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Kingston Rossdale is a Burberry Baby

Kingston Rossdale is a Burberry Baby

Gwen Stefani (in Jeremy Loves Ksubi “Uzi” jeans) and rocker hubby Gavin Rossdale arrive at London’s Heathrow airport and catch a flight to Ireland with 16-month-old son Kingston as The Harajuku Girl continues the European leg of her concert tour. (Gwen has a show in Dublin at Simmondscourt on Tuesday night.)

Doting daddy Gavin carried pacifier-sucking Kingston until he wanted mama Gwen to carry him. Kingston also looked adorable wearing a Burberry buttondown. And he even waved to paparazzi!

Check out this performance of Gwen performing “Now That You Got It” on UK’s Ant & Dec on Saturday night. Be sure to watch the end with the reggae mix!

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  • Yily

    so cute.

  • quiet no more

    kingston should date shiloh when theyre older

  • BBperfume

    I love this family. They are natural and their commitment to each other is obvious without any extra effort or exagerrated PDA, unlike the Beckhams who try hard to play in love, and has no chemistry with their own kids when they’re seen out together. I think the BAMPZS lok to try hard..

  • madeleine

    kingston is so so adorable

  • T

    Why is he so perfect!

  • verdad


  • jamie

    Love them, thanks as always Jared. You’re always first! ;)

  • awwww

    ONLY Gwen could pull off those crazy houndstooth pants……………….yeooowza!!! Looking good though – all of them – as usual!

  • carla

    i love gwen. i love kingston. yay gavin :)

  • Shelly

    Non mi piacciono!!!

  • tara

    he’s even wearing gwen’s line of LAMB baby shoes! free merch

  • MonkeyShines

    The kid is cute but her disgusting conspicuous consumption on a small child is inexcusable. Why does the kid need a burberry shirt when a Carter’s shirt would be just as cute and durable. She just like to show that she has excessive amounts of money to waste. I refuse to buy anything designed by or supported by this woman or her husband in anyway because apparently what they’re teaching they’re child is love of money and things. She’s so disgustingly materialistic she’ll probably sell the rights to her naming her next child to LVMH.

    Geez, Madonna was like freakin Mother Theresa with Lourdes and designers (when Lourdes was Kingston’s age) compared to Gwen. Yeah Madge got clothes from designers but Lourdes didn’t wear labels out until she was older and even now Lourdes is an independent dresser -wearing leotards and bluejean minis without labels around NY and London. And Rocco and the spiderman t-shirts from Target.

  • Sevenover

    While absolutely adorable, that child is entirely too old for a pacifier.

  • b.

    Gwen is such a beautyful girl and her son is really cute

  • truthislight

    I agree with you monkeyshines. Anyone who would waste money on a burberry shirt or a valentino bag for a toddler has more money than sense.

  • Jess

    Kingston and Shiloh! Lmfao… You’re wrong Truthislight. There is nothing wrong with indulging a little bit in things, it doesn’t mean you don’t have sense. You don’t have to save everything in life.

    I mean c’mon, loosen up.

  • truthislight

    I was just joking actually :)

  • angie

    totally agree with #16, jess.

  • icelips

    Famke Janssen and her dog Licorice go for a walk in New York City

  • icelips
  • Hulla

    “Why does the kid need a burberry shirt when a Carter’s shirt would be just as cute and durable. ”

    Why do grown-up need label clothes when cheaper clothes would be just as durable?

    They have the money, they spend the money…

  • crazy_v

    lol @ # 2. They’re too young to be paired up. But who knows? Kingston is sooooooo verrrrry cuuuuute!

  • Mika

    That kid doesn’t know he’s wearing a burberry shirt. To him it’s just clothing. I doubt that Gwen will ever have to worry about money and that boy is going to grow up in a totally different environment than most of us. Like it or not, Gwen is very successful and has worked her ass off for it. If she wants to put a burberry shirt on her kid, more power to her.

  • justforfun

    He’s definately bright looking, which is always a plus

  • r26 phil

    gwen is the most amazing person.she seems to be a great parent as does gavin.she is also great to her fans and down to earth for someone as successful.yes, she has lots of cash but anyone who sees her in concert knows that she deserves every penny of it.

  • sheryl

    What the heck is wrong with a kid wearing a Burberry shirt? I know people who are not celebs who dress their kids this way. I don’t see designer stuff on him in every picture. I’ve seen pics of Suri in Burberry. Heck, my daughter has a Burberry purse and billfold. With this woman, at least the pacifier is in the kid’s mouth and not HERS (i.e., Ms. Britney)…so I give her props for being a great mom!

  • Regina

    In the UK, wearing burberry would be an awful but Gwen knows how to dress her child and makes it look great.


    He looks sharp! I’m ready for that pacifier to hit the road.

  • Maggie

    It’s nice to see this couple totally enjoying their child. Great parents.

