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Anna Kournikova Bikini Pictures

Anna Kournikova Bikini Pictures

A bikini-clad Anna Kournikova goofs around with longtime boyfriend Enrique Iglesias as they prepare to board a boat in Miami, Florida on Thursday.

Kournikova wore a sexy white bikini with a pink floral redesign. Enrique wore his usual camouflage trucker hat and a “Detroit” t-shirt.

You can also see Anna‘s large star tattoo design on her lower back here.

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anna kourkikova bikini pictures 01
anna kourkikova bikini pictures 02
anna kourkikova bikini pictures 03
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anna kourkikova bikini pictures 16
anna kourkikova bikini pictures 17
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enrique iglesias anna kournikova 01
enrique iglesias anna kournikova 02

Photos: Kadena/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Jennifer


  • krungkrung

    she’s so lucky to have enrique as her bf, so jealous y’all, aycaramba..

  • Missp

    look at that huge rock on her finger! do you think they are secretly married?

  • ronda

    She look anorexic.

  • purple gem

    Wow, these two are still together, good for them, they look cute together.

  • j

    She looked so much better before she got so thin :(

  • the_original_nika

    too skinny, maybe?

  • suzy

    she is way too skinny. she was fine b4

  • purple gem

    Yep, I agree she looks way too thin, but Enrique is HOT!

  • johnnycodswallop

    she better get her tennis meat back! tell her enrique! tell her!

  • Brin

    She’s GROSS. Yuk…

    Enrique…? YUMMY!

  • G.g

    Her body is perfect!!!! She looks slim,tall,toned and healthy! You guys think she looks too skinny, that’s because she’s tall.

  • Nanana

    I stopped liking Enrique ever since he was late for his Ottawa concert for an hour without even apologizing.

  • JAGG


  • ria

    What the heck happened to her?!! She used to be so fit and pretty… She’s been losing too much weight recently. Is Enrique telling her that she should look more skinnier? What’s going on with her??

  • Here’s The Deal

    ^^LOL “More skinnier”???

    Gosh, everytime there’s a celebrity on here that doesn’t have EXTRA meat on her bones, she’s called anorexic/underweight. Lay off. She looks fine. She has enough meat on there, she’s not scary-skinny or anything.

  • BBperfume

    Didn’t the media speculate anorexia rumours on Anna a while back?. It seems she indeed have an eating disorder, and she’s very proud showing off her bones. Look at her how she’s putting emphasis on her slim self and pushing her ribs outwards to emphasize more her figure..

  • Babysis

    She’s beautiful!

  • Kiki

    She is so not anorexic, I’m not as tall but I’m as skinny as she is(or almost as skinny) and I’m not anorexic, I doubt she is.

  • jen

    How tall is she?

  • cris

    she’s just an average girl

  • H4NI

    where did she find that bikini?

  • H

    hmm.. some flesh is still missing. i wonder if she was attacked by some amoeba

  • norah


    they look really big, but nice

  • angelina_mmm

    he’s lucky to have her

  • michael

    Nice body, fugly face.

  • blah

    ana ivanovic is 100000000 times hotter, and not to mention better player

  • Jo

    Anna is about 5′ 8″

    She’s too skinny but gorgeous too.

  • winona

    okay i dint know where else to write this, so i am doing it here. jared. i miss tobey and i miss leo, havn’t seen them in such a long time. where are they?? need my leo and tobey…please find them. plz plz plz

  • remember da truth

    She’s not too skinny!! Al you fatties need to stop looking around at the other fatties in your work breakroom and get a dose of reality! Just because you see ribs when someone stretches does NOT make them anorexic!! There are no muscles there, so any flesh over your ribs is FAT. She looks fine.

    Who cares about other tennis players; she doesn’t even play anymore.

    How long have these two been dating? Long time now.

  • KC

    I used to envy her body. Now she’s all ribs and bones. Gross


    Man she looks so hot :)

  • jen

    Oh, well, honestly, looking at her pictures I thought she was smaller….173 cm is common for russian girl. I’m that tall too. And my weight is 53 kg. And I can tell you, I’m not anorexic for sure and don’t look that way either :) I look, how it’s better to say, more cuddly and taller than her on pics:)
    Maybe its just because she is big-boned and has a little mannish figure…Wide shoulders, small butt and no brest. But her hair is pretty though…

  • Grid

    Anna is lot better than a year ago… But yeah, she would look better with some extra pounds… But in fact I don’t think she looks bad or anorexic… She looks normal to me and cute as well!

  • don’t hate me cause you ain’t me..

    oh my god that’s soo funny..

    You know what big feet mean?? ;)

  • kat

    nice body ugly face.

  • lily

    Oh, I thought it was only me who thought that but yes she does look a bit wasted away. Where did her healthy, athletic body go? I hope she didn’t catch anything from Enrique as he is known to stray. If not I hope she doesn’t think she has to starve herself to keep him. Anna girl, no man is ever worth that.

  • lily

    hey number 29, of course noone is looking at her ribs. it the wasting of her hands we are looking at.

  • agreed.

    she looks better with some weight on her..

  • From the block

    Yeah I agree with everyone above. She’s definitely an average blonde girl. She looks like she’s from Laguna Beach.

  • Ha!

    She looks too thin. Remember that pictures add about 10lbs. to what you look like – imagine what she looks like in real life. It’s really disappointing to see a professional athlete, who once looked incredibly healthy, start to look like she’s letting herself waste away.

  • norah

    number 34

    are you tellin enrique’s feet are small or what?

    hey people can’t you see his feet are really big, is this just me ?

  • Jo

    They’re together for the last 5 years. What a couple! Amazing!!!

  • Tealeaf

    I admired her tennis body..this is tooo skinny

  • Hulla

    She definitly looked hotter when she has just a little bit more meat on her.

  • maria

    BTW enrique’s new album SUCKS big time here in the US.

  • lilo

    lmao lets say the truth : this girl i a useless good 4 nothing lloooooooooll!

  • hotmess

    Ugh, do not be jealous of poor Anna, her skank ass bastard of a boyfriend Enrique cheats on her!!!! Wanker!!!! I know for a fact he scored another girl while he was on dublin on thursday night and then went on a chat show on Saturday night and waffled on about how serious he was about Anna. I reaaaalllllllllly hate him now!!!!

  • emilia

    hotness,were you with enriuqe 24 hrs a day?i don’t believe you.

  • Dump him Anna

    It is no secret Enrique cheats on her with women all over the world. I mean he doesn’t even hide it and is constantly being photographed with women hanging all over him and also when he kisses them in the lips whenever he performs a concert. Anna wake up and dump him already.