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Britney Spears to Enter Rehab

Britney Spears to Enter Rehab

In an attempt to earn back custody of her children, Britney Spears will check into rehab at Eric Clapton‘s Crossroads Centre in Antigua on Saturday, reports OK!.

Britney‘s team has been working closely with her attorneys to figure out a way to get the babies back from Kevin,” a friend tells OK!. “She’s surrendering herself to rehab for treatment of depression and alcohol so that there’s no questioning if she is drinking or missing any future tests.”

Brit‘s friend adds, “She’s got to pull her life together or else she’ll lose the kids for good. She will do whatever her legal team and those closest to her thinks is best if it means she gets Preston and Jayden back. She’s getting the help she needs and everyone is hoping she goes through with it this time.”

Brit‘s ‘cousin’ Alli Sims denies these reports. And as for moving out of Brit‘s house abruptly, Alli set the record straight.

She tells Extra, “It was not sudden. It was planned. I’ve been planning this for six months. I’ve just been doing it slowly. I’ve had an apartment all along.”

As for the custody battle? A judge ordered that K-Fed will retain custody of his two sons for now, but Britney will get monitored visitation.

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  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    Hmmm…should I belive this?

  • tammy

    i wish you the very best,and may GOD help you thru this,blessings to you and your babies.

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    Britney..I don’t know what’s going on with you, but whatever it is, Please get help, the longer you stall the worse it will get.

    You can do it, I know you can =)

  • Susan

    Good luck.

  • daniel

    finally i must say. i love her since i was eight and i wish her all the best in her personal and work life!

  • Mojo

    Im tired of this bullshit!!!

  • gigi

    Is anyone else here sick about this crap?
    Really, There is no more celebrites out there. Every where you go is Britney! Britney!! Including CNN.

  • b

    Not true. Has’nt been confirm. Ali,enabler.


    6 and 7

    why even comment? If you are tired of her, why not skip over the section? Who cares that you are tired of hearing this? Obviously people love sharing their comments about how F*cked up the scum media is! If she did enter rehab that is good! She deserve her kids! No mom that is going through PPD deserves to lose their kids! Maybe, the drinking was taking her away from all of the outside world! The world wanted to see her maybe she didn’t feel like sh*t! Who are we to judge? We have troubles, but ours isn’t out there for the world to see!

    I don’t think that k-nasty is a suitable parent neither! I loathed him, He is worthless! :(

  • gigi

    well is kind of hard to ignore when most of the headlines are about her. And I’m sorry. I don’t feel sympathy for her at all. There is people who want to help her(like her family) and she refuses any, but those who keep helping her being an idiot.
    She deserves loosing those two little angels. Those kids should be enough reason for her to be a better person, a better mom.
    she’s not alone, and even after all the stupid things she’s done, she still have fans that do care about her(and her family too).
    excuses, excuses, excuses, that’s all I hear. She has PPD, fine, let people help you, she’s bipolar, there tons of treatments for that. she’s a grown woman, she’s not a little girl anymore. at some point you have to take the responsability for your actions. Life sucks sometimes, yes it does. And that’s the way it is. Whether you have money or not. She needs to get her white trash *ss back to LA and be a mom for once. And quit been such an attention wh*re. Why will she be driving around with to babies looking so scare? really? It breaks my heart evertime I see pictures of her with almost a look of satisfaction when the paparazzi is chasing her while those babies have a look like “I’m scare, please help me”
    Like Rossane said once “people like that give a bad name to white trash” or something like that.
    And I agree with you on K-Fed. He should not have those kids either.
    (sorry for any spelling, I’m busy trying to watch TAPS, Ghost Hunters)

  • Hipsterpher Columbus
  • jane

    WHAT A TRAIN WRECK!! She’s messed up way too many times. The girl is out of her mind. One mistake after another. She missed her court date today for gosh sakes. What an idiot! She could care less about what’s going on. She only cares about her alcohol, showing her crotch, and getting photographed after midnight every night. Way to go mommy!

  • emch

    Yeah right…until she’d really disappear from the paparazzi then I’ll believe this…
    She doesn’t wants full custody of the kids..
    Or else this would not have happened….



