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Wentworth Miller is Sweating Bullets

Wentworth Miller is Sweating Bullets


Michael (Wentworth Miller) receives some bad news from Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) in the Prison Break episode “Photo Finish” airing Monday, Oct. 22 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX.

Pictured below: Michael confronting Lechero (Robert Wisdom) about the death of Tyge (Dominic Keating) and the innocence of Whistler (Chris Vance, being held against his will).

For some reason, no photos of episode “Interference” have surfaced. That ep airs Monday, October 15th.

Prison Break returns with all-new episode “Good Fences” this Monday, October 8th @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX.

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Photos: Bill Matlock/FOX
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  • the_original_nika


  • Jennifer

    he is so damn hot and prison break and the best show. I have never missed a episode. Its sad though that Sara wont be back on it.

  • regina

    Oh gosh no…I just HOPE it’s not Sara…:(

  • Just me…

    Oh my God!!!
    I am insane in love with this man!!
    He is the perfect man of which I have to dream so much…
    Wentworth I love you so much :p

  • DD

    JJ – Could you please do the appropriate thing and write “spoiler alert” whenever you’re about to discuss a new TV episode (or movie for that matter)?! Some of us haven’t gotten around to watching all the episodes!! Sheesh! Thank you kindly. I’m off to watch episode 3.3…

  • MySay

    OO-FAH. He’s so hot he makes ME sweat!

  • http://deleted Anonymous

    he looks like an alien….this pic makes his head look fat.

  • http://jj whatever

    hes alright

  • elaine

    i do hope pb get cancelled soon, if sarah is gone..then pb is done for me!!!

  • Tommy Girl

    Hey Jared, Any more info on SWC and why she isn’t on PB was she fired or did she decide to quite? Either way pb is done for me without here. It’s just not the same poor poor choice on Fox’s part if they did fire her. They kill people off way to fast there is so much more they could have done with Linc and Michaels dad but they killed him too :-(

  • Laura

    His eyes are creepy to me. He’s cute but creepy.

  • fish

    i hope it is not the death of sara that he is hearing. I hope those rumors are not true, i like to see Michael and Sara together. Can’t bear to see him so upset.

  • Bunny

    Now I have to wonder-just what was in that bloody box.

  • what?

    this show sucks now.

  • anon

    SWC’s character is dead. WHOA spoiler there folks but i’m not jk. source:

  • *~*Jinny*~*

    Things that make you go hmmm.. Michael receives some bad news, and the episode is named “Photo FINISH”.

    I hope what’s in the box is not what I think it is!

  • http://n/a RazBy



    I bet it is the death of Sara.
    Ugh! That ruins it for me. They were my main reason for watching :(

  • smartwent

    love this man!

  • Fug Face Man!ston

    It’s sara’s head in a box, sara’s head in a box babe
    It’s sara’s head in a box, sara’s head in a box girl.

  • angelina_mmm


  • Bunny

    Bad mistake Fox………..the love interest was a major theme and a major reason for watching. DUMB-DUMB-DUMB. This will be the last year for PB………sadly.

  • jamila

    maybe sarah is dead :(:(

  • Ally

    oh my lord, if they kill her off like that(head in that box), it’s really bad taste.

  • me_I

    i hope sarah is not dead….
    maybe they’re just making the show interesting..
    I guess sarah will be back before season 3 ends.

  • me_I

    i hope sarah is not dead….
    maybe they’re just making the show interesting..
    I guess sarah will be back before season 3 ends

  • Hope She’s Gone!!!

    I think this season will be is she or isn’t she dead they will leave it a mystery without telling the audience truly.Waiting for that pain in the A$$ actress to makeup her mind if she wants to come back to PB or finally not.They should just get rid of her ones and far all already!!!! The reason she left PB is that she wanted more scenes with Wentworth and when she didn’t get her way she wanted out how pathetic!

