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The Donato Family Double Date

The Donato Family Double Date

Big Brother 8 winner Richard Louis “Evel Dick” Donato and his runner-up daughter Daniele leave WeHo’s Les Deux nightclub on Tuesday after a double date with their respective significant others.

The Donatos left the club hand-in-hand with their dates. Dick looked quite cozy with his girlfriend Reanna Mae.

Daniele, a former Hooters waitress, is still going strong with her Big Brother hook-up Nick, aka Nicholas Starcevic.

For the ultimate Nick and Daniele fans, you can bid your heart out on Danielle‘s BB8 duffle bag and Nick‘s football shirt that they both wore on the show.

As of this posting, the shirt (autographed by both Daniele and Nick) is up to 47 bids with a hefty $2,000.00 price tag. The bag (autographed by Daniele) is up to 44 bids with a whopping $2,800.00 price tag. Talk about cashing in!

20+ pictures inside of Dick, Nick and Danielle

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Photos: Adrian Varnedoe/, Cliff Lipson/CBS, Frederick M. Brown/Frazer Harrison/Kevin Winter/Getty
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  • alex

    aya first lol
    party poppers lol

  • rosebud

    All losers!!!

  • Heidi


  • http://n/a Jasmine

    I can’t stand the Donato’s!

  • MMM

    I liked them on the show. All 3 really. Face it, if it wasn’t for them this season would have been much worse.

  • Tammy

    Mike is the former painting contractor. Nick’s the minor league soccer player.
    I liked Dick yelling at the other game players and making them cry.

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, Tammy!

  • Bill

    White trash!

    Who is the goth skank with Dickhead?

    Oh, btw, Nick is gay. No doubt about it. Trust me, I know.

  • Bill

    Nick knows how to get a payday and diddle with someone on the side.

  • Mina

    Nick and Dani actually got $5000 from a bunch of fans who started a collection for them. A bunch of crazy bored housewives actually donated to this.

  • Thomas

    These ugly losers make me miss Heidi and Gay Shark Teeth!! Total white trash, will probably spend their $$ on a double-wide and fake tits. He is a complete loser. This is why I hate reality TV – and why is Le Deux letting in these trainwrecks?? That club is done!

  • Thomas

    Oh, Nick does love the dick. He also thinks people care now and believe he’s famous. Yeah, famous for sucking dick like a champ. Pumped up tea bagger!

  • Mina

    And hes willing to take $5000 from a bunch of stupid negelected housewives who think Dani and Nick will be forever.

  • lola

    NICK’S body is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!

  • srj

    That guy looks like the incredible hulk!! yuck!

  • Elena belle



    I liked the Donatos on Big Brother ’cause they played a good game of deceit and manipulation (who ever said Big Brother was a friendly game of balls of sunshine?…). But anyways – I don’t condone Nick and Daniele’s relationship – like someone mentioned already, she blatantly cheated on her boyfriend on national TV….

  • Byte_Mi

    Nick looks like he going to play tag football in the backyard instead of going to a Hollywood Red Carpet event.
    Reanna Mae eh? Gonna Google her to see some naked pics.


  • ls

    Do you know anything?!?! Trashing taling reality tv, and asking why did Les Deux let them in, probably because Mike “BOOGIE” Malin from CBS’s Big Brother, Winner of Big Brother: All Stars OWNS the DAMN BAR. You probaly audition for the show but didnt make it. Dont hate on them because they won the money.

  • bB

    Daniele is 21 years old. She’s not married and they never showed her kissing Nick… You only live once…

  • Bob

    Dick is dating an internet porn whore. And all signs point to her being an alcoholic and/or drug user. HAHAHAHA. This is the same guy who called other people in the Big Brother house trash. HAHAHAA. Dick Donato is a pathetic loser.

  • Bob

    What is with all the censoring? Even his name was censored. Let’s try this again:

    ED is dating an internet porn wh0re. And all signs point to her being an alcoholic and/or drug user. HAHAHAHA. This is the same guy who called other people in the Big Brother house trash. HAHAHA. Richard Donato is a pathetic, trashy loser.

  • Bob

    Argh, censoring.

    PORN W-H-O-R-E = ED’s “girlfriend” (Emphasis on the “girl” part since she is 19 years old)

  • Lana

    White Trash. Too bad Nick had to stumble down to Donato level. She will chew him up and spit him out. Can you imagine Holidays spent with the Donato Family… Ugh. Dick & Stick

  • Lana

    D-I-C-K & Stick

  • Catt

    Nick and dani look so happy…wish them the best of luck in the future. The Donatos made this season of BB8 the best ever.

  • thorn1

    Love the Donatos. You should learn that “Just because you SAY itdoes not make it true” I have to remind my kids that all the time.
    Why would any of you losers care about what they do? Or Did? Just shows how you all have nothing to do with your lives.

  • ~*~Get Real~*~

    im so happy to see nick and dani together. hope they can work it all out. really liked them two together. LOVE ME SOME EVIL ; )


    All 3 of them are complete losers in life – White trash at it’s finest. D-I-C-K is a D-I-C-K, and Daniele is only getting along with her father to be a sponge until his 500k runs out, which it will because these losers will blow through it. Daniele is a complete W-H-O-R-E, Nick is just a g-a-y boy tag along. Heard all about his c-o-c-k sucking ways… what a bunch garbage. And who ever these losers are who actually sent them 5k to go on a trip should be smacked silly, wake up and get a life and quit living your life through these bums!

  • Bette

    I heard about that fan campaign. I can’t believe there are fans who are actually stupid enough to send money too. But its also in very bad taste for Nick to accept to. I guess trash goes hand in hand.

  • Bette

    I agree Erika. The people who raised $5000 need their heads examined. Some of them must have stalker tendencies or something. Theres no such thing as no strings attached and they will regret accepting it.

