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Jennifer Aniston: Orlando Bloom's Bikini Babe

Jennifer Aniston: Orlando Bloom's Bikini Babe

A bikini-clad Jennifer Aniston and a shirtless Orlando Bloom enjoy the weekend together in Mexico.

When Orlando was on UK’s The Graham Norton Show awhile back, he inadvertently mentioned Angelina Jolie. Just by his expression and tone when he said her name, you could tell he not very fond of her. Team Aniston, as they say.

Orlando pretty much cemented that he sided with Jennifer by his visit to Mexico. Thanks, snoewhite!

UPDATE 1: Apologies, images removed!

UPDATE 2: Watch the clip of Orlando on Graham Norton here. It’s not as bad as we initially thought…

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  • Orchid

    218 Femalefirstersarenice : 10/01/2007 at 8:46 am
    It’s usually the loons who write mean stuff about the kids to make the regular posters look bad. Kinda like here, where if you post anything slightly against Jolie or Pitt, they will use your name and say horrible stuff to make you look crazy. Loons are just plain crazy.
    Now you’re making me laugh! Who are you kidding. Some (not all) of what you call ‘the regular posters’ on FF are vile, vulgar and disgusting!

  • Aprilboom

    Why the sagging boobs, Maniston? Not so hot after all, eh? Look at her: old, sad, fame-hungry, UGLY b****. Yikes…

  • the truth

    you ppl are so sad she look way betta than that skinny crack Wh**RE they hate on jen because they’re KNOW that angelina is a S!ut and brad really doesn not love her but they try to create this brangelina image and talk about jen to they to cover but the fact, jens the only woman brad ever loved so it kinda upset them that shes still in his heart he saids it all the time… …jen never talks about brad shes so over it but brad always seem to talk about jen. he still in love with her and it kills these litttle so called “brangelina fans” thats why they talk sht but writing negative thing about someone on a computer isn’t going to change that fact that shes a beautiful, strong, classy woman

    Couldm’t have said it betta my self agnelina jolie fans are as fake and immoral as her thats why they talk about jen, why would anyone even hate on her she had done no wrong so you can’t hate on her only a fool who do that she handled that painful situation so well never once talking bad about anyone that was involved and moved on with her life and i respect her for that, jolie claim belive in unity but doesn’t speak to her father, hate war so she go to iraq to talk to refuguees but she does violent movies and throw a war theme birthday party for her 5 year old son and please spare me with the crap about jen has dated after brad she date 2 guys vince and the model thats its now lets talk about how many men jolie has F*****ked,

  • Orchid

    221 jENNIFER : 10/01/2007 at 8:49 am
    By the way: warning to all sane/nice people who post on this board. In any subject that involves Brad Pitt and/or Angelina Jolie, if you post a critical comment about them, the loonies will come after you foaming at the mouth and the Nazis who run the board will gag you to prevent you from saying anything in defense of yourself. They will let the loonies call you names, but will prevent you from responding. Just a warning! I found out the hard way yesterday. If you want to say something honest about Brangelina, go to a board where free speech is allowed.
    Do you mean by ‘something honest’ something that is true? Why would people come after you if you say something that is true/a fact?
    I certainly wouldn’t. A fact is a fact is a fact! I wouldn’t argue with a fact. I WILL argue if I see anyone trying to pass an opinion as a fact! This is what they do on FF! Presenting opinions as facts!

  • http://justjared H

    Her body is perfectly healthy. You people make me sick with these stupid remarks

  • Sinna

    Did she breast fed. I have 2 kids and damn if my breast don’t look like that

  • whateva

    I’m a guy with self recpect i would pick jen over jolie anyday have 1 st of all i don’t date slts also you seen her she looks like death it self, jen is beautiful and for all of you saying that she has a mans face have you seen brads daughther she has a mans face too she looks just like her dad but with puffy lips…….but let me guess shes cute right??? hypocrites your pathethic ..all of you haters get a life because you can’t really hate no jen she has done nothing to be hated on

  • Besane

    What movie is Orlando trying to sell? Got his name on internet blogs by courting his female fans which are in the same demography (PLAIN JANES) of Aniston fans! Good PR strategy! :)

  • http://yahoo Melissa

    Jen need a man but if i were am man i wouldn’t go for her because of her unattractiveness especially the boobs, chin and plastic face.

