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Britney Reunites with Mama Spears

Britney Reunites with Mama Spears

Mother-daughter duo Lynne Spears and Jamie Lynn, 16, arrive at LAX airport on Friday, en route to reunite with Britney.

Moments after Britney‘s flat tire, around 3 a.m., Lynne dropped by Brit‘s Beverly Hills home before driving the two of them to Brit‘s new Malibu pad.

Brit really needed her mom,” a source told People, “So Lynne flew out and they met.”

Why did Brit reach out to her mom and lil’ sis? The courts are clamping down on! Before Brit‘s next hearing on Oct. 26, she must complete:

– 3 joint counseling sessions with K-Fed
– 3 individual sessions
– Twice-weekly random testing for drugs and alcohol

Back in June, Britney surprised her mom with a letter that asked “Lynne to stay away from the children if she is taking any medications that would impair her ability to be around them.”

15+ pictures inside of estranged Lynne and Jamie Lynn on their way to meet Britney

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Photos: Raul/Bauer-Griffin
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  • hey

    finally she doing something to get her life back on track

  • allison

    yay! That is a step in the righ direction.

  • allison

    right direction*

  • Cute to boot


  • SaRaH


  • It’s Britney, b*tch


  • None

    I saw the video of Brit and the paps fixing her flat tire. Where was she at 3 am? It was dark. I didn’t see anyone get in the passenger seat. I’d say not safe to be out alone at night even if you are a celeb. I wouldn’t trust the paps. Hope the story of her mom and sister coming to be with her are true.

  • Artur

    First :D!

  • b

    stay strong britney. i hope their relationship will now heal.

  • Luana

    I’ve never heard ’bout her.

  • socksnsandels


    I can’t be more excited! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

    My girl is on her F*cking way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love it! I just know that her mother is going to nuture her! She needs to know that it is someone other than low lives around her, and that all of the scums out here is SORRY ASSES!

    THERE IS THAT JACKET THAT I LOVE! Why is her sister hair like that? Doesn’t she look older than 16? anyway! Britney, has a nice *ss! I love those jeans!

    Who in their right mind want to get alone with k-fraud? I guess that it is for the best for those adorable children! :P


  • allison

    Funky footwear

  • Andrea

    The doggie is so cute!

  • Louisa

    Good luck Brit Love you stay strong

  • Bitsy


    Apparently she is trying to get her life back on track. I saw Brit with a pic of her with a Kaballa book. Maybe she is trying to turn around. And actually in the pic was that J.R. guy. In one pic he didn’t look too bad, but why hasn’t he shown until now. I don’t know much about him, but I guess he couldn’t be any worse than KFED.

    I am so so glad, she has her Mom and Sister with her now. She had had absolutley no support. And, I guess ol Mr. and Mrs. Spears finally saw trhough KFED too. What is he going to do with the kids while he is away filming that One Tree Hill Gig. And how will people react to him now. Just don’t know. But Brit needs to stay home let a limo pick her up and don’t be seen for a friggin while. Can’t she at least do that.

  • Regina

    Her sister is in desperate need of a stylist. ASAP.

  • Matt

    You beat Harvey/TMZ on that one, he he.

  • Natalie

    Jamie Lynn looks so much better without make up on. She has a cute face.

  • blueangel

    What happened to Jamie Lynn? She looks like a man in drag. She used to be sooo pretty when she was younger. Oh well. Hope Britney can get her life back on track.

  • suzy

    i want Jamie Lynns’ shoes!!! what are they? any1 know?????? please tell me =D

  • jh

    its about time.

  • midnight wolf

    Why do celebs tortue their dogs!?

  • midnight wolf

    Why do celebs torture their dogs?!

  • Sami

    mayb if her mothers back with her she’ll steer her in the right direction and whoknows mayb Larry will comeback with Lynns guidance

  • BigJohnStudd

    This is so great!! Britney will be back on top in no time now. I see Jamie Lynn inherited the awesome Spears legs! And the two sisters(brit and jamie lynn) inherited moms’ big feet and super suckable big toes!! Get well soon Brit!!
    (put that back in there brit, yer not done yet, plenty of time before they get here)



  • :-p

    So, Brit finally hit the perverbial “rock bottom” and phoned home ….. maybe the year’s long train wreck has finally skidded to end now…let’shope! BTW, do you think it was the Dr Phil Show special with Lynne 2 days ago that did it!!?

  • http://jj whatever

    Jamie looks like she just rolled out of bed !!

  • Ms. scorpia

    Well, it’s about damn time she gets some motherly direction!!!

  • remember da truth

    what is wrong with Ms. Scorpia and Bitsy?!?! Are you two (if you’re not the same person) so blinded by Britney love that you can’t see the truth?

    Britney HAD motherly direction!! She has had a TON of support! She pushed THEM away, remember? She hasn’t listened to any managers, lawyers, advisors, or family members except Alli Sims. Alli was even banished for a while for trying to get Brit back on track. Britney has done all this to herself!! IT IS ALL BRITNEY’S FAULT!!!

    She should be on her knees begging her mother’s forgiveness and saying, “You were so right!”

    Mother is still seeing the kids at K-Fed’s — because Britney wouldn’t let her see them at her place — and seeing that K-Fed is a far better parent. It must be sad for her mom to have to go through that.

