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Maria Shriver Picks Her Teeth in Public

Maria Shriver Picks Her Teeth in Public

Nice chompers!!!

The First Lady of California Maria Shriver and her 16-year-old daughter Christina go shopping for a cell phone in Santa Monica, Calif. on Thursday afternoon.

Mrs. Schwarzenegger was caught picking her teeth with a buisness card while stopped at a red light on her drive home. Classy!

Shriver should really thank Angela Marsden (the “foundation director” name on the business card) for helping to pick the crap out of her teeth. Thank you, Ms. Marsden!!!

Aren’t you Californians proud???

(FYI: The only thing Google picks up for Angela Marsden is one belonging to “The Business of Acting: Acting the Business.”)

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  • http://justjared lippylou


    Im first LOL!!! Go London massive

  • Frenchy

    THAT IS SOOOO TACKY! The First Lady of California doing that in public? UGH! If she’s doing this you know her children have no manners.

  • kat

    shes scary

  • +greenpeace+

    imagine being her and woke up the next day to find these pictures all over the Net! Scary!!!

  • cutie pie

    who gives a damn.

  • emch

    Oh dear!…
    She’ll be so.oo embarrassed!!
    And learn the hard way about..
    What paparazzi do best!!..

  • so sweet

    Arnie is going to be so upset! LOL

    She is not aging gracefully at all.

  • noneya

    The photographer is the TACKY one.

  • elsa

    What’s up with the younger generations of Kennedys?
    I guess Jackie was the only classy one of the family and she was a Kennedy by marriage.

    Arnold knows the Kennedy family women and how they age so Maria’s face is not a surprise.

  • angelina_mmm

    Arnold to Maria “Maria, Im gonna crush you like a cracker” – Mad Tv

  • anon

    Christina is a beauty.

  • vancouver

    give the woman a break. its not like she was sitting in a restaurant or standing on the street corner. she was in the confines of her own car; not exactly public. its the privacy invading photographer who is not classy.

  • sandie

    OMG! She looks like a monster from a horror film. Fugly all the way… Where are her manners? Not enough money to buy a toothpick?
    God!!!!!!!!! She needs to wear some makeup and fix herself because its scary to look at her.

  • Fug Face Man!ston


  • Maria (Shorty)


  • Mika

    You people are just too used to seeing these celebs with 2 inches of makeup on their faces. Most are not ravishing beauties all on their own. It takes a lot of makeup to get there.
    The person with the comment about what happened to the Kennedys, they were never classy and most were corrupt. Take a look at Ted *hiccup* Kennedy, now that’s class.

  • nona

    what is the point of posting shit like this. you obviously take immense pleasure in the degradation of these unsuspecting victims by you and these peeping perverts.

  • Nanana

    so scary



  • :-p

    If you’re famous w/ spinach in your teeth, you just keep your lips together & drive straight home..and then pull the blinds once inside the house…or these stalkers with cameras will get you in your bathroom too!!

    P.S. Just think…Arnold kisses that mouth! :-/

  • marai needs to go home

    Dont do this again though.



  • R

    Such ugly and no class at all (and consider that she is first lady and her family background would teach this woman some class).

  • Pitsy Poots

    Using the business card for ONE TOOF ;-) would be okay, but methodically cleaning all one’s teeth with a plastic card is just nasty. Yuck. Is that the card she paid for her lunch with? Ewww!

  • ttt




  • aw!

    She sure hasn’t aged well! What a mess. You’d think she could look a little nicer or at least dress better if she knew she was going to be in public.

  • Ha!

    What is the purpose of posting these pictures? Is this necessary? She was in her car, not standing at a service counter or on a street corner. It’s tacky to put these on the web. Way to go, JJ.

  • leopard

    that’s mean to post that. she’s a person, too. for pete’s sake. you shouldn’t stoop so low.

  • http://jj whatever

    Scary !!

  • stefanie

    Damn, she looks like the Crypt Keeper!!!!!! Forget picking your teeth, that woman needs BOTOX ASAP!!!! She and that husband ain’t aging well.

  • ?

    she looks like death re-incarnated, like skeletor on a bad day

  • Vee

    Maria needs to get some work done. She has always been a beautiful woman–and there’s nothing wrong with having a “tune-up” to stay that way!

  • 234

    Maybe all of Arnie’s hateful right wing-baiting has afflicted his wife.

  • Me too

    The only people who are SCARY and UGLY, with NO CLASS is the people posting about someone who is in the confines of her own car who has to constantly endure LOW CLASSY paps and tabloids who don’t understand the concepts of PRIVACY and COMMON DECENCY.

  • Ginger

    Wow!!! She is UGH-ly! Maybe she should of gotten the facelift instead of Arnold!

  • whatever

    She looks like someone just come out of a holloweend movie… scary, and spooky…

  • Lara

    she looks evil n scary like a witch man

  • Jan

    The camera invaded her space. She is in HER car, not public.

    I am glad to see she’s not skinny like her mother.

  • Cesaria

    Yes, Maria is dead ugly but Arnold is no catch either.

  • Raichill

    She isn’t ageing well. She looks so haggard and gaunt.

  • Shelly

    She looks like she spent the night in the park or something also in need of a bath.I guess she never heard of dental floss I have always kept some in my purse geeeez.

  • my two cents

    i don’t think she is picking/flossing her teeth with that business card… i think she is holding the card (which is bright white) next to her teeth and looking at the mirror to see how her teeth compare as far as whiteness goes. maybe she is thinking about getting her teeth whitened and just wanted a point of reference, hence the bright white card being held next to her teeth.


    This pic scared the hell out of me….she’s aged alot and is starting to look just like her Mom when she got old….both didn’t age gracefully…have you seen her Mom (prepare yourself) – Maria has gained a ton….look at those hips!

  • marvin boutlier

    Leave Maria alone! She’s a HUMAN!

  • bataglio

    she needs 2 lighten her hair

  • Anne

    none of the Kennedy women age well. (Jackie was a Kennedy by marriage, thus she escaped the curse) The Kennedy men have more of the looks in the family – at least SOME of them, the others are afflicted with the same horsey look that the women have.

  • bite me bitch

    I think I just threw up in my mouth

  • Allan

    WOW if an individual can not pick their teeth in the privacy of their car well I guess ‘The New World Order” and ‘Big Brother” are firmly planter in America . Hell I pick a lot of stuff in my car so just think you are always being watched as well as listened to. Best move to Dubai and live well ( all the US corporations including Haliburton have moved their HQ’s there).I am glad I have a terminal ilness and will not have to live through many more years of this New America..