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Jennifer Aniston: Orlando Bloom's Bikini Babe

Jennifer Aniston: Orlando Bloom's Bikini Babe

A bikini-clad Jennifer Aniston and a shirtless Orlando Bloom enjoy the weekend together in Mexico.

When Orlando was on UK’s The Graham Norton Show awhile back, he inadvertently mentioned Angelina Jolie. Just by his expression and tone when he said her name, you could tell he not very fond of her. Team Aniston, as they say.

Orlando pretty much cemented that he sided with Jennifer by his visit to Mexico. Thanks, snoewhite!

UPDATE 1: Apologies, images removed!

UPDATE 2: Watch the clip of Orlando on Graham Norton here. It’s not as bad as we initially thought…

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  • Flabby eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkk



  • wtf?

    are they dating?

  • Morgan

    Just friends?

  • Jennie

    wowzers, he’s hot and she’s pretty. she has a really nice body for someone her age.

  • nightmare in da day

    Look at her gut, and the luv handles, after you take in the lockedjaw.

  • uh ?

    Easy short legged woman !

    man/lover number 4, since Brad…and how many inofficially one night stands did she have since her divorce ?

  • rosebud

    He’s NO Brad!

  • lol

    Her gut is disgusting ! She should do crunch, she is inflatting and is coming so naturally chubby and flab as she is prone to

  • Jen eyes are brown

    Please take that sixties part in the middle out of your scalp.Its for younger women where it looks flattering. And go back to your natural dark brown hair color.
    Also take the BLUE CONTACTS OUT and wear your natural BROWN EYES LIKE IN LEPRECHAUN! IS she preggers?, num 14 foto her belly’s poking out!

  • BP luvs AJ

    Interesting hook up! Now jen fans have something to talk about. Go get em jen folks. She has moved on to a younger and hot man. All of you now need to move on with her. Hooray!!! Happy happy day!!!

  • Grace

    I’m sure all you people criticizing her gut have MUCH worse. That’s normal, healthy. You people are the reason for eating disorders.

  • so masculine -jen that is

    FAKE Nose and eye colored. She’s not a blonde with blue eyes.


  • confused

    since when are they a COUPLE? whattt?

  • Jamie

    They went on a romantic getaway? Or were they there to work? I don’t believe Orlando would go for her. He likes the pretty model type.

  • hmmm?

    they aren’t even sitting next to each other at the table.
    This one looks like friends to me.
    Especially since he has been in London up until 2 weeks ago.
    Doubt they had a hook up that fast.

  • Jennie

    i don’t get it, demi more is older than her, yet they praise her body. and i think she’s pretty, but not as pretty as jennifer aniston. so, i don’t exactly get what you’re trying to say “jen eyes are brown”. she probably has a better body than you. when she’s single, people are dissing her, and when she’s moving on, you guys are still dissing her. it’s so pathetic, seriously. if you don’t like her, than why waste your time dissing her, when you obviously don’t know her.

  • Jennie


  • Jennie

    and i’m sure they’re probably friends who ran into each other. but sheesh, people should grow up, saying she’s ugly and fat, etc. won’t make you prettier or make her life miserable.

  • duh

    Lord, if they are together, he can do SO much better!

  • blubbery azz and bloated tummy/saggy tatas

    Jennifer Aniston’s real name is J.JOANNE ANASTASSAKIS.

    HER tatas are sagging.

  • Jamie

    Chin chin get over yourself. You lost to Angelina big time. Huvane must have hired him to be her “boyfriend”.

  • hmmm?

    jared you are making s hit up. I saw the graham norton clip on youtube. You cant read that into the way he said her name. It almost sounded like he was attracted to AJ. Depends on what you are looking for but it didnt say ‘team jennifer’.

    if this is the best the paps can do then we dont know anything yet. No affection and not sitting next to each other? there is also another blond and another guy there. Maybe he is with the blonde he is sitting next to?

