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Sarah Wayne Callies: FOX Made Me Quit

Sarah Wayne Callies: FOX Made Me Quit

According to an interview in French magazine Tele Star, former Prison Break star Sarah Wayne Callies, aka Dr. Sara Tancredi, was forced to quit the show. Here is a rough translation of the interview (if the magazine is credible):

Big surprise on Prison Break. We hear that you’re leaving the show in the third season. Yes, but I didn’t have the choice. I’m sad, but it’s just show business.

You weren’t expecting this? No, at the end of season 2 last year. I was sure I’d continue. It’s such a great adventure we achieved.

How did you know you were fired? I don’t want to speculate too much about this. I was shocked.

Your leaving the show was a big deal. You have to tell us more! I’ll just say this. I am sorry to let down the viewers. I have loved the support Sara Tancredi got from them. and though she was a victim of her own destiny, I liked how she made decisions by herself. But the way things ended up couldn’t have been foreseen. Again, I was deceived by the decision.

How did your fellow actors react? They told me ‘It’s too bad. I loved working with you and good luck, we hope we can work together again.’

And Wentworth [Miller]? We were so sad that we wouldn’t work together anymore. Wentworth is a gentleman. He’s gracious and full of class. And i learned a lot from him. But in a series like “Prison Break,” apart from Wentworth, anyone can go. When I took the role of Sara, I thought it’d be for only a year. Afterwards, I was so happy to get a second year.

If they call you back, will you accept? Of course! I don’t have another role right now. Right now, I need to find work.

How will Sara make her exit from the series? I don’t know. I’m not part of the team anymore and don’t have any influence on the storyline.

How is being a mom to baby Keala? It’s a rich experience and unpredictable. You can’t plan anything. (Keala was born in July 2007.)

What projects do you currently have today? I’ll rest another month in Vancouver (Canada). Afterwards, I’ll go to California for a little bit. After that, I’d like to do theater in New York. I honed my skills on the stage and I miss it.


TELLING INTERVIEW! Anyway, how was yesterday’s Prison Break episode “Call Waiting”? How LAME was Tancredi’s body double? And the lame voiceover voice? And what do you think is in the box that Lincoln opened up at the very end of the episode? Somebody’s finger of decapitated head, perhaps?

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  • torogi

    Hm, is this mag credible? I mean, it just seems weird that she’d do interviews with a European mag rather than, say–tv guide?

  • nadia

    ohh this is sad..i loved her as dr. tancredi

  • Jennifer

    this is sad. prison break is my favorite show. in all 3 seasons i havent missed a episode. i will miss sara. when is sara’s last appearence on the show because she was on it this week. i wish Sarah all the best.

  • Neg

    She’s in Vancouver?!?!? NO WAY!!!!!
    I think it’s awful how they kicked her off the show!!! =( We’ve already seen too many people leave but she was one of the main people!!! Didn’t think it would happen! =(

  • the_original_nika

    if true that sucks, although they did cause her character to them wasn’t THAT important, basically she was disposable. I think.

  • Jennifer

    i thought tonight while i was watching the show that it didnt sound like sara. i bet it’s sara’s head in the box. i beat they play it out and she gets killed. we will have to wait and see. i cant wait

  • the_original_nika

    I love Went, but, jared why is there a picture of went instead of sarah? lol.

  • anon

    ugh. if that’s mag is credible, fox sucks! grrr. i want SWC back on the show. i miss her too much. tonight’s episode was really good. pretty sure it’sa body part of lj’s or sarah’s.

  • Yorick

    I can’t believe she was fired because she was pregnant.

  • Just Jared

    Nika, there’s a picture of Sarah! Went is holding a pic of Sarah up! It’s a Polaroid pic! Haha.

  • Grace

    This is a high action show, I can understand that they can’t use her if she’s pregnant. Maybe it was in her contract.

  • Rachael

    Thats a shame. I love PrisonBreak and part of the reason is because I love Sara and Michael. Its just not going to be the same anymore.

  • the_original_nika

    LOL JJ, ok.

  • Ally

    NO more MISA LOVE! damn!

  • angelina_mmm

    I don’t like how they cutt her off.

  • Ally

    I think what’s in the box is sara’s head. LJ is not gonna be killed off

  • rebecca

    omg, if thats true then that is so sad for her AND US!! That cant be true tho?? But a magazine wouldnt make up a whole interview would they? but if they knew they were getting rid of the character, surely they’d want to use SWC instead of a stupid body double? I really don’t understand.
    Shit that better not be her head in the box..STUPID FOX! (if this is true)


    I was wondering what was going on with Sara!!
    If this is true, I’ll be one of the many disappointed fans out there!!

  • victoria

    eh, they just lost another viewer..

  • Just me…

    I do not know what to say….I am shocked!!! :(
    I am sad that this adventure stopped for Sarah (no more history of love between her and Michael)!!!
    They have to remove the only woman whom I appreciated in the series to add others of them that I do not appreciate!!!
    It’s too bad :(

  • Cain

    The show is now bad enough and they just made it worse by kicking her out.

  • xoxo

    I stopped watching the show after the lacklustre pilot–this after being a hardcore fan for 2 seasons. The show could use someone like Sarah–not that I’ll be watching anymore.

