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High School Musical 3: Filming Begins January

High School Musical 3: Filming Begins January

Exciting news! Filming for High School Musical 3 begins in January, according to OK! magazine.

“The script is getting written — it starts in January, and it’s a feature film,” HSM‘s Jason (Ryne Sanborn, 18) said at the world premiere of High School Musical: The Ice Tour in NYC on Sept. 29. “[But] I haven’t gotten a call saying, ‘We want you to do it.’”

Olesya Rulin, 21, aka piano player Kelsi, added, “It if happens, I’ll be ecstatic to be in the third one.”

OK! also reports, “After the Vanessa Hudgens nude photo scandal, and the rising profile of series star Zac Efron, Kaycee Stroh, 23, who plays Martha, hopes the cast remains the same. ‘Our fingers are crossed because we love each other. The chemistry’s great with the 10 of us.’”

According to Life & Style, Zac is being offered $3.25 million dollars to star in HSM3 and Vanessa, a measly $1.3 million dollars. Chump change, people!

According to IMDB, two of the film’s working titles are High School Musical 3: Gradu-Dancin and Haunted High School Musical. Do you like any of those titles?

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  • Malia


    High School Musical 3 is an upcoming threequel to Disney Channel’s popular High School Musical television franchise, set for release for late 2008 or early 2009 in theaters.

    Although High School Musical 3 has yet to be confirmed, Zac Efron was quoted from People Magazine, saying:

    “I can tell you that if the script is good and if we all agree on a final script, then there’s nothing that is going to hold us back from doing it. We have fun making these movies and that’s very rare in this business.”

  • rosynessa

    oh stupend new but zac and vanessa will make the hsm3 or not??

  • mindy

    86 you sound like one very unhappy person…if you hate the tv movie why bash these actors and the hit show which has brought so much joy and wholesome entertainment to young kids and a lot of older people as well…there is nothing about it which should be torn that way and surely one happy tv show for kids does not deserve such hateful remarks…too sad that there is so much hating in this world when it would be just easier to live and let live and be happy…

  • Olivia

    I can’t wait for HSM 3 to come out! I never believe what magazines say if it hasn’t been confirmed, but I hope Vanessa doesn’t get jipped (salary wise) in HSM3. Both her and Zac deserve the same salary, because no matter what people say about Vanessa she is as important as Zac in the HSM movies. She puts the same amount of effort and work into the movie as does the rest of the cast. I personally, wouldn’t be interested watching a HSM movie if there was no Vanessa (Gabriella) in it. Vanessa and Zac bring the story together, and their pay should reflect that.
    Yay HSM! Yay Vanessa and Zac! :)

  • Izzy

    ick hate the titles..

    van is only getting paid less cause of the scandal

  • http://deleted Holly

    hahaha thats so funny that vanessa aka skankynessa hoegdens is being offered less money! but at the same time, one and a half million is pretty damn good considering shes like on 18! i wuldnt be complaining!

  • Regina

    Why would anyone be ‘ecstatic’ to be in this piece of shít?

  • dalia

    I don’t think Vanessa will receive the same amount only because she isn’t as marketable as Zac is right now. I don’t mean that in a bad way, but Zac is mainly an actor and has gotten to the status of making more money per pic. Vanessa on the other hand has been more focused on music, which is doing great for her. All I’m saying is in any movie each actor is payed according to certain criteria and it also depends on the budget.
    I don’t think the actors are really that shallow and babyish if they really believe in the project. And it’s definately more money than the other two combined that they’re being offered.
    Hell Zac only got $100,000 for doing Hairspray. Man that was a steal, but it was also before he got big. Not sure what he’s being offered for Seventeen though.

  • latoya

    why is zac being offered more money than vanessa. I think that vanessa will bring more fans/adult that zac because of the scandal. Vanessa should get the same if not more money.

  • anonymous

    Dang zac gets more than twice the amount vanessa does, that is so not fair

  • anonymous

    i love them both i am so excited for HSM 3, i hope there is a prom

  • anonymous

    i honestly dont know why vanessa is getting so much attention, that is the last thing she needs. I want her to learn her lesson. I am dying to hear from her about the scandal. but i still like her. Ill just never see her as the same

  • anonymous

    i honestly dont know why vanessa is getting so much attention. Thats the last thing she needs. I want her to learn her lesson. Yeah I know she apologized and all but that was through her publists, not her. Until I hear from her, I dont know what to think of her.

  • Susanna

    This is OK Magazine people! Just recently the claimed that Vanessa and Zac had broken up, only to find pictures of them together at a gas station weeks later. None of the stars have confirmed it, Disney hasn’t confirmed it, and there’s no way they were able to come to an agreement so fast when just recently Zac was saying nothing has been decided yet.

    As for Vanessa getting paid less, I think some of you are forgetting that she was going to get paid less even before the nude scandel. Zac was already getting offered more than the rest of the cast before the pictures even got out, and he was telling everyone else to fight for more.

    Disney said in a statement that they forgive her. If they want people to believe that, then they’re going to pay her the same amount as everyone else. Besides, Vanessa can still threaten to drop from the movie, and Disney still knows how much that would end up hurting them. I’d be very surprised if Vanessa didn’t get the same amount of money as Zac in the end.

