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Avril Lavigne - "Hot" Music Video

Avril Lavigne -

Avril Lavigne just world premiered her hot new music video, appropriately titled “HOT.” Check it out below!

The 1920 burlesque-themed video was shot at the Beacon, Jersey City last month.

Little Miss Lavigne had two personal masseuses tending to her during the shoot,” it’s been reported. “Hot” is the third single from Avril‘s third album The Best Damn Thing.

Avril Lavigne – “Hot” Music Video

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Avril‘s new “Hot” music video — HOT or NOT?

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  • ariatna


  • ariatna

    love it!

  • ariatna

    she looks wierd!

  • cat

    Who needs a new Britney Spears?

  • mari


  • Emma


  • milie

    I’ve seen better…

  • jade


  • She is just a bitch

  • Clara Brown

    I love Avril, but what is that hat??
    That looked really weird!! o0

  • Fug Face Man!ston


  • Artur

    The music could be more agitates, moreover, is born…

  • rachel

    truthfully,she is not punk rock she is a poser,you can tell by this music is terrible,does she have a song that is not ripped off?

    Oh what the world has come to.

  • blah

    ew hate that bitch

  • Ariane

    Love it.

  • Bibi

    I don’t like to be negative about people on this site but this video is really weird. Even, boring actually. Too bad… I don’t even understand the link between the video and the song.
    Plus, Avril looks so weird with the hat and all the other stuff she wears.
    She could do so much better …

  • Ippink

    luv it

  • Ippink

    luv it

  • sellout-poser

  • Paris is an innocent child after I`ve seen this!!!!

    I agree with blah! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU AVRIL! And in 02:30, fuck the microphone and get it over with already!!!!

  • honest_guy

    fuck slot so and fuck bitch slut fuck bitch slut fuck with fucken slut

  • Lauren

    This was the most boring music video I have ever seen.

  • Laura

    She looks like Chris Crocker…………..

  • the_original_nika

    stupid video

  • Regina

    Didn’t she once say that she doesn’t use deodrant and is natural?!

  • Sara

    Such a poser

  • SaRaH

    i hate her she ‘s just a poser b is da best fuuuuuuck ya biiitch

  • http://justjared Momma


  • Starla

    omfg :[
    i don’t like!

  • Ella

    Hmm red lipstick and pink hair clash big time, the video is the same thing over and over. I remember her saying at the beginning of her career that she’d never be like Brit..LONG LIVE THE NEW BRIT!!

  • Betty

    boring, not liking the look with that hat, if marylin manson and rachel evan woods had a kid, it woul dlook like her

  • sam

    she SWEARS that she is punk or whatever. She is just full of shit.

  • jd


  • connie

    she looks so ugly!
    but i love the song


    I think here new video ROCKS and she is so beautiful and talented, she is so smokin’ HOT. Avril keep up the great and wonderful job, of what you do. And thank you for being REAL to your fans and to yourself, thats hard to say about some famous people.

  • Heather

    She is such a gorgeous girl, but that red lipstick looked horable on her… I wish she would go back to the old look but keep the blond and pink hair VERY SEXY!!!

  • Tiger

    Oh come om!! What is this crap? This isn’t her style.

    No Avril don’t do it. She shouldn’t change her untique style.

    I can hardly believe she would perform crap like this. Is she poking fun at Britney? She looks like a fish outta water.

  • crawford


  • Nadia


  • Lilly white

    NOT! My ears are bleeding! This video/song was so obnoxiously boring I ditched it after the first 30 seconds. Sounds like a rip-off of Ashlee Simpson or HIllary Duff or any one of those generic singers who appeal to 12 year olds.

  • Flávia

    I love the music, but I hate the video…
    It´s so “I´m a SUPERSTAR!” ¬¬’

  • soff

    she is fabulous!
    couse she have her style.
    but she is hot too!
    i love new avril

  • jess


  • me

    and she makes fun of britney… and is just trying to be like her
    what a sad little girl!
    no personality

  • Delphine

    Luv it !

  • Indira

    she’s a mess.
    I prefer Britney instead of THIS CR@P

  • Jo

    Ok, I love Avril, but i do not like this video.
    I love the song though

  • bloo blee

    i hate avril and for all her “im tough and punk” shes really not. Real punks do not make that kind of music, she even said she went to a britney spears concert when she was young and the truth is, she was just a spoiled rich girl who thought her life was hard or something idk maybe because punk was cool and wanted to be one. now shes blonde and doing dance moves and dressing in lingire its like, isnt that everything you were against like 2 yrs ago?

    all her songs are crappy and copies of other songs, there are even writers and people who want a lawsuit against her because theyre stolen. anyways i cant stand her at all and rather have crazy britney than her i know its insane but adleast britney can dance.

  • ZzaRaZza

    It’s ‘young Marylin Manson meets Moulin Rouge’.

  • Galia

    I’m not her fan, but i like a lot of her songs, but this one was nothing interesting and the video is bad.