  • SkankyHO

    Danielle is such a skank. I can’t believe she did what she did to her boyfriend. I hope he dumped her ass.

  • onelove

    Okay so what happen with her boyfriend, before she went to the house

  • dIANE

    Well, well, well. Isnt it sweet to see Nick & Dani out on the town holding hands and having a GREAT time!! NOT!!! (puke) I cant believe this bimbo. Well, Karma baby….thats all I have to say. From what I understand from her own blog, she pulled her ex-boyfriend Kris away from an engagement. I guess he thought the grass was greener on the other side. Guess not. Give it time. What goes around comes around and this Nick & Dani thing will not last. I kinda felt sorry for the boyfriend at first, but that was pretty bad what he did to his then fiance as well. And yes…BB did show Nick & Dani kissing. It was actually the same show when they interviewed Kris. They were under the covers BB captioned what they were saying and you heard them smackin under the covers. What a s-l-u-t!

  • http://- LANA. from germany


  • Tammie

    I think I saw that white dress at Forever 21 the other day…

  • lb

    You guys played the game best even if Daniele was selfish and irritating. Dick, you need to work on those manners, but other than that you were the most honest in the game, you rocked. You deserved to win!!!! Viva Evel Dick!

  • Mandy


    I agree with you – enough of the censoring it’s annoying. It’s not against the law – deal with it JJ.

    I’ve watched all BB seasons and this one started out so boring. I agree w/ the people who said if it wasn’t for ED it would have sucked. I hated him but ironically I did not want that b*tch Dani to win. So in the end I was actually glad he won. He is in his 40′s and he’s earned it through life. Dani’s too young to have all that money – it was the right choice. ED has the control over his daughter now – it should be that way.

    NIck is definitly hot – but that b*tch Dani screwed her boyfriend. I feel sorry for him. When they interviewed him half way through the show he actually believed she was “playing the game” poor thing….wake up!!!!!

  • Notbusy

    She will only hang around until all her father’s money is gone and then she’ll go back to hating him again.

  • Ex

    How long will it be before Dani cheats or dumps Nick?
    I say two years, and they won’t be together.

    At least her dad is real.

  • oh please

    u people are all some haters who cares what they do. they made good television. who cares if there trash or whatever. a game is a game they won fair and square. they have fans and haters like all other teams. get over it!!!

  • Bob

    Actually, “oh please,” they didn’t win fair and square at all. They were presented to us as “enemies” when in reality, Richard and his daughter tried out as secret partners for Big Brother 6. They were well aware both of them would be on the show this season and worked as a team. Furthermore, ED broke the rules and cheated constantly and the producers allowed it.

    And even worse, they added a voting component and edited ED differently than everyone else. He got the most airtime of anyone and the most Diary Room footage but they completely removed his racism, misogyny, homophobia, threats of violence, threats of sexual assault, etc. ED is absolutely disgusting. He has nothing going for him. And Allison Grodner apparently has some sort of a crush on him and rigged the show for him.

    He made horrible decisions in the game. He voted out his best ally (other than Daniele), Nick. He tried to get Jessica to turn on her closest ally, Eric, when she had no reason to do so. And he tried to take on a 5-person alliance with just him and Daniele. Not to mention, he was insufferable to be around. If the game hadn’t been rigged, he would’ve been evicted week 5. But the producers, their editing and “America” saved him.

    He is the only winner in reality competition history to need outside help to win. No other winner on Big Brother, Survivor, The Amazing Race, etc. had things stacked so high in their favor.

  • toobadsooosad

    Nick and Daniele suck.


    Wow! Some of you people take this sh*t personal. Who the f*ck cares??? It was entertaining….was it not? Let them go on about their lives and leave them alone. You are one of the one who’s keeping them so popular.


    Melissa # 44 you must be easily entertained if you find a foul mouthed bar bum “entertaining” – the real entertainers of BB8 were hands down Eric and Jessica. I highly doubt you’d find a D-I-C-K so entertaining if you were the object of his verbal abuse and the idiots who find him to be honest, HA! You people are seriously screwed in the head which is why you are so easily entertained. I mean seriously someone insults another person and you call that entertaining? wow! How pathetic, I guess perhaps it is entertaining for the small minded. BTW Have I mentioned how badly Dani S-U-C-K-S? haha she is such a tool, I guess you people found her constant never ending whinning entertaining too? Dani you’re a w-h-o-r-e and all I have to say is karma! =)

  • sand

    doode danielle and nick? wtf doesnt danielle have a bf? doode that’s pretty f**ked up. and how the bf was talking in that one episode so sad. i feel sad for him :(

  • Porcupine maxipad

    What happened to Danielle’s boyfriend of 2 years? I feel sorry for the poor guy! It’s so low what she did to him. Did anyone ever find out his reaction?

  • Porcupine maxipad

    Oh, and I hope Evel Dick can afford some UNDERWEAR now, that PIG!

  • DEb

    Wow! The game is over. Seems like there are a lot of bitter people yet, and you weren’t even part of the game. Why don’t you leave them alone. They’re happy and you’re not. Get over it!!

  • carol forlini

    Oh my I have never heard of so many jealous people in all my life. The people leaving the nasty messages are actually the white trash. I love Nick and Dani and they are the only reason I watched BB8. I really grew to like Dick. He really loves his daughter. Say what you want – they were the best players and look who won. If Nick,Dani or Dick would’nt been in that house can you imagine how damn boring that show would have been. I could go on and on about the other people in that house. Please remember just how pitiful they were. Dani and Nick – Good Luck you guys make a beautiful couple. I’m pulling for you. You Go Dick, I like you. You guys have fun with your money. I wish you the best of luck and hope to hear more about you in the future.
    Best of Luck,
    Carol Forlini