  • Vicky


  • liz

    hope its great!!!!!!!! zanessa better stay 2gether!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Troy

    The thing is all this talk about whether Vanessa is paid less then Zac or the same is all academic because I don’t believe Disney will publicly announce how much the cast is paid. And I don’t see either Zac or Vanessa just volunteering exactly how much they were paid either.


    omg i hope vanessa will be in hsm3 ( zac & vanessa rocks) !!!!!!!!!!

  • White

    #75: I like this one “If you want me you have to take Vanessa. We’re a package deal.”

    Just wait until Disney confirm the cast HSM3! But hope HSM3 will include both Zac and Vanessa.

  • cant say

    we’ll see if zac and vanessa will do it…cause zac wants the scrip to be good and for them to pay vanessa more money. I mean if its going to be in threaters she should get paid more money!!

  • June

    I do not like those titles at all, I hope they go to the prom in HSM 3 and they had better have the original cast.
    Yes it does seem quite sudden, the 2nd one comes out on DVD in Dec.

  • maisa hudgens

    OMG OMG OMG , que sonhoo *-*
    high shool musical 3 ?
    kenny amo você x3
    vanessa você é TUDO pra mim !

  • Waverly

    OH my!! so soon! Im living in utah, and i was going to leave for school in idaho in january, but i now I think i will delay college even longer just so i can desperatly try hang around near wherever the are filming. What do i do?!?!!

  • anthony


  • Marie

    If Zac and Vanessa don’t do it, the movie will suck big time! Disney will lose money.

    As for the money, hmm. I’m curious to see how it will work out. I doubt Zac will let Disney pay her so little. But who really knows?

    & if Vanessa doesnt do it. I’m sure Zac wont do it.

    hmmm, all that is clear is that Zac and Vanessa are TRUE hollywood love. and i think thats good for them :)

  • Michelle

    Yay! I am so glad! This is great news, Jared!

  • Go sox

    #86, you are so wrong. This kind of entertainment has been sorely missing from our kids lives. All they see is crap on TV that is violent and trashy. I work in a middle school, and I can tell you first hand that kids have changed in the last 5-6 years. They are self-centered, ill-mannered, act entitled, and rude. What’s wrong with movies for kids that show characters with dreams and that actually have a message for our kids??? If you don’t like this kind of entertainment, then don’t watch. These movies are far better for our kids than MTV, reality shows, CSI’s, and sitcoms that are geared for adults. My kids loved the Disney original movies growing up, and I’m glad they still make them with such quality!!

  • zanessa110

    zac is arguining with disney to pay vanessa much more. i mean how cheap r they, they will make millions and vanessa deserves wayy more. zac said hes standing by her side

  • eira

    ooh yeah…hsm rocks..
    wow zac do earn a lot of money..!!

  • carla

    lol more Z and V

  • dalia

    #110 how do you know? Zac is not Vanessa’s agent. And I doubt they’ll be paid equally. Things are different now. It’s a wonder why they’ll agree to do it all. I mean they all need to venture out of the box sooner or later.

  • maicee

    that’s not good! vanessa deserves way more than that. i hope if she’s not paid the right amount, hope she wont do it. they would earn millions out of her, and then they wont pay her properly. thats insane, disney sucks!

  • el

    where did you get the info from #129?

  • Rachel

    Yay about hsm3 but nay for Vanessa she deserves more!

  • Taylor

    WOW!Slam on Baby V, much? Now I know they aren’t gonna do it since V’s not getting paid alot, then Zac won’t do it with her getting nothing

  • shar

    I can’t take it…Mariah Carey’s new fragrance commercial is cheesy as hell… check it out at

  • Brie

    all i have to say is, vanessa and zac BETTER be in it!
    or there will NOT be a HSM3,,

    oh and there BETTER be a HSM3!!
    or that would suck so bad since it would probably be the last time Zanessa will be in a movie together:(

  • zzzz

    i think both of the titles are plain STUPID

  • Rachel


  • jenny

    cant wait for her album debut

  • Liz

    YAY! but i think they should offer Vanessa more!just cuz of these photos gee we know she made a mistake! Zacs gettin paid 3mil y dunt she get paid a lil more! any way yay cant wait hope the cast is the same! :D

  • ANDY xoxo

    Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m very happyyyyyyy

  • sofia

    i think vanessa deserves much more than 1.5 million she should be right up with zac i don’t care about the scandle its so yesterdays news NO ONE CARES ANYMORE!!! Atleast her REAL fans i love VANESSA AND ZANESSA ALL THE WAYY!!! WOOT WOOT

  • Mojo

    OMG! I really like the movies but disney really has to stop tryin to milk this franchise to the max. Its gettin really annoying!!!!

  • marisol

    yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hsm3 zanessa

  • Scarlett

    Those titles are horrible! They should stick to simple ole High School Musical 3.

  • monika505

    Unfair to vanessa earn 1.3 millions?.. should be getting more than 1.3 millons! Look at Vanessa work so hard!!!! I love zanessa forever!!

  • SadieLady

    AHHH….im already excited. i like Gradu-dancin WAY better then tha haunted one. LOVE U VANESSA HUDGENS

  • kaylie

    i love the first 2 hsm’s but i think they’re getting a little too old for these high school musicals. especially monique coleman and ashlee tisdale, they’re both in their 20′s already and zac will be this month too. =/

  • http://justjared fernanda

    yo amo a zac efron es lo maximo, es el chavo mas guapo del mundo
    y ya quiero ver hsm3