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Justin & Jessica: Too Cute in Toronto

Justin & Jessica: Too Cute in Toronto

Justin Timberlake shares a good laugh with girlfriend Jessica Biel in the Yorkville neighborhood of Toronto, Canada on Thursday.

The cozy couple enjoyed brunch together at “Eggstacy” before strolling through town hand-in-hand.

Timberlake is in town to film his new comedy The Love Guru. The singer/actor was spotted on set with costar Verne Troyer earlier this week.

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FYI: Mr. JT wore his own William Rast jeans and a t-shirt by RVCA.

10+ pictures inside of Justin and Jessica holding hands through Toronto…

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justin jessica holding hands 01
justin jessica holding hands 02
justin jessica holding hands 03
justin jessica holding hands 04
justin jessica holding hands 05
justin jessica holding hands 06
justin jessica holding hands 07
justin jessica holding hands 08
justin jessica holding hands 09
justin jessica holding hands 10
justin jessica holding hands 11
justin jessica holding hands 12

Photos: ONeill/White/, eNewsBuzz
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  • Julz

    they cant get any cuter.

  • jg

    i actually don’t find them particularly cute at all. but maybe that’s just me!

  • BBperfume

    He will dump her after she gets tired, the arrogant that KING Timberlake is.

  • C

    CUTE …:X

  • Ya know

    Cute? Not really…

  • http://MYSPACE.COM/BOBMARLEY socksnsandels

    She isn’t cute! She looks boring! at least Cameron did Surfing!

    She sux!

  • C

    Justin is cute of course!!!

  • Diama

    cute ♥

  • Kim

    Love Justin. Hate Jessica. I think she’s fugly and boring. And way overrated. He can do so much better than her. I don’t see this lasting anyway.

  • k

    I love him. He’s so cute too me.

  • Erica

    Justin Could Do Soooooo Much Better Then Her. Ewwww

  • Laura

    He’s cute.She’s NOT.

  • h

    timberlake is an ACTOR?
    is it a joke

  • magnus MFA

    God d@amn my neighborhood sucks.

    Freakin Timberlake aka I blew my way to the middle walking around.

    I’m moving.

  • Samantha

    Justin looks cute. :)

  • CC


  • Felicia

    ugh. he is beautiful especially since he shaved. she is just pretty, but she just doesn’t work for me.

  • Purple gem

    Justin and Jessica look cute together. I always thought Justin and Cam looked odd.

  • maddie

    she seems to have lost sooo much weight
    and i don’t get why she can’t smile, case of the victoria beckhams????

  • Becky

    what’s wrong with you guys? she’s gorgeous, and she won sexiest woman alive a couple years ago. They look great together.

  • lol

    Eggstacy is on church street, which is like the gay district…





  • Ash

    she didn’t win sexiest woman alive. her publicist payed for that shit. that’s how desperate she is for fame. i wouldn’t doubt if she is boning timberlake for publicity. poor guy, first britney used him. now this she-male.

  • Christina

    I don’t get this relationship. They just looks odd together. I agree that he can do way better. She’s a downgrade from Cameron Diaz. She looks like she lost weight too.

  • Natalie

    WOO! Toronto. . . my hometown. =)

    JT is so hot. Looks like he is happy being with her, so good for them.

  • Mya

    She’s still following him?! Doesn’t she have a career of her own?!

  • crissy

    what’s wrong with the girl, can’t see smile?! I know she has a horsefaced mouth, but your with Justin Timberlake, you have a lot to smile about! Who cares if someone is taking your picture walking down the street with Justin and Rachel..again, you’re with Justin Timberlake. At least you could look happy to be there! Love Justin, HATE him with this chick! Don’t know what he sees in her. What’s up with those boots, does she ALWAYS have to wear them? I think there kind-of ugly looking myself. Can’t see these two lasting very much longer, she doesn’t seem to like all the attention and hello, if you’re dating Justin Timberlake you will get attention…she’s certainly not getting it for her acting!

  • Sue

    He’s hot! She’s not!



