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Britney Spears Pays a Visit to the DMV

Britney Spears Pays a Visit to the DMV

Britney Spears is on the road to recovery, taking her very first step by getting her California State License (she’s been driving without one for years).

X17 snapped photos of the pop princess as she entered and left the DMV, just hours after handing off her two songs to K-Fed‘s bodyguard (she lost custody of her kids earlier today). She took her written test and posed for her license photo. Her great weave is going to live on forever!

Congrats Brit Brit on your license!

Also scope out this video of Britney rolling out of Peninsula Hotel (it’s where she checked in after giving up her kids to K-Fed). Two photographers get into a fight and Britney laughs her socks off.

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  • Jennie

    i kind of want to see the rest of her outfit, from the top it looks cute. but i hope she got her california drivers license.

  • ?

    Britney’s All Smiles
    Filed under: Britney Spears

    Troubles? What troubles?

    Monday was a day just like any other for Britney Spears.

    After the frequent and habitual user of drugs lost custody of her kids, she checked in to the Peninsula.

    As she made her way into the hotel, two paparazzi got into a fight. Brit Brit found that incredibly amusing (or maybe she was high) and was all giggly and shit.

  • anon

    ehh. doesn’t even show any emotion of her boys. she is the #1 mom in the world today!

  • Julz

    hope she will be well soon.

  • lousy mom judge making her do it

    What Really Matters
    You’re Britney Spears and you’ve just lost custody of your kids. What do you do?
    You go tanning!
    Monday afternoon, after surrendering her two boys to Kevin Federline’s bodyguard, the popwreck went to Epitome, her favorite Bel Air tanning salon.
    Tan the pain away!

  • she dont care

    Celebrating Her Independance
    You would think that after a judge told her that she is an unfit parent and revoked all custody of her children from her that Britney Spears would be in hiding. Thankfully, though, Britney Spears doesn’t do much thinking. She just defies all logic!
    The drug addict had an unusually busy Monday.
    What’d she do?
    She went to get some burgers at Carl’s Jr. She dropped off her kids to K-Fed’s bodyguard. She went tanning. She went to the DMV. She spent time at the Peninsula Hotel.
    And, Britney even managed to find time to squeeze in to her busy schedule to have dinner at Nobu in Malibu on Monday night.
    How does she do it all? She’s a superwoman!
    Is she smoking the

  • MIK

    get it together & bring it back to me!!!!!!
    we love you brit

  • uranus

    who cares.

  • josi

    Im gonna buy dozens of her new cd to give out for the holidays!!
    I cant wait!!!
    what a great stockin stuffer lol
    seriously though
    i love herrrrrrrr soooooooooo much
    brit is love

  • MonkeyShines

    Here’s the thing – the way the CA DMV works now you pose for your picture before you take the written test. So she could have failed the written test completely and not gotten her license. ( I was just there reuping my Class B medical paperwork and watching with curiosity all the teens and newbies take their pictures first then get in line to take the written test then walk out crying cause they fail the written test.) And we have no way of knowing until she either has to go back and repeat the written test in a few days or until she gets her license in the mail and calls up X17 and shows them her license.

    So just cause she took her pic and the test doesn’t mean she has her CDL.

  • FKUC


  • gross

    Why Did Britney Lose Her Kids?
    Besides being a frequent and habitual user of drugs, Britney Spears lost custody of her two children on Monday because she’s a fck-up that can’t obey the law.
    According to insiders close to the situation, the mother of two failed to comply with ALL of the things she had to do in order to maintain joint custody with Kevin Federline – as ordered by a Los Angeles judge.
    Spears failed to meet with a drug counselor. She refused to submit to drug testing. She didn’t enroll in parenting classes. And she also failed to sign the judge’s order.
    And last Friday, the judge prohibited both Spears and Federline from driving the children unless they had a valid California driver’s license. Spears ignored that demand as well.
    What planet does she live on????
    Britney obviously thinks she doesn’t have to play by the rules.
    It’s her world, And we’re merely pawns in it. Her brazen disregard for the law is disgusting.
    Thankfully the judge gave her a check mate by taking her kids away.
    Game over, Britney.
    Get your shi.t together or you’re not getting your kids back!

  • njnc

    who’s the guy with her? is he the same one at the Greek restaurant who carried one of the boys?

