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Avril Lavigne - "Hot" Music Video

Avril Lavigne -

Avril Lavigne just world premiered her hot new music video, appropriately titled “HOT.” Check it out below!

The 1920 burlesque-themed video was shot at the Beacon, Jersey City last month.

Little Miss Lavigne had two personal masseuses tending to her during the shoot,” it’s been reported. “Hot” is the third single from Avril‘s third album The Best Damn Thing.

Avril Lavigne – “Hot” Music Video

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Avril‘s new “Hot” music video — HOT or NOT?

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118 Responses to “Avril Lavigne - "Hot" Music Video”

  1. 1
    ariatna Says:


  2. 2
    ariatna Says:

    love it!

  3. 3
    ariatna Says:

    she looks wierd!

  4. 4
    cat Says:

    Who needs a new Britney Spears?

  5. 5
    mari Says:


  6. 6
    Emma Says:


  7. 7
    milie Says:

    I’ve seen better…

  8. 8
    jade Says:


  9. 9
    ... Says:

    She is just a *****

  10. 10
    Clara Brown Says:

    I love Avril, but what is that hat??
    That looked really weird!! o0

  11. 11
    Fug Face Man!ston Says:


  12. 12
    Artur Says:

    The music could be more agitates, moreover, is born…

  13. 13
    rachel Says:

    truthfully,she is not punk rock she is a poser,you can tell by this music is terrible,does she have a song that is not ripped off?

    Oh what the world has come to.

  14. 14
    blah Says:

    ew hate that *****

  15. 15
    Ariane Says:

    Love it.

  16. 16
    Bibi Says:

    I don’t like to be negative about people on this site but this video is really weird. Even, boring actually. Too bad… I don’t even understand the link between the video and the song.
    Plus, Avril looks so weird with the hat and all the other stuff she wears.
    She could do so much better …

  17. 17
    Ippink Says:

    luv it

  18. 18
    Ippink Says:

    luv it

  19. 19
    ... Says:


  20. 20
    Paris is an innocent child after I`ve seen this!!!! Says:

    I agree with blah! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU AVRIL! And in 02:30, **** the microphone and get it over with already!!!!

  21. 21
    honest_guy Says:

    **** slot so and **** ***** **** **** ***** **** **** with fucken ****

  22. 22
    Lauren Says:

    This was the most boring music video I have ever seen.

  23. 23
    Laura Says:

    She looks like Chris Crocker…………..

  24. 24
    the_original_nika Says:

    stupid video

  25. 25
    Regina Says:

    Didn’t she once say that she doesn’t use deodrant and is natural?!

  26. 26
    Sara Says:

    Such a poser

  27. 27
    SaRaH Says:

    i hate her she ‘s just a poser b is da best fuuuuuuck ya biiitch

  28. 28
    Momma Says:


  29. 29
    Starla Says:

    omfg :[
    i don’t like!

  30. 30
    Ella Says:

    Hmm red lipstick and pink hair clash big time, the video is the same thing over and over. I remember her saying at the beginning of her career that she’d never be like Brit..LONG LIVE THE NEW BRIT!!

  31. 31
    Betty Says:

    boring, not liking the look with that hat, if marylin manson and rachel evan woods had a kid, it woul dlook like her

  32. 32
    sam Says:

    she SWEARS that she is punk or whatever. She is just full of ****.

  33. 33
    jd Says:


  34. 34
    connie Says:

    she looks so ugly!
    but i love the song

  35. 35
    HELEN Says:

    I think here new video ROCKS and she is so beautiful and talented, she is so smokin’ HOT. Avril keep up the great and wonderful job, of what you do. And thank you for being REAL to your fans and to yourself, thats hard to say about some famous people.

  36. 36
    Heather Says:

    She is such a gorgeous girl, but that red lipstick looked horable on her… I wish she would go back to the old look but keep the blond and pink hair VERY SEXY!!!

  37. 37
    Tiger Says:

    Oh come om!! What is this crap? This isn’t her style.

    No Avril don’t do it. She shouldn’t change her untique style.

