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Angelina's Pointy Black Boots Make Their Return

Angelina's Pointy Black Boots Make Their Return

Angelina Jolie brings back her pointy black boots as she picks up son Maddox, 6, from the Lycée Français de New York school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan on Friday afternoon. TGIF!

Earlier in the day, Angelina and Brad Pitt were seen taking their youngest daughter Shiloh, 16 months, to look at the exhibits in the The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

UPDATE: Added 10+ super gorgeous pictures of Angelina picking up Maddox in her pointy black boots…

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01 angelina jolie pointy black boots
02 angelina jolie pointy black boots
03 angelina jolie pointy black boots
04 angelina jolie pointy black boots
05 angelina jolie pointy black boots
06 angelina jolie pointy black boots
07 angelina jolie pointy black boots
08 angelina jolie pointy black boots
09 angelina jolie pointy black boots
10 angelina jolie pointy black boots
angelina jolie pointy black boots 01
angelina jolie pointy black boots 02
angelina jolie pointy black boots 03
angelina jolie pointy black boots 04
angelina jolie pointy black boots 05

Photos: Mike DiSciullo/Bauer-Griffin,
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364 Responses to “Angelina's Pointy Black Boots Make Their Return”

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  1. 101
    Gwen Says:

    I don’t understand why people think she had implants. Angie’s always had big boobs. Sure, they may sag after breastfeeding, but that’s what a push-up is for. Besides that, it takes a long time to recover from implants, and you can’t lift anything for some time. Angie’s been in the public eye, holding her kids…explain when she’d have time for implants!

  2. 102
    ? Says:

    97 JORDAN


  3. 103
    brads family. Says:

    we love brad and his ms.jolie,she is mother of his children,you cannot get no closer as family than she is,he cut the cord when shiloh was born,brad and angie created shiloh,and they have three more babies who grew in brad and angies heart,they are family.

  4. 104
    !!!!!!!!!! Says:

    96 where?

    the site which posted it first , I mean goffinf said that Angie also was with them.since goffinf always said the truth about their pics,I`m gonna believe that.


    he wants to focus on his mom,dad,sister,brother?are you serious?or you just want to be annoying?

  5. 105
    Ladies.. Says:

    Push-up bra is our friend!

  6. 106
    tidbit Says:

    Stylized ‘Jesse James’ loads up with several strong portrayals
    By Mary F. Pols, STAFF WRITER
    Article Last Updated: 10/05/2007 09:05:59 AM PDT

    Pitt has, of course, the sexier part. But he’s also got the better written, more engaging one. Bob has the one-dimensionality of callow youth (me, me and more me!) while Pitt’s Jesse unfolds in multiple directions before our eyes. We don’t know exactly how he’s going to be in any given scene — beyond cool, that is — and so we don’t tire of him.

  7. 107
    Rumi Says:

    Look at her – does that look like a woman who abhors publicity? She actually revels in it while Brad is concerned about its effect on the children. I had never seen anyone more in love with herself and the media attention than her. She is a hypocrite and works for her image only – and don’t tell me that she loves her children. Everybody loves their children – that is not extraordinary. In any case, Brad is the more down-to-earth and caring person in that family.

  8. 108
    juju Says:

    102 style : 10/05/2007 at 4:44 pm

    No. There’s no “and”. Angelina has said the same thing: She wanted to speant more time with “her family, her kids”.

    You are going to like this:

  9. 109
    to Rumi Says:

    We never said Angie did not like attention. What’s wrong with that? It makes her life easier as an actress. Wouldn’t you say?

  10. 110
    brads family. Says:

    plus about the breast sorry jared,but if you massage breast they will grow so i think that is what brad is doing. don’t you ladies think so? who cares anyway she looks good.

  11. 111
    jordan Says:

    107 ?

    usually I ignore trolls like you!!!but please don`t stick with me.

  12. 112
    Loves it Says:

    I love how Jared is the only one getting these pictures. It’s like a fanclub we have here. Most people have no clue about the Jolie-Pitts, where they are nor care but we get the latest on Just Jared. Love it. In order for you to get news you have to SEARCH. There are many luking fans on this site. Keep up the good work Jared. Can’t wait to see TAOJJ. The last I saw Brad on the silver screen was for Babel. I can’t wait to see him in his new movie.

  13. 113
    guli Says:

    Hiya juju!

