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Zac Efron is A-Okay

Zac Efron is A-Okay

Will you say okay? Say okay!

Zac Efron gives the a-okay as BFF costar Nikki Blonsky flashes the victory sign at the Hairspray Japan Premiere on Thursday Tokyo, Japan. Zikki was joined director Adam Shankman.

Shankman recently cautioned that Zac “probably should back away from musicals for a while now. The best thing he could do is more drama or a comedy and cultivate a male audience. It’s always tough when your audience is so heavily skewed in one direction.”

50+ pictures inside of Zac and Nikki

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zac efron a okay 01
zac efron a okay 02
zac efron a okay 03
zac efron a okay 04
zac efron a okay 05
zac efron a okay 06
zac efron a okay 07
zac efron a okay 08
zac efron a okay 09
zac efron a okay 10
zac efron a okay 11
zac efron a okay 12
zac efron a okay 13
zac efron a okay 14
zac efron a okay 15
zac efron a okay 16
zac efron a okay 17
zac efron a okay 18
zac efron a okay 19
zac efron a okay 20
zac efron a okay 21
zac efron a okay 22
zac efron a okay 23
zac efron a okay 24
zac efron a okay 25
zac efron a okay 26
zac efron a okay 27
zac efron a okay 28
zac efron a okay 29
zac efron a okay 30
zac efron a okay 31
zac efron a okay 32
zac efron a okay 33
zac efron a okay 34
zac efron a okay 35
zac efron a okay 36
zac efron a okay 37
zac efron a okay 38
zac efron a okay 39
zac efron a okay 40
zac efron a okay 41
zac efron a okay 42
zac efron a okay 43
zac efron a okay 44
zac efron a okay 45
zac efron a okay 46
zac efron a okay 47
zac efron a okay 48
zac efron a okay 49
zac efron a okay 50

Photos: Jun Sato/WireImage, Eiga
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  • Andrew

    First :)

  • 2007


  • carla

    zacs cool

  • yeye

    thanks Jared..

    he’s just an airplane away from my place..huhhhuh..
    love zac so much..

    hope to see pics. of Zanessa when he arrive there..

  • estrella





  • elaine

    he’ll just gonna keep doing tenny winny musical movies…….until he is too old to do that!!!!!!!!!

  • Melissa

    I Love you Zack! You are soooo HOT!

  • zane

    Cant wait for another Zanessa sighting!!!!!!!!!

  • Nanda

    HE’S HOT

  • kathastic

    that blue shirt looks good on zac!

    and as much as i don’t like zikki pics, these are bareable….at least their not holding hands

  • rachel

    i agree with Adam,he should do other kinds of movies,for a different kind of audience!

  • krungkrung

    he’s cute but his hair is so clay aiken style, don’t like.

  • http://yahoo alyssa

    OMG!!how cute is ZAc but i hate Nikki blonsky!!

    but still thanks for the picture!!

    and hope ZAnessa picture arrive here!!

  • the_original_nika

    how about man it up zac, you look like a girl geeezz.

  • Sarah

    He needs to do a drama. He BLEW ME AWAY in Miracle Run and Summerland.

  • Zac Fan

    Zac looks wonderful – hopefully he gets some time to rest in Australia.

  • that girl

    can we please stop talking about him? yeah he’s hot. but there’s no personality. he’s soooo boring. sorry ladies but he’s not my choice (if you catch my hairspray reference). lol

  • that girl

    hahah!!! #14 you make me laugh (in a good way). couldn’t agree more with number #6. when are you gonna show off your acting skills zac?

  • lera


  • Marie

    Dear Jared,
    I know Zac and Nikki are ‘BFs’
    but seriously, could you please not call them Zikki.
    You only mix the names with couples.
    Some people WILL get the WRONG idea if you keep doing that.
    I know they’re bffs like Ashnessa or Vashley
    But the difference is that NO ONE can really get the wrong idea with Ashness… but some people WILL get the wrong idea with Zikki. I’m just saying, I dont mean to offend you or anything.
    Love, Marie

    Now on to what I think about the pictures…
    Shankman makes a point… good thing Zac’s doing Seventeen. :)

  • Z & V Fan

    Thanks JJ – you do not disappoint. They look like they were having a ball at the premiere!

    I am glad Adam Shankman showed for this one…the promotion tour must be winding down. He is right about Z needing to get into different genres. Only long time fans of Z know that he did a lot of dramatic acting work before HSM. Now he is only associated with musicals. I hope 17 brings him a wider audience.

