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Jennifer Aniston: Orlando Bloom's Bikini Babe

Jennifer Aniston: Orlando Bloom's Bikini Babe

A bikini-clad Jennifer Aniston and a shirtless Orlando Bloom enjoy the weekend together in Mexico.

When Orlando was on UK’s The Graham Norton Show awhile back, he inadvertently mentioned Angelina Jolie. Just by his expression and tone when he said her name, you could tell he not very fond of her. Team Aniston, as they say.

Orlando pretty much cemented that he sided with Jennifer by his visit to Mexico. Thanks, snoewhite!

UPDATE 1: Apologies, images removed!

UPDATE 2: Watch the clip of Orlando on Graham Norton here. It’s not as bad as we initially thought…

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  • shoes4life
  • huh?

    I think Miranda has a boyfriend. Didn’t she come out asap after they were spotted once in New York and say they were just visiting the hotel at the same time

  • Jill

    43 virgo : 10/01/2007 at 1:50 am
    Orlando Bloom and Aniston have the same publicist Kevin Huvane, so this is another one of those arranged to create publicity for the two, as you know, Orlando is having trouble getting movie offers after Pirates, because his solo ones flopped, remember Elizabethtown. and Of course, Aniston, almost a has been and has been forced to take on really silly movies just to work again.

    Well if this is true, then Huvane would be crazy to try to manufacture a relationship between these two to feed the tabloids. It just looks like two losers finding each other. I don’t know about Aniston, but I think Bloom could definitely do better.

  • who cares

    She looks old grandma and fat. F*cking ugly!

  • tsk tsk tsk

    Desperate is as desperate does.

  • anonymous

    you haters are wishing that angie would as good as her in bikini

  • Jill

    30 SAVE ORLY : 10/01/2007 at 1:39 am

    Crazy woman, you owe me a new keyboard! I just spit out my Pepsi all over it! ROTFLMBAO!!

  • Orly I luv him

    Orly did not say a mean thing about Angelina.

    And he dam show, isn’t dating this fug broad. He has spoken with her before, but Orly likes pretty, thin types.
    This bicth ate a hog!

  • office

    Well, we all remember Jen manufactured a relationship with Vince Vaughn to sell movie tickets.

    Now, with Orlando Bloom? I’m waiting to see what Huvane has arranged.

    I went to imdb, doesnt look like Orlando has any movie lined up. Well, I never trust Jen. We all know she schemed for movie stardom while married to Brad and it backfired, fell flat on her face. I wonder what she is scheming now. Is she using Orlando? Time will tell.

    Surely Orlando can do better than that !!!

  • alex12

    ohh. yeah like angelina would look better on a bikini right now?
    Angelina is just disgusting!, she’s a walking stick!..please give her a burger, she really needs one!

  • xoxo

    Anyone criticizing Jen’s looks w/ such vitriol and delusion as seen here is obviously projecting their own self-hatred of their own appearance onto hers.

  • michelle

    Here’s the video of Orlando Bllom clip of graham Norton:

  • nasty girl

    anything for attention, Maniston? She’s a mediocre w-h-o-r-e.

  • kATE

    This week, Life & Style analysed Jen’s face.

    The mag went on and said Jen had botox, restalyne, and something done to her face.

    They said she erased her forehead lines, the deep furrow lines. The showed pictures of her face swollen a bit.

  • better not Orlando

    Where’s the fat lady man ,whatever?
    I will dump him as a favorite,, if Orlando is dating this mess!
    Team Aniston, please ,,he wants a long career.
    Brad knows him, and AJ has met him years ago in NY.

  • Chin is going down

    Her motivation is publicity and she looks like shit

  • nichie

    Media Ho!

  • No way!

    No! If it was a PR stunt to make them look like a couple then they did a horrible job. They aren’t even looking interested in each other. Most likely this is just friends. It looks like Aleen is there -his manager.

    At least with JA’s last PR stunt it looked like the guy spent the night at her house. This just looks like a GROUP of people on vacation.