  • eyecandy

    I really like this Guy Miller in Prison Break.

  • rip

    i thought she wanted to spend more time with her family.

  • mm

    Wow. Why would they fire her? They’re so going to lose viewers, there are many people who tune in because of Michael/Sara. This sucks!



  • amy

    i am not watching this show ever now that they cut the doctor out!!!!

  • French fan

    Hey guys,
    i’m french and Télé Star is not a really credible mag. Now, maybe the interview is true I don’t know.

  • liz

    the show is still good without sarah

  • simona

    Beyond the story of Prison Break is the real world:rating, money, interests, contracts etc. After all, it’s a shame because in life is very difficult to find real love and Prison Break got it.To kill a profound relationship after it took many struggle to resist it’s a waste.
    It’s so true when Wentworth said:”Fox pay my rent.”

  • Trinity

    Hey Guys,

    I’m french, don’t believe what is told in that magazine, they’re very known for their misleding interviews..

  • DoubleDare


  • yam

    it going to be cancelled…….there are exactly 5 million or so MISA videos in youtube made by 10 million fans of sarah wayne callies fans…and they all signed a petition for her to be keep in the show…if this true.the show will loose possible 5 million viewers…and ratings will drop that will lead to cancellation……
    Reception in the USA

    The following seasonal rankings are based on average total viewers per episode as recorded by Nielsen Media Research. The recording period begins in late September (the start of the U.S. network television season) and ends in late May.
    Season Broadcast period Timeslot Ranking Viewers (in millions)
    1 2005–2006 Monday 9:00pm ET
    (8:00 pm ET midseason) #55 9.2[25]
    2 2006–2007 Monday 8:00 pm ET #51 9.3[26]
    3 2007–2008 Monday 8:00 pm ET — —
    for season 3 i predict that the show ratings from 9.3 million will go down as helllll!!!!!!!!and when that day comes i’m so gonna laugh at fox!!!!

  • sillybilly

    If it is true then it’s a shame but if you think about it, there was nowhere for her character to go. She killed a man and allowed Michael to take the rap for it. If she loved Michael then she would have admitted to the crime then be incarcerated herself! Whant then? Is she gonna try and break out or is Michael gonna try and break her out? The whole MISA saga was enthralling but at the end of the day acting is a fickle and unstable business and no one is indisposable. I’ll keep watching PB regardless (unless they kill off Michael of course!!).

  • Pheebe

    I’ve read this news yesterday, but I hoped it was a fake or something like that. I can’t still believe that Sarah was fired… and I can’t believe that they said that SHE WON’T COME BACK, when it wasn’t true. They fooled us… Nick Santora and every PB producers fooled us, and I can’t accept that… I could accept the dead of Sara… I love her, but I could accept her dead. But not this. I can’t believe that we’re nothing for theme. We see the show, they work thanks us and we deserve just lies? I don’t really know what I’ve to think…

  • jericho

    Hey guys!
    i’m french . Telestar is not a very credible source . And i don’t think sarah waynes callies has given an interview to telestar! instead of tv guide or other american mags…

  • Charlene

    this is not going to be true!!!
    they can’t just kick her off!!!
    i will really miss michael n’ sara..=(

  • lene

    MiSa/Sara was the only reason i was watching this show. So i’m out.

  • WHAT?

    i think the show is dead.

  • nine

    I wouldn’t believe this French mag. I’m really disappointed that JustJared is posting this without caring whether it is legit.

  • Bang Bang

    one hot chick nd she is gone:(( shame ! nd i dont think that she was pregnant was a problem..she got her baby already..she could be back…however i hate when they get rid off nice characters! i think its her head in there…

  • louise

    I’m not believing any of these rumors until someone *official* actually confirms that it’s true- a.k.a Brett Rattner, Nick Santora, or, Sarah Wayne Callies (probably through her agent)… I, like others who have posted, don’t think Sarah woudl go to a European magazine to dish the dirt as to whether or not she’s leaving..
    But, on the bright side, Congrats to Sarah and Josh on the birth of their baby!!

  • jessica

    I miss sarah. I loved her relationship with michael. wentworth drives me crazy

  • Mink

    If this is true, I am totally WTF? about it. Why on earth would Fox do this? Makes no sense. They already knew she was going to be off for a few months for maternity leave, and had had plenty of time to work out how to write around her absence.

    And if they did, they really do deserve the whole world of hurt this is going to bring them.

  • JT

    What’s in the box?

    1. You cut a hole in the box.
    2. Put your junk in that box.
    3. Make him open the box.

    It’s LJ’s d**k in a box!

  • lili

    why has she given a interview to a french magazine ? Because PB is a very huge hit in France. More than 5 millions viewers each epiosde. In proportion, are there more than 25 millions viewers in the US ? I don’t think so…

  • me

    anyway this will be tha last season for prison break

    tenacious gay rumours +
    SWC leaving +
    low ratings =

  • Barbara

    I feel just like #43 I love Michael and Sarah relationship on the show. I love watching their scenes together. I love Wentworth but I don’t know if I will ever like for him to have a different love interest on PB.

  • jamila

    Hi,i am a french girl, you should not believe this french magazine, it’s not a credible source.sorry my english is bad lol !! :)

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