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Justin Chambers is Smoking (What's New?)

Justin Chambers is Smoking (What's New?)

Grey’s Anatomy star Justin Chambers, aka Dr. Alex Karev, lights up a cigarette after lunching at The Ivy on Friday in L.A. Chambers wore a hecka cool shirt with a subtle argyle print. Hot!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Grey’s (18.1 million, 7.4/18) this week was dominant in adults 18-49 but down from last week’s 20.9 million, 8.8/21. The lowest for Grey’s since Jan. 8, 2006.

As one viewer mentioned, “Izzie and George (aka Gizzie) are not my favorite characters, but they are even less favored together. It’s just not right.” Just. not. right.

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  • alex

    wat is new
    where is zanessa lol

  • alex

    Oh and greys anatomy rox

  • alex

    2nd and 3rd

  • diehipster

    arent hipsters annoying?

  • Mary

    Justin just lost maddd points with me with the smoking business.

    izzie and george are not my favorite characters either. This weeks episode wasn’t as great as last weeks. I’m losing interest in the show more and more each week.

  • Jamie

    OMG! He looks so freakin’ HOT!

    The smoking sucks but it’s his buisiness. What matters is he’s a really nice guy and a great actor.

  • krista

    oyy vey
    he is sexy

  • DJ

    Most of the Grey’s cast smokes. Whatever. It’s their health.

    Justin looks great and Alex is my favorite character on the show. JC does a great job with his character and this week was another awesome example.

  • Justin is hot

    Justin looks yummy. THey all smoke but who cares, the show is good.

    My only beef is George and IZzie NO NO NO!! they are totally totally WRONG!!!

    if they get together, i’m ditching this show.

    Anyway, private practice is great.

  • edmonddantes

    where did he get that shirt from? or who is the designer?

  • Nessa

    i loveeeeeeeeeeee him
    dont care if he has kids or whatever
    he’s the hottest thing ive ever seen
    and i feel like people should give izzy//george a chance…
    it looks like it might be there for a while…
    and im still as infatuated with the show as i was when i first watched it…actually even more so =)

  • Amber

    George & Izzie aka GIZZIE is sucking the life out of the show. That “couple” needs to end ASAP!

    Justin – I’d so hit that! *drool*
    Thanks Jared for the JC pics. :)

  • http://-- Nora

    Justin looks hot as usual. He is a brilliant actor, too!

    I don’t like Gizzie, either. I think it’s disgusting. I don’t really know why. But I don’t know why Shonda Rhimes follows through with it, when she knows alot of people don’t like them together.

    I am a Izzie/Alex shipper. And I also like Ava with Alex.

  • Snoopy

    The whole cast are a bunch of puffers. What a bunch of smokie losers!!!!!!!!!!!!Disgusting habit, it should be against the law to smoke ciggies.

  • …….

    Personally I think Meredith and Derek are making the show bad. I’m more curious about the storylines of the other characters. Even Gizzie. At least that’s interesting to watch, but watching the same crap with Mer/Der is boring as hell. All they have is sex and stupid ass emotional issues from Meredith. Man, they are stagnate. I’m more a Gizzie fan, but at least progressed more than the main couple did. They are intriguing to watch.

  • kellygrrrl

    I agree !!! Izzie and george together is IRRITATING !!!!

    I’d like to see Christina and Callie hook up.
    They should both be good and done with men for awhile and they would be great together.

  • Anon

    I think Justin is hot. I don’t smoke but I have no objection to people who do. They know the risks so if it’s fine with them, I won’t judge them for it. It’s not like they’re shooting people. I wish people would just lighten up.

    To all those haters who have nothing to say about the show except criticize it, please just stop watching. Nobody’s forcing you to watch it. If you don’t like the show’s story, then find one that you do like or better yet, write your own pilot and pitch it to the networks. When you come up with a better show, then you’d at least have a right to criticize other people’s writing.

