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Britney Spears Suicide Watch

Britney Spears Suicide Watch

OK! Magazine puts the Brit boys — Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1 — on the cover this week with the headline “GOODBYE MOMMY.”

OK! claims that family worry what Brit will do next, now that she has nothing to live for. “Even while she was going against everything she was told to do in order to keep the kids, she was still saying things like, ‘The boys are my life,’” a source said. “Without them, will she decide that life is not worth living? It is a real concern.”

People tells the other side of the story, saying she’s almost completed the judge’s checklist. Brit‘s close friend Sam Lufti said, “We … signed all the necessary documents that she needed to get done. [Britney] is in a good mood, no problems, very optimistic.”

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  • alex

    oh man
    takin her kids
    i thk its going too far
    butyet again
    she desrves it
    por kids

  • alex

    every one makes mistakes
    cant they just leave her alone for a while
    but again
    this ight teach her a valubale lesson
    cme on
    its upsetting :(

  • alex

    im first second and third
    i can go on

  • alex

    and now forth lol
    its still sad :(
    poor kids
    i thk thyre better with britney
    then da stupid
    son of a ***** dad

  • alex

    he wont last with them i recon

  • Natalie

    It’s kinda sad that Ok! Magazine is exploiting this situation with Britney’s children just to make money. Those kids are suffering because of who their mother is and it is sad. Brit and Kevin need to be mature, get their $hit together and put the kids first.

  • Jesse fan

    Hi Alex – what I read was that Britney failed to get a California drivers liscense and take a mandadory drug test. Apparently she passed the written part of the drivers test in April but didn’t follow through with getting her pic and fingerprints taken — she did that part on Monday so has now been issued a temporary licsence until the real one comes in mail. As far as the drug testing goes – don’t know how that is going. Thing is don’t know why she ignored what the judge told her to do a couple of weeks ago – obviously threatening taking kids away didn’t work so they had to do in order for her to comply with the law – that girl is not acting right.

  • angel

    i agree with number 6, but britney seems to be a hard cookie now, she is learning the hard way.

  • Jesse fan

    ps that’s an old Britney picture of her crying- has nothing to do with the kids going to Kevin yesterday.

  • alex

    ur prob right
    she is learning the hard way
    i dont like the idea of showin her kids off to make big bucks for them selfs
    a little selfish and stupid of them
    ur right numba 6 lol
    they should muture up
    celebrities these days
    far outt

  • KrungKrung

    i know da brits loses her kids and they went to kevin’s custody, does it mean to say that da brit won’t be allowed any visitation with the kids? cuz OK sounds like she won’t be able to see her kids at all like nada/zippo, i don’t think da brit will commit a suicide, she’s too busy exposing herself to the papz and seems enjoying it y’all

  • shir

    i think she needs to get back into reality.

  • alex

    but like they say
    you dont know what you have until its gone
    so i dnt thk thts going to be da case

  • Yily

    OK! Magazine is a piece of trash. Where are they getting their sources from??

  • remember da truth

    If they are saying that Jen had a legit, non-pr orchestrated hookup with Orlando (yeah, right!) and Brad and Angelina are getting married (yeah, right!), then they obviously have NO sources and are making $hit up as they go along.

    Brit didn’t stop going to clubs, either, and she wasn’t supposed to have alcohol within 12 hours of being with her kids — certainly not leaving them with the latest bodyguard and going off to clubs! She has no clue how to follow rules, live in a decent society where we cover our private parts, or put her kids first.

  • wtf

    Nefarious! What did these kids do to deserve irresponsible & narcissistic parents? Children have the right to loved unconditionally. These children have been denied & deferred. If this mother did love her kids truly & unselfishly, she would have chosen a different course of actions/behaviors. It’s deplorable that both parents, particularly the mother, are the direct cause of suffering & chaos in these young, innocent lives that they themselves have selfishly created… Please help/save the boys…

  • Vee

    It seems Britney suffered a terrible loss when K-Fed left her and hasn’t adjusted to that loss before becoming a single parent to two babies

    All the showing off and acting out has seemed to be to say, “I’m still fun and cute.” The problem is, there are huge responsibilities she has now with those two adorable babies. She didn’t plan the second baby; she didn’t plan K-Fed’s exit (and she was crazy about him), and she doesn’t have a clue how to put her life back together.

