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Sex and the City: There's a Wedding in the Works!

Who’s marrying who??


UPDATE: Added 25+ pictures to this photo set! Scope them out inside…


Sarah Jessica Parker’s Wedding Dress

sarah-jessica-parker-wedding-dressHere ARE the very first pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker in her wedding dress filming a wedding scene on the set of Sex and the City: The Movie in New York City on Tuesday. As reported earlier today, Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big tie the knot in a ceremony filmed at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

SJP wore a Vivienne Westwood gown and Davis‘ dress was Zac Posen. Davis‘ character’s adopted daughter was the flower girl.

Costars Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall and Cynthia Nixon were also spotted in their bridesmaid gowns. Samantha in red, Miranda in blue and Charlotte in black.

This certainly seems like it’s going to be an all-out matrimonial affair!

FYI: Davis has an ankle bracelet on — it’s not an alcohol monitoring device. It’s her microphone pack!

Check out the 20+ pictures below of Carrie’s wedding dress

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sarah jessica parker wedding dress 01
sarah jessica parker wedding dress 02
sarah jessica parker wedding dress 03
sarah jessica parker wedding dress 04
sarah jessica parker wedding dress 05
sarah jessica parker wedding dress 06
sarah jessica parker wedding dress 07
sarah jessica parker wedding dress 08
sarah jessica parker wedding dress 09
sarah jessica parker wedding dress 10
sarah jessica parker wedding dress 11
sarah jessica parker wedding dress 12
sarah jessica parker wedding dress 13
sarah jessica parker wedding dress 14
sarah jessica parker wedding dress 15
sarah jessica parker wedding dress 16
sarah jessica parker wedding dress 17
sarah jessica parker wedding dress 18
sarah jessica parker wedding dress 19
sarah jessica parker wedding dress 20
sarah jessica parker wedding dress 21
sarah jessica parker wedding dress 22
sarah jessica parker wedding dress 23
sarah jessica parker wedding dress 24
sarah jessica parker wedding dress 25
sarah jessica parker wedding dress 26
sarah jessica parker wedding dress 27

Photos: Gardiner Anderson/Steve Sands/Bauer-Griffin,
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  • no fair

    Jared love your website but STOP SHOWING SEX AND THE CITY SPOILERS!!!!!!

    I did not want to see that!!

  • poo

    The best thing about S&TC is the costuming. This SUCKS!!

  • lily


  • Kaylita

    Although I already knew, this is a huge spoiler and you might want to put spoiler warnings. I’m kinda iffy about that veil.. can’t wait for the movie though!

  • Crazy

    Many thanks for the spoiler assholes. some of us want to see the movie and actually be surprised

  • Crazy

    all websites have put a warning but you. You suck

  • daniel

    yeahhh … please jared, stop with the spoilers … we already know the complete stories cause every website is putting pictures … really annoying

  • kira

    Rarely, go the the movies anymore but can’t wait to see this one….Sarah Jessica Parker makes a beautiful bride!

  • kate

    I know can you really put a spoiler alert…i feel like i know everything that is going to happen in the movie!

    but i still love you

  • Jason

    Not cool. Apparently I’m gonna have to stop coming here until May of next year. Jesus!

  • shoegal

    i’m with everyone else… love the site, read it every day… but stop showing us stuff from the movie! it’s going to ruin the movie for us crazy satc fans when it actually comes out.

  • KittKatt


    Find a woman who had a “Big” in her life who actually came back, transformed, lost his Narcissistic Personality Disorder, married her, AND they lived happily ever after. NOT going to happen in the REAL world. Ask any psychotherapist out there.

    I agree with the gossip blogger out there who said they only wanted to see the movie IF Big came back, abused the shit out of Carrie, and she had another alcohol induced meltdown yelling and screaming at him. Now that’s the real world!

  • di

    cmon Jared stop with the spoilers :(

  • confused

    that doesn’t make sense at all. there was an episode several in an early season in which carrie gets all worked up because big doesn’t introduce her to his mother whom he escorts to church every weekend. they were either presbyterian or episcopalian. certainly NOT catholic. clearly, carrie has never shown any religious affiliation. i know st. patrick’s is a new york icon and SATC is essentially and ode to NYC, but it is a catholic church, first and foremost.

  • Pleeze

    How can a few photos spoil a whole movie – trailers do worse. Lighten up people.

  • STATing the obvious

    STOP RUINING THE MOVIE FOR FANS!!!!!! PLEASE POST PHOTOS AFTER A JUMP. Why would you want to give away everything?

  • Fioux

    Why in the world is Kristine wearing a black gown to a wedding?????

  • mums

    boo.. you should put a spoiler when posting anything about S&TC. i loove your site don’t get me wrong BUT hide the entry please.

  • Rayt

    Sarah Jessica Parker’s Wedding Dress
    Tue, 02 October 2007 at 2:40 pm

    this is a spoiler aswell, uh duh. You should put spoiler warnings for your spoiler warnings.

  • Maddy

    Well the jump looks cool but the title already says enough… It still contains lots of spoilers.

  • Paula Black

    People are very stressed out today. Jesus!
    Could someone explained what’s going on with Miranda’s hair?
    It’s the uggliest look she has ever pulled off.

  • Regina

    I don’t really care about spoilers, I just love the pictures!

  • N

    they have to be filming fake scenes. No way they wouldn’t hide something like that. Big isn’t Catholic nor is Carrie, so why are they marrying in St. Patricks.