  • Lola

    Well I am canadian, and it is noce to see justin walking around smiling enjoying……however….missy (I have still not digested her comment on the little pap the other day!!) it just kills me….she walks around like she will kill someone, and the minute she see’s a camera it’s like she gets really upset….ADVICE: Lady stay away from Justin if you don’t want attention…..
    Now if you want the truth here it is….you see missy LOVES the attention , that is probably why she is with justin to start off with , she just likes to act like a SNOB and make it look like she does not need her pictures taken…….WE ARE NOT FOOLED gooooo home….your acting sucks!!!!!

    justin you are a cutie pie!!!!! canada loves you!!!

  • so sweet

    I love Toronto!!!

    They are an odd couple, so I think they will survive.

  • Ash

    I agree Lola. She acts like she hates it but I think she loves it. She’s using him. She does look like a snob and a bitch.

  • Brad Addict

    Oh My God I hate him, lucky man

    He is so boring and he’s so arrogant

    Why why Jessica just dump him you can have better than him

  • Linh

    i have to agree that she’s a butterface. ewwwww. i can’t look at her.

  • ksusha

    He`s too good for her. There is nobody to be equal to him at the moment. Cameron was, but too old.

  • me

    It’s nice to see JT smiling!!

  • Cynthia

    Neither is cute. Jess definitely wear the pants in that relationship!

  • Kim

    I loved him with Cameron. This girl just doesn’t seem right for him. I hope she isn’t using him. That would suck.

  • Tealeaf

    Timberfake body looks good, Biel looks like crap.

  • TINA

    U call this cute?! Take out butterface biel and it will be cute!

  • Sheila

    See how much cuter he looks when he shaves the ratty facial hair instead of his head.

    Weirdly, I think he’s bearding for HER. He’s not gay but she is…he’s one-night-standing around and she has a girlfriend stashed away somewhere.

  • Bitsy

    Crissy, I agree with you. Did you see the video of her and her Mom at LAX yelling at the 14 year old for trying to take their pics? Totally off the wall, and stupid. The actions were bad enough, but the remarks were totally bull. She hasn’t been that popular for that long either. But that single episode made me dislike Biel even more. Before she started dating Timberlake she was all smiles for the PAPS and took her clothes off for attention.

    Nope, don’t buy it. I don’t know what Justin is thinking, but he could do better. I do think she is using him for publicity. And I would like to know what Justins peeps think of her. All of his Hip Hop buddies. She doesn’t strike me as the kind to roll with them. Anyway, I hope Jared and his buddies, stay on them like glue!!! Don’t give them a moments rest and see how they really like to be followed night and day. Plus it will take attention away from the Brit saga, who Ol JT is no innocent about that either. Bragged on radio shows about their his and Britney’s sex life in detail. So you tell me that he is such a saint. Now that he is acting in pics, he is even cockier. I think he used Cameron for his edge to get into the business. Anyway, I hope they don’t last. Can’t stand you stuck up fake face. At least Britney is all real.

  • Maria

    I really dislike them together. I thought Justin & Cameron were a good match and looked better together. Jessica looks snotty and boring.

    For those who said, she’s using him – I wouldn’t doubt it either. She seems so desperate to become famous by taking her clothes off and having sucky ass movie roles. On top of that, she claims she’s too hot and she can’t get good roles. Newsflash honey, you can’t act.

  • Deena

    At least hes putting her ass to good work…literally making her wear his jeans knowing the paps are gonna photograph them , good business move JT. And as long as hes happy we shouldn’t care!

  • Maria

    She’s not wearing his jeans in these pictures.

  • Maria

    And I do care. Because what if she’s using him? That would be fucked up!

  • Jocelyn

    She’s a fug. What’s the appeal w/ this girl again? Her butt? Pretty sad when your a** looks better than your face.

  • mickey

    It’s funny how so many are hating on Jessica, when it’s Justin he is an arrogant, overrated, buzzard faced jerk. The sad part is that he is turning Jessica into an egomaniac like him. She used to be humble and sweet now she constantly complains about the paparazzi making her privileged life sooooooooo difficult. Just what the world needs–another whiny celebrity.

  • yoyo63

    Justin looks way better looking without mustache. I love his look in the pic. I agree, Jessica isnt pretty, but at least she is younger than JT. lol.Cameron is a superstar but she is too old for JT.