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Anna Nicole Smith Vomiting

Anna Nicole Smith Vomiting

This photo is of Anna Nicole Smith, allegedly dead. Looking at the strain in her neck, it looks like she’s trying to keep her head up, so she’s probably not quite dead. It could be one of her overdoses and why someone photographed it, is beyond me. Anna Nicole has what appears to be vomit around her mouth and is supposedly laying in her bed in the Bahamas.

If you want to see the very disturbing photo, click inside. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


Click the thumbnail below for a bigger picture…

R.I.P. Anna Nicole Smith

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  • Orange Clockwork

    Oh No She Didn’t!

  • Maria

    Oh Anna. RIP.

  • anna

    jared..seriously..where did you get this photo??

  • Ally


  • Jennifer

    that is crazy

  • Emmi

    perhaps it was photoshopd

  • Marie

    thats crazy….for that picture to even be floating around the net…RIP Anna!

  • loveme

    omg wow i’m stunned

  • marie


  • Are you sure?

    how do you know this wasn’t taken BEFORE she past away?:S Lol kinda stupid..

  • To jared

    Jared – is this you. I have my doubts but

    Can you please delete this post. It is NOT entertainment at all.

    Have some respect for this woman.

  • angie

    This is a very offensive post and very disrespectful of the departed…I’m highly disappointed…very poor taste.

  • estrella

    oh my gooddddddddd

  • meemee

    this is offensive!

  • Cherie

    How lacking integrity for that nasty pic to be posted on this site. I always considered JJ to be a cut above the others.

  • erin


  • igotyou

    I heard this is a pic from when she OD’d in the Bahamas – sad to say the least that someone would take a photo of someone dying or have an overdose *shakes head*

  • LuĂ­sa

    Who is her?

  • http://JUSTJARED MAD

    i think this is foul play.

  • maria

    ha ha i remember nights like that.

  • Jon

    I never thought jared would post anything like this i lost all respect for you jared.

  • Jill loves to hate

    Britney in 2 yrs.

  • monika505


  • zefron luver



  • Alessandra

    OMG Jesus,,,,

  • monika505

    Thats digusted to me.. jared, you shouldnt put it on.

  • ShimmeringDew

    Umm she was found on the floor so i cant see this being the one of her being dead…? this must be an old one of some other time.

  • KirsTEN

    Oh Thats So Sad R.I.P Anna Nicole Smith

  • Kate

    that isn’t from the Hard Rock
    I like in Ft.Laud and have stayed the night there before
    and that isn’t the bed doesn’t fit the “decor”

    so more likely than not its photoshopped

  • Brittany

    Why are you bashing Jared? So what. god.

  • Not Impressed

    I am more than disgusted and offended by this. She’s dead, why can’t she rest in peace?

  • Kimmie

    I wouldn’t even look at the photo after reading everything that was posted about it. I dont know why people have to post pictures of this nature on the net. I mean have alitte tact and respect for a woman that is no longer with us. I never cared for her much but, think about the fact that one day her daughter might see a photo of this and think bad things about her Mother. It is TACKY Jared. Get a life.

  • Idlemess

    Jared I know that is your “genre” to post what you think might make news or get attention, but this kind of thing does not need to be on here.
    Anna Nicole for all she had done or had been is dead and should be respected for her own humanity. RIP Anna.

    Most of us implore for you to take it down Jared.

  • Jen

    this is so unlike you Jared.
    the woman is dead, and omg. i cant believe you even
    posted this.

    RIP Anna!

  • Idlemess

    I read the set up and then the remarks and I did not even open the picture up. It felt eerie to see something like that, after all we all knew or heard how she past away. Did we need to see the after effects too. Who knows what this person thought when they took the picture

  • Jennifer H. in Calgary

    Looks photo-shopped to me, but if it is authentic I think this photo needs to be seen. It is disturbing and upsetting, but it’s real. We’ve all seen pictures of her on the red carpet, smiling and looking perfect on the outside. Maybe if younger people saw what drug addiction does to a person and what junkies like Anna Nicole Smith are reduced to, maybe that would take away the glamour associated with that life style.

  • sheryl

    I refuse to look at the photo. This is pretty tacky.

  • Drea

    Oh come on, just because she’s dead now she’s a saint!? :P Whatever…

  • Liz

    Ok seriously this kind of stuff should not be posted…can people please start respecting the fact that she is dead!!!! Fuck stop messing with this girl!!!!!!

  • sybil

    Jared warned you all, so why did you all choose to look?

  • Pandora

    Indeed it is very tacky, Jared. And as those before me have expressed, it is quite unlike you to post such material. Why not leave it to the low track sites? Morbid curiosity indicates a certain pathology I don’t subscribe to so I did not open the pic based on your commentary.

    Set some standards and take it down.

  • ME

    This isn’t looks like she had been eating something very sloppy.

  • sheryl

    Who said she was a saint? Just because she wasn’t means she can’t be respected? This type of mindset is very troubling.

  • Don’t hate me cause you ain’t me..

    This is Just Jared!! He can post whatever he wants.. If you don’t like it, go make up your own site. hahhaha. GOOD LUCK!!

    Its really gross, but it is a graphic display of what Anna Nicole’s life was supposedly like.. Whats more disturbing than the image, is that someone took the picture of her like that, instead of helping her..

    This will happen to Britney.. Frankly, I can’t wait.. I’m like a child waiting for Christimas Day.. hehehe

  • alex

    Jared is SICK in the head

  • ME

    shimmering dew…
    Ummm she was NOT found on the floor..where do you get your information from? She died in the bed..they even made a big deal about it, because you can’t do CPR (or shouldn’t) in a bed because you need a flat surface to do the compressions…only when the bodygaurd showed up, (after a suppose to be nurse had been doing CPR for 15 minutes) did she get pulled to the floor so he could perform CPR on a hard surface because the bed was too springy.

  • lki

    Im sure the one that found her (one of her employes) would have cleaned her mouth b4 the ambulance and other people got there!!!

  • Just my opinion

    I doubt if she is dead in this pic. Looks like she was in some sort of stupor and threw up(maybe while asleep) Yuck! For all of you who are critisizing Jared. In all fareness he did warn that the picture is graphic. So why’d you click to see the reavealing one?

  • ze

    poor anna! May her soul rest in peace.

  • http://justjared !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This has to be one of the saddess days of my life. This women is deceased. Why expose her like that? To sad!