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Victoria Beckham Opens With Roberto Cavalli

Victoria Beckham Opens With Roberto Cavalli

Victoria Beckham accompanies designer Roberto Cavalli and his wife Eva on Thursday to the opening of the Roberto Cavalli flagship store on Avenue Montaigne in Paris, France.

According to IHT, “The 500-square-meter, or 5,380- square-foot, store sells men’s wear on the ground floor, obliging women to think about what they should buy for the men in their lives before taking the stairs (with its curving snake-shaped banister) to the second floor for what they are really looking for: the women’s line.”

10+ pictures inside of Posh in her LBD…

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victoria beckham roberto cavalli flagship 01
victoria beckham roberto cavalli flagship 02
victoria beckham roberto cavalli flagship 03
victoria beckham roberto cavalli flagship 04
victoria beckham roberto cavalli flagship 05
victoria beckham roberto cavalli flagship 06
victoria beckham roberto cavalli flagship 07
victoria beckham roberto cavalli flagship 08
victoria beckham roberto cavalli flagship 09
victoria beckham roberto cavalli flagship 10

Photos: Julien Hekimian/Getty
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  • Wow

    No matter if you love or hate Victoria Beckham, she has a great body…especially for a mother!

  • Eathan

    She looks SENSATIONAL!

    Roberto Cavalli will design Spice Girls tour clothes!

    Hopefully Victoria will announce a Paris date, while she’s there.

    She will appear at Chanel Fashion Show tomorrow morning.

  • bebe

    Did she have a boob job or something? They always look so round and tight, not natural.

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    Loosen up a little look so uptight and serious alllll the :D

  • Elle

    She looks awful!

    Bad skin & scary body!

  • Eathan

    She landed in Paris from LA just few hours before the event, offcourse she doesn’t look her best.

    How would you look?

  • Regina

    Fug and bad boob job.

  • Regina

    And the funny thing is that why she’s promoting some stupid store in France, her husband’s dad is unwell. Goldigger at best.

  • Flisbeth

    Even for her she does look at little off in these pictures.

  • nokia

    hto # 8
    Hey regina
    her father’s in law already recovered and will be in LA soon, she canceled her make up promotion and went to london to visit him, and now his getting better, can’t the lady getting back to work?? oh and its not a stupid store, roberto cavalli and victoria have some kind of business agreement or something.. you = stupid

  • nokia

    btw not her best.. her face kind of a mess in here, looking tired and greasy…

  • sara

    Wow. She loos gorrrgggeeoouuusss!!

    So stunning! Thanks Jared!


  • gt

    “2 Eathan : 10/04/2007 at 4:50 pm

    She looks SENSATIONAL!

    Roberto Cavalli will design Spice Girls tour clothes!”

    it is probably going to be ugly did you saw jlo’s tour outfits?

    bad bood job too

  • so sweet

    The only part of her body she got going are her legs.

    Boobs are fake, arms are skinny not toned, bum sagging, no waist, horrible skin, wrinkly, can you imagine her when she hits the big 40?

    Cavalli’s wife on the other hand looks wonderful. Seriously.

  • Eathan

    Her husband’s dad is FINE!

    Roberto Cavalli is doing the tour outfits for the Spice Girls World Tour, so she’s not there just to show her face, but to have a final meeting about the outfits.

  • so sweet

    ..and what is wrong with her mouth?

    She can’t close it? Can botox do that to you? honest questions.

  • BBperfume

    I must say Victoria is not looking her best in those pics, and her skin is saggy and wrinkly(look at her hand)..And it seems she was not really into dressing up this time, not impressive!

  • Natalie

    Her fake boobs look like two hard rocks. Disgusting.

    Hot shoes though.

  • lippy lou

    Hideous. I;m not sure who is uglier, Roberto or Victoria

  • lops723

    There is something not right with her. I saw a show on BBC America called “What’s eating Victoria Beckham” & I have to say it lowered my already low opinion of her. Normally she is a publicity whore, calling to plan organized paparazzi shots, but it said after she gives birth she won’t show her face in public for a month til she gets every baby pound off. It was also discussing that even when she goes out with her kids, she has to wear the sky high heels & uncomfortable clothes for the sake of fashion. That is not normal & OBVIOUSLY points out very low self esteem. I for one would LOVE to see her in casual clothes when hanging out with her kids. Nobody likes her in the US or UK because she doesn’t seem human. That would give her some “realness”.

  • http://jj Me

    i met victoria beckham so offence to ya victoria fans shes a bitch she was soo rude

  • lilo

    wats with the forward leg lmao! sooo uptight can somebody tell her that smiling doesn’t kill!