  • Grey’s lover

    i totally agree anon. I really wonder why these people even take the time to post about it if they hate the show and the story so much. lol

  • Natalie

    Justin is a very sexy man. Smoking is gross, but he is an adult and I’m not gonna hate on him for doing it. mmm, LOVE JUSTIN!

  • Paulina

    I dont know why people won’t give gizzie a chance i mean they were best friends and they fell in love, it happens a lot i like their story.
    Gizzie 4ever

  • Amanda

    I know that Ellen, Patrick and Chandra, maybe Sandra don’t smoke.

    But anyways Justin is a hottie!

  • heather

    Well I adore ‘Gizzie’ and in fact, so do an AWFUL LOT of people! Check out the petitions for Gizzie and the livejournal support groups and even the polls are 50/50! Why is the hater’s portion of that 50/50 more important than those of us who love the couple?!

  • Chris

    It’s not 50/50 regarding Gizzie. I know the Gizzie supporters want to think it is but it really isn’t. TV critics don’t like it, most Grey’s fans don’t like it, the general concensus is that the pairing doesn’t work – not as a romantic pairing. I liked George and Izzie as friends but I don’t find it believable that they are “in love.” But what gets to me more is that they have ruined a great friendship and in the process have runied the characters in question. It’s going to end sooner or later because the character’s personalities don’t work as a couple. Sorry Gizzie fans but it’s true.

    As to Justin, the man is beautiful. Period. That shirt looks great on him and he does an amazing job on the show.

  • Sammie

    What a DILF

  • A

    I love that man. He is so beautiful. Thank you for the pictures.

  • mike

    I agree!!! cigs sucks! cancer-causing substance on a stick is what they should call it. and don’t even get me started on 2nd hand smoking. selfish smokers!

  • mike

    I agree!!! cigs sucks! cancer-causing substance on a stick is what they should call it. and don’t even get me started on 2nd hand smoking. selfish smokers!

    I think hollywood actors such get paid less when they illustrate nasty habits like this. bad role models

  • black

    Wow—–looks like he finally lost some weight!

  • vivi

    yeah I think he lost his big gut

  • amy

    Damn! He looks gorgeous! I can never get enough of him! :) Thanks JJ.

  • lotte

    Izzie and george are my favourite characters and I love them together!!(L)

  • kelly

    Justin Chambers is smokin’ alright…. smokin’ HOT! Thanks Jared! Keep the JC pics coming!!!

  • Marina

    Hmm, most on the recent polls, George and Izzie are scoring higher than 50% support, which is the majority. On Fanforum, we have ahd 18 new fans join us in two episodes, some of them used to be haters but fell in love with them. My friend who didn

  • Marie

    I adore George and Izzie together and so do almost everyone I know offline. In fact, they are the ONLY reason we are still watching the show. They are not the reason the ratings are down. They are down because people are sick and tired of MerDer

  • Mem

    Smoking is nasty, I have noticed Justin is starting to look yellow because of it and just not looking very healthy at all. My mom was watching with me and she said what is happening to Justin, he used to look so hot^

    As for George and Izzie, I love them. They have a huge fanbase out there, just think we have eben more quiet until then, but reading the Grey matetr blog for the first episode, the Gizzie fans are coming out in force, which makes me glad.

    The problem with the show right now is MerDer. They have great chemistry but their story is always, always the same, so boring, I know some people who do not want to watch the show anymore because they think the MerDer relationship is sick.

    I watch for Bailey, Alex and especially Gizzie. They have hot chemistry and they make the perfect couple, I was just smiling so big during all their scenes in the second episode. They are so cute and hot!

  • Andy

    Critics hate evrything and they seem to base themselves on TWOP, the capital ofhaters, for their opinions. Going there, they probably formed the opinion everyone hates Gizzie an are saying the same thing to appear cool. They are pretty much bashing Meredith and Derek to high heaven right now and have always bashed Ellen Pompeo, saying she is terrible.

    They seem to hate the show in general, and bash everything in it.So critics are not exactly an accurate representation especially since a lot of them are bitter failed writers who hate anyone who has success. Critics are born haters.