    I can hardly believe she would perform crap like this. Is she poking fun at Britney? She looks like a fish outta water.

  38. 38
    crawford Says:


  39. 39
    Nadia Says:


  40. 40
    Lilly white Says:

    NOT! My ears are bleeding! This video/song was so obnoxiously boring I ditched it after the first 30 seconds. Sounds like a rip-off of Ashlee Simpson or HIllary Duff or any one of those generic singers who appeal to 12 year olds.

  41. 41
    Flávia Says:

    I love the music, but I hate the video…
    It´s so “I´m a SUPERSTAR!” ¬¬’

  42. 42
    soff Says:

    she is fabulous!
    couse she have her style.
    but she is hot too!
    i love new avril

  43. 43
    jess Says:


  44. 44
    me Says:

    and she makes fun of britney… and is just trying to be like her
    what a sad little girl!
    no personality

  45. 45
    Delphine Says:

    Luv it !

  46. 46
    Indira Says:

    she’s a mess.
    I prefer Britney instead of THIS CR@P

  47. 47
    Jo Says:

    Ok, I love Avril, but i do not like this video.
    I love the song though

  48. 48
    bloo blee Says:

    i hate avril and for all her “im tough and punk” shes really not. Real punks do not make that kind of music, she even said she went to a britney spears concert when she was young and the truth is, she was just a spoiled rich girl who thought her life was hard or something idk maybe because punk was cool and wanted to be one. now shes blonde and doing dance moves and dressing in lingire its like, isnt that everything you were against like 2 yrs ago?

    all her songs are crappy and copies of other songs, there are even writers and people who want a lawsuit against her because theyre stolen. anyways i cant stand her at all and rather have crazy britney than her i know its insane but adleast britney can dance.

  49. 49
    ZzaRaZza Says:

    It’s ‘young Marylin Manson meets Moulin Rouge’.

  50. 50
    Galia Says:

    I’m not her fan, but i like a lot of her songs, but this one was nothing interesting and the video is bad.

  51. 51
    yasmin Says:

    she behaves like a clone of christina and britney in
    this video is a mix of stronger, lady marmelade and lucky!
    she isnt really the real one, its all fake.

  52. 52
    ashleytisdale1992 Says:

    I reackon the videos hot but the song is NOT!has she turned into a ***** or is that my imagination(but shes a great writer)?

  53. 53
    Gia Jolie Says:

    Trash. Just like Avril.

  54. 54
    kinky Says:


  55. 55
    hot dog Says:

    She’s not hot

  56. 56
    pillina Says:

    …I love the song and I love avril but…this video sucks, she looks weird and fake…and the clothes…definitely nay

  57. 57
    Jessica Says:

    The song is boring, so is the video. Almost seems like a rip off of Christina Aguilera’s whole burlesque 1920′s stuff she does.

  58. 58
    Cain Says:

    She’s lost it. Remember how she blasted those sexy chicks? Now she’s with em.

  59. 59
    holly Says:

    didn’t christina already do this look?

  60. 60
    christine Says:

    i love avril lavigne and i love this song and all her other songs, but this video… what is going on with her? it is so weird!!! and the song and the video don’t give sence together!!!!
    but i still love avril and will always be a big fan of her, you can do better avril!!!

  61. 61
    Izziex3 Says:

    was kind a lady marmalade with britney spears
    c’mon Avril,you’re better than that!

  62. 62
    Sheldon Says:

    Love it.

  63. 63
    John Mirror Says:

    NOT hot! definitely! she looks like a parody on herself. sheesh, she pisses me off more and more day by day!

  64. 64
    scarlett Says:

    i love avril! but obviously this video is not her best but she looks prettey on it except when she’s wearing that hat an dwerid clothe but anyway she’s still the smae avril on the inside yeah!! AvriL RuLeZ aLl tHe WaY!!

  65. 65
    Savannah Says:

    She Looks Weird Lol && Her Hat Made Her Look Really Ugly Coz You Could See Her Pink Hair lol She Like Totally Let The Song Down!

