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Ryan Gosling's Massive Weight Gain

Ryan Gosling's Massive Weight Gain

Ryan Gosling looks a little heavy in the face as he arrives at the NYC premiere of Lars And The Real Girl at the Paris Theater on Wednesday.

If you’re wondering about the massive weight gain, it’s for his upcoming film The Lovely Bones. Ryan, 26, will play the role of Susie’s father, Jack Salmon. Susie (Saoirse Ronan) is a 14-year-old girl during the 1970′s who is raped, murdered, and dismembered by a neighbor. Over the next few years she watches from a personalized heaven as her family and friends deal with their grief.

The Lovely Bones will be directed by Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings, King Kong) and is set for a 2008 release.

10+ pictures inside of Ryan‘s weight gain…

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  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    Maybe it’s for a movie role..?

  • Julz

    yeah, Britney bi****
    the text says it’s for a movie role!

  • maree

    i never finished that book, it was too boring and slow

  • Kellie

    I finished it. It was a good read. IMO…Koontz is a very slow read. I’ve read several of his books (in fact, just finished one last week) and although he’s a wonderful author…slow, slow, slow. It’ll be interesting to see this in Movie form…

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    Oh okay..I didn’t read the whole bad.

  • Iris

    Haven’t read the book but definately will now. Thanks for the review Kellie. I think it will be interesting to see a story like this from Peter Jackson’s perspective. I’m sure it will be nothing short of brilliance.

  • mamaria

    he is unhappy
    you can see that
    some people gain weight when they’re unhappy


    Iris: Peter Jackson isnt brilliant because he directed Lord of the Rings. You would never have said he was brilliant after the Frighteners, Meet the Feebles, Forgoitten Silver, Brain Dead etc…. etc…. LOTR is an epic with or without PJ. Notic3e how the Potter franchise had many different directors and it made no difference in terms of audience attendance.

  • shia_fan

    I think it’s for the movie,,, He looks uncool though if he’s fat…

  • Izzy

    hahah shia_fan for some reason that was hilarious..

    he is quite on the chubby side but after the movie, he’ll get fit’ll see…

  • zabba

    i don’t know how old the caracter is suposed to be, but he is going to be married to rachel weiz who is nine year his senior. maybe in some twisted logic fat is older. is seems to be working tough… he does look older.

  • Iris


    I agree that his earlier work was of a lesser standard but some of the movies mentioned were made as far back as almost 20 years ago! You cannot deny the fact that he has grown as a director. It takes many artists years to find their niche and most would cringe at their early work so I don’t think it’s fair to compare Meet the Feebles with LOTR or King Kong. You may not like his style which is cool with me but I believe that he has truly become a visionary and his later work is of a high calibre.

    I don’t think it’s fair to compare LOTR to Harry Potter either as they appeal to very different demographics and most children would not analyse nor care about the direction. There are books which have been made into movies which have not translated well because of many aspects relating to script, direction, casting etc etc. I believe that LOTR was successful not just because of Peter Jackson but because of all of these aspects combined although it has been emphasised that PJ was the main visionary. I am interested to see where he takes us with The Lovely Bones. I also can’t wait for Shantaram which I believe is being directed by Tim Burton. For anyone who hasn’t read it, read it NOW if you like big long epics. It’s brilliant!

  • so sweet

    He looks like one of those Baldwin brothers … with all that fat!

    I guess someone has to suffer for their art and get pay well.

  • Sinna

    maree : 10/04/2007 at 5:46 am
    i never finished that book, it was too boring and slow

    I agree with you, I started reading the book and never finished it. It was so slow and boring. I hope the movie is much better, anyways I love Ryan he’s a good actor

  • Anonymous

    I loved this book–I just hope the movie isn’t botched.

  • August fern

    I LOVED THAT BOOK!!!! It was so good, a sad but great story…I am so glad they are making a movie. Gosling is a great actor.

  • Martha

    Actors gain and lose for film roles all the time. Besides, I don’t think he looks “massive” but his face looks heavier… the beard doesn’t help. He’s got a baby face and needs to “age” to play this role. The Lovely Bones a terrific story.

  • essie

    I loved the book. I cried all the way through. Wonderful.

    Why does Gosling have to gain weight for the movie? I don’t remember the father being described as “fat.” In fact, I barely remember the father at all. The mother was more prominent in the story than the father, but I may have forgotten. It’s been a couple of years since I read the book and I really only remember the girl.

    I’m certain the movie will butcher the book and I’ll hate it but I’ll go to see it anyway.

  • Regina

    He’s adorable. I’m pretty sure he gained weight for ‘The Lovely Bones’ to make him older and it sure has worked!

  • liz

    Wow, he is like the male version of Renee Z. (Half Nelson, really thin and now for The Lovely Bones, kinda not so thin.). On another note… He is a talented actor!

  • Niamh C

    What does Koontz have to do with The Lovely Bones? TLB was written by Alice Sebold.

  • sassy_h

    I was wondering when someone was going to inform Kellie that Lovley Bones is not a Koontz book. I finally read this over the summer and thought it was pretty good. I think Gosling is HOT despite and will make the movie worth it.

  • Marieme

    He’s freakin amazing! At first when I heard he was going to play the father I was concerned because I felt he was too young. But I forgot that this is a real and true actor. There are many ways to look aged and create authenticity for the role. You rock, Ryan! I loved the book and can’t wait to see this film.

  • pancakebottom

    Good book…interesting to see it on film.

  • Sky

    The Lovely Bones is my favorite book!
    I was so excited when I found out he was in the movie.

  • robin miller

    Why is a 26 year old playing the father of a 14 year old? Nothing against Gosling, but this is poor casting. The book is incredible, and deserves the best adaptation possible. I sure hope they age that boy very well….

  • jd

    I read the book too and loved it. Don’t understand why he had to gain weight for the role though. I thought Jack sounded kind of thin in the book.

  • steve-O

    I think he looks better fatter…too much of hollywood is wrapped up in being skinny… how may ppl do u know that look like f-ing paris hilton (that arent surgically altered) or (god i love him) David Beckham… I give the brother props for doing what he wanted to and being unconventional… the world needs more of that!

  • droolgoddess

    um, koontz didn’t write this book. its written by a female author named alice sebold. get your facts straight.

  • Carlos Nazario

    Kellie was not saying that Koontz wrote the book! She was just comparing his books to The Lovely Bones. The previous poster stated that the book was slow and boring, but Kellie disagreed. She then brought up Koontz by saying she thought his books were “slow, slow slow…” even though many others love his books…

  • madee

    he was fired from the role days before filming, mr mark wahlberg is now set to play the father, probably an intelligent desician as robin miller pointed out he is 26…his on screen daughter is 14