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Paparazzi Change Britney's Flat Tire

Paparazzi Change Britney's Flat Tire

Trouble seems to follow Britney Spears wherever she goes.

Somehow, after Britney went shopping at Rite Aid in Santa Monica with music producer pal J.R. Rotem, she got a flat tire in front of her Hollywood Hills home during the wee early hours of Saturday morning. Britney‘s BFF paparazzi came to her rescue once again, changing the flat tire for her. The pop princess even thanked paparazzi by posing for pictures with them.

Watch the video below but don’t miss the ending! Britney breaks into Christmas songs and start to sing “Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town.” So completely random! Love it –

FYI: Britney seems to have returned to studying Kabbalah as she can be seen carrying The Zohar, a mystical commentary on the Torah that is considered to be one of the most important Kabbalah works. And naturally, she has a stain on her dress and is wearing her favorite birdie fedora!

Paparazzi Change Britney Spears’s Flat Tire [via]
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  • socksnsandels


    Britney, Do your thang! But babe what is it that you have on?

    I like the dress, but the hat don’t go! I like the shoes,The stocking should have stayed off! But Britney is back wh*res admit it!

    Leave her alone back up off of her N*PPLES!

  • monika505

    first comment!

  • Mary

    yay first!!!

    what in the world is that woman wearing??? Is that suppose to be trendy or something??

    She seems kind of fake when she talks…asking the guy to erase the picture; kind of like a little kid. There is something about her that kind of freaks me out a little bit.

  • feebz

    what a path she’s choosing….

  • feebz

    she looks so old and bedraggled…. u can take a girl out of the trash but you can’t take the trash out of the girl…even the glam and the glitz of hollywood failed – big time (feel sorry for her in a way)

  • socksnsandels

    No, but she can buy you, and your trailer home :)

  • Rayssa

    What would this pathetic girl do without the paparazzi?? She’ either kill herself from the lack of attention or she would be stuck on some deserted street with a flat tire or because her car ran out of gas.


    Oh they are just like her stupid ….

  • socksnsandels

    She can’t be that stupid! she have all of you losers commenting on her! I think that you(s) are the stupid ones! :P

  • jonathan

    That’s my little bro Morgan who changed Britt’s tire and got the heroic peck on the cheek!!!! What a gentleman!!!

  • brendon

    OMG! lol britney ahs a car problem everyday lol
    when it isnt that shes out of gas she gets a flat tire lol
    i love britney
    #1 song and video on I TUMES BREAKING RECORDS BIT*HES!

  • stacy

    freaking wierdo….my goodness!

  • pwincesspink

    I didnt hear her sing did any1??

  • vicky

    She looks like she is flying (u know what I mean !) I am so sorry for this girl.Everytime I see her something makes me so sad..I wish I will see the old Britney soon..

  • Have a heart

    I feel bad for Britney. She may be suffering from bi-polar illness and not diagnosed yet and here are people making fun of her.

    Would you be happy when she’s dead like Anna Nicole?

  • socksnsandels

    HEYYYYYYYYYYYYY my comment is the same as 9! Why the BLOCK?

  • jon

    can she not stay in for one night

  • Linda

    How does this nutjob drive with sunglasses on at night?

  • socksnsandels


    just like all of the people do! She isn’t the only one that drive with sun glasses on at night! STUPID!

    19 maybe, she don’t want to! can you stay off of your computer chair for one day?

  • Fug Face Man!ston

    has there ever been a more pathetic celebrity?

  • to 20 socksnsandels

    Socksnsandels,chill dont take other people comments personally. This is a celeb blog for entertainment, and people have comments they express that may not be yours. That’s ok.

    You have got to stop attacking others for a different opinion than yours. Its not that serious. Its fun. Venting, blogging.
    So chill. Everyone is not going to like Brit. I have celebs I like get attacked all the time, most of fans do, thats how it
    goes, you cant fight all of us all the time.
    Let it go. Someone will report you soon. REMEMBER LET IT GO,,AND CHILL!!From another blogger,,no offense intended..btw,Brit has a contract with x17.

  • Ciya

    dear britney,

    go home to kentwood, get your life together, and come back as the britney we all know and love because this is just pathetic and painful!

    ok? thanks. bye.

  • Linda

    #20–are you calling me stupid?

  • msguidedmama

    She seemed a bit fried. Lots acne around her mouth-that is usually because of drug use not to mention bad diet…

    I go back and forth feeling for her and the fact she is stalked, but she can have a well stocked kitchen and home, does she NEED to be running 20 errands a day to pointless locations? If I was being stalked and did not like it, I would have someone pick all my crap up for me and stay inside unless going somewhere important.

