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The Office: Money Money Money!

The Office: Money Money Money!

Check out new The Office stills from episodes “Money” and “Launch Party.”! Here’s are the synopses:

Launch Party: The Dunder Mifflin Infinity website is launching and Michael is excited about going to the big launch party in New York while Angela plans a satellite party for the Scranton branch. Meanwhile, Dwight competes against the website to see who can sell the most paper in one day. Airs Thursday, Oct. 11 @ 9-10PM ET/PT on NBC.

Money: As Jan renovates the condo, Michael confronts his growing debt every way he can, which includes pressuring his employees for a loan. Pam and Jim spend a night out on Dwight’s family farm, now a bed and breakfast. Airs Thursday, Oct. 18 @ 9-10PM ET/PT on NBC.

“Money” looks like it’s going to be a classic episode. And look, JAM brings home the bacon!!

The first 12 pictures are from “Money” and the other eight are from “Launch Party.”

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01 the office money
02 the office money
03 the office money
04 the office money
05 the office money
06 the office money
07 the office money
08 the office money
09 the office money
10 the office money
11 the office money
12 the office money
the office launch party 01
the office launch party 02
the office launch party 03
the office launch party 04
the office launch party 05
the office launch party 06
the office launch party 07
the office launch party 08

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  • sorano916

    Thanks so much! Y’all rock! And so fast, too. ;) (TWSS)

  • pinkninjafish

    JJ YOU ROCK! love these pictures! OFFICE RULES

  • Natalie

    I know a lot of people like them but I cannot STAND the pairing of Jim & Pam. I like Jim individually but I think Jam is boring as hell.

    Where is Ryan? Where is Kelly? They were a funny couple.

  • lisa

    thank you for these! :D
    it’s soooo sweet to see jam together, and they dont have to hide it anymore or be with anyone else.
    ugh, love

  • LisaHoo

    Thanks for being so quick to post these. I cannot WAIT for these episodes!

  • Ajumapower

    Pam, you can do better than Jim!!!

  • Ashley

    OMG Thanks JJ!! JAM forever!

  • nicki


  • Denni

    You all are crazy- JAM is the best part of this show and I love that they are together!

  • Mandy

    LMAO at the plates of bacon and bowl of eggs picture. I can’t wait for these episodes. Pam and Jim are adorable together.

  • ney


  • Nina

    i see a dwight-angela-andy love triangle! haha yes!

  • srah


  • Rachel

    yay!! I love John & Jenna! Thanks for posting! :D

  • seth

    Where’s Karen… is she done?

  • KIMBERLY reuter


  • Grace


    And yeah Seth, she left the office, Jim explained that last week.

  • jam

    eek jim and pam! i love..

  • ef

    what are jim and pam doing??

  • barajam

    Wow, my guess is that Pam and Jim thought they could use a nice romantic weekend at a B&B…but then it all goes to Schrute! ;)

  • Kels

    Thank you!! I love all the Jam goodness.

  • beeswax, not yours, inc.

    dwight-angela-andy love triangle is a HUGE possibility.
    jim and pam spend a day at dwight’s bed and breakfast, co owning with satan?!?! (or..mose…)


  • Jordan

    I have a question… the very last picture of Dwight on the bottem right, he has a beard… Has he always had a beard or is this the new Dwight?

  • robyn

    Im so excited about jim and pam! Anyone who is not has problems! And i think there is gonna be a hot romance between Andy and Angela! And dwight will go crazy with jealousy! Love it!

  • jenna fischer

    The new season of the office is gonna kick ass! Nice post bro, keep up the good work.

  • pampong

    You know what, I think Dwight started to grow a beard because he wants to be like Ryan.

  • Tiffany

    Im going to have to disagree on the beard thing..Im pretty sure he grew his beard bc hes so upset about Angela dumping him he hasnt been taking care of himself…AND I LOVE JIM AND PAM TOGETHER! theyre so adorable!!

  • emily

    ok so about the whole dwight beard thing. at first i thought it was maybe because he was trying to be like ryan. but what struck me was that he wasn’t talking about how he wishes he was like ryan in the last episode, it was andy and kevin who were. so if it was for that reason i could see one of them growing a beard and not dwight. after season the second episode i think that dwight having a beard is maybe supposed to show that he is ‘letting himself go’ after being given the boot by angela. he’s probably really miserable right now. but who knows. those are just my thoughts on the subject.