  • makenzie

    she dosent have a great body she railthin with fake boobs now heidi klum have a great body for having 3 kids back to back i never find victoria beautiful she look like a man

  • http://hi junyar

    hi rweawwa

  • http://hi junyar

    aTGdSGjhvKJFadawrfadafii,auyiaafnkai78iadbkkaloiawil.bfOIYUedklabccLKsp9LRDlkfbcIAHDW;LnKFHAJVAffgVbklbdf AKON asfIAGFG;;NVASWEFIUawdsdfgoAHFDhfsnfjdzcAPDjffasfaffsdfchhdyyaghhfjsyyaeyrfdhaaesdnknaksgbaSsefxdZefsfZXc nLBcScvlkCaspevWAHdf

  • Dancer

    Love the dress, but she needs to lose the rock tits.

  • Kate

    she looks like a robot –the ugly kind– with a permanent sour face! then again, i wouldn’t show my smile either, if it was as ugly as hers. she acts like she always has to prove herself about how sexy she thinks she is, even around her kids. something is seriously wrong in that airhead of hers! she appears like she has no emotions ever, other than that dreadful look on her woodpecker face.

  • Liz

    Sadly her pose wouldn’t be any different if her 3 little ones were standing next to her in the pic.



  • hehe

    can someone please photoshopped her fake boobs out, i want to see how she really looks like. while you’re at it, make a closer shot of her armpits. Mine armpits don’t look good but hers look like uh..v.g.n. by the way, is her hip dislocated? plus, her feet don’t look good with open toes shoes. alright, i think i’m done bashing. peace.

  • hehe

    hehehe sorry for the bad grammars folks.

  • Fortune

    Roberto Cavalli is amazing — everything he makes for women = impossibly sexy Italian galm look. There is a distincly Italian kind of sexy as portrayed by Cavalli, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, and Gucci. It’s always bronze, shiny silky hair, and there’s this impeccable “I don’t have to work” look to it. I love it — but it’s ridiculously high maintenance to pull off.

    On that note, Victoria Beckham does not fit the bill. She looks done to the nines as always, but she never manages to make it look effortless. When you see the Cavalli/Versace/Dolce&Gabbana shows and adverts there’s this underlying note of effortlessness. Maybe you woke up at 5am to get your look down pat, but it shouldn’t look like it. Be subtle. I work out every single day, my hair is always blown straight and shiny, I obsess about everything I wear — but no one knows it. And that’s how it’s supposed to be. And that’s why I get all the compliments. Because people think I just woke up looking like I walked off of a magazine.

    FYI: I lived in Rome for 2 years and learnt all this from the girls there!

  • rose

    She has great taste in clothing, but she always reminds me of someone who’s without a soul. She has no peresonality in her photos. Her hair is always stringy and she looks oily and snooty. I just don’t see what the big deal is about her.

  • catherine

    Her skin looks horrible, facewise.

  • Karen

    Ohh she looks so nice! ..gorgeous!!

  • Dr Jube

    Oh god. Awful. AWFUL.
    She looks 10 years older than what she really is because she is way to thin and orange.

  • dan

    LMAO, Victoria and Roberto looks like freakin twins. Its ugly and uglier. They both look like freaks.

    While David is worrying about his fathers health, Posh is who*ing herself out AS USUAL, hanging out with Fashion designers in the hope that one day she will be taken seriously. LOL. Get over your nasty self Posh.

  • Malin

    I think she really looks great.
    The dress is smashing hot and the shoes..
    Ooh I love those shoes. Give me !

  • Orangina

    Oh joy!
    She’s not here in Britain any more. You’re all welcome to her, and as it seems she’s outstaying her welcome over there, please don’t send her back.

  • depeche

    She has a few liter botox in her lips…

  • smooth

    Jared posted some not best pics of her,there are a lot better pics on different sites.
    Don’t understand why doesn’t she treat her skin. I also have oily skin but I know what to do with it,seems nothing helps her.
    Maybe some hormone problems,because Vic is 32 and gave birth-normaly there are no problems with skin at this age/

  • remember da truth

    Love how someone named Loops (loopy alright!) has a low opinion of her but then watches a SHOW about her! LOL!! Couldn’t find anything better to do with your time than watch a TV show about someone you have a low opinion of? LOL!! But we’re all supposed to respect YOU and YOUR opinion now, right?

    She looks fantastic, and yeah, she’s just gotten past a worrisome time and got off a long flight and STILL looks better than most people on their best day, and you all know it!

  • +greenpeace+

    is her boob supposed to look ‘pushed up’ even if she’s not wearing a bra? weird!