  • Rae

    I like the part where you see Brit’s annoyance because she can’t turn on her car (like she doesn’t understand why not) and then when told not to slam the door shut, she does anyway and without a care in the world. Wait, sorry she does care…about herself and only herself. This is why her babies were taken away from her–she doesn’t listen to anyone anymore (probably b/c for years that’s all she did). This video showed a girl that is so immature, out of touch with reality, and messed up in her crazy world of narcissism and hard partying.

  • Nico

    Ummm, comments 7 and 9, she´s smart using those paparazzi that way. She´s a woman and not all women knows how to change a tire. So if they wanna do it, why won´t she let them if she doesn´t know???. And what would the celebrities do without the paparazzi???… like it or not, every famous people need them, besides the fans.And you comment 20, she wears sun glasses cuz she can´t stand the flashes. Every celebrity use it because of the flashes. And because they don´t have make up in their eyes (in case of women). I´d like you to face them and their flashes in the middle of the night. You won´t have fun and i´m sure YOU will wear them.

  • Rae

    Number 26–not EVERY celebrity uses or “needs” the paparazzi. The GOOD one don’t. Let’s see: Meryl Streep, Robert Dinero, Leonardo DiCaprio, Edward Norton, Joaquin Phoenix, Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon, Claire Danes. Do you want me to go on?

    Btw, I have a feeling that changing tires isn’t the ONLY thing Brit has no clue about. Sorry–I just made myself laugh there. Of course she is clueless about many things. One thing she does know is how to manipulate and use the paparazzi when she needs them, as she has shown time and time again. Only thing is–she is so stupid and doesn’t realize that these little moments between them also makes her look awful to the general public.

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    Haha Loves it Brit :D

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    Well the paparazzi do seem like they can come in handy sometimes..but I still severely dislike them.

  • None

    Is she alone here? At 3 am in the morning? Where is she? Not safe to be out like that even if you are a celeb. I wouldn’t trust the paps.

  • Lysette

    Did a LAPD cop seriously let her drive away in the middle of the night with sunglasses on? So ridiculous. He is only concerned about keeping the photographers on the sidewalk. What a dumbass.

  • montana mike

    i just listened to brit’s new recording of radar, and it sounded like alvin and the fucking chipmunks. everyone says how good her cd is selling, but i’m sure people just want to have something to laugh at because from the songs i’ve heard–it’s a joke. i hope her mom and sis have come to take charge of her dismal life. hopefully she will listen to them and get her life back in order.

  • BabyGater

    Ugh, you fantards are just pathetic. I don’t feel bad for this pile of trailer trash hillbilly garbage. She has brought ALL of this on herself. So what…she has money. Big deal. She’s still stupid, ugly, fat, worthless, and an utterly horrid mother. All that money isn’t buying her anything of value, or any of the common sense that us “jelis h8rz” have. She can KEEP her money (it’ll be gone soon enough anyways), and I’ll keep my common sense (among other things). Honestly, I really DO hope she kills herself. Like Sarah Silverman said, she’s done everything she’s ever gonna do. It’s all downhill for her from now on. She’s a joke, a loser, a fat, slovenly, diseased hellbag. Just looking at her makes me want to vomit. Her poor, poor children. They would be better off having a DEAD mother, than a mother like Britney. Good on K-Fed for being the responsible parent. HE is the true class act, no matter how much you fantards talk crap about him, he’s WAY better than your pitiable, gross “idol”. Good for him, I hope he takes ALL her money, it’s not like she did anything other than be soft-core porn jailbait for creepy old pervs…she never had any talent, class, intelligence, or appeal beyond her body. And now that’s gone, and it ain’t coming back. Stick a fork in her fat, hail-damaged ass….she’s DONE! And I say, good riddance to bad rubbish. I truly hope they find her bloated, vomit-covered corpse one day soon…evil or not, it’s how I feel, and I’m not gonna church it up for the fantards. Sorry.

  • ashely

    i think she looks pretty in this dress and stocking

  • Mona

    This is bizarre, she is really heading into Michael Jackson behavior territory
    She seems dazed

    and those paps guys are way seedy

  • traci

    That was my brother in-law that changed brittnays tire !!!! he is such a stud…. love u “MO” Traci and Jonathan

  • Duh

    Oh, Christmas eh? I bet there’s lots of SNOW ;)

  • jama

    Not a Britney fan, but the reporting is a bit bunk. Britney was singing “Santa Clause is Coming to Town” cuz the pap that fixed her car said “You better watch out” which is one of the lyrics to the song, so she went with it. Not random and rather sweet if you ask me.