  • KrungKrung

    britney can’t live w/o the papz taking her pics every damn day, the papz help her fix her flat tire, the papz gave her a ride home, the papz bought her tampons, all that sh*t.

    i don’t think reuniting w/her mother would help her, only britney can help herself y’all.

  • vAMESSA! (sux)

    Whatever 30 & 31

    are some true jealous people that are assuiming sh*t!

    I think that reuniting with her mother is a great IDEA! I think that It will bring her to relize that she is a person, and she is loved! This world can be hell, it is hell! It will eat you up, and nobody cares because their life is just as F*cked up, but they are hidinig behind cp’s, and her’s is out there to see! So..You can save that!


    K-fraud isn’t sh*t! You don’t know if this bum is a good parent! As far as I know I have never seen him with his other 2 children. WHERE IS KORI, and KALEB? do they exist? ALL i know that he is a money grubbing son of a B*tch! :G

  • carrie nae

    I really hope that Lynne will not manipulate Britney again and just respect and support what is best for her.

  • kathastic

    im glad brits family is helping her out!

  • Rayssa

    I hope Lynne knocks some sense into this stupid bitch. She sure does need it.

  • Sweetheart

    Hopefully this will be the beginning of her focusing on herself and most of all her kids. She needs to forget about her career. Her days of being the pop princess is over. Her kids should be more important than a comeback that will never happen. Good Luck Brit!

  • Kira

    This is good news…. Who can you trust if you cannot trust your loving and nurturing mother? Best wishes, Britney!

  • britney wrong

    If Britney doesn’t make a conscious decision to quit the drugs and stiop posing for spaced-out pix for the paps all hour of the day and night, no amount of mother visiting is going to help. Hopefully her mother will be able to help her to quit the drugs quit the drugs. It impairs your judgement. Addicts will abandon their children, if it means they can feed their addiction. Britney had her brother with her at the VMA whe she went on stage high as a kite. Addicts will hide from their family and still do the drugs.

  • Rayssa

    I doubt Britney’s pathetic self will even listen to her mom.

  • me

    Why isn’t the dog in a crate? They can’t store him under the plane in that bag, and animals are never allowed to fly in the cabin with the passengers. Did the airline allow Jaime to carry her dog on? If so why, it is never, ever permitted for everday people like us.

  • hope

    I’m so glad her mother is with her. I hope it’s true. I hope Britney is open and I hope that her mama is patient. There’s hope as long as she’s alive.

  • Carrie

    I know im not alone in thinking that this isnt going to get her on track..if anything…her mom is goin to push her buttons even more and shes going to rebel..being the childish spoiled brat that she is…and shes gonna go on a hardcore drug binge after mommy leaves. Pics of Brit splattered in the gutter are sure to come soon.

  • KrungKrung

    honestly, i feel sorry for that dog of Jamie than i feel sorry for britney.

  • KrungKrung

    i heard another new song of da brit at perezhilton it’s called radar? ohmigod, it suks, she sounds like a techno robot y’all, but i admit gimme more is really good y’all, so far the only song i really really liked in her new cd, the rests are blah

  • socksnsandels

    I guess that Jared don’t want me to let you people hear her new song! I tried, but he won’t let me! It is hot! DON”T LISTEN TO 44! HE IS LAME!

  • sierra

    oh good grief, this girl makes me sick to my stomach. I am assuming she does love her babies BUT she IS a bad mother and I have no sympathy for this broad at this moment. I do believe in second chances and always root for the one’s who can pick themselves up, brush off their scrapes and bruises, are able to see and learn from their mistakes and turn their life around. Right now, to me, this doesn’t mean sh*t until she get professional help. I personally, am proud of Lindsay L. for having the brains in finally realizing she, herself, had a problem and sought help. This is just my personal opinion.

  • Bitsy

    hey 30 (Remember Da truth)

    Yep I do like Britney and I do feel sorry for her, but I am not the same person as Ms. Scorpia. I guess 2 separate people are not allowed the same views? And I totally disagree that this is all Britney’s fault. So many things have contributed to this. I can’t say if any one thing did, but it was a culmulation of a lot. And, as far as pushing Mom away, don’t know the whole story. A LOT of speculation though. The only thing that I do know is that her Mom is there now, and that is what is important.

    And duh, she hasn’t been listening because the girl is sick. Maybe one day it will all come out in the open, everything that led up to all of this. But all of the people in her life that contributed to her getting to this point also need to take a long look at themselves and what they did to use her and get ahead at her expense.

    Also, how come there are no stalkerazzi in Toronto where apparently a lot of celebs are right now. Do they have different laws there that forbid the kind of thing that goes on here in the US.

  • Aom-michelle

    get well soon brit!

  • Get over it


    They are super hot right now – they are fat baby cowboy boot slippers! I just got a pair for my daughter – she loves them! They’re made by Cowboy Kickers and they cost under $30.

  • Go sox

    I do feel sorry for her, because she had such a promising life and career ahead of her. But she really has messed up. She took her teenage rebelliousness way too far, by pushing everyone who loves her out of her life, and thinking she knew it all. Her biggest mistake was marrying a guy who was already a loser. He completely ruined her career, her image, and her life.

    However, she can get herself back on track! She needs love from her family, a good therapist, and a good stylist. Her clothes are horrific and make her look like trash. The short skirts and shorts have got to go. She looks like she’s trying to be 16. Honestly, she could go a long way in changing opinions if she could look more classy!!