    They have known each other for a while. They could have got together a long time ago if they wanted.Both have been single a while.

    Hate to say this but if he hooked up with jennifer then I might have to say it was a down grade from Kate which I didnt think was possible

  • shenanyginz

    OH please i dont think they’re dating… I’m sure he just ran into her there and they seemed to be enjoying eachother company at the troy premiere a while back… maybe they were catching up and reminiscing…. jen is like 1100 years older than orlando anyways lol (okay 8 years) I think its safe to assume they’re just friends here… I highly doubt its anything romantic…

    hey maybe its business (that would make me happy I just want orlando working again)

  • anonymous

    she is beautiful in those pictures,haters eat your heart out.
    with those beautiful pictures when you insult her any reader would know you haters are, so jealous.

    she looks gorgeous in all the pictures.

  • Orlando fan

    Not my Orly. I love him, but I cannot imagine him going after Jennifer. I hope he’ll go back to Kate Bosworth.Kate & Orly looks much better than with Jennifer. No offense to Jennifer fans but Jen & Paul Sculfor are perfect or even Matthew McConaughey but not Orly.

  • I feel sick

    i don’t care who aniston dates. i hope she finds someone soon as her clock is ticking. but please not orlando. he is too cute and she will corrupt him with her cougar ways.

  • anustonsaf@ke

    when will this poor girl realize nobody cares about her love life or her so-called ‘acting’?

  • haha

    62 michelle : 10/01/2007 at 2:08 am

    Here’s the video of Orlando Bllom clip of graham Norton:

    errr, is this where he was supposed to say something bad about angie? am i missing something cause i didn’t notice anything odd about the vid?

  • Purple Gem

    Jennifer’s body is fierce, Orlando is hot, but together??..bleh.

  • Huvane’s stunt

    Its clearly a PR stunt put up by their publicist Kevin Huvane, just enough for them to get some media mileage while they are working out having their films greenlighted.

  • michelle

    Yup that’s the video. The video got 4 clips that’s the last clip. On the video they have a game to guess what the drunk guy was saying & the audience & Orlando said Angelina. It was so easy since the drunk guy always mention Namibia on the earlier clip. Nothing really nasty about that just peopel assumed Orlando does not like Angelina.

  • anonymous


  • websy

    I watched the video. I didnt see anything bad or mean.

    Hmmm…Orlando is 30. Jen is 38. Well, it would be interesting to see what’s on the tabloid next week.

    Sam, didnt you say Jen has not been on the tabloid? Wasnt she on ok mag last week, and this week, she is in Lies & Style?

    Sam, where are you? Huvane hired you to man this booth. Come out and dont change your name to bet.

  • shenanyginz

    the new pic of orlando is old, yes?

  • Me too

    I’m not an Orlando or Aniston fan but if they find happiness together more power to them. She still has a pretty good body and he’s young so nothing wrong with that.

    P.S. that clip really doesn’t say anything. Some show where people guess who the famous person is? Jared, dude, you really are stretching it. I had such respect for you too.

  • uh oh
  • Richard Milhouse Nixon

    This is a COVERUP. Jennifer Aniston is CHEATING with Ben Affleck, she got caught by the tabloids and now this sighting is a set-up by her agent to throw the tabloids off the track of Aniston & BEN.

    How *convenient* that the paparazzi just happened to find her in MEXICO!

    Media manipulation at it’s finest (or worst).

  • jules

    anonymous, you are as bad as the haters. Instigator just like Cliniqua. Idiot

  • http://deleted run Orly run

    Orly is too much prettier than her !

  • Electro

    hahahahha!!That dumbasss orlando! how pathetic! just look at how he did in his recent movies like Troy and Kingdom of heaven he acted SO LAME and he doesnt even know how to use a sword anyone could really tell how he has difficulties just holding it! ANd he dares to badmouth Angelina??? Hey Orlando take a look at yourself in the mirror first, and get a life YOU fucking CREEP!!!