  • http://yahoo Melissa

    I think those boobs are like that because she aborted at 14. I remember a few days ago someone said that and jj deleted all her/his post. he favours aniston

  • alittlejen

    Angelina has nothing to do with this, so peeps here trying to use Angelina to excuse jennifers behavior means nothing. The picture behind the “image” is starting to emerge. You have her highschool boyfriend saying, she is not shy when it comes to men and going after them. You have her flirting with Ben A ( while paps are taking pics) Now you have her on vacation/or fling with Orlando Bloom. Jennifer is no innocent and knows what she is doing, she knows the paps are taking pics. This pr stunt seals the deal for me. Jennifer is the one who is loose, she is the one who can’t settle down. Career is first for her, image is everything. Where is the family she was on the way to starting according to in style magazine. family is the last thing on her mind, her family is her manager and her career. Her fans will defend her behavior, but she and they are hypocrites. The funny thing some of her defenders are seeing her for what she is. Her behavior since her divorce shows who she is . Is she evil? No I am sure she is a wonderful person, who happens to be career driven and will do anything to hang on to it. There is nothing wrong with that, but she should just be who she is , admit her fault and then maybe I could respect her. She lost me a long time ago as a fan, and she is starting to lose a whole lot more.

  • lets see skeletor in a bkini

    put her up aganist skeletor in a bikini and lets see who looks betta fyi for the ppl saying her dyed her hair and wear contacts hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm who in holliwood doesn’t???? have of the women on here probably have dyed their hair of wear contacts, its pointless to even say that jen’s beautiful because shes not photoshopped like jolie even in her new movies where she plays a demon (ironic huh?) the directors had to you digital imagry to get a fuller healty body out of her seriouslu have you seen her latley or have you seen her with out make up now thats a scary sight worth talking about

  • jen rocks

    love jen but i don’t think they’re dating tho they look like close friends

  • Pal

    #32 Lisa

    I don’t get why people are so mean to Jen. I think she looks great – she is in great shape and she looks very pretty. Hopefully she is having fun being single – maybe her and Orlando are together – hope so – she deserves some fun in her life.

    I think Brad and Angelina make a gorgeous couple and love them together. Never liked Brad with Jen but that doesn’t mean I hate Jen – just never thought her and Brad looked that exciting together. Not like him and Gwyneth and now him and Angie are even hotter together.

    I hope Jen finds happiness herself. I just don’t think her and Brad were suited but I certainly don’t hate her like some people do.

    I know some people are mad at her for the way she made herself look like a victim after the Brad divorce but really wouldn’t most of us be bitter for being dumped? I think she is getting over it and trying to have some fun. No reason to hate on her -I think she is a pretty lady and she is probably finally starting to have fun with her single life. She must have taken quite a blow to her self esteem when she lost Brad to Angie. Really there is no competing with Angelina – I am not surprised Brad fell for her. She is absolutely stunningly gorgeous and she seems like a very intelligent lady.
    ITAWU..I like your post Lisa..At this point everybody’s happy.

  • mary anne


  • fyi

    ok, this must be for a movie….or jenn jenn set-up a pretty sophisticated ploy i.e. it’s a matter of life and death or $$$$ she paid him to go there

    i definitely cannot see orlando bloom being interested in this klutz…she is soo boring, frumpy, and film-poison!

    while on the other-hand jenn has been trying to get her hands on orlando for quite awhile…you could see her interest in him from the grins directed his way during the troy promos with brad right there…

    she is delusional rt. and such a media whore… i really wish she would just go away

  • yolanda

    Do you mean by ’something honest’ something that is true? Why would people come after you if you say something that is true/a fact?
    I certainly wouldn’t. A fact is a fact is a fact! I wouldn’t argue with a fact. I WILL argue if I see anyone trying to pass an opinion as a fact! This is what they do on FF! Presenting opinions as facts!

    I agree with you!
    so many comments there, unfortunatelly no one can approve that the “dating between jen and orlando” is ture, just like so many rumors on jen before!

    and the people who insist on talking “jen has slept with many men” is irresponsible,that’s a huge insult to a woman!


