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Minka Kelly: John Mayer's New Girlfriend

Minka Kelly: John Mayer's New Girlfriend

John Mayer shows off his latest catch while out and about Los Angeles on Saturday — hot new girlfriend actress Minka Kelly!

Minka stars in the NBC not-so-hit show Friday Night Lights as Lyla Garrity, the picture perfect cheerleader who seemingly has it all.

Mayer, 29, and Minka, 27, went shopping together, held hands, took pictures of themselves and laughed a whole lot during their date. The couple even kissed while waiting at a stoplight.

10+ pictures inside of Mayer and Minka looking like quite the happy couple…

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Photos: SC/BB/Flynetonline
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  • Rach

    voll die süßen

  • shoes4life

    He looks so much happier with her than he did Jessica.

  • Tallchic

    They look really cute together! I’m so glad he dumped that airheaded, transvestite looking chick. J.S.

  • kellygrrrl

    He could (and has) done worse.

  • ca

    They look good together.

  • Regina

    Ugly name.

  • RAYG

    its such a trip 2 c him lookin MUCH MORE HAPPIER with Minka, than he did with Jessica!!!! WOW !!! He looks more at ease than I can ever remember him lookin !!!!

  • watch

    They look like they enjoy each others company. Good for them!

    Look for pics soon of Jessica with some new guy. She can’t stand not being the center of attention.

  • bee

    john needs all the attention he can get so this is the only way he knows how he uses the girls for media attention! get real he’s playing a disgusting game with peoples feelings!

  • bee

    he’s trying to get jessica jealous cause she wont go back with him!

  • http://justjared fighter

    what happened cameron diaz??woow they are really fast

  • tatum

    they are such a great match
    what a hot couple

  • Katie N

    Glad to see this man escaped Jessica and found some happiness. Unhappiness befall young men in Jessica’s life as she never learn to let go of her dad and vice versa.

  • Tealeaf

    MUCH better then tranny Simpson..

  • Annie

    Cute couple. She suits him so much better than that bimbo Jessica Simpson.

  • balls

    shes desperate. from donald faison, to chris evans. anything to try to get her career going. hes just as desperate as her.

  • aMANDA

    They Look So Cute!

  • DJ

    I too wonder if she’s using him for publicity.

  • gina

    I smell unknown actress + media whore musician = Minka gets publicity. She tried to do it with Chris Evans and nobody cared as well as her co star Taylor Kitch, and before that was Donald Faison. She’s a star&*cker wrapped up in this cutsie package so you dont expect it.

  • DJ

    Gina, if that’s the case I hope John wises up soon.

  • gina

    he doesnt care. hes a dude getting laid :)

  • jared

    Why dont you pull up some pics of her with Donald? Or an articla about her sucking face with Chris Evans a month ago. Lets see this girls history.


    good for him…cameron’s too old for him and jessica is just prima donna!!!!

  • hoya

    He doesn’t care if she’s using him for publicity…he knows the game, likes the way she looks and is getting laid. She’s a gorgeous, gorgeous girl and he knows that they’ll get some press together.

  • jared

    Very True. two people using each other. The beauty of Hollywood. Nothing is real.

  • abby

    I love Friday Night Lights.

  • benji

    Never seen it. Looks lame

  • Cynthia

    Honestly he could have done better. In my opinion she’s not prettier than Jessica. In some tabloid mag, Jess and John got together on September 9,. Their reunion was short lived because she doesn’t want a relationship with him anymore like that.

  • dddarl

    He’s so Hollywood now. Kinda sad, really. But he still rocks. He gives an amazing concert.

  • Shari

    He is very fake like the rest of hollywood, if he every was real-I don’t think he every was.
    While he is kissing hollywood’s a$$ he should go buy some songs and music so he does not turn out another cr@p album like the last one. About time he grew some b@lls and stop acting like a stupid jerk not owning up to his relationship.
    Now he is running all over the media leaking his business on every board. Hey Jessica, John is really showing you and your dad his rear-end to kiss. Thats two men who are done with you and your nasty family and most of the public like her much better. I’m still not going to watch Minka show. lol

  • Deb

    Sorry but his last album rocked.