  66. 66
    Your Mom Says:

    i love this video, she looks great. to all of you that don’t like it, you can suck it. she’s said she wants to get into more acting so it’s not surprising that she plays different characters in her videos. she’s amazing and i will love her forever.

  67. 67
    aly Says:


  68. 68
    aly Says:

    SHES THE BEST!!!!!!!!

  69. 69
    aly Says:

    all these ppl that r talking about her needa go try 2 make a vid. theirs would suck.

  70. 70
    nonoi Says:

    well i must say people have there own opinion on how they describe the person they love or hate…. to me Avril is totally cool because she can play guitar and mostly she does what all the rock people does and that is doing there make up and trying to sing there best…. my best part is that she has a nice vocal.

  71. 71
    Lielle Says:

    This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life… and I am a fan of Avril..

  72. 72
    Lia Says:

    I hate it so much.. she looks terrible.. and the video is just plain weird.

    I liked the song a lot more before I saw this.. my goodness

  73. 73
    beverly Says:

    It’s like britney’s video “lucky”.
    Avril is weird. Imitator.

  74. 74
    Chris Says:

    Same old Avril. Wearing costumes and wigs…yawn…

  75. 75
    +greenpeace+ Says:

    gwen wannabe

  76. 76
    zqv03 Says:

    I’m irritated by the fact that a few years ago, she criticized other performers for dressing in underwear or some such nonsense, and now she’s doing it herself. Hypocritical. But I’m amused by the fact that she sort of looks like Marilyn Manson in the shots where she’s wearing dark lipstick! Anyone else see a resemblence?

  77. 77
    skittles** Says:

    Hey…People i argee i liked the old Avril But she Grew Up Get over it probaly when you were younger u were wayy differnt but u grew up sooo get over it.

  78. 78
    skittles** Says:

    And If U Dont Know Shes Talking About Derrik

  79. 79
    Clear Says:

    Hot, lov u lavigne i’m your big fãn :~

  80. 80
    Jim Says:

    I can not get over how amazingly beautiful Avril has become. From Tomboy to Bomshell. I loved the video it was totally HOT.

  81. 81
    ruba Says:

    its awesome i

  82. 82
    djdanio91 Says:

    Great song and video!!
    Poland love you Avril !!!

  83. 83
    wazza Says:


  84. 84
    slilme Says:

    love her hate her balck dress in the begging!!!

  85. 85
    Lilie Says:

    Seriously where is Avril! She looks like a Barbie
    This video is very stupid
    Girlfriend… good
    When You’re Gone … good
    Hot… Girl! what are you doing? the song is great but the music video is a ****

  86. 86
    SARA Says:

    The video’s ok……i like tha song. ANd all you ppl need to stop being rude! dont be jelouse that AVRIL is AWSOME! anywho did anyone notice she had her wedding ring on???? how cute!! its so cool that she is married so young! :o)

  87. 87
    maren Says:

    I could tell right from the start that she was a piece of sh***.
    Nothing she ever said is true, she never wrote a song, she never got fired from school, like she said (coz thats punk rock, y´all) plus she changed her style and her music each and everytime she got a new managment. Coincidence? I think she is just a boring, well singing nobody who was perfectly produced, and now, that she tries to be sexy, nobody wants to see her anymore, coz she is just not interessting enough as a person.

  88. 88
    Giuliano Says:

    she throws away everything she fought for…

    She has lost her principles

    And…she looks like ziggy stardust in this vid

  89. 89
    claire Says:

    she had dissapointed me,

    the only video that i like of her new album is “when you’re gone”

  90. 90
    i Love avril!!! Says:

    I don’t understand why you have to be so negative!!! Avril Lavigne is awsome and growing up! She can’t be a little punk princess forever!!!! She is in her 20′s and is married, don’t you think it is time for new music? She is experimenting with her music. I think that before all you people go and judge her that don’t know ****, you should think about it!!!! I LOVE YOU AVRIL LAVIGNE, if you guys don’t like the video, why waste your time watching it and writing comments on it! You call her a poser, I think that you guys need to rethink who you are!!!!
    **** ya’ll

  91. 91
    i Love avril!!! Says:

    Avril lavigne is growing up, and experimenting with her music! She can’t stay a little punk princess forever!!! She is in her 20s and is married!!! Avril is not a poser, and i think that saying that you guys need to rethink who you are!!! If you new anything about avril you would know that she wanted to change things up and wanted to an album more upbeat!! if you guys hate the song so much, why are you wasting your time watching it and writing comments about it?!?!!?
    **** yas!!!