    They’re not dating but it would be interesting though she looks good


    They’re not dating but it would be interesting though she looks good

  • linda

    this isn’t a jolie blog she plz stop the non sense, but jen looks hot can’t wait until the movie with her and affleck comes out

  • \\\

    I used to think Jennifer Aniston looked quite pretty (and this coming from a diehard Angelina Jolie fan). I watched her earlier movies Picture Perfect, Object of My Affection, The Good Girl and She’s the One and while she wasn’t Oscar material, I found her funny and cute to look at, But now I look at her in her bikini, and man, those boobs are really saggy, just as saggy as mine and I breastfed two kids! She really needs a boob lift! Otherwise, her body is still okay but once she hits 40 she may need major overhaul like Demi Moore.

  • http://yahoo Melissa

    People jelous cos angelina is happy, she looks good in a bikini. jen sucks

  • blogs

    where else is this posted on the web?
    Anyone have links they can show me?
    I only see it here.

  • anita

    love her she so funny, love him hes so english new couple??? no lol i think they’re just friends she look good jen has a killer bod shes really into healty living i love the pics of her and courtney in hawaii she body was banging

  • fyi

    please orlando say it ain’t true and run for your life!!!

    she must have tricked him to go there!

    i wish she would face the music and tryfor guys that are more in her stratosphere like vince vaughan maybe owen wilson at best but not the real cuties…she looks like a horse….some people never learn…and she use to complain that she felt insecure in the relationship w/ brad….why do you insist on scouting for the pretty boys….find another fug

  • I feel sick

    please keep aniston away for orlando. my orlando is too cute to be with an old leathery body. she needs to date someone her own age, kinda old. orlando please get out while you still can, run for your life. please date someone else. aniston is not worth it. ask kate to take you back or find penelope.

  • fyi

    orlando don’t say that you weren’t warned!

    and from tidbits orlando is suppose to be a close friend of brad

    i think that brad’s closest h-wood male friend is ed norton

  • Deb

    Way to go Jen!!!! Hahahahahhaha!!!!

  • love her

    love jen I can’t wait foe her new movie to come out either

  • go home orlando

    I lost my respect to Orlando Bloom just like that. Wha ta loser? Why don’t he man up and stay out of people personal life?

  • http://yahoo jennifer

    OB has just lost a fan. this makes me sick, i feel sick YUCK! Jen always go for toyboys. The boobs needs another boost-up jen!

  • yayy!!


  • just a one night stand’

    I’m sure this is only a ‘ONE NIGHT STAND’. Both of them are known for that. But I don’t know who got a better advantage.

  • jojo


    why be made at him yet? so far it just looks like they are there with their assistant.
    And Jared was really irresponsible to imply that he said something about Angelina when he clearly did not.

  • mia

    Jen’s not my favorite person in the world, but I’m not going to begrudge her a little fun with Orlando. And regardless of her orangeness, her body looks great.

  • jojo

    #281..who brings their manager and mutal friend along for a one night stand? Seems like 3 -or in this case 4or5 is a crowd.
    there is a group of people there not just those 2.

  • http://yahoo jenifer

    Her body is alright but the tummy and boobs are not ok, maybe its the arbotion she had when she was 14. Will see what happens it looks like her image is coming out. shes just becoming aman everyday. What happened to the brunnet haired jennifer with brown eyes? I think the arbotion has an impact on her thats why she never wants kids.

  • Tina

    Whether people wanna believe it or not, I think it’s kinda clear what both Jen and Brad wanted for their future. Brad wanted to be a family man and he went out and sought that out for himself. Jen seems like she wanted to do movies and be single girl for a while. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with knowing what you want and going after it.

  • sam

    Maniston Gets In Bloom
    Filed under: Jennifer Aniston > Orlando Bloom

    Uh oh! This is not good.

    Jennifer Aniston was spotted vacationing in Mexico this past weekend with none other than Orlando Bloom.

    Hopefully they’re just “friends.”

    Do we ever believe that excuse????


  • http://yahoo MIKE

    Saggy boobs

  • no way

    I’m not a fan of Orlando but a fan of Johnny Depp.