    OK!!!! I have my popcorn and my diet coke. I am ready for the troll entertainment. Just watch, this is going to be so much fun, the ding-dongs trying to come up with every friggin reason to critisize FIVE pictures. Heck TAOJJ is not showing here still yep I am disappointed but I have a fall back plan ‘The troll entertainment’…Ohhh, how I love to watch them squirm in hatred and misery :-)

    Hello to all BAMPZS Fans from all over the world :-) Lurkers, come on out, it’s Friday after all :-)

  14. 114
    TIHS Says:

    108 style : 10/05/2007 at 4:48 pm
    You need to get freaking laid and smoke you a dubie you are on brads peen way to much. It’s not that serious damn! “Family, children, No family” he just answered a damn question that’s it. He disrespects Angie, he’s an manbitch, hes a ho, hes an freak blah blah blah damn girl get a grip. If you don’t want Angelina to be with him, that bad let me tell you what you should do call her up on the phone ( u got have her number right?) or pass her on street and yell ” Yo Angie you should really ditch Brad” and see what she says to you. Other than that you voice of concern is mute.

  15. 115
    about the trolls Says:

    Their jealousy is eating them alive.
    It is a terrible emotion one should avoid.
    Not good for one’s health, you know!!

  16. 116
    Yummy Mummy Says:

    Wow Anglina looking like a hot mama.

  17. 117
    lmao Says:

    113,brad is phony , angie is real. She doesn’t complain about the paparazzi. All she said was she would like it if they didn’t get in the kids face and kept a distance. Brad complains and continues to pimp them out. please, he is far from being down to earth.

  18. 118
    bdj Says:

    Thanks for the thread Just Jared. AJ looks great. Don’t hate ladies,appreciate. AJ got it going on. She is a beautiful intelligent woman who cares deeply about issues. She puts her money and time into various causes. Instead of whiny and complaining try doing a sample of the humanatrian work that she does. It will make you a better person. Besides all that MEOWING is bad for your digestion.

    AJ can wear any style. She wears what is comfortable to her. We just see a glimpse of their day and do not know their schedule. She is an actresss and a UN Representative. She is use to the limelight. There is no need to look frumpy, dumpy wearing your mu mu to pick up your children. She is working the damn* thing. Maddox and Shiloh are two cuties. Papa Pitt is a handsome fellow and an activist. I am looking forward to seeing Jesse James. Best wishes to BAMPZS and Peace to all.

    61 piper, with a low
    You are too deep for the room.

  19. 119
    julia Says:

    ok style enough already . Brad and Angie are together every day of their lives, with their children. That is a choice that They Made and that is a Family.
    You really Need to get a grip.

  20. 120
    diana Says:

    Love this family..nice to see her like that..she’s one super hot mama!!!

  21. 121
    trolls... Says:

    Come on out and entertain us. Let your buddies know about Angie’s most recent gorgeous picture at JJ. And let the show begin. ACTION!

  22. 122
    lmao = "too bad" aka "ignore me if you must" Says:

    124 lmao : 10/05/2007 at 5:01 pm
    angie is real. She doesn’t complain about the paparazzi. All she said was she would like it if they didn’t get in the kids face and kept a distance. Brad complains and continues to pimp them out.

    Please. Angelina PIMPS THEM OUT on a daily basis. Taking them to toy stores and shopping RIGHT IN THE WINDOW so they can get a pic of her with Shiloh. She’s such a f’ing PHONY.

    And look at her in these pics taking Maddox out the FRONT DOOR and smiling RIGHT at the camera.

    She’s an EVIL person & you’re a FAT UGLY MORON.

  23. 123
    irma Says:

    My wished is my command. Thanks for the latest pictures JJ, more probably later at the museum? Ange looks so good in that pictures, I think she is not pregnant because of her dress but let’s wait & see, time will tell. I’m still hoping for the baby on board soon. Mad, Shi with Daddy Brad is awesome to see, I wished Shi is looking at the camera but as protective Brad is for his family, the papz didn’t get a good shot of her.The family are so adorable & always good together.

  24. 124
    love j.p.s. Says:

    after seeing poor B.S.CHILDREN i am so proud of angie and brad for being such good parents to their children,alot of blessing to the j.p.s we love your beautiful family keep up the good work.we the fans only want the very best for this lovely family.brad and angie are the best.

  25. 125
    nice Says:

    She works so hard for others, so I like to see her relaxed and happy. I’m happy for her.

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