  • gee

    She’s holdin her gut in on pic 3.Doesn’t she have enough wrinkles from smoking, the sun won’t help.She has gotten soft in the middle. Time for more work.I knew her eyes were brown.But ITA.the middle part of the hair, not good.

  • Jamie

    I think Jen might be gay.

  • DUI

    If that’s what a gut looks like, I’ll take it. Stop all the hate people, let her live her life.

  • hair is her friend

    On the 18 shot *dayum* with her hair up she ‘lookah like a dudette’. Put the hair back over your face. That’s a needed some gym time *nasty shaped*lookin body, she aint even had a baby.

  • it’s all ok

    See all is right in the world.

    Jen has the life she wants, tanning, vacationing, living life to the fullest as a single woman.

    Brad has the life he wants, being with Angelina, and having a family with her with a lot of kids.

    All’s well that ends well. All now need to be happy.

  • toolip




  • Ace Tomato

    Okay, totally left field. Have to say – Aniston looks pretty good in her bikini – considering she is my age – but . . . um . . . she might as well had a few kids, if you know what I mean and I think you do . . . and even with the blurry focus, her skin looks like leather on her face. EVEN SO . . . she looks great. I’m nitpicking, I should look so good in a bikini LOL.

    Meanwhile, is this work related or dating? If dating, that might actually make Aniston interesting. Orlando Bloom is unexpected. But if it is just working on location and everyone is taking a break at their resort while getting tans and massages, then whatever, welcome to the Hollywood lifestyle. It’s what celebrities do – film film film, bask in money & leisure . .

  • lisa

    I don’t get why people are so mean to Jen. I think she looks great – she is in great shape and she looks very pretty. Hopefully she is having fun being single – maybe her and Orlando are together – hope so – she deserves some fun in her life.

    I think Brad and Angelina make a gorgeous couple and love them together. Never liked Brad with Jen but that doesn’t mean I hate Jen – just never thought her and Brad looked that exciting together. Not like him and Gwyneth and now him and Angie are even hotter together.

    I hope Jen finds happiness herself. I just don’t think her and Brad were suited but I certainly don’t hate her like some people do.

    I know some people are mad at her for the way she made herself look like a victim after the Brad divorce but really wouldn’t most of us be bitter for being dumped? I think she is getting over it and trying to have some fun. No reason to hate on her -I think she is a pretty lady and she is probably finally starting to have fun with her single life. She must have taken quite a blow to her self esteem when she lost Brad to Angie. Really there is no competing with Angelina – I am not surprised Brad fell for her. She is absolutely stunningly gorgeous and she seems like a very intelligent lady.

  • kat

    WTF????? i never saw this coming. jennifer and orlando???? he was better of with penelope

  • alex12

    What? are they dating?
    I didn’t even know they knew eachother…
    that’s quite a pair..I don’t think they’re in a mexican beach getaway to discuss a movie!!!

  • haha

    good for her! she got a younger hotter guy than the last few guys. but she looks like an old broad with a man’s face in pic 18.

    I just couldn’t help but add something rude about her. :(


  • don’t think so

    JJ Orly luves Angelina. I have heard him mention he thought she was fab. I dont know how he wound up near this tran, but she is not his type. She is like a another man to him, so dont think so, see her in num foto 5 ,he wouldnt take it for free.

  • America

    I’m not to fond of Orlando. He was hot in Lord of the Ring & Pirates but that’s it! Jenn can do better with someone more long term. He may just be for fun! No need for Orlando to bash Angelina-she didn’t do anything to him!

  • Jamie

    Angie’s stomach is tighter than hers. Angie is better than her in every way.


    People leave her alone, she’s trying to move on from brad, she is entitled to her own happiness.

  • raye

    why does she have a pouch? doesnt yoga make it go? her yoga trainer is with her in the pic.