    And now JAM :) wow i actually didn’t think there were any fans of the office who didn’t like JAM. oh well everyone has a right to their own opinion. Anyways, i am so happy they are together especially after last season of jim and karen. i also have to add that i loved loved loved the little things the writers were slipping in the script as a way to communicate with the fans. the whole “is the magic gone?” thing between JAM last night was funny because the writers are assuring us that the ‘magic’ won’t be gone now that they are finally together. and i am really looking forward to the schrute farm episode. looks hella funny.

    ok and back to JAM again (i’m slightly obsessed) i think the writers are being very smart in taking the JAM storyline slowly and not being very open with lots of PDA. as much as i would love to see a JAM makeout scene and and ILY i think it’s good the writers are slowing it down as it leaves time for all of that which ensures they are in it for the long haul.

    And onto the angela/dwight/andy thing. yeah i can see a angela and andy thing happening and i can only imagine how dwight is going to react. i’m sure it will be funny and sweet at the same time. the second episode was actually the first time i saw the dwangela pairing in a sweet way. i had previously seen it a kinda weird/creepy but very funny.

    And when it comes to Ryan and Kelly—i want them back together! I was so shocked to see Ryan ask Pam out. (and i loved the wave from jim and his line in the TH after ;)). ryan and kelly are the most hilarious couple. i can see them getting back together after ryan gets off his high horse. he is pretty high on himself right now so when and if he comes back down to earth i can see him giving in and getting back together with kelly.

    So that’s all for me :)
    And to think i thought i was only going to write a few lines.
    Thanks for bearing through all of this :P

  • beetfarms

    That’s super sad about Dwight letting himself go over Angela. And although I’m expecting a Angela/Andy relationship I really don’t want that. It’d be kind of sweet if it was all open though and anytime Angela saw Dwight she would start laughing with Andy and stuff, though that seems really unlikely for her character. But I also noticed in some of those bearded Dwight pics he looks extremely sad! I wouldn’t be surprised if he was like staring at Angela in those scenes, cause his face is almost heartbreaking in the last one!

    A theory I have is maybe Jim and Pam agree to go to Dwight’s farm because they figure out that he and Angela broke up. That wouldn’t surprise me. That episode definitly looks like it’s gonna be a classic though, can’t wait til it airs!

    Ha, instead of being a big JAM fan like most people I’m a huge Dwangela fan! I can’t believe you just now found them to be sweet because I’ve always thought they were like perfect together! Gosh they are one of my biggest reasons for watching the show! I don’t think they have a creepy/weird relationship either, like the dinner scene last ep, it didn’t seem like they were that strange and weird together haha. I bet Angela just always indulged Dwight in his strange interests haha. I love them together so much! Is that weird? (probably)

  • Stephanie

    I started watching this show actually right after Christmas, NBC was showing the Benihana episode and to say the least I fell in love. I never understood why people said they loved The Office until that point. Now I am officially hooked.

    I have to admit I am very happy I did not start watching earlier because if I had to watch Season 3 each week, I would just die. I happen to be a huge fam of Jam and Season 3 was just heartbreaking.
    Season 4 has turned out to be great. It has every aspect love, heart break and laughter. This is what makes this show so great.

    Since I absolutely love Jam I will save them until last. So Dwight and Angela were great. There relationship was very funny and cute as beetfarm says. My only problem is that if my boyfriend killed my cat it would be over for me to. As sad as it may be, it would need to end. So I am really interested to see where this Ryan and Angela relationship heads. As Pam said they would be a great couple… lol.

    For all of the Jam fans out there, Season 4 rocks. There are just no words. When Jim said he “is in love with Italian food” I just lost it. I am also very happy with the air time Jam is receiving. They do not take up the whole episode and there is not too much PDA. Which makes every moment they are together more worthwhile and it risks over exposure. The only thing that I hope is that the writers do not break then up anytime soon.

    Please please please have the writers strike end, so we can get some new episodes.

  • Stephanie

    Oh and I just watched some Season 3 episodes. All I have to say is that I miss the old Ryan. Ryan and Kelly all the way!