    You are not living inside her body, so you don’t know what she feels! It is always easier for the person on the outside looking in to say some sh*t like that! That is your choice, but one day you might be suffering, and the next person might look down on you how you look down on somebody that you don’t truly know what is going on with! She don’t deserve to lose her babies, I never seen them being neglected, she always had her kids with her, and who are you to say that she mistreats them, just on the scum media accounts? THIS WORLD IS F*CKED UP LADY, they will say anything to sell magazines!

    You don’t know what her family put her through>? you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors! Your family might be perfect, but maybe her’s isn’t! Maybe, her mother was greedy, and it is obvious! She didn’t really mother her, she was her manager, there is a difference. YOU sound like a narrow minded *sshole!

    And why does she have to be White trash? Because she dresses different, if that is her, that is her! You are no beeter than she eat, sh*t, and eat just like she does, but I think that she eat’s a little better than you!

    People, are always hating on her! It is like the world love to see people fail! People, are jealous because these people have a talent that they don’t have, and they envy that, so as soon as this person is going through hard times, it is this person is this, this person is that, THE WORLD IS F*CKED UP! Get off of your *sses, and do something with your lives instead of worrying about what the next person has, You will never be no where, then you can go sit in the corner, and see just why you a not famous, like she is, and if YOU(s) didn’t give a sh*t, then why waste your precious time(ROLLING EYES)commenting? You know why?


  • Jan

    Get her treatment and get the dirt on Kevin. He is filthy and is no better for them than Britney under the influence.

  • Daniel

    Britney needs a career overhaul and probably needs to change her name. She’s failed to reinvent herself or control her image. She took a 3 year Maternity leave but didn’t do very well at being Maternial. She’s being outshined by anyone who can pick up a mic, all the other white girls in music have been capitalizing on her abscence and contreversy to be as sexy as they want and still be acceptable. Latina and Black singers are now safely out of the shadow of blond singers like her. Her career plumet has been great for music, but for her personally… She’s SCREWED!

  • Daniel

    Britney needs a career overhaul and probably needs to change her name. She’s failed to reinvent herself or control her image. She took a 3 year Maternity leave but didn’t do very well at being Maternial. She’s being outshined by anyone who can pick up a mic, all the other white girls in music have been capitalizing on her abscence and contreversy to be as sexy as they want and still be acceptable. Latina and Black singers are now safely out of the shadow of blond singers like her. Her career plumet has been great for music, but for her personally… She’s SCREWED!

  • gigi

    Well #14, let me guess… Are you one of those “leave Britney alone” people?
    I don’t recall calling you names, so the (copy and paste)YOU sound like a narrow minded *sshole! it totally uncall and out of line.
    I have a better idea, maybe you should join her and help her been more stupid. You know, all for Brit ‘yall!
    Maybe you should preech what you write. You don’t know me, you are not living inside my body, you don’t know what I feel, you don’t know how my mother was with me and all that non sence you wrote. And I’m not looking down on her, but I’m not blind and it’s not very hard to see stupid behavior(like hers).
    and the saddest thing about all this, is people like you who encurage her behavior and find her excuses besides helping her, because is very clear she needs help.
    By the way, I’m not narrow minded, I just don’t support and agree with lack of common sence.
    And I say she’s white trash not bacause the way she dress(besides who really cares how she dress) well why bother to explain you will problably never unterstand.
    good night!


    No honey I don’t encourage her behavior, I just know that no one is perfect, and people like you act like everything is! I am a real person with a GOOD HEART, and I know what she is going through! So many people talk out the side of their necks, and think that they actually know what goes on with her, but you have the slightest clue! They can tell you “Britney, is Pregnant with twins, and they are Justin Timberlake’s babies” and you people would believe it, or the crazy rumor, that she tried to have k-fraud killed” yeah, that was a good one, you people want to see her fail, so you can sit on your lard *sses, and talk sh*t about her! PEREZ’S H*ES!

