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Cruz Beckham is Cute Cute Cute

Cruz Beckham is Cute Cute Cute

These pictures are a continuation of this post.

Victoria Beckham was spotted arriving at Roissy airport in Paris, France on Thursday with her youngest son Cruz, 2 1/2.

Cruz looks so cute pulling his own rolling luggage. And he seems completely unfazed by the paparazzi, keeping a straight face the entire time. A true professional!

20+ pictures inside of cutie pie Cruz and his Posh mommy …

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cruz beckham cute 01
cruz beckham cute 02
cruz beckham cute 03
cruz beckham cute 04
cruz beckham cute 05
cruz beckham cute 06
cruz beckham cute 07
cruz beckham cute 08
cruz beckham cute 09
cruz beckham cute 10
cruz beckham cute 11
cruz beckham cute 12
cruz beckham cute 13
cruz beckham cute 14
cruz beckham cute 15
cruz beckham cute 16
cruz beckham cute 17
cruz beckham cute 18
cruz beckham cute 19
cruz beckham cute 20

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  • Chilly

    Aww the robot and her baby.

  • lori

    wow im actually second! anyway. why does vicky have to put so much makeup on? she looks like a whore

  • whatever

    Sickening, I wonder if they would ever laugh or smile when you tickle them…

  • the_original_nika

    Oh victoria if my husband cheated on me, I´d dump his ass so fast. No matter how hot he is, what a dummy.
    She ALWAYS looks like a robot.

  • nokia

    for # 2.. lori
    because she is a celebrity, she photographed a lot, and if she didnt put any make up, people will disapointed or people will make fun of her or people will criticized her, or some trashy magazine will put her photo and say bad things about her… thats the reason she is feeling so insecure all the time, i guess :D… being marring to DAVID BECKHAM is not easy being married to one of the hottes guy in the world… makes u feel insecure and trying to look perfect all the time. but we have to respect her… she chose that life but she still can manage her married and her kids… she is a good mother..

  • nokia

    oh and people who said that her husband’s cheated on her because she is ugly or something, poor her bla bla bla have to know that man who dont have a face like david beckham would also cheat on his wives, no matter their marriage is strong or no, cheating, sometimes is not the same thing with the marriage is fake or something, maybe its just about sex…maybe yr husband also cheated on one of u behind yr back, but u may never know, because u dont have magazines to let u know about that stuff :D

  • Just me…

    Hahaha… :)
    The ugly robot!!!
    I feel sorry for her husband :(

  • stace

    my new fav break up anthem: enjoy it! i do luv posh’s outfit.

  • sara

    AW Cruz is soooo cute!

    Victoria is such a good mom.

    Love them

  • Andrea

    Ok, those are definitely fake breasts. Can we say breast implants?

  • Fug Face Man!ston

    fresh 2 death.

    no worn, dirty, beat up, oversized hand-me-downs rags for the beckham bunch..



  • nat

    Awww Cruz is such a cutie pie! He’s growing up to be a handsome little man – giving his big bro Romeo a run for his money for being the cutest Beckham kid. And the Beckhams do have the most handsome boys. Stylish too!

  • christina

    i never get why haters click on a thread if they dont like the ppl in them? pathetic!

    victoria looks amazing and cruz is adorable, cutest ever!

  • dancingqueen

    O, I love his little collar. It still amazes me that people keep bringing up the same tired issues when it comes to Posh.

    1) She never smiles…get over it
    2) She has a “pig” nose…she would have changed it by now if she hated it, so get over it
    3) She has fake boobs..most celebrities have them
    4) Her husband cheated on her…some men do that, but she forgave him. Why hate someone who wants to keep their family together?

    I’m just saying, if you hate her please come up with something new. Rehashing the same arguments are just asinine.

  • oh

    She is like a robot alright.LOL.Her kid is good looking but my gosh, don’t dress him like he is a teenager, he is so young for that outfit, collars’ up, sweater on his waist,& more. He needs to dress the kid appropriate for his age.

  • jess

    wow vic looks beautiful. she has the cutest kids. i

  • Colleen

    These are great!

  • Babysis

    He is too cute!

  • Kiki

    Awww! Mr. adorable!

  • http://jj Me

    Cruz is sooo cute..
    i like victoria’s dress

  • ab

    Damn,this woman always looks good

  • kymmie

    so agree with #5, 14 and 15!! Victoria looks amazing! and Cruz is the cutest kid ever!!

  • jrfan

    Awwwwwww! Wow Cruz is looking more like Romeo now…in that 3rd pic esp.! I bet they will look like twins when they get older. VB looks so gorgeous…though I thought she said she was going to smile more for America. I guess even if she walked around with a smile permanently attached, the photogs would still manage to get a pic of her staight-faced. lol

  • angelina_mmm

    I can’t believe she gave birth to 3 kids..