  • kat

    man orlando has lost his hotness he was soo hot in pirates

  • So not happening

    Oh I wish I could report to you kids that this was a hot new celeb couple, but alas Jennifer Aniston and Orlando Bloom were just on an ‘exploratory’ ‘group’ date last week when they were seen hanging out together at the Sunset Tower Hotel in LA.

    I must also report that the very same night Orlando was spotted with model Mirando Kerr and Jen was out with someone else a few nights earlier.

  • virgo

    Orlando Bloom and Ansiton have the same publicist Kevin Huvane, so this is another one of those arranged to create publcity for the two, as you know, Orlando is having trouble getting movie offers after Pirates, becasue his solo ones flopped, remember Elizabethtown. and Of course, Aniston, almost a has been and has been forced to take on really silly movies just to work again.

  • lisa

    I don’t get how grown women feel the need to put down another woman. Jen looks good – all of us probably wish we had her figure. Hope it’s true and she is having fun with Orlando.

    Angelina is with Brad now – not Jen. Not sure why this needs to always be a competition between Jen and Angie. Angie is obviously more beautiful than Jen but then Angie is the most beautiful woman in the world.

  • shoes4life

    I can’t believe she left the comfort of her Malibu home??? Maybe she is trying to live life on the edge now.

    I will say that women over a certain age should not be wearing 2 pieces, I don’t care how good your body is. Something about seeing Jennifer Aniston, Terri Hatcher, Pam Anderson and etc. in two pieces just don’t look or seem right. You can still look good with a little more coverage.

  • wait for more evidence

    I’m not seeing this at all.
    Doesn’t look like a couple here.
    These look like real pap shots and if that is the case
    you know they spied on them to get good pictures. If this
    is the best they can get then I doubt this is a romantic hook-up.
    There are other people there as well.
    Is that Orlando’s assistant with Jennifer? I thought I had read a while back that they knew each other from having the same person working for them. Not sure if that was Aleen or someone else.

    Orlando is also friends with Brad and always says great things about him. Although that doesnt mean he wouldn’t date Jennifer becasue of that if they are over but I doubt he would slam Angelina like Jared implied.

  • Orlando

    virgo : 10/01/2007 at 1:50 am
    Orlando Bloom and Ansiton have the same publicist Kevin Huvane, so this is another one of those arranged to create publcity for the two, as you know, Orlando is having trouble getting movie offers after Pirates, becasue his solo ones flopped, remember Elizabethtown. and Of course, Aniston, almost a has been and has been forced to take on really silly movies just to work again.


    Yup you are right on that!

    Btw, Why is her boobs suddenly small and saggy?

  • Aniston the Hag

    I want to smash her face into a jelly.

  • Orly is not into that guy jen

    Who tied Jennifer Aniston
    Probably her staff who were enlisted to help tie her bow on Sep 24.

    Jennifer Aniston feels the pinch as her popularity ratings slide slowly. Part of her remedial action is to conserve her millions. Recycling dresses seems pretty popular. This was what Jennifer wore on Sep 19.
    Sometimes, the dress will make more buzz than the star, as in this case. A gossip writer was taken aback when Jennifer restyled her pink dress. The “Jim Dandy” pink dress was worn to the set of “He’s Just Not That Into You”. It could be Jennifer’s personal dress or the wardrobe property of “He’s Just Not That Into You”. The public will have a long wait to find out if this dress appears as part of the wardrobe of the movie. This movie has a long list of celebrities because Drew Barrymore and Nancy Juvonen are co-producers. It goes without saying that Drew will have a role, along with her celebrity cast of Justin Long, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Connelly, Bradley Cooper, Kevin Connelly and Ginnifer Goodwin.

    Jennifer, when you wear the same dress all the time, we can understand why “He’s Just Not That Into You”.

  • I feel sick

    keep her away from him. nooooo. i pray, pray, pray to god they are not dating. i’m a big fan of orlando. she can have anybody she wants, but not him. please let them not be dating. i think i’m going to be sick.