  • gigi

    I’m sorry, now you are loosing me here.
    Who is talking about Timberlake? Or K-fed getting kill?
    I though I was talking about her very irrational behavior.
    And I agree nobody is perfect, but you know what she’s going through? Are you Brit herself? I thought you wrote something about nobody knows what she’s really feeling but herself and now YOU say you know? mmmm….
    Anyway, It’s always fun debating with people like you.
    I really hope she gets her act together, and I’m not saying this for her(because I can care less for her) but for those two little kids.
    She has all the time and money to get the help that other people can only dream of.
    You know Britney is not the only person in the world who got problems, we all do, and we do choose what to do about. she’s talking the easy way out, she have people that care and support her(in a good way) and she still choosing the easy way out.
    And that is selfish of her, because she’s not alone in this world, she have those two little boys who need a mother not this cluster f*ck. Respect for yourself and others, and responsability for your actions. I’m sorry I don’t feel synphaty for her.
    She don’t need to take her kids and parade them for a photo oportunity so she can be in the front cover of magazines.
    She knows how it works. Why put them through that? I seen with my own eyes how paparazi cornes these elebraties and from a distance it looks scary. I can only imagen those babies and how they feel specially when they don’t understand what is going on. As a responsible person, her job as a mother is to shelter and protect her children, and if she can’t, then she deserves to lose them.


    I don’t believe this. It’s coming from OK! magazine. I think she needs to go to rehab and spend more than a month in there if she truly wants help, those 30 day stints in rehab won’t do it.

    But I still don’t believe rehab and rehab alone is going to help this poor pathetic woman. She needs to get out of the environment she’s in, and until then she only continue to spiral downward.

  • MOJO

    Looks like Socksnsandels really cares about Britney!!! Shut the hell up. U say not to judge people but u say that Kfed is not a suitable parent! U need to shut up and practice what u preach, u dumb douchbag! Who goes around flashin thier vagina. Im tired of this shit and i have a right to voice my opinion. We talk about Britney on CNN. What about the war or poverty in Africa! She needs to take care of her kids and stop messin around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!U have ur opinion and i have mine.

  • Sue

    All this Britney stuff is making you all go insane!!!!!!

    Cat fights over the net, whats next????

    We do NOT know what is REALLY happening, besides what we are being TOLD or READING in a magazine that claims to have the inside scoop.
    You people do realize that the media spins things to be either positive or negative???

    All I am saying is keep an open mind, before you become judgemental about others.

    And I am NOT a BRITNEY FAN, but I do not wish her anything bad to happen in her life. I hope she does get the help she needs. And her mother should have never left and fought like hell to help her whether she liked it or not, but she did not and that will come back to haunt Britney and her mother for years to come.

    I do not care who your kids are a REAL parent does not give up that easily, just my opinion, but we all know about them everyone has one and their like @$$holes.

    Have a nice, peachy and non-judgmental day everyone :)




    K-fraud, isn’t a suitable parent! You don’t know sh*t about this loser! He is a LOSER! I have never seen him with NONE OF HIS KIDS! NONE! Of course he wanted AMERICA to know that he was having a party for SEAN and JAYDEN, but doesn’t the other children KORI, and KALEB have birthday’s to? I have never seen him photographed with HIS OTHER KIDS, or Britney’s KIDS, Even If I didn’t care for Britney’s music, I still would take up for her, you H*es love to kick someone down, when they are feeling down, and that is soooo sad! Sad Lames! And she isn’t the only one to falsh her panties…DUMB*SS! So, keep your personal hatered of her to yourself…You don’t know her to be hating on her this hard, INSANE B*TCH!

    AND MO-H*E, I didn’t say sh*t to you, if you didn’t like what I wrote, you should have scrolled over my comments with you OBESES finger tips…WOBBLY WH*RE!
    Just because you took it personal, let me know that you are miserable to think that I was personally talking to you! AHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHA :)

  • miranda

    poor brit :(

  • Mojo

    Get some help sock whatever! Ur a hypocrite. Go see a doctor u fuckin asshole. FUCK U!!!!!!!!

  • Mojo

    I hate Socknsandels!

  • Marilu

    Good luck, Britney! I hope everything works out for you!