  • jaid

    Gee the attentionwhore is really taking this seriously. NOT. She has no care for those kids.

  • http://deleted lulu

    Brit might not be the greatest mom but the looser ex-husband K-fed was not any better. poor kids.

  • jaid

    What has K Fed done to those kids? He never has them in front of the paparazzi like this whorestwit does. I am not saying he is a great guy, but his ex says he’s a good dad and was always seeing his other kids. Britney could do things that normal people do with their kids. She calls hotels and businessess ahead and the press ahead and grins like a stupid b*tch when they take her pic.

    She brings her kids to Robertson blvd so she can shop for herself, and she knows the paparazzi live there. And her poor babies are crying as flashbulbs are in their faces.

    She is a selfish slutt period.

  • the_original_nika

    “just hours after handing off her two songs to K-Fed’s bodyguard”
    songs? don´t you mean sons lol.

  • Matt

    Jared… you suddenly are behind the news! How gay!

    That s.lut deserved it.

    I can’t wait for the obituary! What a waste of oxygen…

  • anonymous

    jared when you like someone you are soooooo sweat with them even if they are horrible and monster,this is the second one (and first is skeleton angie ). she is an unfit mother and i am so glad that they took the kids from her before any thing bad happend to the poor kids,until she fixes herself , if she does , will see about that.

  • Get it right

    The thing about Brittney is that people genuinely love this girl and they want her to succeed.

    All I’m hoping for is for her to grow up and take some responsibility and accountability so her children would be the beneficiary of this.

    The made them and now she needs to grown up and take care of her babies correctly.

    I don’t really care about her finance and her music career. “What will be will be” but her sons have already put up with her mess and now it’s time for them to have a responsible mom…and if it takes a Judge to bring home “reality” to her…so be it.


    k-fraud never has donw anything for those kids! Nobody even question hi abilities for sh*t! I never seen him with either one of his 4 children! Jst because you see some photo’s of Lynn spears at er grandson party you people have become brainwashed by this lame! All he is after is the money!

    {{{{{{{[[YOU PEOPLE ACT LIKE SHE CAME OUT THE BUILDING, HOLDING A SIGN UP, “I AM CELEBRATING MY FREEDOM” howdo you know that is what she is thinking? Do you think that she should be looking f*cked up with mascara running down her face, wih a knife to her throat? GET OVER YOURSELVES PLEASE, she don’t have to prove sh*t to you hating b*tches! It is so much easier to say”Well, I would this, I would do that”, but you know what? You are not her, you don’t know what she goes through daily, you don’t know what is her next move. I admit ridin aroud without a license is crazy, but she did it, she can’t take it back, f*ck it! People do it all the time, stop getting your panties in a bunch!

    AND you *ssholes act like you never did drugs before, THIS IS THE REAL WORLD wake the hell up, and stop sugarcoating for US, and Jared! WE CAN’T SEE YOU, WE DON’T CARE! :)

  • remember da truth

    Okay, socksansandals is a bit TOO emotional over a celeb who has demonstrated NO ability to care for herself, much less two small children!!

    K-Fed might lack ambition, but that is his only flaw. He has NEVER been accused of being a bad father. Not being seen dragging his babies out to restaurants and clubs and to Las Vegas is a GOOD thing, idiots! Even when at the most painful point of their split, Shar Jackson admitted that Kevin was a good father. Lousy boyfriend, good father.

    He has them on a schedule, and is caring for them when he’s with them. Obviously a judge sees through Brit’s celebrity to a white trash girl with no regard for anyone but herself. Laws were put in place so we could all get along with each other, but Britney ignores laws. She is narcissism walking. K-Fed might want money, but he is caring for those kids MUCH better than Brit EVER has, and it’s completely obvious to anyone not clouded by emotion for Britney.

    Just because she’s female does not give her the right to parent. A woman gets the kids automatically and has to be a screwup of Brit’s proportions to lose them. A man always has to PROVE he can be a parent. It’s not fair, and even with the deck stacked against him, K-Fed has proven to be the better father.