  • lol

    do it bitch

  • person

    poor britney, ok magazine and people magazine, all the paparazzi should just leave her alone. she needs to have some time to herself without people following her, then maybe shed be able to get her life back in order. i have a feeling k-fed isnt going to have the kids long, hes not suitable to be a parent to them either.

    britney should go to another country and just get away from everything here for a no go in hiding but just take a break from all the paparazzi and all the bad media.

  • Jennie

    i hate ok magazine, seriously. lies, lies and more LIES.

  • Yily

    OK! Magazine sell for 50 cent so you know their sources are fake! Just like Star and the National Enquirer, these magazines have no concrete evidence to back what they’re writing. It’s absurd that Britney Spears would even contemplate suicide when she’s trying to get her life back on track. On the good news…Britney just got her CA driver’s license. Go Brit Brit!

  • Cain

    The kids look so cute.

  • Purple Gem

    Jayden James looks so much like Britney. He’s a cutie patootie.

  • britney hater & proud of it!

    Die Brit! Die!!!! :P

  • emme

    A lot of magazines use pictures from different times just to emphasise the emotion or point they’re trying to make..

    This has been a long time coming though.. If she was a normal civilian, she probably wouldn’t have been busted driving without a license or doing the hit & run as quickly as she had. Its only because of the papz that the judge, k-fed etc are able to know what’s going on.. The papz are even better then hiring a private detective etc to get the dirt on her cause there’s dozens following her around constantly..

    However, I don’t agree with what she’s doing.. I think she needs to give up the limelight, get some help, and try and give her children a normal upbringing that perhaps she was denied..

    I used to like her, then I felt sorry for her, and now I just wish she would go away.. I’m sick of hearing about her and all her fcuk-ups.. She’s no longer the princess of pop, she’s a sad shadow of her former self..

  • Sue

    Well if this is true, which is doubtful, but time will tell.

    Then I guess ALL you people who have been down on her : the press, media, parents and fan and non-fans should be happy, but then again you all would B!t#h about how she did this wrong and that wrong and blah blah blah while your all sitting in judgement.

    I am not a fan, but I would never never wish anyone harm or anyone bad things in life and be judgemental when we the public do not know 100% what is really happening, we just know what the MEDIA, Newspapers and magazines relate and they can spin things around to either be positive or negative and people like us sit back and judge based upon what we read or hear, not what we actually know.

    Soooooooooo I hope YOU ALL are Happy!!!

  • eszter

    I think it is not sad but DISGUSTING what the magazine is doing for money!!!!!
    Just think about it,two babies without a mommy or daddy who could give them a happy childhood.
    Because Kevin is not better than Britney at all.If only the grandparents were better!!!

  • so sweet

    OK magazine is so WRONG!

    Dont buy that crap!

  • jj

    the media is gonna drive this poor girl to commit suicide. whatever about picking on her image for the past YEARS but they are constantly criticising her parenting skills. as far as i can see the girl is rarley without her two boys. that can’t be said about many celebs. i mean take Kate Moss for example. i never even knew she had a daughter until recently because she is always out without her or in rehab or out of it. does the media give her such a hard time? NO! the reason the media are giving brit such a hard time is because they know she breaks down and it gives them something to write about. it is sick really. i’m starting to think that they want her to kill herself just so they have a big story on her. cos from what i’ve read lately they have nothing on her!!!

  • Hannah

    WHY DON’T THE FUCKING PRESS LEAVE HER ALONE, THERE MAKING THINGS WORSE, FUCKIGN BASTARDS. I feel well bad for Britney she has bene used for material purposes from a young age and now the press that put her in the siutation she is in are just making harsh comments, I don’t think commenting and specutlating about someones u don’t know at alls life is very good, LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE U FREAK ASSES.

  • http://JustJared Janet

    No wonder Kevin dumped her. She’s an idiot. Wait til her kids are old enough to figure it out. She thinks she has problems now…

  • kathastic

    i don’t think its right to put her kids on the cover….their still so young

    and im glad ‘people magazine’ are not criticizing her like everyone else. im sure brits will have the kids back once shes completed the judges checklist

  • ?

    who with alittle brain will buy tabs?L&S or star,Us weekly,IN touch,Ok!,NE who is gonna believe them?they don`t know ****,If you have insider so put the name for him/her ,just like what People is doing.