    Jennifer should start acting like her age. There is nothing new and impressive that she does. — It’s still about acting, hooking up with whoever and showing her body. Huvane is not smart. She’s wasting her money paying him for same ol’ same same ol’ pr. She should grow up and make her own decisions like sharing her millions to poor people everywhere. It’s all about her for herself, and that’s the very reason why she didn’t give Pitt a child. She is the homewrecker of her marriage to Pitt, not him or Jolie. She is not a giving person.

  • too bad

    what is with this guy and older chicks?

    I mean hes not a bad looking what gives?

  • http://yahoo SAGGY 83 YEAR OLD BOOBS

    what???????????????????????????????????????????? OH NO ITS OB, HER NEXT VICTIM! SHE WANT TO TEACH HER HOW TO BECOME A WITCH

  • http://yahoo MIKE

    RUN ORLANDO RUN ORLANDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rita

    Jen seems to be joining the likes of Drew and Cameron, swapping spit with different guys ever so often.

  • sam

    On the beach with Three Whiskers?
    No confirmation if they were actually “together” but Jennifer Aniston spent the weekend doing what she does best – sunning herself at a resort in Mexico and Orly Bloom happened to be there as well.

    Jen and Orly hooking up?

    If so, it’s a brilliant pairing. Jen of course is a sensitive one. Jen needs to talk, Jen loves to cry. And Orlando is most definitely the kind of boy who needs and loves to cry after sex. The kind of boy who will look at you postcoital with tears dotting his long lashes and ask to be held. The kind of boy who, just when you’re about to fall asleep, will feel the need to break down your likes and dislikes, and whether or not it was as beautiful for you as it was for him.

    Amazing coupling. Love, love, love. And hope, hope, hope their weekend rendezvous was more than just coincidence.

  • Sasha

    I see Maniston took my advice earlier when she went on vacation with Courtney.
    I made a comments that she need to take more vacation on her on so that she could meet men but not orlando.
    Lady you really need a reality check…. for real.
    I wonder what Orlando girl friend will be saying next… or what the weekly trash papers will have to say about this old hag stealing a young lady’s man from her……..

    AJ and BP fans lets wait and enjoy this one….because we all know its pay back time for Fog Face and her agents.
    This is going to be all over the news and I hope they dont include AJ or BP in this shit…

  • chin’s a dog

    wake me up when the media stops caring about this insipid b*tch.

  • She is average body wise !

    I don’t understand why people tend to rave about her body. It is not all that. I never heard any raving about it in here. Where I come from, those types of bodies are the average common denominator. Most women her age and older have that type of bodies without the cash to maintain it and it is considered average body.

    I mean, she is not Halle Berry whose body is internationally acclaimed. Hell she is not long legged Sharon Stone or Michelle Pfeiffer with their stunning looks and banging bodies, both 11 years older !

    She hasn’t got a single body feature that is really out of the average looking type, but she is healthy that’s for sure.

    She doesn’t have long leanly muscular legs à la Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Amerie, Robin Givens, Nicole Kidman or Charlize Theron, or Maria Sharapova and other tenniswomen. She doesn’t have an hour glass shaped type of body à la Beyonce or Halle Berry. She is not known to have the booty asset à la Beyonce, Vida Guerra, Jessica or JLO, the great arms à la Kelly Rollands and the boobs à la Halle Berry and others, no six pack, flat tummy à la Janet Jackson, Kelly Rowland, Beyonce, JLO.

    So how come that average looking woman, and I mean really average in european terms is raved for her body type when other petite well defined ones are not and older chicks or from her generation (Sharon, Michelle, Catherine Zeta, Elizabeth Hurley, Nicole, Halle, Elle Mac Pherson, to name a few) are not ? I mean, look at Kylie Minogue ! Petite and yet, long leanly, well shaped legs, small waist, overall very shapely behind and overall very feminine physique and yet, her body is not mentioned over and over again as the ultimate like Jennifer whose bodytype is seen every day on the street in here… Many girls and women her age, especially in Holland, Belgium, Chech Republic and Germany are even taller, leaner with long well defined legs and flat tummy !

  • \\\

    293 Rita : 10/01/2007 at 10:26 am
    Jen seems to be joining the likes of Drew and Cameron, swapping spit with different guys ever so often.
    I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with this, they are single women, after all … but then don’t call other women who may have done the same thing before their committed relationship a bltch or a slvt. What should be good for a goose should be good for all geese!