  • Peachy

    I agree with MonkeyShines. I HATE to see little kids having their parents “style” and obsession with hip clothes and labels forced onto them at such an early age.
    Dress a kid in something from baby gap stuff, that stuff is cute and nice.
    Kingston needs to look like a little kid and not some adult mini Gwen.
    I think it’s low class and ghetto, frankly.
    I see it in my neighborhood, parents trying to prove something, putting 200 dollar athletic shoes on little kids and desginer clothes.
    It’s like someone wanted a babydoll instead of a baby.
    Just another accessory.

  • Peachy


    Forget Kingston and Shiloh. Th way Gwen is force feeding this little kid her fashion and her style, he’s definitely going to be more interested in men when he’s older.

  • movie fan

    LOL!! Some people are jealous that Gwen can afford Burberry? Too bad, so sad!

    Burberry is good clothing, and will be durable for a child, too. If you can afford it, you put the best you can on your kids. She donates to charity, so eventually, someone like you who can’t afford it will have it on your kids!

    Can’t believe someone is so ignorant as to think that if you put clothes with designer labels on a child who doesn’t even know the difference, it will make him gay! Stupid people like that shouldn’t be allowed to breed and perpetuate their ignorance into another generation.

  • Estelle

    Peachy I think the clothes from baby gap are not cute at all so it’s all a matter of opinion. And to everyone complaining that she wastes her money, she probably didn’t even buy the shirt. Celebrities get stuff given to them all the time especially when they have kids.

    I wouldn’t spend that much money on a kid’s shirt if I were rich but if a designer gave me the shirt why wouldn’t a have my kid wear it?

  • Angel

    Its a CHAV BABY!

  • Fug Face Man!ston

    kingston’s fresh 2 death… unlike certain other homely salvation army kids.

  • quiet no more

    its funny… if you make millions of dollars Burberry=Gap in your world.

    the idea of clothing and style is completely different than with people who have smaller incomes… so the mini valentino bag ala Zahara was probably bought simply because she wanted to match mommy… and Kingston’s Burberry shirt was bought or put on because Gwen thought he looked handsome, not because she was trying to show off how much money she has because we all know she has money .

  • Tealeaf

    He would be a good boyfriend for Shiloh..

  • Bonny

    i was at that taping of the ant and dec show and it was amazing! so good and just awesome being there! it was awesome, esp the unexpected reaggea part of it!

    and kingston is damn cute! and the pacifier: the kid is on tour all the time with his awesome mom, its just a thing that comforts him, in his hectic world, which it is for a kid his age!

    and the burberry: i rather see kingston wear this shirt or gwens own harajuku lovers or some sample lamb stuff then seeing him dressed up in the ugglyness britney puts on her kids! they have the money, so they spend it! come on… ur ignorant if you say you woudnt if you had the money ur own!

  • estelle

    12 MonkeyShines : 10/01/2007 at 4:53 am
    15 truthislight : 10/01/2007 at 6:54 am

    I guess because you are poorer and can’t afford designer clothes that makes you better than Gwen, huh? I guess you have more morals and are kind and good to everybody. Why do they make designer baby clothes? For rich people who can afford to buy them. Someone is buying them! I wish people would stop being jealous of this woman and hating her just because she loves fashion and shopping. What would you expect her to do? Half of you DON’T have a lot of money, but you can’t stop spending yourselves. You buy what you want to buy and are in debt. Gwen is not poor like you. She’s a mega-rich, successful singer. What is money for if you can’t enjoy it? I’m glad she’s dressing that kid up instead of having him look like he’s homeless. I hope you are not comparing Gwen to Angelina Jolie. Gwen is not Angelina. They have different priorities and a much different lifestyle. I admire Gwen. She has a modern fairytale life if you ask me. She found her handsome dream guy and now they have a beautiful son together and don’t have any problems with marriage.

  • jamie

    Kingston has a ton of baby gap and they even shop at OUTLETS. It’s NOT Gwen that shops for him…Gavin LOVES to put designer duds on him. So take it up with Gavin, not Gwen.

    How many times do people have to understand that designer clothes are not expensive to celebrities…it goes with the income, people!!

  • Liz

    I think it’s so totally cool that Gwen, Gavin, and Kingston don’t have to freakin’ give a shit what anyone thinks about their style! So cry all over your lame little keyboard! This is a classy couple who obviously love their child, and he’s fortunate to have them.

    If it was a Burberry brand shirt without the Burberry print, you wouldn’t even know the flippin’ difference! So get over it!!

  • Rachel

    Gwen had a concert in belfast last night, I was there.

  • yoyo63

    is Gavin Bisexual??@@ I remember I read an article said he is

  • elena

    i love the sweet comments on this page,although hate to see how some people can be so so jealous,i think that wearin burberry is hot,if u can afford it its great and if not thats ok too.i see it this way if u will be happy for someone it will walways return come back to u…..thats why love everyone like yourself.

  • N.c.

    Kingston is so freakin cute! Obviously some people on here are alittle uptight because theyve been shopping at Savers thier whole lives! Why do you care if she dresses him in a burberry shirt? Jelousy? Shes worked hard for her money and if she wants her kid to have the best whats wrong with that? She can afford to do it and she does. My son has pricey clothes and I dress him like that cuz i want to and can, so what?