    That means these tabs don`t know anything about celebrity,just put their lies in cover and hope someone will buy it.

    OMFG Brad and Angie again wedding like 8000 times ago they married,this crap is like break up story,like adoption story,like pregnancy story.these magz just recycle their **** over and over again.

  • danida

    She wants the press attention, she created this mess for herself. I do not feel one bit sorry for her with her snotty sarcastic smile all the time. I only hope she doesn’t hurt anyone else driving around boozed up and drugged. Who cares about her? She doesn’t care about anyone else.

  • Cc

    Britney still thinks she’s 17 and childless, Wake up Britney, you’re getting old, fat and ugly!

  • Anon

    The “poor girl”didn’t think it was important enough to do what the court asked.They also wanted her and K-fed to take parenting classes and to get counseling about how to be good parents.
    She didn’t do nothing she was asked to do by the court.When you are dealing with children, you have to move fast. The court couldn’t say, “Well, Britney. You have six months to do this stuff.”
    She didn’t even do the basics. Bcz even if she had incompletes, at least the court would see progress but there wasn’t anything. I think she is glad K-Fed has the kids. I think she was afraid of hurting them, that’s why she spent so much time driving around and being out with them.If she was in private, closed up with them for too long, all alone, maybe she would have hurt them. It’s the drugs and the mental problems. She should be locked up in a hospital for the mental.

  • Anon

    I am SO tired of the Britney drama. It is old now. It is every where you go. Internet gossip blogs, TV, magazines and the news. Everywhere. Enough. Please stop it and talk about other stuff. There’s lots of other people who are out there doing stuf that’s not boring. I am tired of seeing Britney in a car, in a club, in a restaurant, shopping, walking with a drink always in her hand. Showing her coochie. She is a attention whore. If we ignore her, she will go to the hospital for rehab.

  • Starbucks fanatic

    Those poor beautiful babies – I wonder if Brit even wants them.

  • emch

    To Britney’s die hard fans…
    The truth is out…the judge knows better..
    They got prove, she’s NOT a fit mother..
    They take the kids away…
    Cos she’s NUT & have let us all down…
    Why Britney……W..H..Y ??????

  • hmm…

    I think its gone far enough. Its one thing to make fun of her MTV performance or the other dumb things she has done. But I think its going to far when a magazine is speculating that she is suicidal and using her children as the magazine cover.

  • Anon

    If something does happen to Britney, the paparazzi who caravan her, and the tabloids, will share some of the blame…along with Britney herself. They are animals and she is sick. Can’t the court order her to get psychological testing? Then they could lock her up.

  • Fug Face Man!ston

    i just hope she does it in front of the paps so we can all she the pictures and videos.



  • Cynthia

    Shitney is not going to off herself. She was on a date last night, the pics are in ONTD! She was having a ball as always.

  • Deborah Brum

    Hi, I’m Brazilian and every day I’m here

    it’s so sad see Brit lose your kids

    She does’t deserved it

    She needs help, where are you parentes now???

    I hope one day she can get your kids back

  • Deborah Brum

    Please Brit

    Don’t kill yourself

    We still love you

  • Kerry

    You know she probably was fine until she read that stupid headline.

    Britney needs help, and lots of it, so I think it’s good she got her kids taken away. It looks like she’s already trying to get them back, and hopefully this is what she needs to get back.

    Addicts need help, not punishment. People seem to forget that people who have a problem like she obviously does (whether its Crystal Meth or alcohol) are not in their right mind. They don’t see the world like a normal person. Anyway, hope you get better Brit.

  • spooky

    21 Yily : 10/03/2007 at 3:58 am
    OK! Magazine sell for 50 cent so you know their sources are fake! Just like Star and the National Enquirer, these magazines have no concrete evidence to back what they’re writing. It’s absurd that Britney Spears would even contemplate suicide when she’s trying to get her life back on track. On the good news…Britney just got her CA driver’s license. Go Brit Brit!


    OK magazine doesn’t sell for 50 cents….That yellow circle says SAVE 50 cents something ( I can’t read the rest ). Anyway, Britney loves herself WAY too much to kill herself.

  • Clementines

    She’ll just have to marry another cheating nobody, have a baby divorce the man and have a meltdown, abuse everyone and thing with her vulgar insanity then abandon that child again!

  • http://yahoo Tabloids killed pricess diana