  • me

    In total agreement with #22. KFed might be a golddigger and a lousy husband/boyfriend, but by all accounts he is a caring father. Shar Jackson has gone on record saying just that. People don’t like him because they believe he’s to blame for Britney’s downfall. I don’t see it that way. That girl was a mess way before Kevin got into the picture. Britney’s mom tried to warn her away from marrying Kevin but she wouldn’t listen and now she’s reaping what she’s sown. I’m glad Kevin got the kids…at least we know that he’ll comply with the judges orders just to prove everyone else wrong. Let’s hope these kids start getting some semblance of normalcy back into their lives. I also hope that Britney, for being a huge screw up finds a way to beat her demons.

  • Just a mom…

    Well said # 22 & # 23.

    I have to question WHY she relinquished (sp) custody of the boys’ before the Wed. deadline? As a mom myself (#1) I cannot even imagine losing custody of my children and (#2) I cannot fathom how a mom could deliberately relinquish their babies early, when they know they only have those two full days left with them… she truly boggles the mind, as far as her decision-making and less than stellar behavior is concerned… here’s hoping that the boys’ are left out of the glare of the s.light and are well cared for by their father… after all their welfare is the most important thing, once their mother realizes that and realizes that it is not about herself anymore but about those babies- then and only then will she prove herself to be haeding in the right direction… not that your life has to be “over” once you have kids, but you absolutely must take full responsibility for them and make sure that their needs and not your own needs come first!


    Poor sad child, God bless her.

  • Cc

    What a loser!

  • Regina

    Britney Spears is on the road to recovery…


    I stopped reading there.

  • short short dress shirt

    man that dress she wore waz up her azz last night on tm-sleaze. gross,ita., she seems not to care,but scared of judge.

  • wack

    When Will The Cops Arrest Britney?

    Yes, Britney Spears paid a visit to a DMV on Monday, but she was NOT granted a California drivers license. She only applied for one.
    Despite that, Spears was seen driving around Los Angeles late last night. Illegally. Again.
    She could very well have a driver at all times, but Britney has no respect for the law. Or her children!

  • unbeweaveable


  • bitsy

    Hey Hared,

    Someone just accused you of being partial to Britney. If they haven’t kept up with your site, they would know that you have in the past said some not so since things. But, I know perhaps you, along with a lot of other people, want her to try and get better and do what’s best for her kids. No one knows what all kind of stuff she has been through, other than we read, which is all second hand. Sure bad pics are out there, but no one ever shows the good. Like the vacation she went on in Hawaii with her kids. She can’tdo anythin publically. She doesn’t stand a a chance unless something is done to keep the PAPS away. God, look at Brangelina. How many pictures do we need to see of them taking their kids to school or going to a toy store. I just wish they could report on something that could actually make news. There is something called overload.

    Look at other stars who have fallen, but no one has received such vile hatred comments such as Britney. I hope she gets her act together, Maybe by moving into the PLAZA she can have more privacy. She definitely needs to stop driving and hire a limo and driver, so when she does have the kids, they can’t see in to watch her every move. YEP!!! THATS THE WAY TO DO IT!!!! And coordinate your moves as to where you need to go so you know no PAPS will be there. Other movie stars can do it, Britney really has to reassess. But, I am rooting for Britney. Since I firmly believe that K-Fed and Justin are at the root of all her problems, maybe some of the bad Karma encapsulating Britney now, can rub off on them. Still keeping hope it all turns out alright.

  • http://deleted Sami

    its so ridiculous y did they wait ’til now
    they just want 2 add to the britney debackle
    in the uk i dont need another lisence to drive in england if im from scotland
    american law is weird and ridiculous terrible

  • give_them_cake

    quite agree. But you see America is based on the concept of federalism. when the constitution was drawn up there was a great debate on whether or not to have a strong central governement and weak states or vice versa. so lots of power was given to the states. hence the need to have a license to drive in a different state. Over here in the UK we hold a devolved style of Government so it dosent matter and also we are much more laid back. Sorry that is really random information but i let someone know that i listened in politics class today!

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  • josephine

    Well, for me brit need not be in jailed she must be hospitalized and needs a family support for her emotional discomfort. She’s just confuse. It’s just normal for her to fell always his the center of attraction for the very fact. She possess talents and genius mind, being in that situation, it made her fell complete especially her physical appearance, being sexy, cute and pretty that’s no other than BRITNEY SPEARS.