    As for the fans, how do you know the majority of fans hate them, you talk to the 20 millions who watch every week? Becaue all the polls are showing 50% and more people liking them and everyone i know loves them and the other Gizzie fans I know also know a lot of people offline who love them.

    So it makes me laugh when you state facts like you know veryone who watches when you really don’t know anything.

    George and Izzie are the only reason I watch so if they end, I am gone

  • Amy

    I love George and Izzie

  • Pam

    I LOVE GIZZIe. Its amazing because critics aren’t really the end all be all anyway. People who favor Gizzie are a lot more than you think.

  • Ivy

    I HATE GIZZIE….i dont like IZZZZZIIEEEE….she steals george n seduced him wen hes marriiiiieddd….shes a bitch…i duno why did she remain anyway…

  • Paula

    So the critics don’t like them, big deal! They don’t like anything. Thousands and thousands of people love them and want them together, including me.

  • Leasp

    Add me to the long list of people who watch the show because of George and Izzie. They are electric together. I found some parts of Season Three tough to watch, but Gizzie made it worth my effort. It’s just sad that some people are so hateful, but hey, they have to live with themselves.
    BTW Justin definitely is looking wonderful in those pictures, but it is disappointing that he is smoking. Hopefully, the rumoured pairing of Alex and Lexie will happen. That would be interesting. I also like the idea of Callie and Mark. They are both passionate outsiders.

  • carla

    Justin puts the ‘sex’ in sexy. He looks damn fine in these pics! Thanks JJ! :D

    Sorry, can’t stand the Gizzie-ness on the show. There may be many Gizzie supporters but from what I’ve seen and know, the people who oppose the couple is so much more overwhelming. If the couple had been introduced another way, I think there wouldn’t be so many people hating on them. It also doesn’t help that Izzie has been a hateful biatch to the woman who’s husband she’s trying to steal.

  • Allie

    Oh, the Gizzie fans I know are really passionate, they are totally in love with this George and Izzie fans. Then, there is the George O’Malley and Izzie Stevens community with 449 fans, no other couple has a community that big, not even MerDer. And there are hundreds of Gizzie fans on Youtube.

    I know an awful lot of people who love Gizie, much more than hate them, the only place where everyone hates them is TWOP which is not a surprise since they are MerDer and Lexzie fans.

    I would say the haters are the minority, not the other way around, and the Gizzie fanabse is growing so fast all the time, some people who hated them when the season began have started to fall in love with them, that is huge.

    I am sure Shonda notices all that and the fact that after MerDer, they probably have the most number of fans.

    I think they are amazing: they have the passion, the cuteness, the freshness and great chemistry.

    I remember Alex and Izzie tried so hard to be sexy and never pulled it off and George and Izzie can look at each other two secodns in an hall and make me melt.

    If they abandon them, I would def. quit, they are the reason why I watch. The show is def. not what it sued to be and now Gizzie is its only saving grace.

  • Amy

    Justin looks good in those photos but smoking is a disgusting nasty habit.

    And count me in among the George and Izzie fans, I LOVE them, best couple on the show.

  • Kendra

    I LOVE George and Izzie. They are the best couple on the show IMO and the only reason I watch…the whole reason I started to watch. The actors who portray them are incredible and they make their scenes so real. I like that they were friends first because those kinds of relationships are the best. MORE Gizzie please!

  • Christa Pellicci

    I think it was totally awsome what Izzie sayed to George on thursday
    you are geek man I love her forgot her real name in real life but Ellen
    Pompeo as Meridth Grey is a bitch she should give up Dereck shepard

    Patrick Dempsey, Han&kelly make such loveley gay couple Miranda
    goes good together with the chief and yang i don’t know probabley dr
    salon Lexie and George all the way, I think Justin Chambers as Dr

    Kariv is so ‘hot’ i think him and Izzie make such a ‘hot’ looking couple i don’t care if they have sex in bed for one night have him dump that firguin Rebecca,