  • blabla

    Damn Prison Break is exciting, though this season is a big reminder of the first one. Lincoln “killing” the vice presidents brother, Whistler killing the mayors son(did he actually do it or is he just accused of it?)

  • DD

    Just to clarify a few things: Sara is the name of the character on PB, Sarah is the name of the actress. Sarah was not fired, she decided to take an extended maternity leave – for reference watch the last episode of season 2 with the director’s comments – he talks about this…

  • DD

    And another thing, how come there was never any steamy sexual scene with Sara and Michael – all we got were a few tender kisses… Come on!! Am I wrong? ;)

  • charlie

    i read somewhere that the actress that plays sarah went on maternity leave so she’s present in the first three/four episodes and then a double was suppose to be used until she came back but then she decided not to so hmmm i dunno =) maybe it is her head in the box but then they said that scoffield will screw you three times worse if he doesn’t get what he wants so then what? revenge? it can’t be that simple. it never is!

  • Just me…

    Does somebody as have notice as on this photograph the hair of Wentworth is completely gray?!!
    Wentworth…Don’t care sweatheart I always still loving you :D

  • nicole

    oooooooooooooooooh my god !!!! THANK U jared I am so happy. I love wentworth and I love this show. I am so sad , sarah was fired.

  • me

    god i realy hope its not saras head in that box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that would be not very tastefull and very dumb of FOX to kill her off that way

    head in the box?????????????????
    LIKE WTF????????????????????

  • disappointed

    It seems Sarah wanted a longer maternity leave and the people in charge didn’t want to give it to her.I read this on twop under the SWC thread. They made a huge mistake. The people in Germany that just started season 1 at least won’t get so caught up in this relationship, because she gets killed in season 3. Their scenes in season 2 was what made be stick with season 2.

  • CARO

    i much like prison preak season 3 very good show aand i love went is perfect men and it’s beautifull more actor of the world the number one

  • zend

    about sara.. you might want to go to this link..
    about sara’s interview in swiss tv. lol

  • wenty fan

    I still believe that Sarah will be back …. i hope that the silly rumors will end soon.

  • jaded

    These dumb-a*s writers and producers are ruining the show for me. I only watched it for the Michael & Sara storyline. And then to make matters worse the actors don’t help much by screwing with their image…Wentworth gets himself photographed with a gay guy(frind my a*s)and SWC goes and gets herself pregnant…now how are we supposed to forget all that and picture them in love??? …for-god-sake that a stretch!!! This show has IMPLODED!!

  • 2 cents

    Re: jaded
    What they do in their PRIVATE life outside of the show, should not affect their characters on the show, they are acting, it’s not real, they are not in love in real life! A lot of actors-actresses are married with children in real life and have romances on the shows they are on, their private life has nothing to do with the TV fantasy they portray, that’s why it’s called acting! :)

  • feebz

    love the show, love the cast, love the script…..SO LOVE THE MAIN MAN!!!!

    oh so big LOVE for Went



  • B

    Check out the no.1 wentworth forum!

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    Sarah better not be fired for real!!!!!!

  • LL

    # 40 I totally agree with you! Their private lives have nothing to do with the show!
    I really hope that PB survives this season, I’d love it if it continued for at least another season! Wentworth and T-bag make it worthwile tuning in! I just hope that they don’t let T-bag kill Michael, the Pretty needs to survive!

  • jaded

    Well call me crazy but I have trouble picturing a Gay guy as a leading man of a very, manly-man TV show like Prison Break…when I watch the show I picture Went and Luke walking around with matching brown pants and flip-flops, it’s hard to lose that picture….what a PANSY!!

  • j99…

    All the Crazy’s from the CHURCH post all the boring stuff like “He’s so Hot”….get a life you fruitcakes.

  • 2 cents

    Well call me a perv but when I watch the show I get all hot and bothered by the mere sight of Went! :LOL: What a HOTTIE!

  • 2 cents


  • superfan

    what’s in the box? i hope it’s PEREZ HILTON’s head!! he doesn’t deserve to be on FOX!! :P