  • Regina

    What the hell are they all wearing? Ugly outfits!

    Anyway, I think it could be a dream, no way is this real as someone said, neither are Catholic.

  • H&N

    jared, you are speed! i feel very sad about carrie’s dress…

  • Tracy

    I think it’s a dream sequence. The outfits all look just a bit too crazy. Would Charlotte ever wear something that inappropriate to a wedding? The colors are so super-bright too…I think it’s meant to look surreal because it’s fake.

    If it was a real wedding, they’d have worked harder to hide the shoot.

  • Lisa

    ugh,…why does she always have to look like a friggin clown?

  • http://justjared e

    wtf is she wearing. i love how the bridesmaids are all different colours. so amazing. i cannot wait for this film!

  • blackfriday1978

    LOVE it! All the ladies looking fantastic.. I hope some of them will read this site or someone who knows them personally can pass on our praise to them… to the costume designer!! GREAT work!!

  • aSTRID

    Keep the spoilers coming. The comments they cause are HILARIOUS!! JARED, JARED, JARED!!

  • ashley

    Thanks so much for taking down the spoilers!! although, the wedding doesn’t make sense… Carrie is a marriage phobe. remember the episode where she broke out in hives in her wedding dress?? the producers are messing with us!!

  • Tulip

    Can somebody explain what that thing is around Charlotte’s right ankle??

  • sam

    that’s such a beautiful wedding dress!!! :D

  • BBperfume

    Is Charlotte wearing a police monitor around her right ankle? SATC never fails to add a current fashion item in their plots! Charlotte’s dress is stunning, Samantha’s wrinkles lines should be put under control (compared to Jane Seymour)..
    I also agree how could Carrie get married in a traditional Catholic wedding when she didn’t portrayed any sort of religious faiths in the series. It’s not fair tha she’s marrying BIG, she screwed up Aidan big time when she had somebody who respected her and loved her soo much wanting to marry her. Girls will always like bad,narcissist guys.

  • Grumpy Old Troll

    That’s her mike pack, I think.

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    Who knows, pictures are spoilers, but they really determine the plot. I would LMAO if Carrie’s marriage to BIG ended in divorce 6 months later, bcoz SATC scripts always followed Hollywood trends!

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    36 He-who-shall-not-be-named : 10/02/2007 at 5:42 pm
    Who knows, pictures are spoilers, but they really determine the plot. I would LMAO if Carrie’s marriage to BIG ended in divorce 6 months later, bcoz SATC scripts always followed Hollywood trends!

    To corrrect my mistake I mean to say the spoilers do not really determine the plots or ending..

  • Charlene

    Man some of you guys are funny, it said that if you dont like spoilers dont look so its your own fault if you clicked to see the spolier you knew it was coming. lol some of you are so funny

  • donna

    I love it!!!
    I love the inside scoop….
    but perhaps this is a dream…or a nightmare…
    just look at those dresses.

    I think Toulouse-Lautrec must be the designer.

  • donna

    I think that is a microphone around Char’s ankle.

  • Cindy

    I am a big fan and was so excited when it all started, but seeing the photos I’m becoming less so. I loved the fashions on the show, but so far for this movie, they’ve just been downright ugly and weird. I have to believe that this is a nightmare sequence for so many reasons. The whole Catholic thing, the fact that Charlotte is dressed like a dominetrix for a wedding, Carrie’s gown, just doesn’t make sense. One of the things I loved about the show was how different the girls were, but how well they were fleshed out in their roles. I hate shallow characters but you got to know these 4 women, and knew who they were, who they would be. Nope, this just doesn’t make sense.

  • N

    I hope this movie doesn’t ruin my memories of the show. What was wrong with the way the series ended? Nothing. This movie is a ploy to cash in and get the big paydays they couldn’t really get being on HBO.

  • groundcontrol

    How is she getting married in the Catholic Church if Big is divorced? Did he get an annulment?

    How old is she? Isn’t she sort of old to be having some silly over the top wedding – especially since Big already had one of those. If she’s so sophisticated why isn’t she marrying in some chic short dress or suit? It sounds all too predictable and obnoxious to me. In a Catholic wedding she’d have to cover up during the ceremony – you can’t parade into church with that kind of boobage.

    Though if you are going to have all those bridesmaids I like that they are all in different colors.

  • Gen

    JJ you’ve put up “SPOILER ALERT” warnings. Readers should not click on the fricken spoiler!!!! Duh. Keep up the awesome word! YOU ROCL!

  • Lulu.B

    I used to think Carrie was awesome however weird her clothes were..
    but that blue feather on her head is just ridiculous!

    is Patricia Field still there?
    Or are you telling me that’s what’s going to be ‘in’ next year?

    thank J! love you!

  • Tatum

    hey dumba**es it said spoiller so dont click DUH

  • Maria

    I’m not half as disappointed with the “spoiler photos” as Jared’s obvious oversight of grammar rules.

    C’mon Jared, it’s “Who’s marrying WHOM.”

    You’re job is writing, do it correctly!

  • Dr. Pink

    This is a good point. Why would Charlotte, of all people, wear a hideous black gothic dress to a wedding? She’d sooner die first. And what is with the totally bizarre green object on Carrie’s off-center veil? Is it a feather of some sort? It’s making my eyes hurt.

  • Violet

    It’s a really big spoiler!

  • Missy jones

    WOW SJP has got some toned arms there dont y’all think? ne way i just got a sample of her new fragrance;COVET from the website,, great website too! Go get on peoplexx