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Rumer Willis Goes Platinum Blonde... The Remix!

Rumer Willis Goes Platinum Blonde... The Remix!

Rumer Willis leaves The Neil George hair salon in Beverly Hills on Wednesday after having her new platinum blonde hair restyled.

The 19-year-old daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore first showed off the her poofy platinum blonde do at last Thursday’s opening of the James Perse store in Beverly Hills.

Later in the day, Rumer then slicked her hair to the side at the Declare Yourself 2008 Celebrates 18 event.

Originally, her blonde locks took seven hours to style. “Honestly, it just took a long time,” she said. “I got [to the hair salon] at like 1 [p.m.], and I didn’t leave until 8 p.m. I have really dark hair, so it took a long time, but it didn’t really hurt. I got the idea because the movie (I Know What Boys Like) I just finished, I was wearing a blonde wig, so I saw myself like that. And I just went for it. I always find that whenever I’m doing something big in my life, I want to change the hair.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rumer’s restyled hair — BETTER or WORSE?

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  • Jennifer

    dont like

  • michael

    Why is this girl famous?

  • Taylor

    Better bleach and toner job this time, but it still isn’t flattering.

  • itchy

    its somewhat better i guess, but she’s a FUGLY girl and her hair still sux baddd

  • so sweet

    Doing something big? like what?

    Anyway, she looks great as a brunette.

  • emch

    NO. It doesn’t suits her. She’s better-off with brunette.

  • Laura


  • maicee


  • klo

    she looks cuter. for some reason her chin doesnt look as huge anymore,or maybe because her head is down in the pics.

  • pete

    still UGLY

  • Kelly

    Remind me never to go to Neil George if I’m ever in Beverly Hills!

  • Julz

    wondering why they make pictures of her?!
    and why you’re posting them, Jared?!? :)

  • Jaxon

    That bleach job really damaged her hair. But you might be right, #8 klo, her chin doesn’t seem quite as big. That’s something I guess, but can’t say I like her hair.

  • Sinna

    I’m sorry but this girl is really unfortunate looking.

  • miranda

    and her hair is as ugly as it was when she stepped out of the salon last week!!
    she’s skinny and SOMETIMES her clothes are ‘so-so’ but nothing I would actually wear. that’s the only good think I have to say about her..she’s just not pretty, and obviously she can’t see that herself. well too bad, but please please wear a bra! that is just disgusting….

  • miranda


  • smooth

    If your face isn’t pretty no hair style will change it.
    Sometimes it’s nothing to do but accept it

  • http://- LANA. from germany


  • smooth

    I’m 21 years old and if I go to buy box of sweets or cola in a shop around the conner,I also don’t wear bra. When you are young and your breasts still look good,why not…

  • Flisbeth

    Still don’t really like it, but somehow a little better than before I think

  • ~deJa~


  • KT

    she has an unique face,
    and a good figure.

    don’t be so mean, she is absolutly not ugly!

  • Kara

    7 hours for this crappy result ? Let me laugh.

  • Claire

    i´m sorry to say that, but she isn´t pretty at all! she should just try to avoid any camera. and why is she in a movie?? can´t believe that, who gave her a part in it??

  • smooth

    You don’t need to be beautiful to be good actress or actor. Talent doesn’t depend on your face. Look Alba is pretty but zero actress

  • Nanana

    it’s so much better for her to wear sunglass, that hides her disproportionated facial features.

  • not good

    Everybody can’t go blonde and she is one of them. Her skin and features don’t gel with blonde hair. Brunette or auburn only.

  • boo

    how long will it take for her chin surgery,
    better to asked the other celebs suffering from-
    Jay Leno’s-Lurch-jaw/chin ugliness.

    hopefully she did her brows.

  • gossip

    maybe it is the lighting on her face, but she looks old in the second pic.

  • uli

    poor thing. she is one of those rich kids for whom no amount of plastic surgery will make her attractive, like tori spelling. but atleast spelling has fugly parents, poor rumer has to look at demi and say “shit, my mom is hot!”

  • samara

    Give her a break, she could turn out to be on the top sexiest women in the world..ive seen a lot of ugly duckling turn out really beautiful..she still young i think its hope for her..

  • yoet

    I think she looks a little bit better but still she should act more femmenine..I mean with taht hair cut and hair color she look sso ugly and so not attractive!!!

  • alex

    i wonder what miranda looks like? maybe worse than rumer… or maybe a lot worse…? who knows

  • piece of mind

    Many People who comment on these blogs are horrible a**holes

  • ~deJa~


  • Diamond Lil

    Her hair isn’t as parched anymore, good looks healthier. And she’s rockin a little bit of Brigette Neilson action now…but to truly know if this looks good on her, we need the glasses off and a looksie at those eyebrows. Did they lighten them too? Overall, she is young, so why not, try it all now why you can. Have fun, girl!

  • Clementines

    Remove the moles and warts! She looks too butch.



  • kat

    she just needs to turn down that blond and let it grow.

  • Jen

    it must be sad when your mom is 1000 times better looking than you…poor girl

  • Jocasta666

    Rather see her than BritBrit’s vadge.
    She looks like her parents. So do I. Problem? No. We all know movie stars/actors have surgery. If she is smart, she will learn to live with what she’s got.
    Like all of us.


  • Raichill

    I think she looks a lot older with her hair this colour.

  • Bella

    Why doesn’t she get those ‘things’ removed from her face? They look like bugs and ticks.

  • miranda

    LOL alex, I think I can say that I look better than Rumer! First of all, I know how to dress myself and I wear a BRA, even when I’m just stepping out of the house for an hour or so. poor Rumer sometimes wears hair-raising clothes! I haven’t seen too many photos of her so I can’t judge 100%, I’m sure she has a few nice clothes in her wardrobe ;) but she doesn’t have a pretty face and maybe that’s just my opinion, it’s not a fact, but A LOT of people seem to think so. I mean for god’s sake, read the other comments. 0,01% of them are saying something nice about Rumer….

  • heyhey

    Okay, I know I’m in the minority here, but since Senorita Egghead is obvs never gonna be a supermodel, I rather like her in “boi” mode. Work that androgynous look, go with your strengths.

    And, I think the size of those shades, (even tho I’m hating the shape) is reducing the horse head effect. Eh, maybe it’s a case of “it can’t get any worse”, but I kinda digs.

  • Ric74a

    what a monster!!!

  • Eva_baby

    She’s not an ugly girl, but she has a heavy jaw and her face lacks definition. Her platinum hair is doing her no favors. At least with her darker hair her face didn’t look like a mass of undercooked dough. She needs darker hair and a do that will flatter the shape of her face.

  • marina

    She in in that age where she can experiment with her hair and looks. But it’s true that if you like supershort hair your face should be more symetrical or exquisite, if it isn’t go with longer hair.

    Think of some artists who look good with sort hair, and now in other actresses with stronger features, not many of them look good with a gamine look.

  • yoyo63

    she got so many zits on her face, kinda ungly.



    Isn’t it about that time of year for her to go hibernate for the winter?

    * F U G *