  • check your facts peeps

    People please get your facts right before you post rumors.
    Whoever wrote that Orlando was just on a exploring date with jen last week not only is it not true but that gossip was from April.

    see here:

    you must have googled him and Jen and came up with that. If they met in April is was probably business since as someone else just said they have the same pr team. That is also the month he was rumored to be with the Miranda girl in New York.
    So he did not meet with Jennifer last week in LA .

    I think Jared is looking for some office help-you might want to apply for a job since you check your facts as well as he does.

  • anonymous


  • http://deleted run orly run

    76 Huvane’s stunt :

    ITAWU ! She was alway caught in that skinny bit of bikini vacationing in Hawaii and Mexico, How does the pap knew that other than tip by Huvane, just like her every Mexico vacation way back during her marriage with Brad. Maniston is a player, a real mediawhore !


    Oh good – something for the fans of JA to chat about – I trust you guys will stick to your thread, now that you have one.

    As for the pics, can I just point out that there seems to be more chemistry going on between Orly and his Mexican masseuse than between him and Jen… sorry but they really don’t look like they’re doing much more than hanging out.

    Doesn’t really matter to me one way or the other, except that I’d like to see Orlando Bloom with someone younger and hotter. But hey, whatever floats their boats – it’s their lives.

  • check your facts peeps

    what does ITAWU mean?

    Maybe Jennifer is doing this since the tabs had that big cover of her saying how lonely she was and all the jokes about her going to Courtney and her family all the time. But why in the world did they not make it look better? They are hanging out with other friends. Wonder if that means that Orlando was used and isn’t in on it?

  • Rumi

    32 lisa : 10/01/2007 at 1:40 am

    I don’t get you, Lisa: she is not trying to make herself look like a victim – she is a victim. Also, she is a victim who shared her side of the story for a very short time and hasn’t disturbed anybody with descriptions of her experience since then. That’s much more than Brad and Angelina deserve.

  • contacts

    Faux Nose and colored contacts. Not a true blonde with blue eyes.


  • please say it ani’t so

    Yes, that new picture of Orlando was from his last trip to Hawaii in January.

    That reminds me. On that last Hawaii trip Orlando wasn’t dating anyone so he went with a group of friends and the pictures looked a lot like these. Just friends spending time together. If the girl in these pictures wasn’t Jennifer or another celeb I doubt anyone would be reading into this since as posted above me there is no chemistry or affection there at all. Don’t forget-there is also three more people -not counting the masseuse-in these pictures.

  • Jill

    90 COALHARBOURQT : 10/01/2007 at 2:46 am

    Coal, you know cotton-pickin well that boat ain’t floatin’ — it’s a shipwreck. Aniston and Bloom? It ain’t happenin’. He can do way better than that. (I hope.)

  • the_original_nika

    thats not an attractive man.

  • jules

    All you loons saying Jen has a pooch are the same nuts who think Jolie is pregnant every month cause she has big gut bump.
    Jolie has a GUNT lolololololol

  • Jill

    what does ITAWU mean?

    ITAWU = I Totally Agree With U.

  • just pr

    A bikini-clad Jennifer Aniston turns a few heads during a relaxing weekend in Mexico. Joined by fellow actor Orlando Bloom, the TV-turned-movie star was all smiles as she was photographed enjoying a flirty weekend of unabashed fun on Sunday.

    Making the most of a short hiatus from her upcoming flick, ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’, the 38-year-old star was surely celebrating the recent announcement that she held the world record (according to the good people at Guinness, of course) as the world’s most powerful actress.

    As for any possible budding relationship between Aniston and Bloom? Don’t bet on it. The stars share the publicist, Kevin Huvane. This is a shameless buzz-inducing publicity stunt if I’ve ever seen one!

  • wont happen

    75 Purple Gem : 10/01/2007 at 2:24 am
    Jennifer’s body is fierce, Orlando is hot, but together??..bleh.

    Yeah her body is fiercely offensive -get this toe up hoe away from Orly, find her someone who looks her type..

    where the he.ll is carrot top.