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Jennifer Lopez is Having TWINS

Jennifer Lopez is Having TWINS

TMZ is reporting “exclusively” that Jennifer Lopez is, in fact, pregnant.

They say J.Lo and Marc Anthony are expecting twins, which was first reported by UK-based celebrity website Popb*****.

A few weeks later, Life & Style reported about the pregnancy and how far along J.Lo was.

To refresh your memory, Jennifer had an ultrasound performed in a New York office on September 12. “The test calculated that she was about 12 weeks pregnant,” an insider said. “She’s due in the spring.”

That means she is 15 weeks ago now! But that’s only if you really believe she is pregnant.

DO YOU THINK J.Lo is pregnant — YES or YES?

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    Or that’s one of the worst cases of bloating I’ve ever seen.

  • Matt

    Huh llooo! Ding dong?!

    Are you BLIND!

    This ain’t NEWS!

  • virginia

    OMG soo cool she┬┤s pregnant! good for Jlo!

    bye jared!!


  • sara

    Actually Popbi*ch was the first to say that she’s pregnant and expecting twins.

  • congrats

    It’s obvious. Look at that belly.

  • Fug Face Man!ston


  • Danielle

    Hell Yeah!!!

  • julia


  • socksnsandels

    We knew all along that Ms. J-ho is Pregnant! NOW ren is never going to leave her alone! DAMNNNNNNNNn!

  • justme


  • creativegirl

    OF COURSE SHE IS! I’m happy for her, I know she has always wanted kids. It’s good that she has finally found her true love and is grounded and content.

    Good for you JLO!

  • purple gem

    If this is true, then congrats to her.

  • Victoria

    aww.. i hope its true!

  • Yorick

    I’m glad for her but I am pissed that tabloids had broken this story

  • don’t hate me cause you ain’t me..

    awwwwwwww.. I’m so happy for her..

    I love her… Are the kids Marc’s? Shame.. The could’ve been good looking kids otherwise.. :P

    hahaha.. No.. seriously.. Congratulations to her..

  • bdj

    Wow twins!!! congrats if true.

  • Jaxon

    Good for her! And two for the price of one, that must make her so happy! I hope all goes well and she delivers two healthy babies. And hopefully they will take after her instead of their daddy.

  • daniel

    goood for Jen-Pez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! twice the fun

  • just a thought

    She just denied she was pregnant on 9/27, Lopez should not have denied the story. Now no one is going to believe her ever again

  • daniel

    i don’t get why people say marc is ugly … he is not the most atrtractive men on earth but there is something really sexy about him …

  • NJS06

    Ick Mark Anthony reproducing…. I bet the babies will look JUST like him to…:-|
    Anyway Congrats to J LO I know she has been wanting this.

  • Beer is good

    If she’s not pregnant, then she has a monster beer-gut happening!

  • eira

    i think she is preggy..
    but why is she keeping it as a secret.?
    i dont get why?

  • Jennifer

    yes and i wish her and marc all the best and congrats

  • Natalie

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she was pregnant. If she is, then congrats to her and Marc.

  • tia

    Wow must be something in the water, Halle, Christina,Nicole, now Jlo

  • Sanjuanpuma

    Woah! Twins! That’s why J Lo is showing so fast! She look’s about 6 months along! I’m so glad I can’t have anymoe! lol!

  • person

    of course shes pregnant
    she keeps denying it hoping all of us are stupid enough to believe her

  • kt


  • Michelle

    im happy but with marc anthony???… i hope it gets jlos looks

  • Jen Lopez Is A Liar

    The lying b*tch. Last week, she just said she was not pregnant. I hate liars.

  • tess

    Liar liar pants a bulging!

  • fresh

    Why the lies Jlo? You should have stay mum. Don’t tell me they will say she’s Immaculate since she just got pregnant after denying it.

    Marc is not ugly, he’s just skinny but I love his mouth, very full. And I heard he got a huge “hangers” taht’s why Jlo went “loca” with him.

  • Terra

    15 weeks and that huge! She’s going to look like a Beluga whale at the end of the pregnancy. Maybe skeletor will gain some sympathy weight.

  • sally

    who cares? she overestimates her fame. why deny? trash.

  • jaye

    Pregnant and on tour, she wants to fall off the stage like she almost did the other night? Sounds stupid to me. IF she isn’t PG, she’s eaten too many tacos.

  • lynne

    The reason she is trying to keep it a secret is that during the first trimester, especially when the mom is a bit older, a miscarriage is a real possibility. And twins are even harder to carry at any age. Most women do not announce pregnancies until after the first trimester.

  • jq

    definitely preg.!

  • jq

    I think all these actresses after seeing how happy and bliss is Brad and Angie, Tom and Katie are all junping the pregnancy wagon.

  • melissa

    I think she is… but I’m really not believing it until she announces it. I don’t care what the fact is, I dont believe it until the person says so themselves

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]


  • soysauce

    i’m sorry but marc anthony looks like a troll, but looks aren’t everything…….right??

  • barbie

    She is hardly ‘denying’ the rumors. Just not confirming them. There is a big difference. And why is there such a BIG NEED for her to admit her pregnancy anyway.

  • so sweet

    If not pregnant, what else? Announce it and get over it!

  • Gaynor

    ofcourse she pregnant just look at her the belly is huge and she has the glow if ya get wt i mean

  • :-p

    Well, if she isn’t – she better call the OTHER Jenny – Jenny Craig!

    Congrats j-lo!

  • lola

    If it is true my congradulation to her. . I am not even a fan. I hope she make a good mama.

  • Maude

    euh let me think… yes.

  • Mikayla

    ‘course she’s pregnant. dayyumm, look at that belly!

  • WhereSheShops

    Yes…What else would explain that baby bump?