  • anonymous

    zac isn’t much of team player is he? everyone else is more into it the dancing, including the Japanese people, than he is. somethings wrong with that.

  • zane

    #20 Marie, love your honesty!!!

    Saan ka d2 sa US?

  • zawe


  • ehd

    more pic’s please

  • bettybaby

    i agree with adam shankman. i can’t wait for seventeen, and personally think he should skip the footloose remake. my opinion of course.

    and everyone should really relax about the zikki stuff. we know who his girlfriend is, so what’s the big deal. they’re friends.

    the only problem i have with the “zikki” nickname is that it brings out alot of “i hate nikki crap,” which is totally wrong and unfair.

    btw, jj, we’ve been waiting for these pics, what took you so long!!!!!!! ha, ha.

    i wonder if zac will head straight to australia, and if anyone–v or hsm cast–will join him there.

  • Bumble Bee


  • to 14

    leave zac alone okay #14

  • jmj

    is seventeen being film already

  • alex

    his eyes r so much on set when he is with vanessa
    but wit nikki
    i dno
    i just dnt lie her lol
    she’s a good actress and all
    but i thk she has sme unconvered feelings for zac lol

  • jh

    i don’t seem convinced that Zac is enjoying himself in these pictures. i mean, i’m pretty sure he’s enjoying the sights of japan and what not and he’s very appreciative of all his fans and stuff..but i don’t know..he just looks ‘fake’ happy.

    that’s just me so don’t get offended and try to bash my current thoughts. i’m still a fan.


    Yup! he is A-Okay!

    Man! is miss Zac being up and about with her dear Vanessa!

  • yh

    when is zac going back home

  • flo

    I want to know what they are looking at. I know it’s an audience but I want to see it. :)

    Yeah, I agree, Zac needs to get into it more. Nikki has a lot of energy, doesn’t she?
    Did they do a scene from the movie up there? lol…cute!

  • person

    well zikki is better then zanessa
    i love zac and nikki
    theyre both amazing actors and singers :]

  • yh

    guys zac n nikki arent going out, there just really gd friends

  • yea

    guys zac n nikki arent going out, there just really gd friends?

  • yeah

    i agree with u #31

  • el

    hahaa he’s hot! i know nikki and him are friends but boy I’m glad to see they are not holding hands! otherwise there would have been more drama! jj do u know if vanessa is going to meet him in australia for the awards???? i think he is on the way there now


    omg..i hate hate niki like im glad she didnt ask for a stupid kiss she was horrible in hairspray. i want zac to go back to LA with V..i agree smile looks fake totally doesnt wanna be there hey is he wearing his ring i think so yay..=)

  • lisset

    he looks tired in the pictures.
    poor guy, he must be tired
    of all the hairspray promotion && traveling.

    but how cool is it that he gets to travel
    the world, for free, and do & promote something
    you love. you can pay me pennies anyday to do that.

    && nikki & him are headed to australia next
    i believe.. unless he goes back home. hmm.
    i guess we’ll have to see. he looks hot in these
    pictures none the less! hes looking quite handsome ;]]

  • zane

    v-loyalist,how’s work?

  • Jennifer

    zac is so damn hot but why is it only zac and nikki doing the hairspray permiere and when will it be over. zanessa forever.


    Hmmm.. so you think he lacks energy here..probably ZAC is already missing his little sweety she left behind and can’t wait to go home.. hahaha! (i love to dream)

  • el

    #41 its only zac going to australia because he is hosting the australian nickelodeon awards.I think thats the awards…and there is no hairspray stuff going on there anymore

  • LuĂ­sa

    He kinda looks tired. And he definitelly needs a haircut! But he’s hot anyway :) there’s no way this boy get unattractive!

    Thanks for posting, JJ


    Hi there zane! uh works fine. its 1:30 pm here, working while checking this site hahaha!… hope my boss will not gonna fire me for this. Also checking the site of, im on it right now, it has a music player so i got to listen while working all vanessa songs.

    You know, i read from other source, zac here really doens’t feel like dancing. He was ask by the director to dance but he refuse, he just clap his hands while the guys are dancing.

  • zyraluvsBBV

    Ughh. I agree. He doesnt look uber-happy here. I bet he’s just tired & is missing his precious swithart. ~Awww.
    Apart from that,im pretty sure BBV’s missing him too yaw! lols.

  • celery gloss

    sigh, he’s so cute. i have nothing else worthwhile to say… too busy staring.

  • vivi

    i dont like zikki
    i wish you would stop using that word jj
    i want to see more zanessa