one made her do drugs and makes her drive with her kids on her lap..and makes her put them in dangerous situations..she brought this upon herself. The sick girl needs help..not more pity.

  • daisy

    it’s never too late to change…that is if that is what she wants. hopefully she doesn’t make her life any worse. but this could be the start of something good…get away from the media and make yourself a better person. not for anybody but for herself.

  • suspicious package

    Does anybody honestly believe she’s smart enough to turn her life around now? Even with this???

  • Mzslil

    I hope she’s smart enough to get her shit together…at least for her kids.

  • Ameena

    Let’s hope this is her rock bottom. I honestly thought after the debacle at the MTV award show and after a Judge ordered her to be tested for drugs she would have re evaluated her life and get into treatment, but she was still partying and subjecting her children to all the madness that is her life. Hopefully she will get help and regain custody of her children.

  • hallie


  • Dancer

    For those of you who hate K-Fed and think Britney should retain custody regardless of her poor parenting style (which includes drinking, drugs, etc)–at least Kevin F has Britney’s parents over, appears not to drink/do drugs etc. when he has the kids, and has a good nanny. The kids seem physically safe and not subjected to crazy Britney’s histrionics.

  • cudahy

    i don’t know…ppl sayin ur a bad mother is one thing…but for them to actully take away ur kids….is wrong…but she needs to be taught a lesson…it’s not about partyin…ur kids are what matter the most…i hope she doesn’t get even more fucked up than she already is at the moment….i just don’t know!!! keep hope alive

  • brandy

    it’s about time.

  • jenny

    wow she needs some intervention for her self
    she could do domething crazy wed is a 2 days away
    if the kids r with her now
    wow idk i’m worried for her and her kids
    she might loose it
    she needs to be with family like now
    Britney get it together girl you can prove yourself and get them again
    the kids r worth it
    realy some on needs to help her
    all these people laughing this is a human being destroyng her self
    she needs help!
    the kids still need a mom but she needs to do some serious damage control

  • Jess

    What was the reason for this? What did the court order exactly say? I thought they both had joint custody but they both needed to clean up their act…

  • CT

    Little children need “sane” mothers who are not endangering their lives!

  • suspicious package

    I agree she needs help, but she has to WANT to be helped!

    My God, I can’t believe how much I’m posting on this topic…

  • Natalie

    That is sad for her, but she needs to get her $hit together before she can be a good mom to those kids.

    I feel bad for those kids. =(

  • Tealeaf

    Don’t want K-Fraud having custody, give them to Lynne Spears

  • kat

    her kids are so cute, esp, jayden

  • btf

    # 14 I completely agree with you, children need their mothers. I wonder if that judge was bribed by Kfed’s lawyer…

  • kat

    as much as she is a train wreck i really hope she gets it together for her kids’ sake. i think she will be more sad that her kids are not with her

  • malibumom=runaroundsue

    Much love to you Britney-May God help you to get it together. You were a victim of circumstances-I trally believe this is going to be bad for her-

  • Ameena

    39 suspicious package : 10/01/2007 at 4:40 pm
    I agree she needs help, but she has to WANT to be helped!

    My God, I can’t believe how much I’m posting on this topic…

    Maybe this is just what needed to happen for her to WANT to be helped. For the children’s sake, I hope she gets help.

  • puf

    jayden james is so cute!! get it together Britney!

  • she didnt care enough

    Yayyyyyy the kids are safe..
    Now the drug/alcohol addicted mom hopefully will seek help..
    or maybe not she may seek a booze bottle or a new prescription of vicodin,,we shall see. she didnt take the judge seriously and probably failed a test…

    its all over the news channels here..

  • Pandora

    ‘Bout damn time. It was nerve wracking watching that waste case tote those poor kids around like baggage. And I agree that Fed’s an opportunist. But, unlite their poor excuse for a mommy, I think he’ll at least hire help so the kids get some proper care and feeding. Supposedly he’s not a substance abuser either (or as frequent an abuser!).

  • susan

    People can continue to try to defend her, but come on…is it not clear to people that she needs help? That she is unstable? As long as her children continue to be subjected to her destructive behavior, they too will experience all types of problems as they grow older.

    I think Kevin is playing this to the media for sure, but how many chances can the woman be given? I know that she’s more open to be exploited because of the media and they can catch your mistakes, but are there any other celeb moms being accused of this stuff? Any other celeb moms who are seen almost dropping babies, running around drunk, not having them secure in vehicles, etc.?

    I try to have compassion for her, but she has created her own troubles…she has behaved like an immature child rather than a mother and adult…I hope for her sake she seeks help…she needs to admit to her problems or she’ll never get better…

    But I am sick of people playing excuses for her…so strange that she appears to be the only celeb mom caught up in issues like this, but people argue that the media just catch her in wrong moments. Obviously this is all bull because plenty of celeb moms get treated unfairly by the media (AJ is the perfect example), but I don’t remember them behaving that way.

    All we should do is pray for her children…that they are the ones who are safe and healthy…

    Britney is so far gone…either she gets help or she’ll die soon…