  • http://justjared Momma

    She is a cute girl, I hope this one lasts for him.

  • TG

    He looks sooo much happier and relaxed than he was with Jess. In pics of him and Jess, he hardly ever smiled, and hardly ever held hands either. You could tell he seemed half embarrased to be seen with her. I don’t know much about Minka, and have never watched Fri Night Lights, but these two look good together. I think he’s just friends with Cameron, or they just had a fling.
    As for Jess, good luck to any guy who falls for her. She is very high maintanence and loves attention too much.

  • kira

    Yes, he does look happier and they are “walking in step”….good sign!

    Jessica Simpson will find someone that is more suited to her personality.

  • goldend

    girl needs to be careful HE LIKES IT IN THE BUTT!! unless she’s into that, I guess.

  • benji

    She has a huge ass so its perfect. Look at those thighs

  • Ann

    Showmance alert!!!!!!!!Showmance alert!!!!!!!!!Showmance!!!!!!!!!
    Funny John and his paid people are really trying to put this out in the media, alerting the paps to everywhere they show up.
    We now know he is up to something. Now that Jessica is not flashing up in the media, I hope he can drop out of hollywood as well. Soon we will be sick of this new one to.

  • Megan

    oh yah tall chic! i love john mayer! like i said in previous comments jess is a piece of fake ass! that is all she will ever be! she is stupid and john is soooooo smart! we will see where this minka goes in this relationship!

  • Megan

    yur a bitch shari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u dont even know him! so he likes pretty girls! every single straight man on earth does! he dosent leak his business, pieces of crap like u do! and most people hate jessica! they all like john mayer!he is good and u r horrible so keep your crap to yourself ass whole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heather

    I don’t think she’s a starf*cker nor does she run around sticking her tongue down men’s throat. I believe she had a relationship with Donald Faison for quite some time and broke up before she was in FNL. And her and Taylor’s character had a pretty steamy affair on the show. Whatever, they look cute together…but he’s kind of a manwhore so we’ll see.

  • Megan

    yeah he is kinda a manwhore! hey he’s a guy! he cant help it! i definetly like this girl better though!

  • jennifer

    john mayer is such a player. he has f’cked everyone. I can’t believe anyone in their right mind would actually go out with him. he is going to break up with this girl in like 2 weeks.

  • Mary

    Long as he is getting attention he will stay with her it’s all about publicity. John Mayer seems to be the biggest Manwh*re that has come along in a long time. Minka is going to find out what not so smart JS just found out that he is garbage. He is as big of a publicity wh*re as JS was, now I think he can teach JS a few tricks. Like how to play his female fans and the gay guys.
    How to hype your career up with paid workers posting for you.
    Papa Joe met his match John topped him.

  • Nell

    I thought she was with Taylor Kitsch? :(

  • Ginger

    Wow… JOhn Mayer is actually smiling? I haven’t seen him smile in like three years!!!!

  • Pat

    I can see so much bull in here. I guess you paid staff forgot you released pictures of him happy and smiling on the beach.
    You people got short memorries. Mayer is a drama queen.
    How many more showmances will he set up.

  • Lindsay

    He breaks her heart, and I’ll be breaking his arms and legs

  • Bonti

    “He looks sooo much happier and relaxed”
    “Wow… JOhn Mayer is actually smiling”
    I guess you guys was absent and missed meeting were the Jessica and John happy on the beach pics leaked. They were happy and in love then, so the 3 years thing no so much.
    Seems to be one person in common with both of these leaks and thats John. Jessica must not have been getting him enough media attention and he traded her out for this one.
    Deb if his last album rocked why did he drop it like a rock?
    One little video then nothing, that thing was a flop. Just like now he screwed around and did not put hard work into it.
    Sounds like a repeate, but who cares so done with that jerk.

  • alex

    i hate her for that, but are cute! wondering too if shes using him for publicity, but it seems like its not so…

    to say it with german words…

    sie sind echt süss zusammen – eifersüchtig bin ich trotzdem :( *g*

  • alex

    furthermore her name is like a name of a cat… the cat of my grandma is named minka..hahahaaaaa