  • Maria

    he’s got such a cute face. Shiloh and he could be a future match! hehe

  • H4NI

    vic look gorgeus and the kid so cute…!

  • ara

    cruz is so cute cute cute

  • anon

    this woman has worms!!!!!!
    she cannot stay in one place for than a day
    i think its time she settled down and stay in LA for a month and planet will be thankful

  • gsoed

    He’s so big now & He’s going to see his girlfriend, SURI.

  • G.g

    Posh always looks so damn good!! She has style, her body is hott(doesn’t matter if her boobs are fake), her kids are cute, her husband loves her, and she’s stinky rich. You sad b*tches are so jealous!!

  • vicky

    awww she is a great mum…! Cruz is adorable !

  • BBperfume

    You don’t know VB, how do u know she’s a good mom?? besides a good mom doesn’t keep posing when she’s out with her child. Will not even get rid of the high heel to spend a day out playing with them. By the look of thsoe pix, she’s obviously busy with her image, rather than having a mom and son time..oathetic woman. It seems her boys are used to it, and they wouldn’t dare touch her hair.!

  • Flisbeth

    He is über cute

  • Laine

    No kid of his age would put a sweater round his waste like that. She is obviously obsessed in the way they look. Does she spend all her waking hours in front of the mirror trying to impress people?

    She’s a self centred skank, who is always hungry for media attention. I see all of a sudden she’s acting all motherly. Save your crap for someone else Posh. We all know before you moved to the LA you couldn’t be bothered to spend time with your kids. I guess her PR company have told her that being seen with your kids is good for the american public.

  • oi

    God she looks amazing, cruz is a wee cutie he looks alot like Romeo.
    I think we have established her boobs are not real, I think its time to think of something else to harass her about. There really is nothing shes a great mother and totally misunderstood

  • C

    #33 BBperfume and #35 Laine are so right…
    She calls herself posh ,,,LOL
    She looks like a serious faced clown to me..all the time wanting media attention…

    THE KID IS AWESOME…Such a cute kid…love the kid

  • C

    Cute Kid
    Victoria is so disgusting

  • Eathan

    So many jelous people on here…

  • smooth


    How do you know she is bad mom? Because she wears heels? Or because she doesn’t play “mom and son” time in front of paparazzi in her way to the car?
    Vic always wears heels and dresses,it nothing to do with that…but the fact is she is with the same man for 10 yeras and has three children and she is just 32…maybe she isn’t that bad wife and mom

  • dan

    #39 – I have never ever seen a photo of her laughing and playing with her kids. NEVER. Then you have last year where it was reported that she only spent 50 days in one whole year with her kids. Good mom, I think not. As for her being married to David, well there is no way on this earth that she is going to give him up. It doesn’t matter how many times he continues to have affairs, she will not let him go. Reason being is because who the hell would give a sh*t about her without David by her side. David is weak, she was the one that was desperate to come to LA and David just does wheatever she tells him.

  • dee

    cruz is looking more and more like his dad these days :)

    and I don’t get the whole fuss about her not smiling or anything. at least she’s not faking it – there isn’t anything to smile about when paparazzi are taking photos of you all the time. yeah, brad and angelina smile all the time, ok, sure, yeah, they’re happy family because of that. to me, this (victoria with cruz) seems more real than that (brad&angie&kids – they look fake).

  • miranda

    #35 – maybe Cruz didn’t want to wear his sweater or it was too hot, so instead of making him hold it, or hold it herself, she put the sweater around his waist. besides…there’s nothing wrong with wanting your kids to look good.

  • Miapocca

    Cute kid…Posh skeletor in in full form I see….hmmm what the heck happened to her protege RoBoHo Beard Cruise….they are the only teo who parent in Leboutin…long live Lenoutin line of 6 inch parenting shoes, great for bonding with your toddler..

    That kid looks a lot like MAMA only a lor more prettier than mama…

  • From the block

    I actually feel bad for, it’s like she’s carrying this false persona all the time to please people. Why does she verly dress just to go ‘out and about’, isnt that just weird? We all know you’re a style icon, big deal. Go eat burger and learn to bloody smile. She was the pric.k in Spice girls, the one ALWAYS behind the rest of the girls in photo’s. HOW and WHY did she become so popular on her own? Oh yes, cos she married David who cheated on her with Rebecca. Hmm, yeah smart girl.

  • From the block


  • PallasBrenna

    Is Cruz the child that had the seizures? I hope that blank stare doesn’t suggest autism. I was reading Jenny Mccarthy’s early symptoms of her son and one of them was seizures.

  • Ellie

    Cruz is one BEAUTIFUL kid. He’s got those sexy David Beckham eyebrows.

  • hehe


  • cindy

    Although she is a celebrity and has a lot of money – I love the way she lets her children walk! Not to mention pull his own suitcase. That’s what I love about her.