  92. 92
    Maumo Says:

    Avril is my fav singer but that was bull ****. Avril has to go back to her old her it was more fun cause now she really acting like a ****

  93. 93
    HASUya Says:

    למי שמבין עברית

    השיר הכי יפה בעולם !!

    אברריל חוללהה עללייךך $@&@#%&%^*)

  94. 94
    Shayla Says:

    Avril I Gust looooooooooooooove that video.It ******* rockes

  95. 95
    carissa Says:

    i loved that video alot of people said a lot of bad things about avril and that song butt i think its sooooo good and avril is not a punk rock poser she is rock

  96. 96
    rina Says:

    I don’t like it. The old avril is much better!

  97. 97

    what the f*** are you all whining about, this is a great song with an awesome video, i love it

  98. 98
    Dave b. Says:

    The French would say “apropo.” Avril Lavigne is HOT! She’s also way cooler than Britney or Christina or any of them. This video will hopefully prove that.

  99. 99
    desmor Says:

    Hi first of all her songs are all the same style just diferent words even words she is usin same like in another songs an this clip ist just imitation of Christina Aguileras song Lady Marmalade with Lil Kim and Pink so she is not original nowhere sorry I use to be her fan but now. She did’n bring nothing new all is just for money…..

  100. 100
    freddy Says:

    she s perfect as always…
    everthing she do is so cool.i love this girl
    she s rock…….”WE LOVE U AVRIL”.>>>

  101. 101
    Chelz Says:

    There has been allot of negative comments regarding this video…

    I think she’s messing with everyones heads. She’s having fun, trying new things. The way she looks does not change who she is.

    Waxing your top lip does not change the fact that you are still a hairy bugger.. haha

    She might not be punk as you know it…but she is unique…and cant be compared to Britney…

    If you dont like it … dont listen to it… or record your own cd…

  102. 102
    Olivia Says:

    it was hot, but, avril is not good at looking like Britny Spears whoever told her to make her her style more grown up, was wrong

  103. 103
    20 cent Says:

    hey everyone i love AVRIL

  104. 104
    mary Says:

    im in lave with her

  105. 105
    avrilero_richard@ Says:

    your an idots!!!

  106. 106
    avrilero_richard@ Says:

    your idiot

  107. 107
    jemmi Says:

    i have to say that completely disagree with the majority. it seems clearly slap-stick, a. and b. having gotten the humor, i enjoyed it. thought avril looked great (who on many occasions i would never compliment neverless promote) but that’s just me.

  108. 108
    large penis Says:

    avril reminds me of turtle rape sounds

  109. 109
    J.Like Says:

    This Video Is Shitt!
    Damn this is not Punk rock like she supposably is?
    I dig the song and all but the video sucks ass

  110. 110
    Paula alexandra Says:

    ódeio a Avril Lavigne porque já gosto dela á 6 anos e ando-me a cansar dela por isso odeio-a!

  111. 111
    MIKA Says:


  112. 112
    nicole Says:

    oh my god this is like the best thing ever well really close to it any how its awsome

  113. 113
    nate Says:

    Avril is so soooooooo good

  114. 114
    Ciovica Says:

    the best music … :X

  115. 115
    CRazy Says:

    Wow, Marilyn Manson put out a new video. I was wondering where he was.

  116. 116
    hot music Says:

    Its very hot music,
    i like it..

  117. 117
    yAMIRKAH Says:


  118. 118
    webkinzroxmysox Says:

    Love the Song!!!!!!!!!! HATE The MUSIC VIDEO!! Come Avril you can do better!!! LOL I MADE A FUNNY!

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